Opinion: Human Rights Group Addresses Opioid Issue

Opinion: Human Rights Group Addresses Opioid Issue

By Suzanne Stewart.

This past week I was so happy to find that a Human Rights group called “Human Rights Watch” has taken an interest in our cause. Someone has finally noticed that ignoring a large group of citizens who live with chronic pain and who are being largely untreated or under-treated, is inhumane! This Human rights group has reported on other forms of torture throughout the third world countries as well. They are based in New York and at last, they are looking towards helping the people at “home”, in the USA. They were doing research on cancer patients and were shocked to find that so many had lost their pain control/relief. This is considered torture in many other countries. Before this Opioid issue began, I never would have believed that the USA would , in essence, torture their most fragile citizens. Hopefully this advocacy group can help this cause.

Suzanne Stewart

The best case is hope is that their scrutiny could help start a trend toward reversing the effects of the CDC guidelines and keeping the government (and politics) out of practicing medicine. One example of politics mixing with medicine is the “Lifeboat tax”. A group of Senators want patients who are taking Opioids, to pay for addiction treatments centers by forcing a tax of .01 cent per milligram of Opioids prescribed daily. But the majority of people who are legitimately prescribed Opioids are not “addicted”. This is wrong and someone has to take a stand, be brave and help those who truly cannot always fight for themselves. Living with untreated and under-treated chronic pain is definitely a human rights issue because people can and do die from it! They pass away because increased amounts of pain can cause very high blood pressure, high glucose level, stroke and a heart attack. But it’s the “living” without pain relief that is the torturous part.

Honestly, removing Opioids from the bigger picture of high pain illnesses, is inhumane. I hope this Human Rights Watch group will help the chronic pain community, curb the fear in our physicians and stop the Government from creeping into our patient/Dr. Relationship and exam room. This group found that nobody has been paying attention to those suffering because their physicians “jumped ship” and abandoned them. They found that the testimonies given by some patients who have lost access to appropriate medications for pain relief, “were similar to those who were victims of police torture”.    

If you want to help the chronic pain community and/or if you have a story of your own, you might want to share your story in just a few lines. They have asked for people to send these stories to:  Human Rights Watch, email researcher Laura Mills at millsl@hrw.org. They also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HumanRightsWatch and they have a Twitter feed @HumanRightsWatch.

The more real stories about increased pain and loss of treatment that can be sent to them, the better. The more real human faces that they can connect with this cause, the more it might help to stop the continued torture of Americans who rely on Opioid therapy for relief of chronic pain.

Suzanne has lived with a Systemic CRPS & several other chronic pain illnesses since a MVA in 2002. Prior to being disabled from chronic pain, she was an Interpreter for the Deaf at a hospital & worked with Deaf children. Since 2005, Suzanne’s been a patient Health advocate, support group leader & Mentor. She continues doing these things today, but also does public speaking, awareness events and she’s a Writer/blogger & an Ambassador for the U.S. Pain Foundation. The statements and opinions that she provides are her own.

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Authored by: Suzanne Stewart

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Gwen hanson

I’ve been disabled due to a long list since 2007, altho pain started long before, I’ve been on different opiids since 2000.after a study med to kill hep c in 2000 my skin felt as if it was being ripped from my legs and arms, I swore I cud feel the blood, yet not even a mark. Since then I’ve tried everything, spinal blocks, cortisone from head to toe every kind of medication there was other than opioids but nothing worked except for a combination of opioids I spent years suicidal from the pain until they finally got it to a level that I could deal with now that’s not to say I didn’t just spend a week with a flair that left me vomiting for days with a migraine that I wanted to die from I am praying for a cure everyday because even now my life is not close to what one would want but at least it’s and a pain level I can deal with. Everyone who knows me knows that I will not be able to live without my pain meds, and the fact that the state won’t pay for our massages or anything that would help alleviate the muscle scarring Etc they just want to take our meds and leave us to what? They know it will be a mass suicide. You know I’ve known a lot of addicts in my life, I’ve never known them to commit suicide over pain yet you have pain patients doing that now,. The other crazy thing is that the government is lumping us with all of the heroin addicts on the street all the numbers I see of the o d’s are drug addicts on the street they’re not being patience yet every person I talk to from church Etc thinks it’s us dying accidentally because we’re taking too many of our pills, so much misinformation and I have to believe it’s because they want their money they want are disability checks back they I want all the cost that we cost now and housing and Social Security benefits back the government has been known to borrow and borrow and never pay back in this is a source of money that they would not have to pay back and I’m sure that there’s something else going on because this just does not make sense we have been using opioid medications to help people since the turn of time it is not caused all of us to be addicts, yes addicts do steal our pills and buy them off the street Etc but there’s easy remedies from children getting our pills I’ve always kept mine and a little safe so my grandkids can’t get a hold of them if they’re in my bedroom Etc simple solution to no children finding our meds so that’s not an excuse for taking them thank you for listening thank God

