Opinion: To Our Government Officials – Leave Kratom Alone

Opinion: To Our Government Officials – Leave Kratom Alone

By Judi Plumley.

The FDA is heightening its warning to consumers and healthcare professionals, first made in a public health advisory in November, that kratom presents a safety hazard and holds the potential for abuse. For chronic painers who find Kratom to be useful it’s another example of the federal government ignoring or even railing against alternative treatment that might help.

Judi Plumley

I am saddened and angry at what I see happening with the DEA and the FDA in consideration to the so called opiate crisis.  I am 60 years old.  I have been a part of, and watched this senseless war on drugs since 1980.  In a lot of ways, nothing has changed.  No matter what laws you enact, no matter what measures you take, you are only filling the coffers of corporations and organizations, and you aren’t doing anything to help either the people who are addicts and or those in chronic pain.  It’s obvious to us all that our government couldn’t care less about the people it serves.  It is only interested in making money.

I have never lived in a world where cannabis was legal.  It has been a horrible injustice to the American people that a botanical that shows such promise was made illegal on a whim.  Yet, all those years alcohol, which kills more and more people each year, has remained legal.

They made cannabis a cash cow by making it illegal and in the process, persecuted millions of Americans.  It looks like now, finally, someone let that genie out of the bottle, and you can’t put it back in again.  That is a good thing. It should never have been illegal in the first place.

Over the last few years, another herb, kratom, has come on the horizon and now thousands of people across the country are finding it helpful to deal with pain. It calms withdrawal symptoms, it elevates mood, and promotes sleep.  Most people who use it are over 40, and now that you have systematically made it more and more difficult for people to manage pain, more people are using kratom safely and effectively.  The drug companies don’t like kratom any more than cannabis, and the FDA is passing out lies about kratom, sharing misinformation that no one who actually uses kratom believes.  Of course, there are those who will believe anything the government says, and all I can do is hope and pray our leaders will actually look over the evidence, and leave the kratom alone.

It seems to me that the CDC, DEA, FDA and DOJ all have something against poor people.  It seems like every single law and directive that has been passed in the last year targets the poor more than any other class of people.  You all know very well, that the poor in this country cannot get the medical care they need.  They are treated like convicts in emergency rooms and pain clinics.  They can’t call an attorney when they have been cheated or thrown out of a pain clinic.

They can’t afford the copays, deductibles, and drug tests, so what does someone do?  What do you expect them to do?   They get drugs off the street, fentanyl, or heroin, they overdose, they die, and you call them drug addicts and say they are a part of the statistic of the opiate epidemic.  This has not changed in 40 years!!!!

Like I said, along comes kratom.  Many of us use it and cannabis to control pain and a host of other illnesses, and have been successful.  We had to do something.  Our government leaders let us down, refused to help us.  All they want to do, it seems, is put us in jail, and take away what little we have left.  So now you guys can’t stand it and you want to ban kratom.

How about this?  I challenge you to go to a vape shop and buy some, doesn’t matter what strain.  Mix about a half tsp in some pudding or make it into tea, but be sure to add sugar.  The stuff is bitter.  Within 30 minutes of drinking it you should feel like you had a cup of coffee.  Aches and pains will diminish.  That’s it.  That’s all, No, it’s not scientific, it is evidence based.  Just ask anyone who uses it.

Judie Plumley was born and raised in Memphis who lived there   for 47 years, then moved to GA, where she now lives with her husband and mother. She is the mother of two and grandmother of four.

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Authored by: Judie Plumley

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Judie Plumley

Laurie, I mainly use reds.
White is uplifting, red is for pain, green is both. I read gold is just green sun-dried.
A lot of people mix their own. We have mixed red, gold and green together, and we like it.
Go online to find a vendor, or join a group on fb. You will be able to learn alot.

Laurie Ware

I have tried Kratom twice and it worked very well. My question is what is the best kind for chronic pain? The smoke shop I got it from has closed. There are too many choices from those who well online. None say specifically for chronic pain or anxiety. Thank you.

Michele S.

I could not agree more RE:” LEAVE KRATOM ALONE” !!. I am a 51 year old nurse. I have been using kratom for the past 5 years with fantastic results, ( I prefer the Green Vein Kratom). I think our government has bigger fish to fry !!!

