Opinion: The DEA Draws a Firestorm of Criticism

Opinion: The DEA Draws a Firestorm of Criticism

By Richard A Lawhern, Ph.D.

As elsewhere published on the National Pain Report, the Drug Enforcement Agency is trying to “pull a fast one” on the American public.  DEA has proposed rule changes which will allow them to force reductions on production of opioid pain relievers for any scheduled drug which they believe to be “diverted.”  They seem utterly uncaring that quotas have already been reduced for the past five years without noticeable positive effect.  Overdose-related deaths continue to skyrocket due to street drugs.  Like its predecessor in the 1980s, that drug war has already been lost.

DEA is compounding their nonsense by shortening the public comment period to a mere two weeks.  But it’s not working.

Word is getting out on social media and in pain community publications like National Pain Report [“DEA Comment Period on Opioid Quotas Ends May 4th].  The controversy is also being picked up by mainstream media such as STAT News  [“DEA plan to stem supply of prescription drugs draws skepticism”]

The DEA docket on controlled substance quotas is receiving significant numbers of comments (over 650 in the first week).   Some entries are phrased as patient stories of pain and disability compounded by doctor desertion and pharmacy refusals to fill legitimate prescriptions.

Richard A Lawhern, Ph.D.

While these stories are heart-rending, they only partly respond to what DEA is doing.  For those of us who haven’t yet filed comments, the “message” needs to be more focused.  They want to roll back production allowances on any scheduled drugs that they believe to be diverted to abusers. But they haven’t offered details on how they propose to determine diversion.

We need to be telling affected pain patients, their care givers and their doctors that our message should be more specific:

  1. DEA has no reliable way to determine whether or how much any controlled substance is diverted to non-medical use.
  2. Hospitals are experiencing shortages of scheduled drugs and patients are being endangered because of past unjustified restrictions on production. The DEA is at fault.  Restrictions on medical supply are ineffective and unjustified.
  3. Even the National Institutes on Drug Abuse acknowledge that actively managed pain patients are almost never involved in opioid overdose-related death.  In the few cases where they are, it may be as a consequence of under-treatment of pain and depression, forcing the patient to seek relief in street markets.
  4. DEA has already damaged or destroyed countless lives by creating a hostile regulatory environment, driving doctors out of pain practice and forcing the discharge or coerced tapering of patients into agony.
  5. DEA proposed rule making on production quotas should be withdrawn.  It is entirely based on misunderstandings of addiction, counter-productive and inhumane.

To enter your own comments, start here:

Richard “Red” Lawhern Ph.D. is Co-Founder and Corresponding Secretary of the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain

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Richard A Lawhern, Ph.D., is a frequent contributor to National Pain Report. He has over 22 years experience as a technically trained non-physician patient advocate, with 70+ published papers and articles in the field. He is a co-founder and former Director of Research for the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain.

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That was a NON Empathic responses! I have SEVERE Degenerative Disc Disease, 8 have had two cars of mine totaled by drunk drivers. They HIT me HEAD ON. Thankful to be ALIVE. I am Rn for 30 PLUS yrs. Now ON DISABILITY. I hate it. MEDICATION allowed me to function, I LOCKED up my medication, in a safe. Always compliant as far as my Dr. I just turned 60 so scared soon to be bed bound..medications slowed me the activitys of daily living. I can’t help I was hurt. It took my life. Now life is over.

Robert King

The “ONE SIZE FITS ALL DRUG POLICY” of the DEA proves that the best and brightest are no longer interested in government careers, and no lessons have been learned from prohibition!
Where do they think the mass exodus of pain management patients have gone? Does the DEA think they are just staying home to “suck it up butter-cup” and just deal with it (pain) as AG Sessions suggests in his comments the other day?
AG Sessions is the best top law enforcement head DRUG DEALERS could have ever prayed for!