Cynthia Hughes RN BSN

As a nurse of 37 years, I went into nursing because in the 60’s my grandmother died mid-scream….the doctor refused to give her any more pain medicine because “she’ll become addicted.” And now we’re nearly right back there. STOP this insanity! Many with chronic, severe pain are now suicidal. People are asking about post-op pain relief and putting off surgeries when they’re told no opiates! This is crazy!


OK, I was hit by a car in 1977…broke my back, skull, both legs and pelvis. I’ve had numerous surgeries since, and plenty of oxycodone, which works well for me. My doctor dumped me for zero reason, I’m forced to take either methadone or suboxone, both of which I have all horrible side effects. Nobody cares it seems. Not good, they don’t care, then I don’t care. You really don’t want that…too late, and now you are going to pay for it in a very, very bad way. You [edit] badly, and karma in on it’s nasty way.


The other danger here is that the goal is to remove needed pain meds from the market altogether. Meaning this will become a mute discussion because the pain medications we need will not be there at all. And their barbaric, dangerous torturous failed invasive surgeries and procedures will be taught as the new norm for pain treatment and so the whole culture of what constitutes pain management will change and not for the better. Understand there is an overwhelming profit incentive here that no one is bringing up. Health care is a business and there is big money in doing procedures and surgeries on people. Big money in recovery centers and the big health care business is all too happy to push this as all they offer now. They are thrilled that the DEA has helped them justify all these dangerous torturous things they are subjecting us to. Epidurals, cortisone shots, surgeries. As they do more and invasive procedures the chances of things going wrong go up exponentially. I am a victim of their procedures. I went in with one pain issue and their shot made me so much worse and now in addition to the problem I had I am now left to live with even more pain without help. And while in the hospital for a surgery I was promised pain management because the doctor knew how painful the surgery would be and I awakened to find that because they felt my respirations were low I would get no pain medication at all. Not even a Tylenol. It really was torture. My blood pressure went so high that I almost had a stroke. High blood pressure from untreated pain causes extra pressure on the veins to include the surgical site which can cause stroke and hemorrhaging. This is not just a matter of humane treatment. This kind of treatment is endangering lives of innocent patients. I have heard of several people around me allude to having a plan to kill themselves because of their untreated pain. Also now they are steering us all to OTC meds like ibuprofen and Tylenol. These are now their solution to long term pain. These can be dangerous too taken long term. No doctor supervision. Pain patients are slandered, abused and abandoned. Where are our rights?

Rich Reifsnyder

Hello,Iam a 61 year old man disabled since 1998.I had 3 failed back surgeries,severe nerve damage,chronic pain syndrome,degeneration of spine etc.I have been taking opioid pain medication since 1998,no failed urine tests,no crying to pain doctor I lost my Meds to get early refill everything was fine till 2012 with Guidelines.From the bottom of my heart❤️I want to thank the Human Rights Group looking into this inhumane treatment,torture and bordering on genicide of all us young and elderly disabled chronic pain patients.We just bombed Syria for using Nerve Gas on its people but the U.S.,CDC/DEA has abandoned our veterans wounded and fighting for our freedom.So many of our Veterans and us have committed Suicide because they can’t take the pain they are in.I myself have been hurt by these inhumane Guidelines started by Dr.Kodony and PROP with all the false statistics on opioid deaths.My Pain Meds like all of us have been decreased by more then half.Now PM wants to give me ESI in lower back.No *****n way,ESI aren’t even approved by the FDA for your neck or back,they are for joints,knee or elbow.Some people get fungal meningitis and paralyzed and even die from ESI.I am so angry and pissed off we are all being treated so inhumanly.This really has to end now.I will march or sign any and all lawsuits.There has to be a Lawyer who has a “SET” of ****s and not afraid to help millions of our citizens.We live in the US not North Korea or Syria.Enough is Enough,to many people have died.God Bless all our suffering Brothers and Sisters.I pray to my Dear God that this Human Rights Group helps us,Now.🙏


