Putting a Buzz into Chewing Gum

Putting a Buzz into Chewing Gum

Juicy Fruit and Doublemint gum, step aside. You’ve got competition. One that chewing gum makers will be buzzing about.

Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA), a San Diego based hemp producer, will introduce the first marijuana-based chewing gum in selected states next month. The gum is intended not to get customers high, but to ease their pain. The company claims its CanChew gum helps relieve pain, muscle cramps and nausea, and is heralding the product as a breakthrough in the management of chronic pain.

“Unfortunately, in the last 30 years, there has been absolutely nothing new in pain killing products,” said the director of CanChew Biotechnologies, Dr. George Anastassov, in a recent interview on Small Cap Voice’s internet radio network.

“Current drugs have many dangers,” says Anastassov, who predicts the widely used opioid painkiller Vicodin will be taken off the market because it causes liver damage. “Opioids have been a tremendous social burden, causing thousands of deaths each year.”

Anastassov, a physician and dentist, says the idea of a hemp-based chewing gum “started as a joke” between himself and his co-inventors as they contemplated various delivery systems to ease pain through marijuana.

“Cannabinoids do not cause liver damage or injury,” said Anastassov.  “But smoking is harmful, period, and smoking marijuana causes further injury to patients who are already immune-suppressed.  Oral sprays such as Sativex also have side effects.  We wanted to safely deliver a 99.9 percent pure and unadulterated product.”

The company says it will soon begin clinical studies in Europeon the safety and efficacy of CanChew gum in the treatment of pain and nausea.

“The delivery of these hemp extracts via the oral mucosa provides for rapid and near complete absorption directly into the body’s systemic circulation,” says the company.  “The cannabinoids in CanChew are also processed with the saliva during the chewing process.  Cannabinoids then enter the digestive tract and are processed in a slower, less aggressive manner.  This gives the user a time-release factor which allows for benefits of the CanChew gum to extend for several hours.”

Medical Marijuana recently bought a 50% stake in CanChew Technologies, which is based in the Netherlands.  It will release CanChew gum as an over-the-counter product in mid-September in Colorado, California, Arizona and Washington D.C., where medical marijuana is legal. The gum will be released in international markets in early 2013.

“I think we have developed a revolutionary product,” claims Anastassov, who says the medical benefits of marijuana have been recognized for 2,000 years.  “We’re just tapping the possibilities for cannabinoids in chewable form. The opportunities are limitless at this point.”

Authored by: Mary Krasn