Thank you Red for all of your incredible activism and advocacy work! I’m, now, unfortunately a former patient of Dr. Tennant and receive your work via the leaders of Families of Intractable Pain Patients Network. I just launched my own blog and YouTube channel. Your work will help me as I try to raise my voice to demand attention to the millions of lives more in danger without their medications than with them. You’re a personal hero of mine because you deal with facts in a time of overwhelming propaganda&insidious misinformation campaigns designed to bolster the DEA’s inhumane approach to fighting this drug epidemic instead of focusing on overhauling the health system. Thank you! GabAboutHealth.com

Ina Martinez

It’s all about money.
Which agency gets the k most funding. The most money, sponsors…..
Drug Rehab clinics work very well with the government and its officials… Quid Pro Quo.
We don’t have a very strong financial banking institution to back us or protect us from those that deny us.
It is just ridiculous.

James S

I just don’t understand how the have the power to treat Americans this way. I need my meds to have a normal life. I can’t work without my meds, if I don’t work I don’t have a place to live, I don’t have a place to live I don’t have a place to get a bath. So I have to suffer to maintain my dignity. And anyone knowing suffering understands that you don’t get much dignity

Mark Luth

The DEA should be destroyed. It’s the new KGB. And we have a 1 and 4 amendments that state freedoms and no searches or seizures without a warrant yet we have this communist tyranny that now watches all people who take schedules 2-5 prescription drugs. I have had it! I’m mad as hell because this is a disgusting take over of our rights. Health care should be private always and nobody should know anything about your health except yourself and only the doctor you choose to see!

Wendy Munson

I can’t seem to find data on patients properly taking prescribed opioids for pain dying. It all seems to be fringe elements who get “street drugs” somehow and end up in the ER repeatedly, then finally die.My story is below, but this lack of data on individual death circumstances (in other words, were other substances involved, such as too much alcohol, other medications that potentiate the opioids and make them dangerous, etc) distorts reality. There should be data on each reported death so the circumstances could be understood. From what I have read, patients who properly follow the prescribed dosages safely receive relief. While I am still able to receive some medication, it is not adequate. My physician, a pain specialist, is supportive, but it is a nanny state nightmare to listen to the questionnaire he must read me each time. My Doctor: “Is your pain medicine adequately treating your pain?” Me: “No.” My Doctor: “Well, I am sorry, but I am not allowed to increase your dosage.” Me: “Then why do you ask me?” My Doctor: “It is part of this questionnaire I have to ask you each month.” I am thankful for some relief, and I work so hard on physical therapy between major abdominal operations to save my life every year or so, but it is exhausting. Even getting up to go to the bathroom is a nightmare some days.
My Story: I am in constant chronic pain. I have a sympathetic doctor who is helping me with my opioids + does encourage alternatives. Anti-inflammatories are out because I take blood thinners for a chronic blood condition and have for the past 20 years. I have a 50 degree scoliosis curve and severe sciatic pain. In addition to right hip bursitis, I can barely stand for more than 2 or 3 minutes to cook my meals so preparing meals is an all day event where I prepare little bits at a time. I can barely take care of myself and my husband does most of the housework. I’m in my late 60s. Additionally I have a condition in my abdomen that 20 years ago created massive ventral hernias and intestinal blockages with gangrene. I’ve had 3 major operations in the past 3 years resulting in 10-inch incisions (cutting my abdominal muscle nerves)a very difficult recovery & hard to keep up phys therapy. I do need the pain medicine. Until the last few years it was not a problem and my regular physician could prescribe enough of it. Not anymore. Now my husband must take off 3 or 4 hours once a month to take me to an out of town pain specialist.


DEA needs to be working with doctors on solving the opioid epidemic. They need the doctors expertise in treating addicts. The steps the DEA are taking are making pain people turn to street drugs to relieve their pain. The just adds to the problem.

i had a long talk with customer no service she called from antigo wi, after i was done she says im sorry , i said ya but what are you doing about it, she says oh i have a code i have to answer , so i got nowhere about the doctor perscribing me therapy after the ortho surgeon and a renoun pain doctor both said no more therapy for me , becuz of therapy i had 2 more surgeries geez these people just blow smoke up my back side nothing gets done, i sit at home without food or help

Bruce Stewart

Time for a class action lawsuit! The time for talk is over. The CDC knows exactly what’s going on. We need to do something before more of us suffer and die. This is dire! You have my email information, Red! Let’s get this on the road!


