Pennsylvania Grand Review to honor black Civil War soldiers

Pennsylvania Grand Review to honor black Civil War soldiers

Grand Review of the Armies, May 1865

Pennsylvania Grand Review will honor black Civil War soldiers.

America will soon mark the 150th anniversary of the US Civil War. In Pennsylvania, on November 4th through the 7th, Harrisburg is inviting travelers to take part in the The Pennsylvania Grand Review.

This is a story most Americans do not know but is critical to Civil War history. Citizens of Pennsylvania’s capital city organized the Pennsylvania Grand Review originally in November 1865 to honor the colored troops from 25 US states.

Black American soldiers, or African-Americans as we call them today, had been excluded from the Grand Review of the Armies, which was a military procession held earlier in that year in Washington, D.C.

The Grand Review was a very large parade of marching soldiers that was held to celebrate the end of the Civil War. Pennsylvania was the only state to hold such an event after the war ended.

So, November 4-7 will be a weekend of celebration, living history and heritage in downtown Harrisburg. There will be a commemorative procession as well. This event will feature one hundred African American color guards, soldiers, and regiments from various states, historical and community groups, and descendant families.

There will be many stories featured about the troops as told by the families that will be present.

The Pennsylvania Grand Review is attracting national attention, and other states will be also be joining. New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Tennessee will also take part.

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