Opinion: The Government Is the Problem

Opinion: The Government Is the Problem

By Steve Ariens Phar.D.        

You know from my perspective, “the system” is designed to fail and has been since it was established in 1973 when the DEA was spun off the Controlled Substance Act.

Attorney General Sessions just announced that the DEA is going to do data mining in every health database that they can get into and they are going to use “average stats” of how many prescriptions or doses that a doctor writes and/or a pharmacy dispenses.  You can’t determine medical necessity via statistics.

Steve Ariens

I posted over the weekend that a doc whose sole practice was hospice and palliative care was busted because the number of opiates he wrote was outside of the norm.

In a recent article, AG Sessions stated that prescribed opiates are at an 18-year low, but he is going to reduce them by another 33% over the next three years. In 18 years our population has increased some 20%-30% so if you look at prescriptions per millions of people, the reduction is more drastic.

IMO, that new NarxCare is going to fail because we don’t have confirmed identifications on patients.  They are supposedly going into all sorts of records from criminals, PMP, EMR, Medicare/Medicaid Rx claims—and what happens with people with similar names or other criteria or someone uses stolen name and the real person ends up with a score going to indicate they are at risk of being a substance abuser?

I am not aware of any healthcare professional that has access to the BMV’s on line data base to validate a patient’s ID. There is a E-verify for Social Security Numbers but only employers can use it before they hire someone.

We have digital finger print readers!

We have facial recognition!

We have optical scanners!

And healthcare uses none – no PMP uses one

There is a short-written test SOAPP-R  https://d1li5256ypm7oi.cloudfront.net/colospine/2016/08/SOAPP-R-Screener-and-Opioid-Assessment-for-Patients-with-Pain-Revised-160816-57b258fc9a277.pdf  that can score the risk of a patient’s risk of being a substance abuser… but few/no healthcare providers use it.

We just renewed our driver’s license in Florida to get the new TSA approved driver’s license.. we have had a driver licenses in FL since 2005 but this time to renew we had to produce a PASSPORT, two utility bills, tax records with addresses that matched our driver’s license. (Talk about voter suppression, but that’s an article for a different blog)

But just about anyone can seemingly walk in and try to get a controlled med with fake ID’s and if the prescriber accepts the information – even if fake – and it cascades thru the medical record system. Pharmacy takes it at face value and puts in the state’s PMP records… files insurance claims…  It is the first domino that falls and cause others to fall.

Would chronic pain patients be willing to go thru a lengthy ID verification process and have a RFID chip implanted to keep from being denied pain management and get certified ID that all healthcare professionals would willingly accept?

Whatever is done, the DEA has to sign on… in case you haven’t noticed there has been a lot of other entities trying to implement different things and the DEA is not part of the discussion and the DEA doesn’t change one thing that they are doing… so everything else being done is “window dressing” so that chronic painers believe things will get better in the end… nothing has changed.

Steve Ariens is a retired pharmacist who is a chronic pain advocate. He is a frequent contributor to the National Pain Report.

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Stacy Cooper

It would be great if you helped us know what the answers should be to be scored the lowest risk. I’m pretty sure I know the answers and feel confident I’d score okay but maybe they are trick questions….I will NEVER be implanted with a chip, so I guess I’ll just get in bed and not come out of I loose my meds.


Ias a choinically sick pain patient who life is effectied as everyone else & is suffering from the cdc/ others in gov’t who have forced guidelines into law, behind closed doors, I would b willing 2 agree with monitoring, drug tests, open up my medical records, etc to receive the medical care in need to have any quality of life. If the gov’t wants 2 get involved so b it, but don’t leave pain specialists who feel threatened by the cdc b in charge. Let the patient submit their records 4 approval not the MDs who r running from their pain plans & their patients 2 preserve their quality of life. All Americans should b concerned & scared, if these guidelines can b forced into law , behind closed doors, without the public knowing, any agendas can b forced into law!! Is this America????