All the scientific evidence shows that the epidemic is in ILLEGAL opioid users. You are intentionally punishing the citizens in the most long term intractable legitimate pain. Crack down on the drug traffickers. Enforce the laws on the books already. Don’t make people with real diseases pay for street addicts mistakes. We didn’t choose to be sick. We don’t get high, in fact we never get more than 70% relief on average but we cannot live at our uneducated pain levels. Who would ever choose that?! We are your constituents & neighbors who vote. Addicts don’t put voting on the top of their list and you know this.
The proof you need is everywhere. We are at a 10 year low on prescriptions but overdose deaths at a 10 year high! You are law makers not doctors and I’m damn sure my doctor has a better plan for keeping me alive than you do…and you’re proving it by not knowing these basic facts.

Pam Hawthorne

Thank you for the direction you are giving us, Red! I have now sent 2 comments, 1 that describes how they have directly affected my healthcare in a negative way and another with the 5 reasons you have listed for us with the links attached. We really appreciate your help!


Thank you for your tireless work Red, to help those suffering without a voice. Whilst the DEA attempts to fight their street war on drugs their plan will have many casualties within the pain sector. So many severe pain conditions have no viable treatments other than opioid medications and without them I can see the suicide rate climbing within weeks! Take for example Trigeminal Neuralgia, often considered the most painful condition know to man and labelled the suicide disease. Imagine having your face on fire with no help because the DEA wanted to fight cocaine and heroine.
I think not allowing someone pain relief is barbaric!!!
Some of the comments on this page shock me, like the dr. going on about hypnotism in surgery and saying they don’t see the authors point. You don’t understand how pain could be that strong it leads someone with suicide as their only way out? You don’t understand how pain varies in intensity and strong pain needs strong pain relief. We don’t all live in a dream world where a magician can use hypnotism to relieve our pain.
Thanks Red.


Please sign the petition to block the DEA from another attempt to limit the medication prescribed by our doctors. We need 100,000 signatures! Just follow the link. Thank you! Together we have strength…..


I feel you should quit worrying about making Kratom illegal, amd focas on the real issue, the real epidemic in this world, the selling of illegal perscriptions, illegal selling of pain pills and these damn doctors writting the perscriotions out so freely, hell if you would crack down on these docotrs about just giving out pain med for when they stump a damn toe, kratom helps rslieve pain, helps with anxiety and i domt believe it destroys your organs as paim.oills and other narcotic pills do. Focus on the damn real issues!

Occupying Chronic Pain

INDEED And Rightfully So! We Need To Save Our $$$ And Donate To Ariens Legal GoFundMe For Chronic Pain Patient Lawsuits! We Have International Human Rights AND ADA Civil Rights AND State Level Human Rights As Well That Are Being Violated Especially IF The Perps Are Contracted With Medicare/Medicaid, Folks! The Elderly & The Poor And/Or Disabled Have Rights That Medical Providers Declare To Uphold High Standards Of Care & To Protect The Civil Rights Of Their Recipients/Patients Against Discrimination On The Basis Of The ‘Source Of Income/Source Of Payment.” It Is ILLEGAL To Treat US Unfairly Or Provide Poorer Quality To US Than The Privately Insured! Some Despicable Scumbags DO NOT Care If You Die From Withdrawal Or Because You Couldn’t Stand The Pain Of Withdrawal & Took Your Own Life AND There Are Some Who DO NOT Care If You End Up On The Street In Efforts To End The Pain…Looks Like The DEA Doesn’t Either, Eh? Hey! WAKE UP! The Govt Does NOT Want To PAY THE $$$$ For Our Long-Term Opioid Treatment & They Are The Ones Who Created This Epidemic & Are ACTUALLY Benefiting From It Now Since The Govt Isn’t Paying Out As Much, Etc. Who REALLY Thinks They REALLY Care If One Of Us Loses Our Life By Our Own Hands Or Those Of The Corner Dope Dealer? GET REAL! GET WOKE! Let’s Go Get ‘Em!

