Opioid Labeling Bill Drawing Fire from Chronic Pain Advocates

Opioid Labeling Bill Drawing Fire from Chronic Pain Advocates

A bill introduced by West Virginia Democratic Senator and Indiana Republican Senator is drawing fire from chronic pain patient advocates.

The bill they call The FDA Opioid Labeling Accuracy Act would “prohibit the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from allowing opioids to be labeled for intended use of ‘around-the-clock, long-term opioid treatment’ until a study can be completed on the long-term use of opioids.”

Jeffrey Singer writing for the Libertarian Cato Institute said, “Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Mike Braun (R-IN) are still trying to address the fentanyl and heroin overdose crisis—soon to be joined by a methamphetamine and cocaine overdose crisis—by denying chronic pain patients access to pain relief.

Meanwhile, he continued, “they should take a look at the government’s own numbers. The data show there is no correlation between the number of prescriptions written and the incidence of non-medical use of prescription opioids or prescription pain reliever use disorder. And less than 10 percent of opioid-related overdose deaths in 2017 involved prescription pain relievers unaccompanied by other drugs such as cocaine, heroin, alcohol, or fentanyl.”

Richard “Red” Lawhern Ph.D. left Senator Manchin’s office an email that in part said.

“Get your head out of a very dark place and withdraw the bill which would deny effective pain relief to patients already in agony. You are trying to ‘solve’ the wrong ‘crisis’ by restricting availability of the only class of therapy that works for the majority of those who suffer severe pain. And you are doing so despite conclusive proof that physicians prescribing to their patients did not cause and are not now sustaining our public health crisis.”

Manchin said in a press release: “I have introduced this bill today with Senator Braun to address how the FDA approves opioid prescriptions for treating different types of pain. Addressing the opioid epidemic has always been my top priority and I will continue to fight for legislation that helps West Virginians and our country fight this epidemic and I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass.”

Read Jeffrey Singer’s entire blog on Cato Institute.

According to Senator Manchin, “The FDA Opioid Labeling Accuracy Act would prohibit opioids from being labeled for intended use to treat long-term chronic pain, except for cancer pain, end-of-life care or when a prescriber has determined that all non-opioid treatments are inadequate or inappropriate.”

Here’s the text of the bill.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Angie H

Every time I see something about this so called opioid crisis I get annoyed. Every time there are comparisons or they say something about it doesn’t include cancer patients or end of life patients. Guess what look at the McGill Pain Scale again, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is number 1 as the worst pain condition on record. Yet there is nothing ever said about it and patients are being cut from their meds left and right. Do you realize it is known as the “suicide disease” because the pain is so severe people cant take it anymore and commit suicide. Stop playing stupid games with opioid prescriptions and pain patients. Start cracking down the correct way and hit the ones selling heroin and fentanyl on the street and other illegal drugs. That also means our own government who has been bringing in heroin for yrs.

Stephen Abbey

I am so sick of the bickering from the people who are against opioids. Opioids have been around for a very long time. And patients have been talking them for a very long time. So leave it alone, it is what it is. The patients who were doing good using them for a very long time are proof that they are safe up to the point where you are comfortable and don’t keep seeking out more untill you get to much. If that ever happens you got your narcan handy. Keep 4 inhalers with you at all times to be sure. I have 4 and never came close to needing them. It is the heroin and fentanyl that is what started this conflict in the first place. And because of over prescribing doctors to make a lot of cash or the other name pill Mills. They don’t exist anymore!. I have been suffering over 3 years now. I don’t want to go shopping for heroin or fentanyl I will take my own life first. I want to keep my well being and be known as a patient with no pain!. Not a patient who died from self medicating with illegal substances!. I am in very extreme pain right this second from mowing my 89 yr. old mother’s lawn to keep her from having to do it. If I only had the same pain meds I had 3 yrs ago I would be just fine!!. Please get it right soon. Like yesterday!!!.

Steve M

How does this help anyone?

Steve M

EDIT: Deleted

OMG!!Can the US government stay out of our bodily health.??? With all the trouble in this country they need to focus. Priorities US government.

Sheryl 3

This is ridiculous! Especially in light of the CDC’S recent report explaining that Chronic Pain patients receiving opioids were not to be part of their earlier restrictions.
These people have no medical training and have obviously read far less on this subject than the majority of Chronic pain patients in this Country yet they are once again trying to practice medicine without a license. Ridiculous. Call and write your Congressman today and tell them to quash this bill!


