National Pain Report To Return to LiveSupportGroup To Discuss Chronic Pain

National Pain Report To Return to LiveSupportGroup To Discuss Chronic Pain

By Staff

National Pain Report Editor Ed Coghlan will visit the online chat for chronic pain on Wednesday June 29, 2016 beginning at 9pm EDT. It will be the second time Coghlan has been featured.

“I was honored to be asked to return,” Coghlan said. “The interaction with pain patients is very helpful to the news site and hopefully helpful to them.”

Live Support Group is a non-profit corporation which created an online support groups for chronic pain patients earlier this year that has begun to attract a wide audience.

“After Ed visited us, the members of LiveSupportGroup were so pleased to get to know Ed, the National Pain Report and more about the unbiased nature and true concern he and his organization have for the Chronic Pain Patients. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make the interview and others had more questions, so we thought it would be very helpful and interesting for Ed to come back for a second Interview,” said Robin Viola-Pfeffer, who founded LiveSupportgroup due to her 40 years battle with Crohn’s Disease and losing 3 family members to Crohn’s.

The Live Support Group not only has a chronic pain group but also has developed one for fibromyalgia patients. Recently, Dr. Ginevra Liptan, who founded the Frida Center in Oregon, which is the first practice in the country to focus exclusively on fibromyalgia. Dr. Liptan, who developed fibromyalgia when she was in medical school, has written a second book on the subject.

The book, The FibroManual: A Complete Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide for You and Your Doctor, is doing very well on Amazon and is available in book stores.

Coghlan previously appeared with the chronic pain group on May 14 in a lively and spirted two-hour discussion about the National Pain Report and reaction from members about the issues facing them as chronic pain patients.

“We were very pleased that Ed enthusiastically agreed to revisit us, so that we can discuss these critical issues facing the Medical / Chronic Pain community in more detail. We at LiveSupportGroup are here for one reason only and that is to help our members in their day to day lives,” added Viola-Pfeffer.

You have to sign up in order to be able to access the group. Here’s what they shared with us about how to sign up in advance of the Wednesday interview:

  1. To attend, please join on our main website at We ask for first name, last initial and a current email address, that’s all! Once you join, please go to your email and confirm your free membership.  Just an FYI – LSG does not allow any 2nd/3rd party advertising to your emails and our site is ssl secured!
  2. Please make sure you sign up as soon as possible so that you can receive your personal link in time for the event. If you join last minute, you may not be able to get the link in time.

We’ll “see” you Wednesday.

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Authored by: Staff

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Ed, it has to be every state or change DEA/Fed Law to get this change. Each state is governed by the DEA. You would think with the pain management and national drug registry they are tracking us and our prescriptions. This is a national registry and they can tell if you had the same prescription in FL or in CA and when it was filled. Let me know what I can do in FL, CA and TX. This is very near to my heart after losing my husband. I can get to Rick Scott in FL, John Wray in TX and Michael Antonivich in CA


My husband had chronic pain at 48 years of age in Florida. They kept telling him it was in his head as I watch him turn white in the couch and stop eating. 5 trips to the emergency room they finally admitted him and found he had Gastroparalysis. Extreme pain and told the doctor he wanted to die he was in so much pain. The docs put him on an anti depressant and gave him 30 5 mg of hydrocodone. The antidepressant backfired the next day and he shot himself in the head with a .44 mag. We asked for help I told the doctors we could not get him out of pain. I lost the love of my life because they were afraid he would become addicted to pain meds. I would have rather had my love addicted to pain med than loose him and watch him die in his sons arms. No cure for a stomach that stops working!

I also live with pain everyday in my neck and controlling it with pain management. I got steroid shots in my neck yesterday 7/5/16. Due to the 4th of July holiday in CA 8 pharmacies were out of Norco. Seriously I wanted to take my .45 and do the same thing my husband did. I still cannot get my meds till Thursdsy this week. I’m very tempered to inject my epipen and go to ER because I need to get out of pain! More of us are making suiside choices to get out of pain. If it continues to get harder I may make the same choice.

Linda Hoover

It’s fine to talk about chronic pain, but when are the discussions for those of us who are in constant pain? I spoke with one of my legislatures, Ron Wyden, and told him we need a different category for those of us who live in pan 24/7. He seemed very interested to study further this problem when I told him a 3rd category is needed.


Looking forward to this. Thank you, Ed.


Is all of this activity and wonderful support doing anything to help chronic pain patients get the medications that work now that doctors are cutting them off?

So far, I’m not seeing legislation that have reversed the laws.


Ed- you have gone beyond the good that journalists do- and have shown mercy and compassion for people in pain that is so sorel lacking in our society. In a sense, you have walked on water so to speak for people in pain.
For too long people in pain have been “closeted” by medicine and government. For government and medicine dont wish to deal with the millions of pain in a humane manner.
Both government and medicine cling to beliefs and practices with regard to the millions in pain and such beliefs cant be squared with reality or right reason. Society has an ill attitude toward those in pain. Its a sickness that needs treatment via the truth-and your efforts in providing a forum where truth can be told and respected is the antidote to societys illness toward people in pain.