Some of the National Pain Report’s most powerful stories are those told by those who suffer from chronic pain.

September is National Pain Awareness month – and we think that’s a very good reason to increase the number of patient stories on the National Pain Report.

We are inviting YOU, our readers, to submit your own stories to be published on and our Facebook site, throughout the month of September – and perhaps, beyond. was founded on the idea of sharing the pain-related latest news and stories. NOTHING is more current than your daily lives, and how you manage your pain, daily.

The goal of this campaign is three-fold:

  1. Increase awareness of various pain conditions and issues.
  2. INSPIRE others who are living with pain.
  3. Share ideas on how to successfully deal with pain.

In order to have your story considered, please follow these rules:

  • Keep your submission between 600 and 800 words
  • Do not include names of hospitals or people, other than yourself – this is NOT about bashing others.
  • Avoid lewd language.
  • Include at least 2 pictures – (please avoid images that have brand names or logos displayed prominently in them)
  • Include contact information – (information is for internal use only – only to be used if we need more information regarding the story.)

Remember, the goal is to help others deal with pain, and to inspire – so tell us about you, how you succeed in dealing with pain, and what you think will be helpful to others.

Submissions are not guaranteed to be published, and submissions not meeting the criteria above, are unlikely to be published.

All submissions are subject to review and revision by

Submissions can be sent to as either a Word document, or within the text of an email.

We look forward to sharing your stories with the world.