Pain Rallies Postponed – But the Work Continues

Pain Rallies Postponed – But the Work Continues

The Don’t Punish Pain Rallies that were set for this Friday (March 20th) have been postponed. 44 rallies were set around the country to protest the way chronic pain patients are being treated.

“Because of the coronavirus COVID-19 impact on the strong recommendations that people try to reduce their contact with groups of people, it was prudent to postpone,” said Claudia Merandi, the Rhode Island woman who has launched this movement.

“We will reschedule them once it is ok for people to gather,” said Merandi. “This Friday was promising to be a day where attendance was going to be historic. We will get them next time.”

Merandi did point out that too many pain patients are being required to go into doctors’ offices to renew their pain medication, which is in direct contradiction to the Surgeon General’s direction that all patients should be receiving their medications via telemedicine.

Also, there has been quite a bit of social media chatter regarding the availability of medication. Please let us know if there have been any issues you’ve faced regarding actual supplies—are pharmacists saying we can’t fill because we don’t have the medicine.

Share with us what your experiences have been this week in getting your medication.

What is your doctor telling you?

What is your pharmacist telling you?

What is your insurer telling you?


When you look at what chronic pain and other chronic illness patients are telling the Federal Register about what should be done in the next two contract years, you may want to get involved.

Here are the comments already submitted.

Claudia Merandi and other chronic pain patient advocates are urging more comment to the federal government about what should happen.

Here’s the link—tell them what you think and share with us what you told them.


Here’s the link to the national movement of Don’t Punish Pain Rallies

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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My Dr is very aware of my compromised immune system and that I have to go to the Hospital every 3 weeks to have a 4 hr infusion.That did not matter.I was told by the Nurse Manager that I had to go in for my 30 day appointment in order for my Dr to refill my monthly pain meds.This was 4 days ago.My appointment was at 9:55 and I waited in waiting room for about an hr before being called in.Than another half an hr waiting in the exam room,waiting for the dr. Finally about 10 minutes spent with Dr before I could leave.Very frustrating and I’m hoping I don’t catch anything.I have stopped going into stores when I first heard about the virus and stayed home.However I was left with no choice but to go in if I wanted my med or I would suffer even more.I do live in R.I. and was told she could only send a months worth into the pharmacy,absolutely no 90 day supply.I will note,I never have an issue filling my med since I left CVS about a year ago.


Yes, Walgreens has a much more accommodating ethos, and medications in stock, than CVS. I printed up the link from CT and will be taking it with me to my Dr. appointment on Monday. Also, was in a Walgreens in Ca. today and asked the pharmacist if 90 day prescriptions for schedule 2 and 3 were now available due to the national emergency. He said yes, as long as your insurance says it’s ok. So, if your about due to request next months prescription, you might want to look into this!

Maureen M.

ps I have a Pain doc appt on 3/23 for my medication . I called today to see if they were making any changes …all she said is that they are trying to limit the amount of folks in the waiting room!

Maureen M.

Claudia, and all of the hard working DPP teams- I’m so sorry about the postponement.
As they say ‘All things happen for a reason’ so let’s hope a later date will be more impactful 🙂
Thank you for all the poignant work you do on our behalf!! Keep safe and keep strong Warriors.

Cindy too

fyi –

I go to Walgreens b/c they are really good about filling my rx’s. Almost always in stock, and if out of stock, they call other local Walg’s, and if I have to wait, it’s only a few days.

vs CVS’s in this area have been horrible — always” out of stock and try again in a few weeks”. Although when I lived in Mass, CVS there was totally fine.

But there is a state by state difference. A few months ago, my Walg’s got a new Rx manager who initially refused to fill opoids and benzos which I’d had no problem with before in that store. He refused even if I had a letter from my PM. And even if I got benzos somewhere else, he refused to fill my opioids,
It turned out that, in Oklahoma where he had been, it was a HUGE problem and huge risk to his license, and so he refused. Eventually, the longterm local Walgs pharmacists explained to him that it was ok here. And my doc gave me a form for the pharmacy that I acknowledged the risk. So, after intitial stress due to this problem, all is well again.

Cindy too

I live in FL, where, under their State of Emergency laws, there are exceptions to normal Rx rules, but, disgustingly (esp given all the hurricane states of emergency here), these exceptions specifically exclude Schedule II drugs — opioids.

I contacted US Pain Foundation and they sent me a link to a DEA page that provides info that there is a declared federal health state of emergency which allows, for opioids, tele-appts and for docs to call in Rx’s to pharmacies.

And given that Medicare is paying for tele-appts, the docs won’t lose money for those of us on Medicare. And I’d hope that private insurers also will pay — be required to pay under this fed law; I didnt’ read closely enough regarding private’s since I have Medicare.

I’m assuming fed law in this case supercedes state law, but am not sure. And my contacts to state bd of medicine and bd of health, as just one person, have not born fruit.

So, I just called my PM and gave them this info; they were not aware of it.

Hopefully, they’ll confirm that fed overrides state; and hopefully Walgreens will deliver opioids in addition to their other Rx’s, But if not, then I’ll do car pickup which I normally never do. And that would be a huge improvement over monthly in person doc appts and going to Walgreens each month with paper rx’s and having long waits to get the rx’s on same day to avoid losing any pills.

The link I was given is –

Cindy too

I checked the link you provided, and it’s overwhelming to read.
Can you please explain in more detail what the issues are that we should be commenting on?
I really don’t understand what is being asked.
I always want to send comments whenever possible but I need to know exactly what the issue is.

I would say still have them and keep a arms length. What a better way to attract attention? We would be the only thing to cover. This is give up time for many regretably. We just plan an exit. Thanks Ed it was a nice try. We just have lumits. Good bye all. Last post. The NWO wants us gone.GOD SAVE US! A sad day for America! Before forced tapper i had 15 years coming.