Again ignorance runs rampant with politicans, the only storys they hear are from the medias constantly reporting of deaths from opiods. Why aren’t these politicians and media reporting on the 500,000 deaths caused by cigarettes! We know why its called lobbyists. W


Stop chronic pain at its source. Quit trying to cover it up by supporting an industry that wants us completely dependent on their products.

Brad B

These [edit] in Congress and Senate can kiss my [edit]. I never wish for someone to suffer as I do but in this case I wish they all would feel the pain as most of us do. These people making decisions that effect us are miserable and pathetic human beings. I was at one of my chronic pain support groups today and I wish one of these losers would take a couple hours from their martinis and see the faces of the people who are suffering.


Depopulation through torture? For a great many living with chronic pain the quality of life without effective pain management become a matter of the quality and degree of suffering. Suicide will become the option for too many, pain wears a person’s fortitude down. Some states have approved cannabis as a viable substitute for narcotic pain, provided you pay for the right; pay for a permit after paying for a prescription from a doctor who accepts cash payments only for services insurance once paid. Sadly cannabis does not always help nor to that great of a degree and those cannabis permits look like a “trick bag set up”. Yup, cynical and untrusting of what the motives are to “allow” people to buy a permit (tagged, you will lose more rights and liberties. The story will be that it’s for safety reasons of course.)

These idiots who keep people like me with multiple spine surgeries trying to minimize the pain, have no fucking idea what it’s like to live with pain.

If they had 1/10 my pain they would shoot themselves if the couldn’t have pain meds. Yet they want me to simply suck it up!!! I have asked for physician assisted suicide 3 times and was denied. So what is my option????

Self inflicted gun shot….

Rich Reifsnyder

Hello,Every single day for the last 3 years these politicians come up with something new to further torture and deny proper pain medication for 50-80 million Wounded Veterans and Intractable Pain Patients! I along with 50 million of my fellow brothers and sisters are so severely under prescribed pain medication it doesn’t help severe pain but for a few hours.Most Pain Patients were forcibly decreased 50%to100%,myself 64%.What gives,this is the only thing they are doing in Washington more bills to further torture and kill us disabled Intractable Pain Patients And Veterans.I would like to know the true number of the poor souls who committed suicide from being neglected proper pain management or forcibly decreased pain medication to the point of severe complications or suicide.These were just guidelines for PCP,s.In 2016 I was abandoned by my PCP and then my new Pain Specialist I luckily found forcibly decreased my pain meds from 160mg/day to 60mg/day in 3 months.To me it is what I have said back in 2016,they want to get rid of us disabled baby boomers.In 60 years the government tapped the social security fund for 150-200 trillion dollars.Iam 62 and you can bet your sweet $$$ I will do everything in my power to live till I reach 120😜.When terrorists and illegal immigrants are treated way better then us,we have a problem.There is one thing that scares these greedy,ignorant politicians getting Voted out of office!


This is getting old, I’m tired of these [edit] people such as the Government trying to tell me what’s best, and now the damn doctors are running scared with their tail between their legs to even think of trying to help those of us in chronic pain, I hope to God a civil lawsuit comes soon, HHS, FDA, and the DEA, should all go down, this one size fits all medication does NOT fit all on a certain quantity

Daniel Foltz

Lawmakers backing this legislation are foolish and more than likely have someone in their family that have overdosed and it is more personal then it is logical


History always has a bad habit of repeating itself.
In the autumn of 1939, Adolf Hitler secretly authorized a medically administered program of “mercy death” code-named “Operation T4,” Between 1940 and 1941 approximately 70,000 Austrian and German disabled people were killed under the T4 program. Although Hitler formally ordered a halt to the program in late August 1941 due largely to the regular German citizens finding it offensive, the killings secretly continued until the war’s end, resulting in the murder of an estimated 275,000 people with disabilities.

Alice Carroll

Who on earth would listen to Joe Manchin a shill for the coal companies who have decimated the once-beautiful state of W. Virginia with mountain top removal coal mining. After raping the land these companies up and left for Wyoming and declared bankruptcy or just plain declared bankruptcy dumping their former workers pensions onto the Federal Governments lap. He and they care NOTHING for the people of W. Virginia.