Dr. Alicia Jaquez Bryant MA PhD writes:

Dr. Lawhern, had you been given reports by the AMA as to this information of concern you have mentioned. Unless there are quotes, medical data, surveys, interviews to be given I do understand your concern. There is no shortage of pain management while in the hospital. Until the alarmists understand an alternative methods there should not be a crises mode

As a Integrative and Medical Practitioner, I have performed successfully Hypnotherapy on patients while in surgery. As a pain specialist, I am well aware that a Federal Agency like the Drug Enforcement Agency, they have to carry out Federal Orders. Again, AMA does allow the private practitioner a limited amount to prescribe of an opioid.

I appreciate your concern, but until there is more medical evidence I do not understand your position.

Thank you.

Dr, you’re free to speak from your experience, of course. I merely suggest that you’re talking when you should be listening. AMA is not a credible information source on the reliability or effectiveness of opioid analgesics. Medpage Today reported wide-spread shortages of injectable opioids needed in surgery, just a month ago, due to restrictions on opioid production quotas.

I’m seeing credible reports of rising numbers of patient suicides due to arbitrary tapering of long-effective opioid therapy to below therapeutic levels. Patients are being discharged without referral all over the US by doctors afraid of being sanctioned by DEA or State authorities. Department of Veterans Affairs took up the subject of patient suicides in their Rx conference this month.

I have written in multiple venues concerning so-called “alternatives” to opioid therapy. In all candor, for millions of patients, there simply aren’t any. I refer you to my article with Michael E Schatman PhD on Morning Consult: “Do Alternatives to Opioids Really Exist?”


I suggest with every intention of courtesy that you do some further research. One source that may help you gain perspective is a White Paper by the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain titled “Principles for a Patient Centered Revision of Opioid Guidelines”




Kel b

Dr Bryant:
There have been several articles printed how burn victims don’t have enough pain control due to lack of meds. And how patients in the ER and emergency surgeries have had to go without pain meds.
I do have the articles saved and will look them up to add to my comments,.

Maureen M.

Thank you Red! Very informative and precise. Great to hear from you again.

Tim Mason

I would not doubt that the FDA and CDC statisticians have been prohibited form producing a spreadsheet that demonstrates exactly what you and other have said. It is common sense. In fact, I would not be surprised that they were told that producing such a spreadsheet would result in immediate termination.
Just my 2 cents.

Mark Ibsen MD

Heees a poignant video to accentuate the point



The dea has NO business in my medical treatments, they are NOT Pain Specialists or Doctors!

Alan Edwards

I posted on the link provided, Doctor. Thank you and thank God for you. I am in pain after blasting the dea but try to reach one competent person within the DEA. I will be investigated. I was honest. Gave them my address and phone. Anyone, with intractable pain is now tracked by the pharmacy and local police like myself, at this moment. My crime was being delivered by doctors in 1962, who following FDA guidelines caused hypoxia, hyperthermia and multi-focal brain cell death. No one has ever apologized for my injuries.
I hope God will prevail upon the DEA their error because they are extremely arrogant and pious. And wrong. A bufferin and bed will not work against intractable pain disease.


