National Pain Report to Join on Wednesday

National Pain Report to Join on Wednesday

By Staff

The founder and editor of the National Pain Report will be featured at the LiveSupportGroup.Com meeting on Wednesday night (May 18).

Ed Coghlan will join the online support group to listen and to discuss the issues facing the chronic pain community. It begins at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT.

“Ed has always been very supportive of LiveSupportGroup and believed in our mission and the benefits of live Peer to Peer Support,” said Robin Viola-Pfeffer who with her husband Adam founded the online support group.

“The National Pain Report writes critical stories that help our members and people all over the world. LiveSupportGroup’s members discuss the NPR’s stories frequently. We thought that this would give our members the opportunity to directly speak with Ed and tell him what interests them. What is most important to them. Furthermore, we will be discussing other subjects like Ed’s Opinion on ‘state of pain’ today.”

For Coghlan, who was a very successful television news director in Montana and Los Angeles, the opportunity to speak with the chronic pain community is timely.

“The chronic pain story begins with the patient experience. If we are going to continue to do a good job of reaching the chronic pain audience, then interacting with them is the smart thing to do,” Coghlan said. “To speak directly with a group of chronic pain patients will help the National Pain Report evolve its coverage to make sure it is relevant for the people we want to reach – the chronic pain community.”

The National Pain Report has attracted the largest chronic pain audience on the internet.

“I am very excited to join Robin, Adam and Steve Ariens on Wednesday. I expect to learn more than I share,” Coghlan added.

To attend Wednesday’s Live Interview, please go to and join for free.   You will then receive your link for this event on Monday night.  Each person is given their own personal link.  Members can subscribe and unsubscribe at their will.


When the webinar begins, you will be connected to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.



If you prefer to use your phone, you must select “Use Telephone” after joining the webinar and call in using the numbers below.

United States: +1 (415) 930-5321

Access Code: 841-469-359

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the webinar

Webinar ID: 110-030-739

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Authored by: Staff

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Jessica Agee

Hello, Ed! I’m Jess. 1st of all thanks for this wonderful site! It actually has not only helped me,gave me knowledge of what’s going on but it lead me to a wonderful group of people from live support group! Thanks so much. I’m so so excited to have you join us Wednesday the 18th it means so much to me and us in the pain community. It’s time for us to rally together. Looking forward to hearing from you Ed!

I’m very grateful to have someone knowledgeable and caring contribute to Live Support Group in this way. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Gary Steinberg

Ed this is such a great opportunity, I am looking forward to the interview and talking to you about this very urgent topic.


I am so very grateful for you and this website, the information I receive has a tremendous affect. Some is concerning, other times I am sad for what other people are going through. So information is knowledge; not good or bad, just how we use it, or how we allow it to affect us. I would like you to know your actions, are speaking with a loud,and encouraging, voice. So many with chronic pain can feel as if they do not matter, your actions give hope. I am a member of livesupportgroup,and look forward to the interview.

david becker

Thi is an important development. And I hope those that participate will be careful in presenting their interests in the best way possible. We need to be careful to avoid making mistakes in promoting change in pain care. Politicians, professional organizations, institutions will capitalize on mistakes people in pain make- in order to maintain their power, position and profits. It is clear our pain care system is undemocratic, depersonalizing, darwinistic, capitalistic, demoralized and demoralizing and detrimental to individualism, medical freedom, and democracy. Athe powers that be in pain care are loathe to accept resposnsibilty or make pain care much different or better then it is. They still think pain care is done to people in pain and not with them- they still fail to see how regressive and unhelpful pain care is and with their naturalistic fallacies will defend the sorry state of affairs in pain care. It will, unfortunately take more then genteel erudition to change pain care in America.


I am so excited that you are doing more and more for those who are existing with Chronic Pain. By your actions, showing us that you truly care. That turns just existing into building hope, that we are not alone. We get thrown into groups, just because of the medication we are prescribed. Time and time again we hear that some care, yet then they say the same things, or nothing at all. However, you are doing so much more for us. Your actions are strong words of encouragement. To be able to know, people in your position care, gives us hope. Looking forward to hearing this interview.
Thank you Ed.


We are very excited that Ed is going to join us on Weds. This gives us a wonderful opportunity and we greatly appreciate Ed for giving his time. We look forward to many people joining us, this will be interesting and informative.

Mark Ibsen MD

This will be a powerful opportunity for pain patients to responsibly and succinctly tell our stories.
Robin and adam have created a format for people to be heard and really make progress.

Thank you for providing this.

barb gregorio

As being a member of livesupportgroup, I am looking forward to talking with Ed, on Wednesday the 18th, This is very excited!