Petitions to DEA – Tell The Truth About Medical Marijuana

Petitions to DEA – Tell The Truth About Medical Marijuana

By Geoff Sims

As the medical marijuana rolls out in Florida (the 29th state to allow it), there is growing concern that the incoming Trump Administration—specifically Attorney General-designate Jeff Sessions—may try to roll its access back.

That’s why Americans for Safe Access says it has petitions with 70,000 signatures calling on the Drug Enforcement Administration to stop disseminating false information about medical cannabis immediately and ensure that any future information about medical cannabis treatment reflects medically-accurate and up-to-date facts.

The petition, which calls on President Obama to take immediate action, comes as the US Senate begins confirmation hearings for Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) appointment to Attorney General. Senator Sessions has actively opposed the use of medical and recreational cannabis saying, “good people don’t smoke marijuana” and argued that cannabis is a gateway drug that leads to cocaine and heroin use, something that has been resoundingly disproved by scientific evidence.

Here’s a link to the petition on Change.Org  (click here)

Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring safe and legal access to medical cannabis for therapeutic use and research, has filed a legal request with the Department of Justice demanding that the DEA immediately update misinformation about cannabis. The request asks specifically for the clearing of misconceptions that cannabis is a gateway drug and causes irreversible cognitive decline in adults, psychosis, and lung cancer.

If granted, the filing could bring major changes to the way medical cannabis laws and regulations are treated by public officials. For decades, politicians have stated that now-disproven harmful effects were reasons to either prohibit or impose burdens on patients seeking safe and legal access to medical cannabis. While the DEA admitted in August that the gateway theory and other harmful claims are not supported by science, they have yet to remove all references of the disproven information, thereby continuing to spread inaccurate information.

“The DEA has actually admitted that cannabis is not a gateway drug and does not cause long-term brain damage, psychosis, and other alleged harms, yet they keep distributing this false information anyway, despite the reality these claims are not based on scientific fact,” said Beth Collins, Senior Director of Government Relations and External Affairs for Americans for Safe Access. “It’s illegal for the government to disseminate inaccurate information and the DEA must be held accountable. This misinformation hurts the millions of medical cannabis patients in the 29 states where cannabis treatment is legal, as well as patients in other states who are working to pass laws, for whom safe and reliable access to marijuana is a matter of necessity.”

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Authored by: Geoff Sims

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Jared james

I have suffered from severe chronic pain since I fell 150 ft into a rock quarry and destroyed both shoulders, several places in back, and both knees and legs. My body is trashed and I have limited movement and unbearable pain while I am taking large amounts of opioids. I was able to manage for twenty years. It has become extremely hard to get adequate treatment for minor pain disorders let alone what I am going through. These guidelines have destroyed my life. I can’t find a dr to do injections or nerve blocks anymore let alone treat me with opiates. It’s sad and my last pain doctor felt so bad for me that he did everything he could for me until his hands were tied. He told me the only way I would be able to get a fraction of the opioids I needed was to say I was an addict and get into a methadone maintenance program. I was against this for several months then we decided something had to be done and he called around and got me in. I am told that I can’t say I take it for pain because they are not licensed to treat pain but they can treat addicts with no prior medical conditions. There is something wrong with this. Pain patients are denied medicine but abusers are granted medicine for habit. Last year I decided to end my life and poured gas all over my body and ignited it. I woke up a month later in icu at a burn unit. I failed. So now I’m suffering from third degree burns on fifty percent of my body and have been rehabbing for nine months now. No one should feel so much pain that setting themselves on fire is their only option because the government feels their life isn’t worth living. It is a sad world. If you are this worried about drugs getting in the wrong hands then set it up like an addiction clinic and make people have to go to them to dose but don’t deny them the right to be treated because it is obvious the people they worry about having opioids are still getting them but the people who need them can no longer get them. It would save the country so much money in health care costs because now it is costing so much more without any improvement in quality of life.

DearMatthew and all. I am so sorry if I sounded like I did not want Marijuana to be legal in every State. I do if it helps people. The stories I hear on this site are from we all see people’s rights are trying to be controlled. Those who suffer should not be ignored !!! or care made by the government for anything that helps should not be taken away or refused by anyone. USA land of the free. As several said on here Our Constitution does not have our freedoms of our own personal choice taken away.