How is the CIA any better than a drug cartel. The CIA has uses the importation and sale of Heroin to fund it’s covert operations. That is the very definition of a drug cartel. Are they any better than the cartel leaders they Chase and jail simply because the government is not getting any benefit, Money! If they were then they would not try to put them out of business for their own gain. This opioid crisis was concocted as a means to higher profits by the insurance companies who simply want higher profits by limiting and or not paying for needed meds in the same way they did with Allergy meds, for example. Million s of people take allergy meds that used to be paid for by insurance. Since these meds being covered cost them billions, they lobbied to make them all over the counter suddenly and therefore reaping the gain in profits. This opioid crisis is a sham for profit at the expense of the people they think can’t or won’t fight back. We will. This is an injustice of epic proportions and must be rectified so all of us who live in daily pain can survive without resorting to suicide or street drugs that will ease our suffering but also cause a “Real Opioid Crisis.”

This is a hurried response while in pain.


In relation to the comment about Ms. Kellyanne: I’ve heard her say these restrictions have not impacted CPP’s or it was not intended to affect CPP’s. Well i suggest due diligence is in order, because not only has this travesty dismantled PM & healthcare across the brd where PC is concerned BUT end of life care has been impacted. Cancer pts have reported barriers & access problems -also hospital & surgery implications in this regard to needed medications as well. This is a prime example- you give an inch “they’ll take a mile!” This has gone so far over-board it’s time to start a lobby & fund! Dose of own medicine is in order: cash & clout is needed & just maybe some civil rights attorney will bite(?) Kratom movement got it right!!!

Alicia Jaquez Bryant

Dr. Lawhern, had you been given reports by the AMA as to this information of concern you have mentioned. Unless there are quotes, medical data, surveys, interviews to be given I do understand your concern. There is no shortage of pain management while in the hospital. Until the alarmists understand an alternative methods there should not be a crises mode
As a Integrative and Medical Practitioner, I have performed successfully Hypnotherapy on patients while in surgery. As a pain specialist, I am well aware that a Federal Agency like the Drug Enforcement Agency, they have to carry out Federal Orders. Again, AMA does allowy the private practitioner a limited amount to prescribe of an opiod.
I appreciate your concern, but until there is more medical evidence I do not understand your position.
Thank you.
Dr. Alicia Jaquez Bryant MA PhD

Drew P.

Everyone needs to reply. I just paraphrased a portion of the above article and added some personal info. We all need to respond, Caregivers, family and friends. I’ll be sharing this on Reddit and I encourage all of you Facebook users to share on there. We really need to get the word out or we suffer.


Andrea you Pain warrior you .I have you on my Pprayer list that you are given knowlege to get your point across .Thank You I will do what I can also and wrote dr oz,the doctors tv shows my reps and everything I can comment on I do.

My issue is when we commented on CDC guidelines it made no difference they published their guidelines that are hurting millions will it do any good if DEA gets our stories ? We keep commenting and will keep commenting until or last breath so they are fully aware we are on to them.
Richard “Red” Lawhern Ph.D. Thank You Thank You for All you do !! We appreciate your unrelenting work !!!

Marjorie Belsky

The horror the DEA has inflicted on my own medical community in Las Vegas is atrocious .


It’s a shame that people with chronic pain have to go without pain meds because of the ones who abused it ,and I’m sick of the media making it look like every heroin death is because of pain pills

Bill Gillerstein

I am beyond hope. My life has been destroyed. I was made promises when I started on a regimen of pain meds and my Drs lied to me. From a happy, productive life to not having any quality of life. All I know is pain and hoping today isn’t the day I end it all. The government has created a holocaust. They are killing us and nobody cares.


The DEA IS OUT OF LINE! How do they know how many opiods should be produced?
They should EDUCATE THE PUBLIC like they did with smoking and alcohol and let each doctor and severe chronic pain victim decide what is best or are they making people turn to street drugs thus helping the cartels! More people will DIE if the DEA goes through with this!