I believe there is something in the Bible about chipping people and it pertains too the mark of the Devil my religious belief is aginst this policy and hopefully Jeff Sessions won’t be in office long enough too implement his plan I agree with others who have wrote in on this post this Administration is nuts control freaks a lot of hate bullying and downing of others and no one in legislaton has owned what should be owned and that is they failed to do their jobs or this epidemic would have never gotten so out of hand this behavior needs too go they would rather fight then do what we truly pay them for. I’m definitely voting Democrat even though there is a lot of room for improvement in both parties I have asked for years why there is support groups for almost every other medical problem out there why are there no support groups for pain managed people it makes me think our government has always wanted us too be isolated I agree with the man who wrote in on this post and wants a way too organize us as a unit we would be stronger too fight back together if someone reads this that has the ability too accomplish safe support groups for us please help and definitely we could use a way too National protests instead of being ignored like we don’t matter I also have wrote too many legislators at the National and State level and not one has responded too my requests for a meeting or even a letter this must change when our legislators are unresponsive too the people who elected them


Here’s more information – check this out! http://face-facts.org/atip/


TO those of you who have asked the question of “Why is there no one group who is working at the Government level” there is one, and we as Chronic Pain Patients need to get behind these people and do everything we can to aid in their endeavors. The Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain is doing something! They have a proposal in front of the people at Medicare and Medicaid right now to hopefully stop the changes coming in 2019. They are trying to get the folks at Medicare, the CDC and all related agencies to see the blatant stupidity of saying that Pain Patients are the new generation of drug abusers – or in plain language Junkies, and Doctors treating them are Drug Dealers. We as people who live in pain know this is unadulterated [edit]. You all need to send your support, you desire to volunteer to make a difference to Lawhern@Hotmail.com. Richard Lawhern is the Director of Research at ATIP (Alliance for Treatment of Intractable Pain). I recently came into contact with Richard in my efforts to get something going to hopefully stop the [edit] coming out of the “Opioid Epidemic”.

A long time ago I was part of a task force working for then President Ronald Regan to stem the flow of illegal drugs coming into this country from Columbia. Pablo Escobar was the leader of the cartel that was shipping cocaine, heroin and marijuana into this country by any means he could think of. Low flying aircraft, submarine, go-fast boats, tractor trailers and container ships. We were hamstrung by the congress at the time, had the “Patriot Act” been in place I think the drug problem in this country might be far less than it is now. Under the Patriot Act the DEA could – if they so chose – actually make a difference. It would take work no doubt, some plain old get your hands dirty enforcement work, but I think they are just taking the easy road. Drug dealers at the higher levels are pretty creative, very adept at hiding, and Doctors and Patients are easy to find – if you get my drift.


Being a lifelong left-of-center voter, I’ve usually supported the role of government in improving the lives of Americans in general. I’ve always been a strong supporter of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the food stamp program, subsidized housing for eligible families, etc.. I was almost always at odds with the opposition about domestic programs because they consistently advocated for ever smaller government.

I find it ironic that today the party of “small government” is now engaged in government overreach to the maximum extent possible, perhaps especially related to health care issues. From arbitrarily restricting licensed physicians’ ability to deliver appropriate medical care to micromanaging women’s reproductive rights–nothing is too personal to be regulated by our current authoritarian-minded “rulers” (some of whom have personal and/or religious agendas).

Like most others, I wasn’t acutely aware of chronic pain as an issue until it became my daily companion 2 years ago when I turned 80 and started stealing the joy from my life and limiting my ability to function fully. I never thought I would spend my “golden years” in fear of being forced to suffer unduly–potentially denied by my government the low dose of a mild opiate medication I now take.

Never has it been more important for all eligible Americans to VOTE but also pay attention to the views of those we are electing to represent us. Once elected, we need to remind these representatives that there’s a major difference between chronic pain patients who use prescribed medication responsibly and those who misuse drugs and thereby fuel the “opioid crisis”.

Patrick King

This stuff is scary what about people who are dying painfully there gonna have to go thru [edit] like this I’m scared to get surgery or what about a bad injury . This whole opiod stuff is truly scary .