Krista M

My thoughts exactly. .. Please do your research. Everyone responds differently to any substance, natural or not. But please let us be smart enough to research. ..kratom is beneficial for many different reasons. Pain management, anxiety, sleeplessness, appetite, depression, energy and many more. But only if taken responsibly. Just like alcohol ..”please drink responsibly ” must be 21 to purchase and consume. There are hundreds of thousands of alcohol related deaths each year. But the FDA did not blacklist it, making it a controlled substance. No it allows the individual to make their own responsible decision whether or not to consume. Why is kratom different? We have an epidemic, and what we are using, suboxone, methadone etc, are not working. There is a 99% relapse rate. People are selling their prescriptions of methadone and subs for money to buy opiates. People are not selling Kratom to buy opiates. People are using Kratom in recovery to lead normal productive lives. When we are in our addictions we ruin the receptors in our brain that produce our ” happy” chemicals. As a result makes it extremely hard to stay sober early in sobriety. We feel remorse and guilt for things weve done, Kratom allowed me to feel ” normal” without being extremely addictive like suboxone and methadone. It is not for everyone, like smoking tobacco is not for everyone, or drinking alcohol. But ? ” take responsibly and please be 21 to purchase and consume. This should be the focus of the FDA. Not adding to more chaos , to an already unstable, fraile, failing system to help the opiate epidemic. Let us work together. Keep Kratom Legal…


I guess that’s possible…there’s always someone who has a bad experience with anything. For instance, my mother doesn’t like coffee because she feels like she’s on speed for hours after a cup and she doesn’t like taco bell because to her the meat is like popping a jalapeno in her mouth and it’s too hot. So maybe you’re just one of those people who are sensitive to things. Some advice for the future…all herbs should be researched before taking them. All herbs should be respected. Be smart about what you take and don’t just go throwing stuff in your mouth because I’m sure that you didn’t even consider, it was a leaf and you could have allergies to it.


I went into a local cofffee shop and was it was casually suggested I might like some Kratom in my tea, as they were out of kava. I had been having some anxiety from my dog having suddenly died.
I thought this would be similar to something like Bach flowers or similar…subtle.
I had no idea I would be completely drugged for the next 6 hours!! I had children to take care of, had to drive home, go to work. Felt like a violation. I was terrified to fall asleep, concerned my autonomic nervous system would stop. It was a horrific situation. My daughter was really worried about me.
I’m all for people in pain using it. It should not be available at a coffee shop and definitely should be considered a drug, that was how it acted on me. I worry about any minor or
someone with mental illness that might try it out there without knowing they will be thrown into an altered state. I should have been asked- are you ok with having all your functions debilitated? Do you need to operate machinery? Care for small children? Need to work?
It was one of the scariest days of my life. Horrible experience.


Stop LYING about Kratom: Kratom does provide a buzz (more or less); but usually less than opiates.

Sorry, some people are stupid over emotional hypocratic. The only thing people should be warned about is the FDA themselves. Currupt with crimes against humanity

Robin L Lindahl

I’m all for Kratom Although it’s not for me, I have many friends who it works for.

Beth Lloyd

Thank you! I like your challenge at the end of your piece. It doesn’t require millions of dollars for clinical trials. Anyone can just try kratom, and find out for themselves that it is a safe and effective herbal supplement.

If kratom was taken away from the millions of Americans who use it to support their health and well-being, so many more people would return to prescription opioids and/or illegal street drugs, and many more would die.

Judie Plumley

I started using kratom in 2015. I had spent 2 years pretty much in bed after I got MRSA in my spine, 6 months after I had had transvaginal mesh removed. Yeah, I am one big scar with a bunch of nerves attached to it.
My COBRA had run out. No insurance meant no pain clinic. I had already spent the better part of 6 months tapering off narcotics BECAUSE I KNEW I COULD NOT GET THEM. I had no choice.
I don’t use narcotics simply because I don’t go to doctors. I see nothing wrong with patients getting the meds they need, and if they are going to need them for the rest of their lives, who cares if they are addicted??
For me, this is our choice. I am an adult. I have a right to pain relief, and so do all of you. The government does not have the right to drug test us to treat us. Pain should be treated like any other disease, not like we are some criminal because we have it.
I lived with an alcoholic and drug addict for a decade. I know the damage drugs can do. So I am familiar with both sides.
My ex chose to use drugs and alcohol knowing he would black out and beat me. The decision to take drugs was his, and when he could not find them, he made them.
Drugs, used properly, are not the problem. People who take them and do bad things are the problem.
I want the kratom to stay legal because its the only thing I have that makes it bearable to live in my body, but I certainly don’t condemn anyone for using opiates.