Hello to all those suffering from chronic pain issues. This hysteria has to have begun at government and corporate top levels.
For this dyer situation to be ignored is unbelievable.
It is obvious that this hysteria is political but to what ends??
I’ve sent emails to state and federal reps with nothing more than a ‘thank you for contacting our offices, we will be glad to look over your request’…something is very wrong here. I know numerous cpp are in contact with their reps yet not a word is being brought to public awareness.
Why such ignorance is my simple question.
Especially when losing pain medication/analgesics that address and moderate these specific issues.
Much more trivial matters get front page attention.
Sick of being ignored.

2nd Chance

Thank you Suzanne for writing this article. I hope through help from the HRC people with debilitating chronic pain can return to getting the help and the relief they need. Our Dr’s shouldn’t have the gov limiting their ability to help patients living in chronic pain because of not able to or being scared to prescribe the medications necesary treat these conditions. Whether it’s people with cancer or people like myself with chronic spinal problems, we shouldn’t have to live in pain 24/7, especially when there are medications available to help us.

Kel b

Doug from Wisconsin: don’t miss the pain rally in Madison and at all capitals across the country April 7 @ 11a EST.

Its our time to stand up for ourselves!! See info “don’t punish pain patients” facebook and pharmacist Steve has info on his site as well.


Letter sent to Laura. Thank you for sharing

Frances Farmer Bays

My pain Dr took me off of my pain meds I whet to him for 13 years and gave me one month of meds and there is no Dr that will take me ! for no reason of mine .He is the one that injected me with the Poison the ESI and my life has got real bad ! I passed all of my drug test ! I never had one bad word whit anyone in that office! So now my blood pressure is 210/100 I am having bad headaches my pain is so bad I do not no what I am going to to I need help really bad! My neck is stiff and I have no life please help me. Thanks my phone is 812-592-4229

Barbara W

Oregon Lawyer wants your story Kay@sokolfoster.com medical Mal practice against medical boards & Insurance co. Her name is Kay Teague. If u have Video include.

Deborah Withrow RN

I am not bashing opioids by any means, I believe people are suffereing in pain being taken off their opioids. Many need them to survive. My doctors here knew my pain was worse after back surgery and took me off Norco which I used for years and put me on tramadol. Well it didn’t work. Pain patients are suffering for this countries addiction problem. They are going about this the wrong way. I have heard peers when I was working say oh so and so is here for her fix again. So much stigma attached to “pain patients.. so darn sad. They do have an option. Kratom…

Deborah Withrow RN

Deborah Withrow Chief executive officer at Retired
Hi, I’m an RN with intractable pain from adhesive Arachnoiditis caused by steroid epidural into my spine for pain. I have taken Kratom for five years and it literally has saved my life. I was on opioids for years that didn’t touch my pain. I had to retire because due to pain I couldn’t even work a desk job. I filed for disability and won my case. I nearly died after discharged from the hospital after back surgery. I was given 4 different opioids. I had an 8 hour drive home. I had no idea what I was taking because the pain was so horrible. By the time I got home, I could barely walk, the guy that drove me home helped me in the House. I fell between the toilet and the wall and my daughter helped me up. When I got upstairs, she helped me to bed. Awhile later I woke up to the paramedics being there. My daughter called due to my respiration’s being only 4 a minute. My daughter took care of administering my meds. If I would have brought Kratom with me it would have not only helped my pain but I would have known what I was doing. I stopped the opioids and took Kratom. My pain was controlled! Opioids change you but Kratom doesn’t. Kratom is safe and I have had no drug interactions Kratom has allowed me to live as normal life as I can having adhesive arachnoiditis. The pain is the worst I have ever felt and it is daily. I take Kratom twice daily and I’m ok it doesn’t completely take my pain away, but it’s tolerable. Please keep Kratom legal this plant has helped me so much. I will not use opioids every again. Kratom saved my life.

ronna watson

Thank you, Thank you! I will share my story later but as a retired health care professional, this is inhumane, cruel, dangerous, insulting depressing and painful! We need a movement and we need some lawsuits. That is all that gets attention. Class action suits for malpractice.

