New Formulation of Ibuprofen May Provide Superior Pain Relief, Less Side Effects

New Formulation of Ibuprofen May Provide Superior Pain Relief, Less Side Effects

by Staff

A new formulation of ibuprofen is getting scientists excited because it looks like it will provide superior pain relief by allowing people to take higher doses without the cardiovascular side effects found with current formulations.

In a research report published online in The FASEB Journal, scientists used mice to show that ibuprofen arginate is better tolerated and is released into the bloodstream faster, which can provide faster pain relief.

“While more experiments are required, our observations show that ibuprofen arginate provides, in one preparation, a COX-2 inhibitor and arginine supplement,” said Jane A. Mitchell, Ph.D., a researcher involved in the work and Head of Cardiothoracic Pharmacology, Cardiothoracic Pharmacology and Vascular Biology Section at the National Heart and Lung Institute at the Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine and Science at the Imperial College in London, England.

“Whilst remarkably simple, our findings are potentially game-changing in the pain medication arena,” she added.

The scientists used a range of approaches from experiments using single types of cells to whole laboratory animals in which blood pressure was measured.

In the first experiment, mouse cells were studied in dishes where the normal arginine was removed from the growth solution. They found that the arginine contained in ibuprofen arginine could work in exactly the same way that regular arginine works in cells.

The second experiment involved blood vessels from mice and rats, to which an artificial compound to block the protective effects of the normal arginine contained in all tissues, was applied. In this experiment, ibuprofen arginine reversed the block and restored blood vessel function to normal levels.

The third experiment involved measuring blood pressure in live rats and blocking the protective effects of normal arginine in the body, which caused an increase in blood pressure.

Study results demonstrated that ibuprofen arginine worked just like regular arginine to restore blood pressure to normal levels. Arginine formulations of ibuprofen could act to negate the harmful cardiovascular consequences caused by high doses of these common anti-inflammatory painkillers.

“This is a nifty idea and the results are clear”,” said Thoru Pederson, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. “The potential for human use is attractive, not only for attenuating the cardiovascular risk, but also to the extent that this formulation may circumvent moving certain patients onto opioid painkillers, fraught with their own dangers.”

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Authored by: Staff

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Thank you so much for understanding and saying something about those of us who suffer. Thank you for not being in the blame camp that says we can just handle it if we just try some of these alternative medicines. Needles, aromatherapy, and going all organic and gluten free left me with nothing, just more blame that I am not trying hard enough. My spine has collapsed from Osteoporosis. That is a fact and it is more painful than I could ever imagine pain to be. Without opiods I would certainly be dead. Suicide is a blessing with that kind of pain. Again, thank you:)

Tim Mason

Just wanted to drop this here. I tried Nucenta (tapentadol) 50mg ER. It is listed effective for nerves damages with scar tissue from surgery. I got a 30 day supply (1 tab every 12 hours). It worked really well for my pain. Especially my 10+ night pain. However, I developed a dull headache during the first week and started losing my concentration and got a Zombie like feeling. At the end of the third week, the headache was unbearable it was felt like my brain was hurting.
This medication acts as a norephedrine reuptake inhibitor and the medication felt like Cymbalta or Paxil. (Neither of which I can take)
Has anyone else had a similar experience?


These people are right I’m in cp everyday and take pain meds if I didn’t have this help I would stay in bed all day I suffer from fibromyaliga and pinched nerves and until you lie in constant pain you will never know what its like to want the pain to just go away I’m upset that people can get pain meds and don’t need the and people like myself may be stopped at anytime and I’ve been taking my meds for over 20 yrs and your right she people opt to die because of their pain and that’s a sad thing to say the abusers keeps those of us from being able to get what we need and that helps us,I can’t take nsaids because of My stomach just saying.


This is great for new pain patients that haven’t been prescribed long term opioids for years & through no fault of their own have developed higher tolerances making ibuprofen basically useless to relieving their pain. But I truly hope this can give them pain relief safely. But what about those that don’t get relief or aren’t able to take ibuprofen any more? It does nothing to help thousands millions of pain patients suffering at this very moment. CP patients are desperately hanging on by a thread in constant pain because it was decided we shouldn’t be allowed pain relief opioid medications anymore. The government no one bothered to have replacement medications prior to eliminating access to effective opioid medications from not addicted chronic pain patients. Would this be tolerated if done to patients with any other illnesses? NO! The question that should have been answered first long before taking away medications & leaving patients with nothing. So how long before someone gets around to finding replacement medications that work as well as opioids? How long will chronic pain patients be left without medications to suffer & die? How long would you want to live in constant pain without medications that provided relief? How would you feel if the only reason you’re suffering is because of people abusing drugs & you’re punished for their crimes? Then add insult to injury addicts are now prescribed long term opioid medications for life by doctors they blamed for the opioid problems in the first place. Those same doctors are denying their pain patients prescribed opioid medications for years without addiction problems all because the public & government decided they know whats best to save addicts but ignore the needs of the patients. When will people acknowledge the cruelty, the torture of pain unrelieved deliberately inflicted when taking away legally available effective medications without providing replacement medications first? It’s simple you don’t remove medications from patients without issues & without replacement medications available. This is why pain patients are dying daily. Patients left without opioid medications without a replacement medications the pain & suffering is so severe death becomes the only pain relief to be found. Why because chronic pain patients are not drug addicts they don’t just go hit up a dealer for something else. Medical patients depend on doctors to provide care unlike junkies going to street corners for whatever dealers have on hand. The real problem street drugs not pain patients not prescribe Opioids. Further proving this is it’s being openly talked about how illegal street opioid drugs are becoming an even bigger problem. Only making all of this look more like a well planned attack on pain patients to eliminate to reduce costs & reduce the population for financial gain. Considering drug abuse hasn’t been reduced over doses are increasing & pain patients deaths & suicides are rising. WHEN WILL THE PERSECUTION OF PAIN PATIENTS BE STOPPED? STOP THE CRUEL & NEEDLESS SUFFERING STOP THE SENSELESS DEATHS UNRELIEVED PAIN IS CAUSING… Read more »


What about the effects of causing stomach bleeds and and other potential life threatening issues from other anti inflammatory drugs. I just had a friend of mine almost die from ibuprofen use. They put 23 pints of blood in him in the first night alone. As far as I’m concerned, ibuprofen is far more dangerous than opiates.


Opiates, when properly used, are some of the safest medications available! So far, acetaminophen and ibuprofen are still more dangerous, even with this development. It says nothing about the gastrointestinal hemorrhage that kills 30,000 a year. It just deals with the problem of hypertension.