Why doesn’t he ask those in his state who are helped by opioid medications and educate himself by the numerous people who write to these pages day in and day out about how opioid medications give us back a quality of life that we can get nowhere else? The answer is he’s angling for a big payout by the manufacturers of opioids. See 60 Minutes Feb. 24, 2019. This is what must be proved in court in order to say that the FDA was misled by Big Pharma and they had no idea that opioids were addictive long-term. Good luck with that Joe! These drugs are life changers for a better quality of life for people in Chronic Pain just ask us Joe we’ve been successfully prescribed them for years!

Somehow I doubt we’ll be asked as we don’t have the answer that he wants to hear.


Just 2 more ignorant know it all Senators who think they know what it is too be us God may cast his judgement on them for judging us!!!!!!!!!!!😥😥😥😥😥☹️☹️☹️☹️

I’m a chronic pain patient and have been for twenty years. I’ve never liked even taking an aspirin but my chronic pain with severe fibromyalgia left me with damage to my heart. If that isn’t proof of my pain then I guess I must be faking it huh! I’m so sick of government interfering in my regiment to treat my pain. I’m on a fentanyl patch of 50 mcg every 48 hours and hydrocodone 10/325 four times a day. When I moved from Texas yo New Hampshire the Doctor I started seeing cut my hydrocodone down to causing my pain that was controlled to in controlled. Some cancer patients have no pain at all but our government isn’t messing with them. I was at the point I almost lost my job. I was given the choice of go on medical leave or be terminated. I never missed a day of work until I was attacked by pain. So far the government has taken away four medications that worked great for me on the grounds of their opinions. Opinions are like butt holes everyone has them. Chronic pain should not be left in the hands of nurse practitioners at all. It should only be in the hands of doctors that are in pain management that have taken the extra 2 years of education and patients should be made to go to pain management clinics because they know how to evaluate between those seeking drugs and those with real pain. It should not be put in the hands of government officials that have no education or experience of chronic pain patients. We have pain that is equal to some cancer patients but most cancer patients die but chronic pain patients live on and suffer for decades in pain. Mine started when I was 42 and I’m now 62 and have many more medical issues besides CP. the reason why some die is because of poor handling of their meds or being cut down on meds and they lose all hope and just get tired of fighting our establishment for the right to not suffer in pain. No congress person has ever talked to any of us pain patients.


stupid but if you have severe chronic pain your doctor will prescibe Opiods so what really is there to worry about for Us? I think it would hurt folks after surgery or bone break, but even then doctors know nothing else is going to kill your pain other than Opiods so you will get script.
i have a spinal cord injury Opiods including entanyl dont end pain so im not worried. But i agree this is just political hoopla to say they are doing something. Fight it in the streets not the doctors office.


Who is the government to say that someone’s pain does not require adequate treatment from their doctor? Pain is not equally distributed from person to person! It is an individual thing. These politicians are taking away the one thing that provides lasting relief for people with intense, and sometimes debilitating, pain. I do believe that these individuals, who do not get the correct amount of pain relief, will take to the streets looking for ANYTHING to help with their pain. Or commit suicide as an alternative. It’s a sad world we live in, and getting worse everyday. What will it take to make these politicians understand severe pain? It seems that empathy and compassion are no longer in their vocabulary. And there are truly bigger and more important issues that they should be fighting for!

Back in 2012 if you looked at any internet sites about pain treatment or diseases cause pain it would always include opiates as a treatment. now if you look there’s nothing new on there since 2018 and after 2012 it all includes steroid injections, Tylenol, nasaids and neuromodulators. It’s almost impossible to find any that articles issues before 2012 that have documentation in it of using opiates as a treatment. I find this very interesting. Where did the information go to that used to be there ?

Tammy Hutchins

What are the reasons for torturing us further? Honestly, I’m so angry but I also feel defeated. I just don’t understand when random politicians decided that their experiences equaled a medical degree? People are DYING from having their meds taken away from them! Why isn’t that death statistic important? How badly does the United States government want to kill chronic pain patients? Is it because some of us are disabled, older, or vets? Is it because we’re considered a drain on the system? What about all the things that we DID contribute? Are we that disposable? Why are we being inhumanely tortured?

T. Negrete

The most dangerous thing to have is covert Psychopathic Politiians running the show for the Elite Rich! Every now and then you see their true lack of empathy and compassion.