I’m sure that we all agree that this is about money for the big pharmaceutical companies and their hired Lobbiest who run their mouths about something they know nothing about . A street prostitute is better in my eyes , since typically they are only hurting themselves , compared to a hired Lobbiest , who for money, has the power to hurt millions. I also can clearly see that once they make it illegal for the public to buy, and decide what’s best for their own body, Kratom will suddenly be used in high cost rehabilitation centers for opiate withdrawal , which again , only the rich will be in a positive to use it. . I’m not going to tell my success story , since I wonder if our stories only give the people in a position to make money by banning it’s use, only more fuel to continue to get their greedy hands on it. God bless us all , since the greedy and rich could care less about us.

100% support Kratom. In my opinion, the FDA knows it lost the war against Cannabis, so it needs a new victim, and Kratom fits their profile perfectly. What they don’t know, is what will happen if they ban Kratom. We will see our opiodic epidemic get 20 times worse. Our government doesn’t care, they want control. And those who have served in our military and use Kratom- thank you for your service, and please speak out regarding Kratom. They might actually listen to you.


Hi Shane, I support your fight to be able to use kratom and reading all the comments I’d like to try it as well! I only ask that you would also support those of us who’ve only had success with prescribed opioids. Lord knows if I can alleviate my pain with kratom then I’ll throw my prescriptions for opioids out the window! I’m just saying let’s keep the criticism where it belongs, which in my opinion, is on street drugs (heroin & illicit fentanyl) not on people seeing pain dr’s with legitimate reasons to use opioids. My hope is to fight together for each of us to make these medication choices between patient & doctor, not government bureaucrats threatening everyone!
I want the war on doctors and the pain community stopped. ❤

Currupt as hell, can we fire them now? Can we dig deaper and bring charges against them? I bet we can. Can we stop lining the pockets of all the corporations? Just stop paying them. They poison us, spend our money on things not for us, for them. Take it all away.


Jodi made a post that rings true for me. I got called a “pill popper” by someone who chooses to use Kratom. Their choice, my choice. We both have pain, so why bash?

I did try to share information in a group that seemed like a legitimate source. I was kicked out of the group for “fear-mongering.” The problem with kicking someone out who is sharing something that looks valid, and not communicating with them why you think it’s not valid, and then engaging them in the equivalent of a private-message yelling match (when you’re the only one who is yelling — not the person you booted)… it makes me wonder what’s going on.

Educate, share. Don’t attack. I have mixed feelings about my experiences. I understand, but I don’t. I’ve encountered other occasions where even asking a question (about an entirely different treatment) is perceived as “introducing doubt.” I run, run far away when that happens.

For those of you who it’s working for, I’m happy for you. I have a “shakey” sort of feeling over how I was received and I guess I won’t be learning about it for myself.


Barry Bonds should be HOF’er for volunteering his body for medical science!!!

His aging fan base should be doubly impressed!!!

We shouldn’t use Kratom-
And pro athletes shouldn’t trial
PEDs for U.S. . .???

Judie Plumley

You say “addiction is not a disease”. The definition of the word disease is “any condition that prevents the body from working normally”, so in my opinion, addiction is a disease.
Should “we be forced”, as you say, to fund treatment? It sounds like you are still thinking that addiction is a personal failure. It isn’t. Addicts are sick in their bodies, minds and souls. Many medications have side effects that change people in very unfavorable ways. They become mentally ill.
I think everyone deserves the help they want and need. I have seen 12 step programs do wonders. I don’t approve of the medical community making a killing off of trying to rehab addicts who are not ready. Forcing people into treatment before they are ready is a waste.
We do have to take responsibility for our actions, and addiction is a personal thing. When an addict is ready to accept help, they should be able to get it.