Susan Heed- Myers

Done deal…letter written…maybe too long..I hope it gets read..thanks Suzanne


Suzanne thank you for sharing this important information. Every person who has ever had to take an opiate for any kind of pain should speak out for themselves and for the people who are going to suffer needlessly because there meds are being taken away. Not only is it wrong to leave people to suffer in pain, there are other consequences. I will cover some here. Doctors are pushing for patients to go into treatment, our friend came home today so upset after going to see an Anesthegiologist. She recieved a letter from her primary Doctor dropping her from care after getting pain care for more then 10 years, the Anesthesiologist, did not care how much pain she has or why she was in pain. No pain medication, only meditation after inpatient or out patient treatment. Our friend told the doctor she was a pain patient not a drug addict, he did not care. There are always people wanting to make money off of other people’s suffering. Right now all the big money is in treatment and or you can pay a $1,000.00 a month for meds like Suboxone. Desperate families will pay with false hope that there loved one will get better on this drug. Figure that what genius came up with that? You think drug addicts are going to pay that much on something that they can’t get high on? When the Nazi party came into power they would do things like round up all the disabled people, gays, Jews and Gypsies. Throw them in prison and eventually dispose of them, when there wasn’t any back lash or outrage they new they could push the boundaries even further. Next was the final solution. Would you let a wounded animal suffer or leave it to learn to deal with its injuries and suck up the pain. People with pain , and crippling disease, We are treated worse then animals and it is an outrage! It is a basic human right to be pain free, Our rights and freedom are being trampled on, when you have the powers that be blaming honest, caring, hard working doctors that are trying to help patients stop suffering. The doctors that try to help people in pain remember the oath they took when they became a doctor. What could be worse then this? Oh yeah having the meds but not giving them to the patient because you would rather they suffer. The ignorance is appalling. The truth has been lost and it should matter to everyone. How many more lives will be destroyed and lost to this destructive Guidlines? Please share your story it is time to speak up , no one can help if they don’t know what your going thru.


I’m so angry, bitter and disappointed! A system that not 4 years ago was embracing PAIN as a vital sign has made a 180 degree turn and now it’s a crime. Not just as a patient but soon doctors? Sounds more like abandonment? Neglect? This is a multifaceted issue- no easy solution, but this is extreme. Where’s the line? Alcoholism still out there, kills many, rehab costs, pharmaceutical costs. Are we bannin all alcohol? No cause people would loose their minds. But the media and news had conviently lumped “Chronic Pain – opiate prescrptions” with “heroin and carfentanyl use”.
Addiction is a disease and needs better treatment- maybe the billionaires in the pharmaceutical business should give 1 cent per mg toward new drug programs?
If we’re blaming scripts- what about the companies? How about their responsibility?
I pay enough for insurances and cooays, more copays, out of pocket treatments, and the insurance covers less and less. You can’t afford to get sick. You can’t get all the newest and greatest alternative therapy unless you can afford it. Chronic pain is the new leporsy-


Why on earth are people blaming Trump for the war on opioids? All of this started with the forced implementation of Obamacare under the Obama administration. Since government was going to be paying for health care, they wanted to lower or get rid of the price tag for pain medication. Around 2011-12 they started rolling out new guidelines, warning dr’s what was coming, producing these fake statistics, raiding clinics
etc.. Trump also did not say he was seeking the death penalty for users but for dealers. One thing I have seen, is them beginning to acknowledge the difference in the struggle of pain patients. But confronting these prescribing guidelines definitely needs to be addressed and attacks on dr’s stopped. They basically are carrying on with a policy, started before their arrival, based on flawed statistics! We must keep fighting BOTH parties and insist they leave dr’s & patients to decide treatments together, with no government interference!