Lauren Gilbert

I am so tired of this [edit]. These are the idiots that are running our country and frankly we put them there so I’m not exactly sure who to blame. One thing I do know regardless of how this turns out, anybody left standing in the chronic pain community should take note of the names of the people involved in this proposed legislation, follow it impacts in the chronic pain community any more than we have already been impacted, and start making sure that these people are not re-elected. Over that there isn’t anything I can say that I haven’t already said. I do know that when I go in for my pain appointment every month, and my doctor asked me how I’m feeling and what my pain number is my most current answer at least wants to be, why do you ask if you don’t care? why do you ask if you’re not going to do anything about it? This whole thing is such a bunch of incredible BS, and I don’t know how to get away from it I don’t know how to fix it I just know that it’s getting harder and harder to live with it and maybe perhaps the more people who die as a result of not taking illegal opioids but not having the ones that made their lives bearable, just maybe that’ll wake somebody up. I’m just sick to death of this.

Who are these politicians who know nothing about medicine, or chronic pain ,at least anybody else’s chronic pain? I’m sure when it comes to any of their chronic pain they have doctors and prescriptions that get written on a regular basis to whatever strength and repetition they need
Why are we allowing the people who are supposed to get money to their districts or whatever it is that they are supposed to do, play around in our bodies? THIS IS AMERICA, isn’t it?


Really? This is [edit]. First they literally cut people’s doses and meds in HALF and don’t care about us going through Physical Withdrawal that is EXTREME PAIN. It’s dangerous to the brain and body to force people through withdrawal. Then they put us in the crucible and start taking away our effective pain medications and replacing them with TRAMADOL tablets. IT IS INEFFECTIVE AS SUGAR! This is all a ploy to get our meds away from us and not move forward with ending Cannabis Prohibition! The USA relies on its citizens being so sick they can’t think for themselves! The creed really is greed. God help us that actually have extreme chronic pain and need these meds and for GOVT to stop Cannabis Prohibition so we can start to be a healthy country. Make America Healthy For First Time.

Cancer Fighter

Until a study can be done?? Yet in John Wayne’s “The Shootist” filmed in 1972 him & his Dr. Not him, the doctor & police! Went over the opioid med he was given! He asked the Dr. about the addiction factor. Yet the Gov’t acts like opioids are new! They have been safe for years! Kind of dejavu of marijuana & how long they’ve known about it & wage war! However, new pharma wave crap comes out & it’s approved fast! Even a bill signed by Obama then Trump speeding new RX approvals up despite risks! Amazing! Rx being recalled regular! Like my BP meds contaminated with carcongenics! They act as if cancer patients are not effected yet WE HAVE BEEN!! New RX brings $$$ where opioids with generic not so much nor marijuana if people cut back on other scripts! Corruption & greed at its finest! The heart of it: the DEA, the FDA & the CDC!

Adam H

I promise you right now..the government is hell bent on taking opioids from everyone unless you’re totally terminal or have been covered in 2nd 3rd degree burns or some very severe trauma. The doctors here in central fl are only giving very very worst and few patients extremely low basically half useless dose amounts. I tried to hold out saying that they totally dont care but its obviously the case and impossible to deny. Fake Xanax and oxys are Everywhere but the authority is utterly failing to do anything. I don’t know what we can do anymore..there is always a solution but it might be real difficult and ugly.

T. Negrete

This is going to go on and on and on! Talk, talk, talk! Illegal Opioids are sounding like an alternative now, especially since the Doctors and Government have committed Human Rights Violations against me and every other Intractable/Chronic Pain Patient, who has had their Prescription Opioid Medications cut off, in the United States. I’ve also heard way too many people who have surgery and can’t get the proper pain control. This is all total insanity! Makes me wonder if I’m delusional. Because this can’t possibly be going on in the U.S. Then I remember that this Government is a hypocritical bunch! Always pointing their fingers at other Nations for atrocities, while perpetrating atrocities on the American citizens, like taking away PRESCRIPTION Opioid Medications that have been derived from plants, used for pain thousands of years.

Kirby Accardo

Thank you Red Lawhern for all that you do! You are a true advocate!

Kirby Accardo

Once again another action to take control of our lives. We (Chronic Pain Patients) are not in any danger. We haven’t been in any danger. They are trying to misdirect the attention from the government’s failure to REALLY protect us from illegal street drugs that they can’t seem to STOP! So let’s just take them all away! Congress will never admit that THEY are the reason illegal street drugs like (heroin, synthetic fentanyl and meth) are running rampant. They are failing at the borders, thru the mail system and shipping. Drugs are coming into this country everywhere and they won’t admit it’s their fault so instead redirect and place the blame back on us Chronic Pain Patients.