I had over 12 surgeries and suffer from many medical issues including fibromyalgia and anxiety and depression. I suffer everyday in chronic pain..and they won’t give me pain meds due to government making doctors scared to give out meds..I started using kratom 4 months ago and it’s help so much..I was ok do the medical marijuana but insurance don’t cover it..so I’m so pissed the government tries and control everything not thinking of millions this natural pills they help..stop government and pharmaceutical companies from taking away our relief

Bart Eason

I have been on norcos 10 years, then to morphine for a year, then methadone at pain management for a year..dr died..had negative effects on methadone, throat swelled so I had to chew a multivitamin and wash to get down..cold turkied the methadone..had to go to pain management for vyvance..i took a Norco so I could make it..first ever bad UA. threw me out after paying 210 a month cash only for year..started the kratom and weed..got caught with 2 joints . On 5 grand bond..was give up on kratom as couldn’t figure out dose or strain..but now got it figured out..taking 4 grams red and 1 white every morning and it has been a miracle..no pain , feel great, sleep great, even my blood pressure dropping..cut bp. Meds in half..getting my records and MRI ‘s together and gonna drive 3 hours and pay 400 first visit and 300 every 20 days if they ban the kratom..serious spine degeneration..the FDA IS REALLY TRYING TO BRAIN WASH FOLKS TO BAN KRATOM..BIGOTS TOWARD PAIN SUFFERERS..


-Maybe best to treat THE BODY with natural and synthetic options-

And IMMEDIATELY cut out the “PT$D”/gender reassignment crapola. . .

Especially since 1% of Americans have actually seen combat!!!


And along with Addiction treatment- we also have to provide gender reassignment care. . .

One cannot change their gender with hormones and cosmetic surgery.

But hey: When the U.S. government sees tats and piercings. . .They presume an African village. .


Our medical system is broken due to greed. . .Addiction is NOT a disease-and we should not be forced into funding “recovery” treatment.

PAIN is an-easily treatable condition-and if money for such is going for peripheral nonsense:

Its MY RIGHT to look elsewhere for help.


“. . .the statistic of the opiate epidemic HAS NOT changed in 40yrs”.

1. Baby Boomers NOT RAISED to tolerate pain-like previous generations. . .

2. Baby Boomers are aging-and EXPERIENCING REAL PAIN. . .

Who is who-is not my call.

But Judi can’t be trusted. . .

Krista M

All of these stories are amazing and really do show the support in the Kratom community. I myself am a recovering addict. I was addicted to pills which led me to heroin…options for a recovering addict in my area…not much. It is suboxone or methadone. I started suboxone and soon realized that this drug is as addictive as heroin. I came to my prescribing doctor and mentioned that i would like to taper down and i was told that i shouldnt . of course what doctor would want you to stop paying 200 dollars for every suboxone appt. My husband helped me taper down….it was terrible. It was in my opinion even worse than opiate withdrawl. I soon realized how dangerous these drugs are. These so called aids in recovery. I was again at an extreme low point in my life. Unable to eat, sleep, or work. I was completley lost. I was finally off of suboxone but at what cost? Does the doctir offer and guidance or help? I had been on the prescription for almost 2 years? At the maximun dosage. They want you to take it, but never quit.
Then I was introduced to Kratom. An all natural herbal supplement. I was able to eat and sleep. I was able to get up and work. I was able to be the mom I had been trying to be , and I was able to be there for my husband who had always been here for me. Kratom does not make me “high”. It helps an addict in recovery lead a productive life. Free from opiates and their counterparts along with the withdrawl symptoms. I do not believe Kratom is deadly. I do believe that it is a game of power and money and in a country that is suffering loses everyday from opiates , we should be looking at any natural supplement that helps. I would hope that our President reads the letter from the AKA. And really listens to the message. Please is you have not done so yet, go to the American Kratom Associations website and sign the letter urging our President to stop the FDA and DEA from making a huge mistake . Let our government know that we the people shall be heard!


I’m on day 3 of no Norco. I’ve been taking it for 20 years, 2 times a day. I feel absolutely no pain when I use Kratom.
No buzz, have not had any stomachaches, anything.
I cannot believe I’m only learned of Kratom one week ago. I went immediately into testing.
Way better than marijuana, no side effects that can see yet.
I’ll be fighting if they try to change this classification on this, it’s an Herb and it works.
For anyone looking I got my 1st sample at GNC. Tested it for 1 or 2 days. Test was successful. Absolutely no pain I cannot believe it.
Anyone looking to try it themselves just go down to a local head shop, try a few of them. The one by me carried several different brands.
I tried to they both work exactly the same I’m hooked.
I’m hoping to go back to my doctor and tell them I don’t think I’ll need any more Norco.
My only problem is they won’t Look at this as a good thing because they know that Kratom is unregulated.
And they will still just think I’m some kind of pain killer poppins druggie.
This will be interesting how it plays out as I’m gonna be honest with my doctor and my sister that’s a nurse.