There’s nothing wrong with using Marijuana to treat oneself. What is wrong however is when its abused just like what can happen to any pharmaceutical drugs which is why I can’t understand what’s the big deal about allowing or legalizing marijuana for treatments.

I have cronic pain and have tried it many years ago before being hurt and then all the issues I have had since my surgery on my back and have been to pt around 100 times pt I think hurt me and the chiropractor at the same time since that didnt work the doctor had me on many different pain meds. And one day he just said I dont know what to do for you anymore. And I think someone had someone tell the doctor to basicly get rid of me not in those words but I know who it was. But for the medical marajuana I am for it and wish I could smoke it I have more problems if they could take the high affect out I would ask myvdoctor about It I think that government should stay out of peoples lives I have contacted the white house twice and bothe times I got a phone call from the suicide hotline I was just concerned why they were doing to people with pain and about they need to listen to people that want to die. The government is becoming dictators and its totally wrong.the American people should stand up for there rightsi was reading on here about a petition or a suit against the government Iwish I could find it on here to see whats going on with it so if anyone knows where I can find it can you let me know.Thank you all and Iam praying for everyone

Bob Schubring

It is important that DEA be taught how to tell the truth. Their very existence results from a lie. That lie, is that there is a legitimate, lawful, Constitutional reason for the federal government to create a DEA and use it to regulate drugs. There are two problems with this lie, that make it obviously a lie. Problem One: Nowhere in the Constitution is there an enumerated power to regulate drugs. There are lots of powers enumerated. There’s a power to create the Postal Service. There’s a power to build the Navy. There’s a power to collect taxes. There’s a power to regulate interstate commerce. And there’s a requirement that in all of this taxing and regulating, the government “promote the general welfare” of the people, and not promote the welfare of some people by making other people worse off than they were. Problem Two: Even if it were not clear, that the Constitution does not authorize a DEA to exist nor to regulate how drugs are used, states have enacted laws restricting the power to practice medicine, to only those persons who obtain a state license. We call these people Doctors, either of medicine or osteopathy, depending on the name taken by the school they attended. States restrict medical practice to Doctors, because it was found that dangerous criminals called “quacks”, pretended to have medical knowledge and used that pretense, to win people’s trust, before swindling them blind. What was particularly dangerous about quacks, is that the sick people they chose to rob, got sicker while being robbed, often from the quack treatments that these criminals used. States began regulating medicine in the 1890’s, so as to identify these swindlers who pretended to treat a sick person, just long enough to grab the sick person’ money and run off with it. Doctors were encouraged to organize. Doctors volunteered to make sure new doctors would be trained, and to share knowledge about different treatments for ailments, that worked. If one doctor had special skills or equipment, for treating a particular sort of ailment, that doctor became known as a Specialist. The other doctors would refer patients who had the particular ailment, to the Specialist, for care that their primary doctor lacked the equipment and skills, to perform. This entire anti-quack regulatory apparatus emerged in the 50 states, and it pre-dated the existence of the DEA. According to the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution, the federal government must not exercise powers already belonging to the 50 states. Since state laws prohibit non-doctors from pretending to be doctors or practicing medicine, DEA is legally obligated to obey these laws. A DEA agent can not make up rules governing how doctors treat patients, unless he himself is first a Doctor. And in fact, the law that created the DEA, assigns to the Surgeon General of the United States, a doctor who was formerly an Army official and now is an official of the Public Health Service, the task of deciding what drugs… Read more »