Walter Strickland

Amen Robert, that saying is a solid truth.Sad thing is that these politicians do not care about the CPP needs a at all.They say they do but is only politically driven to sound sempathetic towards us all, and that’s the truth as I see it.They know ,at least I think the know,what the real crisis for the terrible drug and also alcohol caused deaths are caused by.But as I have said over and over it is easier for them to go after us the law abiding easy targets.Since they in the so called war against illegal drugs don’t seem to be able to win.they probably don’t want to.They just want to get their numbers up to show they are getting things done on the drug and alcohol deaths in this country.We all know is not true.And that shows us what they think about us as CPP .Sorry to be so negative but it gets very irritating to hear these idiots all saying the same thing over and over again.Please know that I do appreciate all in the CPP community who are helping us fight the fools and I pray for you and all in the CPP community that God will help us prevail in this fight.And make no mistake,this is a fight.

Terrie Lynn Vaughan

We no longer (Chronic pain or Intractable pain) patients want to be labeled as drug users when what we need is pain relief. We can only get relief from either our physicians or the street. What you get on the street is what needs to be controlled, and not the physicians, pharmacy and insurance companies. Let the physicians decide if their patient needs pain medication so their patients with pain can at least get out of bed and take care of them selves. Pain stops you in your tracks and pain killers help people with 24/7 pain that NEVER goes away even with physical therapy, message, accupunture ect ect. Not all alternative treatments work for chronic pain patients. We have a right to live with dignity in our pain. We ask to allow our physicians to make their own decisions on pain meds prescribed and please retract the 2016 CDC guidelines concerning tapering. Tapering does not make the drug problems go away. Please focus on street drugs – this is what is killing people. Also what is killing people is when the pain killer drugs are tapered to fast from physicians and pain patients are committing suicide because they need pain relief and they are not getting that. Please look into the number of suicides due to the new 2016 CDC guidelines. Don’t call patients drug seekers. We need to focus on mental health in our streets. These pain Doctors are very afraid of loosing their license due to the 2016 CDC guidelines. PLEASE RELEASE the Doctors, pharmacies and insurance companies from the misconception of pain meds. ALLOW pain patients the relief they deserve. It’s a basic Human Right. Right to Happiness. Where does that come into play?

The suicide rates will be the highest ever recorded in history. This is what those idiots practicing unlicensed medicine will create Guinness Book of World Records for the most deaths caused practicing medicine without a license.
This is just so unbelievable, outrageous narcissistic. They are creating a drug crisis bc people will go to the streets. Bc death is the only rescue from suffering.

Cheri Bailey

So let s just make it worse? First They all listen to Kolodny and now obviously uninformed legislators are going to update the label to instruct us as the patient not to abruptly stop meds because it’s very dangerous??? We can’t get access to the damn meds you idgit! Lots of help here my God we’re all gonna die with these people looking out for the common Citizenry.


These politicians have nothing to fear from their actions. Until they are fearful, expect more legislation that will torture and kill people suffering from chronic pain.

Terri Ott

Unbelievable, why would you continue to his war on chronic pain suffers? Why doesn’t anyone have the balls to direct your efforts to stopping the Asian fentanyl? You are forcing chronic pain suffers to look for relief on the street or to commit suicide. Man, this place is really starting to suck.

Fed Up

I expect this sort of BS from Manchin, but I’m VERY disappointed in Braun – I expected better from him.

Karen C.

Who can we call or email to have the most impact about the absurdity of this bill Mr. Coghlan??


After many years of chronic pain management and following every rule, I am also affected by this stupidity. Having a blanketing, kneejerk reaction to people using opioids is insane. I would say that 98% of the people taking these long term are not looking for any kind of high or joy- we just want relief and to be able to rejoin our family and friends out of our homes. It’s been suggested that we substitute a newer or different poison for the one that we know has worked for us. In 10 years, are they going to come up with the same- “OMG, we have to get you away from those now!” We follow their rules, monitor ourselves carefully and it still doesn’t make any difference. They seem to have blinders on and cannot or will not see any other direction. And in trying to advocate for our own well being, we are labeled as a difficult patient.


After calming down from my knee-jerk horror reaction, I just read the text of the proposed statute.