They put my long comment on the docket and another docket against them and at stage 4 cancer.. They don’t like me, I already google bad reviews, part of the DEA reform group and so on.. they are the most corrupt division of our government and that is horrible! Police acting as doctors and addiction specialist! And I am an addict with 9 yr clean and cancer patient stage 4… pain pills don’t lead to heroin, it is the way they have left people, because if that was the case I would of went to heroin but instead marijuana .. I tell it like it is … they have left people in pain to turn to the streets or suicide! Thanks for all you do…

There are millions of us who can take our PAIN meds as instructed, and never move on to anything else. YOU & CDC are causing your own HOLOCAUST!. The OD’s are probably from wanting to die instead of suffer, since you think we are not, in pain 24/7or actual junkies. you are grouping people in pain where you should not, and causing more need for the illegal street drugs. I have been on almost the same combo of meds since 1996, never once thought to try heroin or anything else til now, and I am sure there are MANY more MANY, out there like me.Like this guy……….. but why would you care? you think all opiods are bad or not needed, morons. so I am sure you won’t read it
Testimony to Pain – 90MG Ceiling.
The 90mg ceiling recently placed on my medications has created a health crisis for me. I have written this as a testimony to my injuries, medical condition, and how the 90mg ceiling is affecting me. – On March 7 2018 I became a victim of the new 90MG ceiling placed on all opioid pain…


Candy Watzek

I am an RN and I work in the recovery room. We already face shortages of morphine and Dilaudid. I hope the DEA, Jeff Sessions and the idiots making the decions have something to bite on when they have surgergy


Government does not necessarily employ the brightest people , and they are probably in the bottom 2% on likeability. thank god we live in a global economy


Is this chart comparing all overdose deaths against Opioid prescriptions, heroin overdose deaths against opioid prescriptions or actual PILL OVERDOSE deaths against pill prescriptions? My god these people are clueless and we are suffering.

Heather wolf

Hello I am chair of the coalition of the Terminally Ill Disabled and Elderly (ctide) and I have posted the above to our blog. Unfortunately the link to the comment does not return. Presumably there are so many comments Coming in that it is timing out.
We advise advocates to draft their text as an email and cc our editor, their c0mgress and sentators, the chair of Hhs, DEA and the Justice de-art net office of the inspector general. We also advise advocates to copy and paste their text to local news orgs through efforts of our various advocacy groups.
We cannot allow broken technology to be a barrier to this effort. Our civil liberties are at stake and Our right to due process is being violated.


Last night, I listened to an interview with Kellyanne Conway on the Joe Pags show which infuriated me. She didn’t acknowledge that this is pain patient advocacy week but made sure to promote national prescription take back day, and solely focused on addiction, overdose rates and “the crisis next door”. She casually referenced that chronic pain patients are NOT affected by the cdc guidelines or the order to reduce production of opioids by 30 percent, but failed to give any facts about how these measures are not affecting the pain community. Also, her facts about illicit fentanyl were incorrect. I immediately called in to the show & they put me on air in the final 5 minutes. I tried to articulate the facts as quickly as possible, I told the host that doctors are being raided and targeted by the DEA, and they’re not able to do their job correctly. I mentioned the shortage of post operative pain meds in hospitals & they’re giving patients IV TYLENOL because of it. He asked me what’s the solution or “happy medium” to solve the problem, but they cut me off the phone line before I could answer. I immediately started tweeting the host & Kellyanne to share the true statistics & my ideas for a solution. He tweeted me back to apologize because the show was over & gave me his email address so I could finish explaining my ideas. I know he’s a personal friend of Kellyanne so I asked if he could forward my concerns to her and possibly broker a meeting with her. So let’s see if he responds & hopefully something positive will come out of it. I’ve been on his show a few times and also several other call in shows on newsmax tv channel trying to get our voices heard. I know President Trump frequently watches newsmax so maybe we can get through to him if we all keep calling in. I’m scheduled to be a guest on the Wayne Allyn Root Show next week to discuss this in more detail. If you want more info, please like my Facebook page War on Pain

William Fusfield

Does anyone happen to know whether there is already a class action suit being prepared against the DEA’s recent prohibition of prescribing fentanyl patches to millions of America’s intractiable severe pain patients which has both already caused substantial harm to to thousands if not millions of pain patients, while also egregiously violating their human rights under all of the primary human rights declarations, to which the U.S. is a signatory, by forcing onto them the well-defined torture of being denied adequate medical treatment for their conditions?

