NASA Exploration Day comes to Williamsburg, Va

NASA Exploration Day comes to Williamsburg, Va

Unlikely partners mix science, students and fun

Unlikely partners mix science, students and fun. This is what a NASA Mars exploration vehicle might look like.

August 13th and 14th, will become NASA Exploration Day at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Yes, for two days, NASA will have a big interactive trailer exhibit there called Exploration Experience.

It has use 3D imagery, the latest video technology, and audio effects to engage visitors in space flight challenges as they journey through the exciting trailer exhibit.

Visitors will see how explorers in the future will work and live outside of Earth’s realm.

Guests will be able to touch a real moon rock and receive a photo that will be a souvenir of you as an astronaut.

Another part of the exhibit will explore planet Earth. It will show her changing climate, and then the guests will go to Mars and more. The guests will try to play sports or ride a roller coaster on other planets and get a thrill of being on a space flight.

Roger Crouch, a former astronaut, will talk with guests at 11.45 am each day in the Das Festhaus and also again at 3.30 pm at the Globe Theatre in Bush Gardens. Mr. Crouch was on two shuttle missions and was a NASA mission specialist. He has logged 470 hours of space flight.

Other activities include exploring the wonders of Earth and its changing climate, then venturing to Mars and points beyond. Visitors can try their hand at playing sports on other planets or ride the roller coasters and get a glimpse of the thrill of spaceflight.

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Authored by: Cheri Youmans

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