I highly recommend it. if you don’t find anything nearby just order it online and you’ll see for yourself it’s magic.

The truth is that pharmaceutical companies have been paying the government money for years. To stop and label natural substances. That interfere with the sales of their narcotics.. Its politics at its best when a company pays a politician to manipulate the rules in order for their company to continue making big profits. It’s all about money.


I am a chronic pain patient. We are supposed to be supporting one another because the government is trying to take all of the stuff that helps take our pain away. I do take an opioid, I am absolutely not addicted to it, nor do I get any kind of high off of it. It is the only thing that works for my CRPS, bone pain from an infected knee replacement (that I’ve had multiple surgeries to get rid of the infection, and ultimately lost quite a lot of bone in my leg). I also have fibro, arthriti, back problems. I think that Kratom helps many people and that shouldn’t be taken away as well. I’m not liking these comments about other chronic pain patients having to take opioids. We are supposed to be helping each other. I am supportive and have tried Kratom. I may not have had the right kind, but it didn’t help my pain. I also support legalizing Marijuana. We shouldn’t be bashing each other. We should be helping each other. Every person is different in what helps them. I don’t like when my fellow pain warriors call people who have to take opioids addicts. I mean I understand that it can be addictive, but I take my meds as prescribed. I have written things in support of Kratom because it helps many people. I’m sorry, but reading some of these posts made me feel bad and I get enough of that from people who don’t understand what pain is like.

Johnny Conrad

What a bunch of clowns the FDA are… alcohol is legal and causes countless deaths every year!

The FDA is obviously financially motivated.

So sad that they are so willfully ignorant about kratom.

Cigarettes cause millions of deaths annually, and the FDA is talking about Kratom?

Rick Kelly

ANY substance which is mind or mood altering will be controlled under this current administration. Indiana is the first state to demand patients sign a registry which limits dose to 15 mg/day and requires one to submit to random urine tests.

Krantom will be disallowed and they’re already planning to walk back the state mmj laws.

This is NOT a joke. Details of the cdc Opiod policy begins on pg 202. https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Health-Plans/MedicareAdvtgSpecRateStats/Downloads/Advance2019Part2.pdf
I have CRPS full body. The only other option is an invasive pump which have proven unsuccessful for ‘autoimmune patients.’ Next is type 2 diabetes and the police state grocery shopping and cooking for you! Now that was a joke but not that far fetched. People’s Republic of the United States.

I’m so fed up with our Government getting into our business, especially when it comes to our health. In AL (where I live) they have already banned Kratom. I have thought about driving to Mississippi to buy some. I am a pain patient and I do use opioids to help me get thru the day, however, as everyone knows Pain Management Drs are being forced to cut medications so low that its all I can do to try and live a normal life now. I would love the chance to use Kratom and I agree. The Government needs to back off!!!!

Pharmaceutical companies are mad that they don’t control kratom. They pay politicians big money to enact laws that make them richer. They don’t care how many people die, as long as they died using their pills. They fear kratom is cutting into their black market sales. It’s time for the government to put People over money. I just found kratom last October. After 2 back surgeries and years of one opiate after another, I finally have my life back. Really hoping big pharm doesn’t get there way. Leave kratom alone, legalize marijuana and the death toll from opiates will kickly start dropping.

Florence E Southard

Well said. The government needs to leave our natural supplement alone. I do not believe it is the FDA’s business what natural substance I choose to consume for my own well being.

The only reason the FDA wants it banned is so they can cap it themselves and help them and big pharm companies get rich. Right now it’s legal and they aren’t making a profit on it. It’s all about the money #ProudKratomUser


I don’t know anyone who has died from Kratom , I do know five people who have died from heroin overdose or painkillers. Ask any mother Who’s child is addicted , if they would rather they take some Kratom or try heroin again!!!!!!!!!!