Thank you Suzanne for writing this article. I have already given my chronic pain story to the Human Rights group. However, I fear that Opioids are being looked at differently. Right now, there is a shortage of Opioid meds in the acute care hospital setting. Some major drug companies, are stopping production of much needed pain medication,. Donald Trump is wanting to decrease Opioid production by 1/3 over the next 3 years. I wish at present-that Pain patients ( long term-who have been stable on their pain meds for more than 5 years, and have not abused their meds), to contact their State Senator, and let them know how their quality of life has been negatively affected with this CDC limit of 90 MMD’S per day. Already, on my local news channel-I saw a commercial on pain meds-not for pain patients-but of course, it showed a man stating that he got hooked on pain meds( meaning he is a drug addict!). This is the LAST thing we Pain patients need, right? I have NO idea why pain patients and pain Physicians are being ignored-because our quality of life is now in jeopardy! Sincerely, Kathleen Clark,RN ( retired).


I just posted on their site. Everyone please! All who suffer, let them know! Doctors and Nurse Practitioners should be up in arms too, as their practices are being manipulated by government!


All of this [edit] was going down a long time before Trump got elected. Ought to blame Obama, who STARTED THIS HYSTERIA before you start calling people Hitler. I was run out of Florida in 2014 because the pharmacies would no longer fill my prescription that I had been getting for several years. Same doctor, same dose. The pharmacies are corrupt, CVS and Walgreens made internal checklists that would eliminate patients one by one as they went down the list. And of course they would also tell you that they had run out of it, AND WOULD NOT TELL YOU WHEN THE NEXT SHIPMENT WAS COMING! That’s because they had a rule against it because druggies might try to ambush the delivery! And if you missed the day of the next delivery, they usually ran out within 24 hours because Pam Bondi (Florida AD) mandated that only a set amount could be delivered to each pharmacy regardless!! All she would say is that she was sorry people were in pain, but the rules wouldn’t change. So I moved to Nevada because of the weather, and have to listen to PA’s complain that they’ll get arrested if they treat me a certain way. These “laws” are mainly “suggestions” by CDC, as it is stated clearly. Why then are the opioid dosing limits treated as laws then?? Will someone explain that one??

Mono Two Cats Romero- Congratulations to the pastor for overcoming his “Heroin
addiction”! But he is not a repressentative of the overwhelming majority of Chronic pain patients who DO NOT ABUSE their pain medications. HEROIN is not a medically prescribed medication by a legitimate pain Dr. once again, I’m happy for him but we are talking in this article about millions of Chronic pain patients who are/were doing well in Opioids for debilitating pain Illnesses and none of them get High; they’re not abusing them nor are they addicted! The true Chronic pain patients we are discussing here are refugees of this opioid crisis! They’ve done nothing wrong. They didn’t turn to street drugs or heroin, they just
want some semblance of a life with pain relief.

Kathy C

Human Right Watch, was supposedly looking into this topic years ago. They used the same tortured, biased statistics the media is using, in order to promote treatment for drug addiction. The American media has been using these fear based statistics to mislead the public. Perhaps we need a clear set of facts, in order to define the problem. The Administration is calling for the death of drug dealers, here in America that is loosely defined, and Pain Patients will no doubt be affected.


I will email the Human RIghts rep as soon as I type my comment. Thank God they have seen the need to help us. I thought no one was hearing us. I have written many times to my representatives in DC and have not heard one word back from them. Maybe a group such as this one will get their attention. I don’t think anyone is really listening to what we are saying. What happens when Senator John Doe needs pain medication for cancer and his doctor says, sorry, but here are 2 pills for the week. Or President Jane Doe needs pain medication for her son and the doctor says, sorry, but I don’t prescribe them any longer. I think they would listen then. I do not think that DC is hearing us or thinking about what are they going to do if they were ever in this situation. Just very glad someone is listening now.

Mona Twocats-Romero

Please write to my local Paper, the Bakersfield Californian, which supports our local “crackdown” on opiates and write stories like the following every day almost.

“It’s affecting everyone, it’s affecting soccer moms, it’s affecting guys on the street, guys that are homeless, and people are dying,” said Louie Wright, Pastor of Revive Church. Wright talking about the consequences of Opioid addiction.

He started using Oxycontin while recovering from a back injury. Once taken off the medication, he was introduced to heroin. According to the Center for Disease Control, more that 11 million people abuse prescription opioids, and opiod abuse is a gateway to heroin.

Wright’s heroin use caused him to hit rock bottom before a friend offered free treatment at at recovery center in Malibu. “I ended up going to treatment, I was presented the 12 steps program and ended up really throwing myself into it…finding freedom from addiction.”

