National Pain Report Editor to be Interviewed

National Pain Report Editor to be Interviewed

The U.S. Pain Foundation will feature National Pain Report CEO and Editor Ed Coghlan for an interview on Thursday September 5 at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time.

The interview will be part of U.S. Pain Foundation’s Pain Awareness Month #LetsTalkAboutPain campaign.

The month of September has been declared Pain Awareness Month. Pain Awareness Month is a time when various organizations work to raise public awareness of issues in the area of pain and pain management.

To learn more and register for the Coghlan interview, click here.

“I look forward to an hour-long conversation with members of the pain community,” said Coghlan. “I learn more from these interactions and it helps inform the type of stories that people want to read. Some of our columnists have been suggesting topic areas we can cover.”

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, U.S. Pain is hosting free, weekly events centered around the theme #LetsTalkAboutPain. Most events are online webinars, which means everyone can participate–and from the comfort of home.

“One area we are going to be discussing at some length is how people can advocate by telling their own story,” said Coghlan. “I think the patient stories that we publish are the strongest content we have and I’m looking forward to adding to those stories.”

These are very dynamic times in the treatment of chronic pain, the opioid controversy, the recently passed HHS plan, and activity within state legislatures. People talking more about advocacy and how they can participate can benefit the entire community.

U.S. Pain Foundation is the largest consumer pain advocacy organization that deals with issues facing the 50 million people who have chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be caused by a musculoskeletal injury (involving the bones, muscles, or joints), nervous system dysfunction, chronic diseases, and autoimmune disorders.

“We want to cover a large range of issues in the interview with U.S. Pain next week,” said Coghlan. “We are encouraging our readers to contact us with topics they’d like to cover.”

If you’d like to suggest some topic areas, let us know by email ( or leave it in our commentary section in this story.

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Chronic Pain Patient

Thanks Ed for all you are doing for the Chronic Pain Community.
It is my belief that the Laws are unfair to the Responsible Chronic Pain Patients who are taking Opioids Responsibly. Their Refill history is proof that there’s no Abuse and that should be considered. It is because of those who Abuse Opioids who are causing the major problem. And because of that We are paying the biggest price in all of this.
I am inoperable and Pain Control is my Only option. Opioids are just one of the tools I have for pain relief. With all the changes in the law I have more hoops to go through now. I have no addiction to them and it’s Clear in my history of that.

Persons with Addictive personality traits will find another drug of choice that will effect another group of patients on some other pain relieving/ control drug when they are no longer able to get their hands on Opioids and history will repeat itself again and responsible people will fall through the cracks again. The addicts will keep overdosing, families will keep morning.
It’s All Very Sad.
If you’ve never had a serious injury and experienced PAIN, you don’t understand. That’s okay but don’t make it harder for those of us who live with it day in and day out suffer because of others Bad Choices.

Chronic Pain Patient

Thank You for all that you are doing for those of Us who are Truly in need of Medicine to help control Chronic Pain.
It is sad that there are people out there who have made it an ongoing issue for those of us who take Opioids Responsibly,
More and more restrictions have been put on how refills are filled , regardless of the patient’s history of No Abuse/Addiction, because of the Illegal activity of persons Without prescriptions overdosing on Opioids and usually other drugs & alcohol . Most of the time those persons have underlying issues and/or addictive personality traits. Those are the people who should be under the Strict rules and regulations and Not the responsible patient who has no record of abuse or addiction.


Why can’t the we have “Civil Rights Awareness Month”? I want the right to choose opiates. It is my personal risk not a decision to be made by government. Documenting every variety of pain does nothing. We should be thanking God for opiates that ease the pain of free citizens and curse the Devil that has fooled the Government.


More awareness for Fibromyalgia

Good for you Ed! Thank you doing that next week. Best of all to you!
FYI… I clicked on the link to register but fond no directions or connection to just brought me to a FB page.
I will check my US Pain emails to see if I can on their site. I’m looking forward to it.
A suggestion for future stories: Is anyone using Kratom in place of their opioids these days?

That’s GREAT !

Good luck Ed & Congratulations.

I am a 65 year old grandmother with interstitial cystitis that I have lived with for almost 30 years the only way I have been able to live a somewhat quote on quote normal life has been with my prescription medications I do not feel it is the Pharmaceutical companies fault for the OPIOD CRISIS… I feel it is the patient that has caused the opioid epidemic if they would stop for a moment and realize that some of us need our opioids in order to have any kind of a life at all… the MEDS have been taken away from me I have continued to deteriorate for over a year I have been buying kratom trying to get my pain level down I have never had high blood pressure in my life but because of the pain I’m on blood pressure meds now and my blood pressure is still off the charts… so please someone listen to the patient that has invisible diseases because we are suffering we are not a dog or a deer hit by a car dragged along side of the road left to die we are human beings crying out for a Humane medication so that we can spend time with our family and loved ones please someone needs to convince the pain medication manufacturers to create a pain medication that will give us our life back and may not be as addictive as some of the others in the past but again I do not blame the pharmaceutical companies I blame the Millennials that are crushing and snorting pain meds and mixing them with fentanyl heroin or cocaine just to get high I have never abused my meds and now I’m being grouped into a fishbowl with people that have used prescription pain meds to get high… I’ve never been a drug seeker or a drug abuser but I’m being punished for other people’s addictions thank you for reading this and God bless you Ed 4 helping those of us that want prescription pain meds back we have paid our taxes and paid into the system our whole lives since working and now we are being denied a human right meaning pain management thank you for reading💜