Another 20 year chronic pain patient weighs in. I was consigned to living in bed and on the couch for 5 years until finally connecting with a pain management doctor in 2003. Since then I have moved and in 2007 managed to maintain my pain meds through a new pain doctor who referred me back to my primary care doc for maintenance. In that time I reduce my pain meds from 90mg per day of methadone with 8-12mg of dilaudid for breakthrough. In 2013 I independently reduced my pain meds to 30 mg of methadone with no breakthrough meds. I recently had rotator cuff surgery in June. On July 31 I experienced a minor heart attack followed by a fall and sustained a severe concussion, most likely fainting from 4 new BP and Heart meds. However, every medical professional immediately assumed I had abused my pain meds, either accidentally or on purpose. Subsequently my primary care doc decided she no longer wanted to prescribe pain meds, because she just didn’t want to be in that business. I am now a supplicant with the pain doc who originally prescribed my enormous dose, and he is now questioning whether he should renew his care and prescribing of pain meds for me. And he is the only pain doc in town who prescribes meds. If he rejects me, and he may, because I tested positive for marijuana, I am then left without care, because primary care docs, in this area, no longer will prescribe for chronic pain patients. Without pain medication I will be unable to care for my elderly brother who recently came to live with me following debilitating congestive heart failure. So for the want of 30mg of methadone a day, two people will need to find board and care, and give up what is currently an independent and enjoyable life. Scared…you can’t imagine. I have refrained from posting, but seeing that it is about to get worse, I just had to get it out. Thank you for allowing us to air our issues.

Rich Reifsnyder

Hello,This shows Sessions is totally incompetent,ignorant and biased towards millions of us disabled intractable chronic pain patients and veterans.Prescriptions are at an 18 year low and Sessions wants to reduce Opiod Manufacturing another 33%.It seems like every day more restrictions are put into our lives,now chips like cattle and tattoos like the Nazzi,s did in the death camps.Iam 61 and disabled with 3 failed surgeries from a work related accident with severe nerve damage,I have been taking pain medication since 1999,with no problems and a decent quality of life up till 2016.This is total discrimination and torture of Intractable Chronic Pain Patients And Veterans.Somebody has to help us,supposedly there are 50-80 million of us CPP,S And Veterans.Sessions is going to cause patient abandonment and tens of thousands of suicides and OD Deaths from Patients forced to the street for pain relief.This is like a bad dream that’s been gone on since 2016.Karma is a bitch,you officials are one accident away from millions of us.

Mona Mallory

RFID chip? Are you crazy! NO!


It appears to me that both major parties are responsible for the current insanity: who the heck can we vote for? Serious question –if anyone knows of any politician that actually hasn’t drunk the Kool-Aid of opioid hysteria, I’d love to hear the name. The single one I knew, Independent candidate for Oregon Governor, just bowed out of the race (I knew he didn’t have a chance in Hell of getting elected, but that was the one vote I knew I could cast).

As for being happy to have a chip implanted, even if it’s possible, that’s a guaranteed leap down the slippery slope: kinda like everybody being all happy to have the Patriot Act passed after 911 & thinking that in an “emergency” it’s more important to be safe than worry about measly things like civil rights. Well, there is no true emergency; these political scumbags have happily manufactured one so they can trumpet how tough they are on drugs as they enact all these drastic measures which don’t remotely address the actual problem (illegal drugs) just so they can proclaim they’re doing SOMEthing, whether it’s effective about any real problem or not.

Unfortunately, since all civil rights orgs & attorneys have already happily thrown us under the bus, I’d love to hear how someone is gonna do something about it. I & several people I know have been writing, mailing, calling, researching, & testifying at state meetings to the point of collapse, but no one is listening to our side. The PR hysteria narrative is too simplistic & clear to be muddied up with mere facts.

So –who IS there to vote for that will stand up to the PROPganda line?

Bruce Stewart

Our attempts at organizing as a group have been incredibly lame. Why is there not one point of contact for all chronic pain patients who are getting their meds taken away like me? I’ve seen some poor attempts at organizing on the state level, you know, here’s the State office building now go protest. But that’s it. We have to be SEEN. We are invisible. Completely. When are we gonna band together before I get ALL of my meds taken away??? Let’s GO, PEOPLE!!!


This administration truly has gone all-in on yet another “War Against Drugs,” even though history tells us it’s not the way to go. I, for one, resent the intrusion of government into my medical affairs. What can you expect though, with an AG like Jeff Sessions, who wants to ensure even medical marijuana comes with a lengthy prison sentence. Every person in every position filled by this president has a personal axe to grind, and we’re all paying for it. So excuse me if I don’t get all worried about the slippery slope posed by Democrats! The current authoritarian regime is 100% Republican, fully backed and supported by the entire Republican Party. I’m writing and speaking to every candidate, member of Congress, elected official I can, voting democrat, and hoping for a better world before it’s too late. As things stand now, there are already shortages in hospitals and end of life care — and this administration wants to cut prescription opioids by another 33%? They’re completely ignoring the facts that are coming to the surface, showing the glaring truth of the matter: the deaths are from fentanyl-laced heroin, NOT prescription medications taken as directed.