I’ve had acute chronic pain — pelvic pain syndrome that developed immediately after a hysterectomy — for over a decade and have tried tons of non-opioid drugs and non-drug treatments, and nothing has worked except opioids.

I also have had fibro forever and other medical and pain problems, but it’s the pelvic pain that put me on disability and has made me largely housebound.

Given my history, it seems that the statute would allow my doctor to continue to prescribe for me.
Am I corrrect ?

I’d appreciate more info as to the implications of this proposed law with respect to existing patients vs future patients.

As an aside, I live in FL, and at my monthly pain doc appt a few days ago, I was given a new mandatory pamphlet about non-opioid treatments. I’ve tried most of what’s in the pamphlet and as to the few others I haven’t tried, I don’t think they apply to me given my unfortunate history of unusual bad reactions to most approaches, including PT, acupuncture, and more.

Example – Several decades ago, I had acupuncture for a whiplash injury.. It worked great for awhile, but then not only stopped working, but I developed a super rare condition where the needles hurt and caused bruising. So I had to stop.

That’s my life’s story. Super rare reactions and intolerances not only to drugs, but to procedures.

Another example — A few days after gum surgery about 20 years ago, I developed the most horrific pain — off the scales — and when opioids did absolutely nothing to help, the dentist had to remove the stitches on an emergency basis on a Sunday. And I still have occasional, but very intense, pain in that area.

My body reacts badly to pretty much everything, and I know that w/o opioids, I’d have killed myself years ago.


I can’t begin to express my horror at this. What is wrong with these people!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish they could experience just my last 4 days of total agony.

Hayden Hamby Jr.

I have been in pain management, scrutinized, pill counted, drug tested, for 25 years due to low spine surgeries.. No need to elaborate on the particulars just suffice to say they did not go well. Monitored, while prescribed long before the 2016 CDC “guideline” was published and empowered DEA. I have seen suboxone work very well for recovering addicts. We have methadone clinics in my state as the very LAST refuge for those that can not manage to stay under a legitimate pain management program whether with a general MD or a specialist clinic. Very affluent people, attorneys, local dot/gov leaders, business people are enrolled in these clinics many because of the “guideline” and the supposed misinterpretation of it. I have seen patients treated with methadone at pain management that state it saved their very lives. Still yet, some state, CBD products and kratom is the life saver. I have friends that have used fentanyl “patches” though greatly reduced in the micrograms of medication that are still functioning well. Complicated issue…..pain management. Regardless, I agree that our legislators are “jumping on the band wagon” against pain management with prescribed opioid medication for personal gain adhering to the populous narrative to stop medication period….all because they are misinformed, never had to seek pain management or $$$$$ and “authority”are more important than people. This “normalized” thinking that opioids have no place in pain management is dangerous, life threateningly dangerous. I have and will continue to advocate for the literally millions of people simply being dismissed in this country because of the ignorance about this issue of those in all dot/gov agencies including Congress that can make a difference in the lives of those of us that KNOW the reality of having to deal with pain on a 24 hour a day basis. God Bless the Hoosier state!


Another game. People with chronic pain are seriously unable to perform even the simplest of daily tasks without their pain medications. Should this bill go into affect, we will see more and more “street drug” overdoes’ because honest to goodness people with pain will need to find relief another way. Having pain medication through a doctors care plan is not “an opioid epidemic”. How are chronic pain sufferers expected to live a semi normal life in pain? As both a caregiver and a patient there is absolutely no way one can continue as such. If we need a plan for opioid abuse, there are other ways. There will always be someone who possibly misuses their meds but that is not the majority of chronic pain sufferers. The true pain sufferers need their meds, they are not going to be putting them out on the streets. All of the pain management care offices are diligent in testing their patients EVERY SINGLE VISIT! And in a lot of cases they test in between visits as well. Someone on chronic pain IS NOT going to risk loosing the only thing that helps them to live a somewhat normal life. Rant over…

Carol D

If I (as a chronic pain patient) was to be cut off from my medications (and yes – I have a pain clinic I attend, yes I have a contact with my Dr, yes I submit to random drug testing and everything else they require of me)…… There will be one of two outcomes: suicide by choice or death by street drugs (cause I know nothing about street drugs, I cannot imagine it would take long to OD). Either way, my blood would be on the hands of fools like this – who don’t let my MD (who is trained in these matters to do what is right for me) take care of me as he/she knows is best and let me have a reasonble quality of life. Otherwise… I am out.

