National Pain Report Reader’s Survey on Chronic Pain

National Pain Report Reader’s Survey on Chronic Pain


Ed Coghlan Chief Executive Officer & Editor in Chief

At the National Pain Report, we believe that covering the issue of chronic pain means answering two basic questions.

What does our audience need to know?

What does our audience want to know?

At the National Pain Report, we have seen our readership grow significantly by trying to consistently answer those two questions in the stories and opinion that we publish.

Now when we you add two big current dynamics in the area of chronic pain—the DEA decision on hydrocodone and the recent release of the long awaited National Pain Strategy, we feel it’s important at this time to give you a chance to tell us what you’re thinking.

Also, we are interested in how you feel the various “players” in the pain management arena are doing–providers, elected officials et al.  Also, you will note we give you an opportunity to talk about how these issues are being covered by the media (us included). We sense a frustration among some of you, and thought it would be a good thing to give you a chance to speak constructively about what “angles” to this complex story should be told more thoroughly than they are now.

The National Pain Report will do three things with the results.

  1. Report on the results in future stories.
  2. Use the results to help fuel additional coverage on the issues important to our readers.
  3. Use the results as a baseline for future surveys with our readers and other interested parties.

If you would like to participate in the survey, click here.  If you know others, who you think would like to share their thoughts, by all means share the survey with them. We will leave the link “live” for a while to give people a chance to participate.

You will note that we are also asking for an email address. We speak from time to time with those who join our mailing list (we should and plan to do it more). As our audience has grown, so has our mailing list and it’s become another way for us to make sure we know what our readers are thinking. We won’t use the mailing list for anything other than National Pain Report related business.

One more thing:

We are always interested in your opinion and ideas. If you want to reach us directly with a comment or a story idea, email us at I read every one of them, and more than one has spurred an idea for additional coverage. Keep them coming!

Thanks for your support. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Id like to hear more diverse and independent views on pain.
I enjoy reading stories about how people have dealt with pain.
I get tired hearing from pain professionals who merely regurgitate the received view.
Hearing from a more diverse array of providers, educators, journalists, anthropologists, sociologists, inventors, etc would be more enriching then hearing from Jane or Joe pain specialist. I think people in pain are most familiar with what the average pain specialist does and believes about pain care.


Ed,,,thank you,,for giving a dam about us,,,your written words ,,,may save someone life some day,or stop the suffering of another human being,,and that legacy from all your hard work,thus attached to your name is a honorable one..