Hey thank you Steve It’s too bad that because were disabled and or pain managed we are no longer treated like we have the same rights as a non disabled or pain managed person We have already lost our rights too hippa privacy or for that matter of fact privacy at all I resent the current administrations behavior period not only when it comes too medical but there are many groups who’s Constitutional rights are not being honored by this time you would think that the legislators would realize that their drastic behavior towards us and our Drs has not helped anyone there were around 20,000 more opiated deaths so far in 2018 then last year at this time most of these due too Street opiated drugs not prescribed medications there are no Drs who would ever prescribe Heroine too any one for anything and street Fentanyl is another thing I’m not on them but a few months back I went too my pain Dr and saw a note on the counter saying no more Fentanyl patches would be prescribed any more so no more Fentanyl prescribed by Drs either I think this is all about money what has happened too pain and disabled patients has not help this abuse situation at all there has too be another driving force for these non Constitutional policy’s too continue from legislators so I believe it’s about cutting cost so the money can fund these big Corporate Tax cuts or other agendas of the legislators I pray for all pain and disabled too survive the war aginst us and the ignorant people who their agenda is more important then honest law bidding pain managed disabled and their Drs I believe these people will not escape their judgement aginst the disabled and pain managed when God comes knocking on their doors will they then be sorry


I am not aware of a single elected official – REGARDLESS of their party affiliation – who has vocally & physically stood up for chronic pain sufferers. I am not aware of any new proposed legislation to rectify the foolish bills that were passed in state and federal governments which are causing the chronic pain patient more and more suffering each day. This is possibly the ONLY existing issue today that has bipartisan support – better yet, bipartisan non-support . NOBODY in government cares! My doctor was arrested by the DEA in June of this year – I, and many other of his patients, STILL DON’T HAVE OUR MEDICAL RECORDS 4 months later! Many can’t find a doctor that will accept them as a patient without their medical records. I’m traveling halfway across the country, once a month, to see the only pain mgt doctor I could find that would treat me – all on a long-term disability income! I contacted my US Senator in early August for assistance with getting my medical records, but the DEA doesn’t answer to a individual Senator. They answer to NO ONE, except AG Midget, er, Sessions.
For any pain sufferer to try to blame one party over the other, they are suffering from memory issues as well as pain. This war on pain patients began under one party’s leadership and continues under the other party. This is NOT an issue of political differences. This is an issue of where politics = “which way is the gov’t agency/mass media wind blowing”. ALL of our government, state and federal, is responsible for the problems we CPPs now face. And ALL of our gov’t representatives have chosen to be ignorant in spite of the herculean efforts of many to put the facts right in front of their faces. See no facts, hear no facts, speak no facts. Makes one proud to be an American, doesn’t it?


Something got to change. Even my Doctor is just as frustrated as I am. Then to be label because of age, insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid being denied possibly of receiving medication. Prices are going up on medication where fix income means no relief in sight. Even after ACDF surgery which a pain clinic had no time to address as the spine is broken down to cervical, thoracic, lumber which is not logically for some spinal condition (such as scoliosis) to choice what area needs the most attention. Doctor choice lumber and told that if cervical was so bothersome, talk to my Primary to do a MRI. Sure enough, ACDF was recommended by a different neurosurgeon and the sooner the better.

My experience was the pain clinic are for court order offenders as stated to my son who a Correction Officer, now the clinic is so over burden that rules are to exclude or charge prices higher for missed appointments or no show on random drug testing in a 24 hour period.

Some chronic patients don’t drive, need to schedule a ride based on financial capability which exceeds the clinic time frame for random drug test, hence you are then label as non compliance to pain clinic rule and dismiss as a patient.

This will be documented in the database that makes a patient look as if drug seeking, doctors shopping. The system is set up to fail a patient who followed doctors orders, conditions that are painful told to take up to 5000 mgs of tyenol daily mixed with ibuprofen. Recall when you was told NOT to mix these drugs as demage to liver would occur.

Not every patient can take certain drugs, taper with little regards to what demage it does to a person body? What happened to not labeling people based on those few whom makes a decision to use drugs recreationally?