Wright says many people don’t have the resources to go into treatment due of high costs. According to Wright those costs could range from 10,000 and 60,000 thousand dollars.

After treatment, Wright turned his life and credits his faith in God. He and his wife Jarris are now doing their part in the fight against opioid abuse in Bakersfield.

Wright and his wife started non-profit called “One Door.” It’s mission is to “rescue those gripped by addiction while restoring families and transforming lives.”

“We want to help anyone regardless of their financial system and the way we’re going to do that is through community support,” said Wright.

The non profit will open an outpatient clinic this summer focused on bridging the gap of high costs involved in rehabilitation services. The clinic will house a full medical staff as well as counselors and therapists helping anyone in the grips of addiction.

Wright and “One Door” are currently raising support for the clinic. One way to donate is through GIVE BIG KERN.

Wright says you can also email him at louie@canyonhills.com


millsl@hrw.org It took awhile and did get a email sent and millsl@hrw.org this is the address I used and it got sent
I am not very good at sending emails and such

Tina Block

I myself have also been a Chronic Pain sufferer for many years now.Day by day I am in pain just waiting until my meds can kick in. I have been reduced to as low as possible due to government restrictions on opioids. My pain is much stronger now then ever and I don;t know when or if ever relief is going to come. I live with pain and some days I just don’t want to live with it anymore.I take my pills when I am due I do not go out and seek other illegal forms of relief I am a good person and I feel like there has been a label put on me because I take pain pills. I know that there are thousands of others who are just like me. We wonder day by day if or when we are going to be cut off completely due to government policies. I use to take anti anxiety pills as well but was cut off from them because people were dying due to taking to much. With the way things are going my anxiety level is through the roof. Why is it that we as Chronic Pain sufferers, have to live with others mistakes? It is incredibly confusing. I just wish that there was a little more compassion for people like me who are doing what we have to do to have a some what “Normal ” life. We are not the bad guys here we are the good guys who are suffering for what others have done illegally in the past. I am so happy that the Human Rights have taken on this endeavor and standing up for us all that literally can not stand up for ourselves.

Thank you so so much for informing me and “us”, all the people reading the National Pain Report, which I am new to, but so grateful to have found.
I will write my story, to the email provided. I am in pain from lumbar disk tears, which finally after 7 years were diagnosed by an annulagram, (diskogram). oxycodone has been very effective in helping me, but I can’t work, because it hurts to sit long. Or stand long. I have been ok with getting meds, cause only 40 to 50 mg a day… but I just went back to Kaiser in California. Oh my!! Changes that are effecting me now. Obligatory limit of 40 mg a day, and only despensed in 5 mg tabs. That means if you have a reaction of nausea to a filler in the generic, (cause the tabs are bigger, with filler), my only option I was told was: take with it a antiemetic.. or take percoset. Can you imagine?
Antiemetics are very strong very terrible side effects, I got a bowel impaction with trying one tab. percoset, evern 40 mg a day oxycodone, leave me taking 2600 mg of Tylenol a DAY. Im only 105 pounds. Im in so muc pain to sit, its hard to fight this. Its so crazy. My case, and those of thousands of pain sufferers, are not in danger of addiction. This whole thing needs reassessing, and a graph done, to show where the differences split. The media has gotten better, as attention is being brought up about pain people, but its also said things very out of context and clumped the “opiod epidemic” into one big basket…. as well as articles on “chronic pain” patients, are clumped in one big basket by some non medical articles reporting on the problems. Every patient is different and there are many different reasons for pain. some like mine, have a treatment, (fusion). some do not. some are from damaged nerves, some are intractable, some are based on inflammatory pathology. Not all pain meds work for all, but Kaiser is pushing siezure meds and anti depressants for all pain as a first line of treatment. And powerful NSAIDs… whihc are more dangerous in side effects than oxycodone, and are only suppose to be used temporarily.
Thankyou for this website.
with profound gratitude,

Drew Pavilonis

millsl@hrw.org is the corrected email address. The G in ORG must have got lost by the Opioid Gremlins.