Dear Matthew. But why did I get so sick from it in any form or way. You are correct I never used it before and if I did I would tell my Doctor for a honest response which I did. He did say he could possibly get it for me legally but I told him how sick I got from it. Positive thoughts and everything good like hobbies..helping others… Exercise… Nothing relieved these attacks. I could not move my toes at first started but exercised them to move but the nerve damage in every part of my foot and right calve pain was excruciating pain attacks. They spread if I sleep wrong how my body lays I get pain so bad in groins and head I cannot move. I learned to scream in blanket and took medicine and slowly was able to move. Rubbing sore areas helped too. I learned how to take care of myself but Wierd things would happen like two lumps in my head came. One a growth grew out after about a year. It was behind my head. I think constant rubbing of it at sleep created it to come out and lump disappeared. It was a rubbery type thing. The lump on top of head went down after three years. At times there was pain around the lump I could not touch the area. It was all nerve type things. Twice in seven years I opened my eyes and it felt like tiny needles poking them. Then went away??? Wierd Disease!!! But medicines help it almost takes all pain away. That’s when I volunteer. Do something good with my life. Not bragging at all just telling good always prevails. Everyone has their own opinions and stories. I will talk to a Doctor to try Marijuana the right way but won’t be anxious to try it. I have had many injustices done to me but that’s a different story. I have many good friends some political… Some who help others. The political ones are just mutual respect that support is there if needed. I am looking for a good Priest again. Met two about two years ago and was very disappointed. So I hope to find a Good one who will speak Some Of God’s words. Instead of saying to me nothing til I asked you are a priest you have no kind words.. All one said You were lucky. As I left the female staff about six of them looked at me shook their heads as if to say we know you got nothing from him. They smiled and said I am sorry seeing the frustration in my face. I won’t give up. All my life since a child I walked to any church I could find. They were good people. But I need a Priest now. I don’t think I was baptized cause from two weeks old until Two years old I was put in an orphanage. Just layed in bed.. No activity. No… Read more »

Matthew J. Smith

Joan, the first time you tried it should have been with edibles, or using a vaporizer, and with someone else who knows Marijuana use and it’s effects. I know many people, in Pain groups that I am a member of, who have CRPS and I myself have Arachnoiditis, and Marijuana is regarded by many with Neuropathic Pain as a VERY effective medication for Pain reduction, as well as for depression and anxiety control. Just my opinion, but I’d say you just may not have gone about it in a good way , and that one experience is atypical and to little evidence to form an opinion on.

I am SO very sick of the F*****g DEA going after Marijuana!!!!!!!! Go after the damn evil drugs like Meth, Heroine, cocaine, the real drug problems. I voted for Trump and this medicinal marijuana better not get turned over. It with my severe case of Fibromyalgia. I had edibles in Seattle and I felt whole again. I mean it the DEA is evil. If those [edit] stop this, I will personally start a campaign against Trump. I will be furious I voted for him. I’m a pastors wife and have a son who fights for his life against meth abuse. If this is going to be our governments attack and attitude, I will disown being an American, who my dad fought in 2 wars for. So angry right now!!!!!!!!!


Sessions sounds like a really medically aware guy,maybe he can talk
Hollywierd into rolling out another “reefer madness” film.This is
depressing,guys like Sessions is why we wind up with Eric Holder and
then back and forth,extremism on both sides.

I never tried any illegal street drug in my life.. Even as a teenager. Truth. But I know a friends son who smokes cigarette marijuana. I see on the news often to have medical or marijuana legal to use. So for 3 months I asked my friend to get me just one to see if it helped my RSD CRPS pain so I can tell my Dr. Who is a Good Dr. Who would never do anything illegal but I was willing on my own to try it to see if it helps the pain and I would tell my Dr. the results. He has studied RSd CRPS due to he has two patients with RSD and he called Dr. Chopra in Rhode Island and Jim Broatch in Connecticut on a three way call to verify my meds. He did this twice in 7Years to verify. They both told him I am on the normal meds for RSD so verified. RSd is an Extreme nerve damage pain disease. After much trials with pain meds I would return the meds to My Dr. That did not help. We finally figured out the correct meds. I never got high ever on these meds. The body knows where it needs help and meds go to damaged area. So without these meds I would have screamed in pain and eventually died from the suffering. Back to Marijuana.. I did not want to go on legal marijuana unless it helped. My friend finally gave me a little but not a cigarette. Was told to put it in aluminum foil and form a pipe type thing and take a drag. I did so clumsily and immediately got sick from it and terrible headache. So now I could tell my Dr. What I did and it did not work or help pain.. Just made me very I’ll. I immediately payed down and finally fell asleep sick from this marijuana . It does not work for RSD pain!!! I don’t want it Prescribed for me ever. Unless I was given the wrong thing. But you asked for feedback and I told you for your studies. Also RSD can be more painful than cancer or it can pain as hard labor and many young and old have it. I have been able to volunteer.. Do good things for charities etc. Help people since I got RSD. But only for awhile then have to get in bed. The government will kill innocent people if they don’t take care of their sick people and will make America look bad. But for me Marijuana did not help my pain at all just the opposite.