If no such class-action suit already exists, we must certainly start one! I for one am ready to sign on as plaintive right now!!

Does anyone also know whether the ACLU has been fully apprised of this wretched new example of governmental overreach from the DEA? If not, they tooo should be brought in to help us organize our legal resistence to such pernicious cruelty against our community. No more of this idiotic “just smile and lump it, even if it is crazy” attitude that one finds throughout America today!!



Dr. Prof. William D. Fusfield


Is DEA still taking comments? I thought that was closed?

I am a mental health advocate in Canada and I read your report all the time. I am so sick and tired of the stupidity in North America surrounding ” the war on drugs, and treating addicts like criminals. I am constantly amazed by law enforcement and politicians who are not intelligent enough to see the big picture. All we have to do is follow Portugal and their treatment of this problem and there would be no problem.
You folks are doing a great job of educating the public on this issue. Keep up your good work and hopefully as time passes we will be able to get rid of these idiots that only make the situation worst.
Thanking you for your time.


The DEA is on a witchhunt, if any physician writes more than six opioid prescriptions per every hundred patients they have called this over prescribing. The physician will be arrested his license suspended. Limiting production of opioids will block the supply to hospitals nursing homes pharmacies and there will be no pain relief for anyone. Emergency case scenario the directors of the CDC, DEA, FDA, DOJ, POTUS, FTC, police, DHS, any government official that is shot or injured will have no pain medication available in any hospital setting. Unless these directors assume that because of their positions they will receive pain medicine before anyone else. The DEA directors are not physicians, and even if they were Trying to block a drug supply for the whole nation is quite insane in itself. If they were doing their jobs they would’ve busted the drug cartels are ready and there would be no more deadly Fentanyl coming into this country and the overdose deaths would cease. These directors are power-hungry and they are only doing damage to another segment of the population that has nothing to do with drug addiction or saving lives. You don’t need a college degree to know when you are causing death and harm to anyone. They have overstepped the boundaries of their positions and they think they can decide who lives and who dies now. They intend to cause a total breakdown of our healthcare system and if they are not stop they will do just that.


I don’t have any of these horribly debilitating diseases all these people have who have made comments to the DEA, so am reluctant to make one myself.
I can say that I have many diseases, eleven last count, of which I do, or have, suffered from.Three right now, which cause me to rely upon opioids in order to be a productive member of society. At nearly sixty years of age learning I’ve had the blessing of having had them all my life.
For over half of my life I’ve self-medicated. Gone to jail and even prison. I chose methamphetamine because it really worked for me. I used, not abused it, but, of course, the atmosphere in order to obtain it was very arresting, so to speak.
After my last release from prison I went the doctor and pain management route and everything since then has better. Now the DEA wants to put me back to the streets?
It’s always about the money. They can arrest drug dealers and get a great haul of money, but not from us. Watch. They’ll be saying soon “oh, you need this drug? Ok, you must pay this tax and you may have all you want.”.

Kat Koe

Thank you for the reminder.

I’m chronic pain patient stenosis degenerative disk osteo hip shoulder I’m suffering cause doctors prescribed wrong people look health records those that overdosed wasn’t in pain they did what they did get high I’m sorry say that but those of chronic pain just want quality of life thats all I took over the counter meds don’t work even mobic etodolac pain still bleeds through I’m tired fighting this dont want to die know one cares about us where is our American rights please help us someone

Kathleen Kaiser

I have already gone on that site to make my comments. I decided to go with totally different route buy suggesting that a oversight committee be formed and the DEA with have to present production and distribution suggestions to the committee and the committee would make the final call. This oversight committee would have to be formed using a chronic pain patient, a pain management doctor, a pharmacist, an addiction specialist and a DEA agent. I made this suggestion because I felt it was a possible alternative to giving the DEA total control.