If you look at deaths from alcohol tobacco, car accidents are much higher and death from overdose are not limited to prescription drug but more so to use of drugs purchased on street.

Failed system!

Stephen S. Rodrigues, MD

Every American is to blame because we the people put our faith in people and not the Constitution. So we let people make our decisions for us which is American as apple pie.

The problem goes back to 1847 it is so complex and bewildering the only way you can understand it is to start from scratch 1 2 3
1. All personal care, Therapies services preventions education mind body spirit mental muscle therapies and one combined seamless recipe RX1. RX1 elements date back to antiquity.
2. Medication therapies.
3. Surgical events.

Kris Aaron

If that chip becomes a reality for chronic pain patients — initially, I thought it sounded like a fine idea — what else will the government use it for? Will state and federal agencies and pharmacies limit their use of chip information to perusing our opioid use histories?
Or will those with chip implants be tracked for other, less “acceptable” reasons? How long before insurers and Big Pharma get into that luscious opioid-use database and begin marketing to us? When will police departments and businesses start running our chips to determine what else we’ve been up to: library check-outs, traffic tickets, visits to sporting events, even what we purchase at supermarkets, pharmacies and Big Box stores?
Lots of questions with no answers.
Meanwhile, recreational drug users (far fewer than our government would like us to believe) are overdosing on illegal fentanyl and heroin, brought into the US from overseas. Because fentanyl is so powerful, a significant amount can be placed inside a regular mailing envelope, making it nearly impossible for Customs agents to detect. The DEA is helpless to stop this flood, but rather than admit it — perhaps because the agency is close to irrelevant now than cannabis is being legalized in many states — they focus on “low-hanging fruit”. That “fruit” is us: pain patients desperate for opioids to control their suffering, and our doctors who write the prescriptions.
Our elected officials will never speak out against this “war on pain patients” — no politician was ever elected by being soft on drugs. We are paying a terrible price for government overreach. The public’s ignorance about opioids and their relation to pain is condemning us to a lifetime of terrible suffering or an early death by our own hands. Most of us are ill-equipped to help with — much less lead — a national movement to take the stigma, fabrications and outright lies out of opioid use for pain control.


THis is a reply to the comment posted by AVCPL —- who wrote that he used to agree with the GOP view about pain meds until he was affected himself and that now he”ll vote Dems who have more compassion.

Unfortunately, it seems that Republicans/conservatives take negative views on social issues until they are affected personally. Then, and only then, do they see the light. Why can’t these people have empathy for others instead of needing to be personally affected!!

Biggest example is GOP SEnator Rob Portman who was anti-gay rights until his son “came out”. Then Portman was a full gay rights supporter, including gay marriage.

I’ve also seen this phenomenon regarding Obamacare. And abortion rights. And….


I am even more scared and stressed than I was before. My pain manager reduced my dosage at my last monthly appt to avoid either of us being blacklisted. But my dosage was low to begin with — and allowed me to barely function. I spend most of my time sofa bound as it is.

But this article uses acronyms which make it too difficult to understand. What is a PMP? etc.

Marji Booker

AVCPL the Democrats voted in complete agreement with the Republicans on all legislation since 2016. They are all GUILTY!
We have to get loud and contact all of them and voice our needs and desires!

Susan Simpson

There is a short-written test SOAPP-R https://d1li5256ypm7oi.cloudfront.net/colospine/2016/08/SOAPP-R-Screener-and-Opioid-Assessment-for-Patients-with-Pain-Revised-160816-57b258fc9a277.pdf that can score the risk of a patient’s risk of being a substance abuser… but few/no healthcare providers use it. EVERY PAIN DOCTOR I’VE BEEN TOO SINCE 2015 USES IT, I HAVE STAGE 4 CANCER! I FOUND IT IRONIC I FAILED IT EVERY-TIME! SO ONCE I WOULD GO COMPLETE IT AT THE NEXT DOCTOR COMPLETE DIFFERENT THAN BEFORE WHICH WAS MY HONEST ANSWERS – STILL FAILED “A JOKE” NO PAPER CAN TELL THEM THAT CRAP SO THE LAST DOCTOR WELL BEFORE HOSPICE WOULD FIGHT FOR ME – I PUT A BIG X ON FRONT AND BIG X ON THE BACK AND ON THE BOTTOM I WROTE – THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWERS!!!! [edit] THIS TEST AND SIGNED MY NAME ..THE DOC SAID YOU CAN’T DO THAT – I SAID YES I CAN! IT’S A BS TEST AND YOU KNOW IT!