I had accepted the fact that I going to die from norco. I chased it for 5 years and was spending at least $50 a day buying it off the street. I could not stop no matter what, the withdrawals were too much. Then one day I heard about kratom, drove to another state where it was legal and never took another norco from that day to this one! I am certain it saved my life.I wish our goverment could look past profit just once and leave kratom alone.


I couldn’t agree with you more Judy. I am almost 60 and have suffered thru pain since I was in my late teens after being diagnosed with arthritis, now osteo. I was also born disabled which I turned into an “abilty” for many years and held fulltime jobs and raised two children as a single parent with some help from my parents thankfully. It was about 20 years ago when the pain in my upper extremities became unbearable and I stopped working and went on disability. Which made me cringe. I have had my issues thru the years and so I know both sides of this “epidemic” we are supposed to be in the midst of. I have had to take pain meds all my life off and on and still use them when needed. I have come to also be aware of some natural pain remedies and utilize them when I can afford to. It’s a shame that our own AG would make a comment like “take some ibuprofen and smoke less pot” when he has no idea what it is to be in such chronic pain that it forbids you to get out of bed, that it forbids you to shower, that it also forbids the repetitious movement of your arm brushing your hair. Kratom is a natural herb derived from the coffee plant and if used alone or with a little pot even, it can prove to be very comforting and helpful in alleviating chronic pain. As Judy says, why is it the government hasn’t gone after our alcohol crisis and addicts and make alcohol illegal. People are killed by drunk driving accidents every day and there seems to be nothing done about it. My pain meds are prescribed, I do not misuse them, doesn’t that make them legal? Why do us who are innocent to abusing them have to always be at fault and punished? I hardly ever make a response to these articles because I can just get so caught up in the disappointment in our country’s leaders. There have always been opioid drugs in this country and I feel there will always be even if the FDA and DOJ find a way to make them illegal, which will only result in less pure mixtures and more deaths. I think I’ve gone on long enough but before I go I also want to add I not only have OA but now fibro, spurs, and nerve damage due to a cyst at the base of my brain stem that is currently inoperable due to the proximity to my brain stem. Oh yeah, did I mention I was born with a birth defect which now has me in the “underprivileged healthcare” bracket? Thanks for listening and thank you Judy for a great read.

The money is in the medicine! Kratom helped me as well… It’s all about Money! Kratom is a miracle i love it now i am not a opioid zombie thanks to kratom

Great article! I was using 300 pain pills a month and now I just use Kratom for my back and knees. It’s not nearly as deadly as some of the other items you have stated above.

I agree the government just wants to make money. They always wants to be in control of things and when they fill as though they cant control something they hate to see people take matters into their on hands. They know those 44 death aren’t just from kratom use alone. Even too much kratom at one time will just make you very nausea and vomit. I know from personal experience. If they ban kratom that will be a very sad day and the beginning to another yet worse opium crises.

Very well written, and. Accurate article. Keep spreading the facts.


I take kratom for pain. I was a patient at the pain clinic and they treated me like a druggie even though I paid 10’s of thousands of dollars. You go in for help and they make you feel bad for needing help. They tell you to workout and eat different like that will help the pain. I couldn’t sleep for more than 20mins at a time for almost 10 years. I couldn’t play with my children for most of their lives. My 4 year old is just seeing a father being playful because the pain stopped me. I was a zombie on opiates with no motivation to live life. My wife left me because she didn’t understand and couldn’t see my pain and all she seen was a unmotivated pill popper. I couldn’t help that because the pain was so great. I begged my Dr to give me surgery many times and I told him how much I hated my pills and the 20 shots every 2 weeks weren’t doing any good. Even though I told him everything I was going through he ignored me. I lost my wife who I love the most in this world because Dr’s wouldn’t listen, I begged my Dr to do something else to help me. I’ve lost so much but I’m slowly gaining it back because of kratom. I’m still in some pain but it helps so much. I take kratom and I’m in less pain and I’m motivated to do things like play with my children. I’ll never have the woman that my heart belongs to but my children have their father and that means the world to me and them. I don’t know what I’ll do if they take this mirical leaf from me and I’m scared of that day.

Jennifer simon

I totally agree! How can they go after plants that help people? What an eloquent article. The fact that people go to jail over selling or consuming plants to help painful conditions is the true crime story.