I want to know what is meant by prescriber has determined that all non-opoid treatments are inadequate or inappropriate. I have rheumatoid arthritis (21 years), degenerative disc disease, and fibromyalgia. I was prescribed opoid medication for 17 years and was able to function inside my houseto take care of my mother with Alzheimer’s, cook, clean, and do laundry. After I was taken off opoids, I had to put my mother in a managed care facility, and can no longer clean my house , do laundry, and cooking is a chore. I mostly eat out of cans. For the last year, I have been developing SI joint dysfunction from trauma to my right SI joint complicated by rheumatoid arthritis. I can not sleep at all some nights and have to keep shifting my position ever 15 to 20 minutes.

I could not walk at all for 6 weeks without intense muscle cramping from my 3 bulging lumber discs running through my right hip(already operated on from RA and falls) and continuing into my abdomen. My right leg would collapse. When I could finally make it to a pain management doctor, I asked if I could get radiofrequency nerve ablation around my right SI joint to deaden the nerves in that area. The pain doctor said that would probably help me more than any other treatment, then asked how much money do I have. I am on SS disability and have Medicare and doctor said Medicare will not cover the procedure. Medicare considers the procedure “experimental” since it has only been performed for the last 15 years.
I have a Masters Degree in Geology, a profession I love and did NOT want to leave. I did not know my genetic predisposition for RA would kick in at 40 and I would rapidly become disabled. A lot of us chronic pain patients are finding out what is meant by “when the constant pain becomes unbearable to the point where you have no quality of life and no hope for relief, suicide becomes a viable option “.

Molly K Canfield

Genius i s limited but stupidity knows no bounds.

A. Einstein


Unreal. Simply unreal. Am soooo exhausted from my RSD pain and all its side effects… meds, even from pain clinic, severely limited by CDC ‘guidelines’. Now my ankle is broken… On top of daily wicked pain, i have some more new, differwnt horriffic pain, which i am supposed to jsut ‘suck up’ because, hey… i am already at “the limit”! And then along comes this billl… A pox on all of the uninformed harm-doers. May they roast in the hot place with nary a drip of water. Amen


There is already a Meth crisis thanks to our corrupt Gov’t! And they are making it worse! As a Cancer Patient w/multi Chronic Pain conditions Inc a Autoimmune disease. I’m a recovering addict 10 yrs 8 Mo’s clean & meth is at an all time high. You will have people try & stop heroin w/meth. Some will use meth for pain. I made a correct call before time on everything Inc what was done to Suboxone. Watch & see, meth will be the most abused drug of all and this drug is a demon. Stealing your mind! And way more!!! Thanks to the DEA & the games our Govt plays! It makes me sick!!!! Sch #2 yet rarely given as a controlled script for Narcolepsy. The whole Schedule is BS! This whole war they keep waging is BS! Patients have no rights without police interference!

I was about to write what I had forgotten on my first post. The doctor covered it precisely. We are having people doing what they are not qualified to do, as in this case.
I know what it is like to live without any medication. It’s hell . Anything I take after a botched surgery, nerve damage occurred, adding to a very rare condition.
This happened years ago, I was st the desk in a hospital where a Dr was ordering 3mg of Morphine for a dying woman with metastatic cancer. ” Are you joking with that dose “. ? He looked surprised , you think I should raise it? The poor woman was about 220 lb. yes, I felt like adding ,moron. How much? Give her 15mg as needed.
She then was quiet, died 3 days later.
I honesty do not think any know how it feels to be in constant pain, unable to do the simplest things.

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

Like many other physicians and pain patients, we’re tired of nonmedical legislators thinking they know ANYTHING about medicine! They want to try to convince a populace there’s been no research done to prove the effectiveness or need for the use of opioids for 24 hr use for those with chronic pain? That’s EXACTLY what is needed to prevent them from experiencing secondary problems, especially high blood pressure and daily withdrawal symptoms! Fentanyl patches are a life renewing and maintaining medication for such people unfortunate to be in pain without relief. They allow for constant relief without thinking about pain or taking multiple pain medications throughout the day just as they don’t have to think about controlling other chronic conditions. Legislators should stick to allocating money to maintain roads and schools but I don’t think they should start standing by road construction crews or teachers to make sure they’re doing THEIR jobs as they’re trying to act as unlicensed physicians.