I sent in my brief story, and already got a reply. I am so thankful that you posted this info for us. THANK YOU!

hazel Arline Hunter

Trup does not care about us or many people.He is unstable and dangerous.I hear that he wants to fire Mueller so if he does he is no longer president .I hope something happens that’s hes impeached as he is playing with our lives ,careless .he doesn’t have any pain ,all he wants is voters to worship him and do what he says just like a dictator would do.I pray we get another SANE and smart president and one that knows pain and it is way different than the drug addicts wanting highs.If so many with severe on going pain would not have the pain and it magically disapperared we wouldn’t bother with the painkillers.I do not understand why the public without pain can’t understand that.Only if the no pain people get hurt and the severe pain doesn’t go away and taking away what we know as a normal life doing things others do.The drug addicts I saw on tv do something to make the painkillers deadly .I saw them crush up pills and inject the mixture of ? and the pills in a spoon or whatever.I am so against these idots .They are the ones that started this not the manufacturered that make painkillers for PAIN nothing else.My doctor was scared back months ago .I saw on facebook that the scientists or people in the medical labs said they are working on ways for the reports of each of us to be prescribed the certain amounts according to what kinds of pains we have.I was in touch with the only pain spealist in the US in California and he prescribed painkillers to the worst suuferes with the spainal dsorders due to a dye the doctors used to see the spine better supposedly .Back in the early 90s it was not FDA approved for the spinal cord so this dye made the nerves in the spine clump and cause long life no cure torture called Atachnoiditis.The doctor Tennant was arrested last I heard and he was the one that helped make the Intractable pain law.Thats why I am writing about him .He disagreed with government playing doctors.Without the pain being managed through painkillers it makes the person suffer even more .Suicides are alredy on the rise by the governments neglect to know that without anything to help take away the pain so we can be human people give up like dogs that suffer without help for pain.They put animals to sleep with severe on going pain .Nothing alse has worked as we all know and we have all tried the holistic ,and non pain kilers.After trying all and surgery to cut out the pain only added more.I do not believe the ad on tv with the bandaid on spines.


Although I have as yet to be affected by the exodus of Practitioners or the supply of the small doses of oxycodone that I rely upon , in part , for partial relief of My mixed , chronic, and increasingly debilitating disorders I from time to time , mention an “ access” issue that to My amazement , summons little to no response but offers such great potential for Myself and very likely , so many others, especially in a climate where/when alternative therapies may make such a significant difference in the management of here to for untreatable and unbearable pain.
The issue: Where/Why/ is the not so very new but well proven benefit of KETAMINE induction so unavailable to Myself and many of You even though: It is not in the least addictive; has proven effectiveness in the treatment of both chronic and acute pain not just recently but for decades: THAT , after several years of study , it has replaced morphine as the US Army’s first line analgesic , for battle field trauma in Afghanistan: That it has had the approval of the FDA ( black box) for the treatment of chronic pain for over a decade and now too , for major depression; That other than Methadone , the only 2 known medications to treat the pain mediated by the NMAB pain nerves unaffected by opiates: That the basic cost of production of a liter of solution for induction ( intravenous ) protocol is $0.50- $1.00: Yhat it’s relative safety is born out by decades of use as an adjunct to anesthesia in “ Third World” Countries by relatively untrained personnel: That the cost of “ Induction” -repeated /multiple IV infusions ( as seen on U Tube) are approved under Medicare Part B -typically upon appeal-Upon documentation that other modalities have failed: YET !!! For years , I have been unable to locate a Provider anywhere near Me ( Northern Wisconsin) -Have I been able to raise a single comment on this blog other than the facilitation of an deeply appreciated contribution , by a practicing Pain Specialist ( Anesthesiologist ) , several weeks ago , that too, drew little to no comment !
Respectfully: With an overall perspective of the dilemma posed by this externally induced climate; the degree of hopelessness confronting so many with such challenging and tortured life experiences ;
With respects to Individual experiences with respects to the use of ; access to; or hoped for relief from the use of Ketamine …. something seems wrong with this picture !?