Charles Brooks

Kratom has been a great improvement to my quality of life. I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Mine has a LOT of pain that goes with it. I was taking Tramadol but it wasn’t working after a little while and I kept having to take more and more for it to be effective. I read that Tramadol can cause serious, like a few threatening issues taking to much and this bothered me greatly. My other option was opioids and this is not an avenue I wanted to try unless I had no other option. Then about 8 months ago I read about kratom helping people with CFS so I decided to try it. This herb has greatly helped me! I am able to sleep at night now! I am able to get out of bed for a couple hours a day and do things all while being safer and more cost effective, in my opinion, than opioids. This has truly been a God send to me and millions of other people. Please keep kratom legal and available to the needy citizens of the United States. This is helping a LOT of people!


Well put… The pharmaceutical companies are not part of the kratom movement and that’s where the problem lies. They aren’t making money off of it so it is considered dangerous. I suffered from opiate addiction years ago not from going on the streets to get high but for medical reasons. I decided I wanted off so I was recommended suboxone. I trusted the doctors recommendation and it led me to a worse addiction. The withdrawal off of suboxone was far worse than the opiate withdrawal and I was highly affected in my daily life for nearly a year after. Not trusting what the doctor had to say after this, I was looking for a solution for my chronic pain. I found kratom and it has been a Godsend. It manages my pain, I don’t have to worry about being impaired when I take it and it doesn’t cost me a fortune. I blame the opiate epidemic on the physicians and pharmaceutical companies. A very high majority of people I know that are addicted to opiates and have turned to heavier street drugs started out injured, were prescribed opiates and was a down hill slide from there. Anyone who is a kratom user knows that these claims about overdose and the dangers are absurd.


Kratom has been an absolute help to my life. I think the FDA is just trying to make it illegal because they can’t make any money on it. I have been taking Kratom for years and it has not done anything bad to my body at all nor am I addicted to it I can go for weeks without it. In fact my doctor says that I am in Better Health since I’ve been taking it. I truly believe that every natural remedy for your body the FDA wants to make illegal because they are the biggest drug pushers in the world. If they can’t make money on it they make it illegal and they come out with a drug that is three times more addicting. Please save kratom if there is a vote to not make it illegal we have to do it. The FDA and the DEA is totally wrong about what they are doing. Kratom is Kratom not an opiate. It does not even have the same scientific cells as an opiate plant. The opiate plant is an opiate plant. The Kratom plant is a Kratom plant. They are two completely separate plants you cannot categorize something as an opiate if it is not an opiate at all whatsoever. I hate our government sometimes for what they do they are stupid. I wish they would open their eyes to ancient remedies that have been around for a hundred years and stop lying about them to scare [edit] people. If they do make Kratom illegal I’m going to do it anyway because it has been a major help to my life.


My experience with kratom is not a good one. My husband was addicted to pain pills for years he kicked that habit thank God then he found out about kratom to help with pain etc that was the worst mistake ever he took about 60 kratom capsules a day everyday he pretty well starved himself daily over this drug he developed stuttering, memory loss, agitation as well asa few other problems. It made our relationship hell in attempts to get off the kratom he had to seek opioid treatmemt center suboxone/methadone. Kratom seems like the go to drug now but in my case it was horrible. Wishing you all the best

Eric Redshirt Lipford

Very well written. I have used kratom for years now and have not taken opiates, antianxiety meds or antidepressants since I have been on kratom. Now I have been diagnosed with emphysema and COPD and I can assure you that it does not interfere with my breathing. And on the occasion that I run out of it my back kills me I have a herniated disc and arthritis in my low back. This herb has truly been a God send.


I’m an Iraq vet, who was blown up! Anyway had multi operations on neck,eye and face, and a bunch more. To many to list! They ( US ) gov. Put me on a very well supply of powerful painkillers, and diazepam for PTSD! I found Kratom, and my life is forever changed! 5 gr. Red Bali for pain 5to8 gr. White Borneo for sleep and my mood! It work better than anything i have tried and tried them all! DEA/FDA it all about the $ they lose to big pharma no surprise here! Leave it alone!

Carolyn clark

Kartom is a and if people take it the right that’s on. I use it and have been 6 months now and it dose help me. I have lupus and RA and raynards. They are doing this due they get kick backs from the big drug companies to do so due to they don’t want too lose money.