Republicans tend to look at drugs and now pain medication punitively. I used to agree, but now that it effects me it’s important enough that I’m voting democrat across the board. At least (most) of them seem to view the problem rationally and with compassion rather than an iron fist…

The increased use of the PDMP to attack physicians is because of the passing of HR 6 into law. More methods of imprisoning doctors will be used, including simply the failure to take a training course. And my guess is most of the legislators will re reelected–again, OUR fault.


Am I still sleeping? If I am I must be having a nightmare.What a way to start my day…reading an article like this one. I’m just an old lady trying to live whatever years I have left in peace and as little pain as possible. I haven’t broken any laws. I haven’t hurt anyone. Why is it a crime to be in pain? Or to take pain meds…responsibly? I think Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to “recuse” himself from anything to do with opiods. He has a personal reason for hating opiods so much. It’s like a vendetta. I’m so sorry for his loss but hurting millions of folks in pain won’t make his pain go away. Hasn’t Dr. Kolodny had a personal loss also? If so then why are people believing all the negativity re opiods these men are putting out there? Go after the illicit drugs and pushers.Set up help for the addicted but leave us chronic pain patients and our doctors alone! I’m sick of living in a constant state of anxiety waiting for my world to fall apart. I’m hearing others horror stories everyday. This has got to stop. They are eliminating us one by one. God help.us all.

Marji Booker

So Steve what do we do? How do we combat the knee jerk reactions by the government?

Think about a family in a bad car wreck where mom and dad are injured for life. By this plan they will be marked if both need pain killers. Or better yet, husband that is a veteran with catastrophic wounds and wife gets injured and both on pain killers again marked. This is appalling. I believe that the legislature can act and take a bite out of this by producing a sound and responsible answer.

We all have to contact our representatives both state and federal as well as senators and Attorney Generals. We have to start fighting as hard as the other people did to be heard.
Want to know why that is not happening, because we have already had our pain medicines cut and are in too much pain and exhausted from living with the pain to do the protesting, the lobbying, attending meetings on capital hill.

I know because I am one. My pain medication gets me through my work day and then I am done. There are no hobbies, no dinners out, no movies, no shopping, there is dishes(dishwasher), personal hygiene and I am done!

If you can think of something please share and maybe we can find ways to help.

David W Cole

Thanks for the article Steve. I have no problem getting a chip, I would do anything just to be left alone. These dipsticks are going to end up getting me killed. I’m pretty sure any pain patient that finds themselves dealing with suicide modes, would do anything as well.

Audrey Lynn

You hit the nail on the head Steve. I’m now a walking stroke risk due to my extremely high pulse rate and history of DVTs. My heart rate has gone up every time my pain medications are decreased. Every. Time. However, I have an appointment this afternoon… I wonder if my pain medication will go back up, stay as it is, or will my doctor be pushed to taper me even lower (how long can a heart survive at 120-130 bpm resting anyway?).

I’ll keep you all posted on what happens. My husband was just discharged from the same practice, so I’m not overly optimistic. Time will tell though.


You mentioned a chip being implanted. Is that being considered? I would do that. It’s better than having to stay in bed all the time! 😔

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

Outstanding article, Steve. I reposted it on both Twitter and LinkedIn comparing it to how the Jews were tattooed for being “undesirable” and what a slippery slope we’re now on. The AAPS conference earlier in October spent a great deal of time reminding us all of our Constitutional rights. Too many have forgotten our basic rights of freedom to work at our chosen profession without fear of government intrusion or invasion into our workplace without proper reason of suspicion of actual wrongdoing and paperwork to prove it. Don’t allow anyone to take away these rights the Founding Fathers wrote down in ink and signed. They HAVEN’T CHANGED! Copies of the Constitution are even available via AAPS! Hillsdale College is teaching a free course on it if anyone wishes to learn more. Become educated. Know what it means to be an American and stand up for it. Don’t let the Left fool you into believing we are something we are not. It was via the Hitler Youth Indoctrination that the country became so enamored with socialism. Slippery slopes start with small bits of snow which looks so pretty and seems so innocuous. Stand up before you no longer are able.