Louis Ogden

I’m glad to see ‘Human Rights Watch’ taking an interest. That organization as well as the United Nations believe that withholding pain medications is torture and torture is illegal. It is (or SHOULD BE) a human right to experience the least pain as possible.Qqqmm

Neldine Ludwigson

One posting on a Facebook page devoted to inhumane acts worldwide. We’re truly clutching at some skinny old straws. 😖



Leslie Meadows

The part of the government that can help us does not listen to human rights groups they just don’t that’s why we still have the death penalty they just don’t listen to them so it might be okay or it might not be okay for them to get behind us it might kind of tear are symbolism down so I really don’t think they can not help as matter fact that might kind of lower the expectations a bit

Another fantastic article of hope that awareness is now being made public of the Opioid Injustice. Looks to me as though prayers are being answered indeed!! Thank you Ms. Stewart for giving us another place to go to get our stories out and continue to raise awareness. Thank you to everyone who continues to pray for God to intervene in this injustice as well. It’s amazing and disgusting that something as the Opioid Injustice could be created by so few, though affect so many. Reminds me of Hitler and his cronies.


The 2010 Montreal Declaration: the UN decreed that people have the right to medical care and pain management medicines. If Trump wants to kill people who use illegal opioids, who’s to say he will not go after legitimate doctors, patients and pharmacists who have to cope with chronic and persistent pain conditions. These people are not addicts, are not sellers, are not buyers. They are waiting for science to research and find cures for these medical problems. The Human Rights Watch has a big job on its plate.


That is indeed heartening. I for one will be happy to share my story; which is that my pain is not covered. That despite being very clear when I went to an inpatient setting to reduce my pain medication dosage secondary to a third episode of hyperalgesia, this one following knee replacement surgery, whereupon my pain manager of 5 years would not cover my pain and I had to find a new pain manager in order to cover it adequately to rehab the joint. I continue strength training throughout the rehab of the knee. I have strength trained for 30+ years due to severe arthritis, multiple joints reconstructions and replacements, currently needing two hips and another new knee, the left knee. Aphthous major is torture to be sure; for over a decade I had massive aphthous ulceration active three weeks every month, spiking temps of 105, massive regions of oral tissue inflamed and ulcerated. Only one person I met had any personal experience with this condition: the physician who diagnosed it noted that his father had it and spent half of his life in bed. Now I spend 1 day a week in agony in bed due to inadequate pain coverage. I feel it killing me. The three leading behavioral causes of death in the United States: 1. Tobacco products. 2. Inactivity. 3. Alcohol abuse. Inactivity!! Doing a masters degree in social policy I examined the criminalization of opioids and cocaine: both acts of treasury designed to discriminate against two races.The ACE study is so important, demonstrating that over 50% of our citizens suffer developmental abuse and neglect.The resulting complex trauma disorder causes all the medical problems, pain and premature death. The brain registers emotional pain as physical pain. It IS physical pain. Attachment is biologically based, species specific. Attachment abuse and neglect kills people and causes chronic pain. Research demonstrates that the genetic expression of immune function and inflammation are reversed in monkeys will bad mothers or no parents in contrast to monkeys with good mothers. Unless trauma is treated, over half the people in this country will die young, in terrible pain. Finally, I am a redhead, a mutant. Redheads are more sensitive to pain, we cannot be treated the same as blonds and brunettes. I cannot take most medications due to colitis. Besides, I nearly died of tylenol toxicity; the leading cause of liver failure and death. Opioids are endogenous. Current political agenda is discrete abuse of women and people of low SES.

Jamie Coley

Thank goodness there are some looking into the suffering that chronic pain patients are having to live with. I have had 19 surgeries with 11 of those on my back. My back was also broken once during surgery. After that I got a severe staph infection and then almost died from having seizures. Because doctors are so afraid of the CDC they are taking away the meds from the ones who need them to have somewhat of a normal life. I know first hand because they have cut my meds so far back that most my days are spent in horrible pain. Many are taking their own life because now they cannot function and work and they have lost everything.

I’m a chronic pain patient stenosis degerative disk osteo hip since the epidemic ive suffered alot cause the doctors ate afraid getting in trouble thats so wrong all of my disabilities are on MRI proof I need help pain I went through withdrawals because of it I just layed bed prayed God to take me given placebos cause pharmacy doctors got paranoid what happened to hypricital oath we all need someone stand up for us please please thank you caring


Thanks so much for telling us about this awesome organization. I have been doing all that I can to raise awareness among the general public and my elected officials of the government’s actions that have created the horrors imposed on the chronic pain community. I pray that this Human Rights organization will be successful in their efforts.