Questions I Want to Ask the FDA – or Someone in Charge?

Questions I Want to Ask the FDA – or Someone in Charge?

Chronic Pain Advocate Jeff Edney listened/watched (when the feed was working) to the FDA meetings last week, it spawned many questions in his mind that chronic pain advocates should have in mind when they discuss or meet with Congressional, federal or state policy or state legislative officials.

Jeff Edney

Look at his list (which was lightly edited by Alliance for Treatment of Intractable Pain leader, Richard “Red” Lawhern, Ph.D.)

As you read them—and I’ve whittled the list to ten—we encourage you to react to them in our commentary section, of course, but also to ask your own federal and state officials. (For some tips on how you can advocate from your home courtesy of Shaina Smith of the US Pain Foundation—read this)

  1. Consider the lack of correlation between prescription opioids and overdose fatalities, implications of such lack of correlation, and how to stop overdoses that are due to illegal not prescription opioids. Why is the federal government solving the wrong problem? Where are the data?
  2. Why is the FDA considering additional regulations of high dose opioids that could lead to the same problems as the broadly misapplied 2016 CDC guidelines? Considering that many overdose deaths have been attributed to heroin, illicit fentanyl analogues, or other illegal opiates, why devastate the health care of chronic pain patients?
  3. How can the FDA address the separate problems of addiction and overdose deaths on one hand, and chronic pain and inadequate pain management on the other hand, such that both problems can be solved without mutual interference?
  4. How many people have been driven to social security disability simply because they lost access to adequate pain management, and how can the FDA alter this outcome?
  5. What is the federal government going to do about the likely outcome of losing manufacturers of opioid analgesics who are being driven out of business by state governments? Doesn’t loss of suppliers threaten to further exacerbate the shortage of opioids?
  6. How will the FDA influence health insurance companies to pay for opioid prescriptions deemed medically necessary by a physician in treatment of pain, both chronic and acute? How can the FDA drive reforms to prevent private health insurance and HHS/CMS from imposing artificial MME limits based on the 2016 CDC guidelines that were never intended for this purpose?
  7. What can the FDA do to protect physicians who prescribe medications within existing FDA standards, such that physicians can resume medically necessary pain management care?
  8. What can the FDA do to discourage state medical license boards from threatening or revoking the license of physicians who have fought for their patients against misapplication of CDC opioid guidelines?
  9. Can the FDA work with the federal government to stop the Drug Enforcement Agency from coercing physicians to force compliance with the CDC guidelines that the CDC states should never have used as such?
  10. How can the FDA work to restore trust in the physician-patient relationship which has been damaged by government imposing limits per the CDC “guidelines”?

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Authored by: Jeff Edney

Jeff Edney is a member of the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain. Jeff is a former Director of Engineering (disabled), chronic pain victim & advocate and is married with pre-med son.

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Jeffrey Appollo

I have been reading and sharing all posts with my primary care doctor and he is completely compassionate about my only worsening condition and cannot after 6 preoperative exams in 2 years and are already scheduled that after being with same pain doctor for 9years and having complied with ORDERS and included infusion pump, stimulator implant and the barrage of meds and now being on extremely high doses of opioids up to 105mg Oxycodone and 50mg fentanyl same time. My pump had to be extracted and stimulator improperly implanted, I’m at 60mg oxy daily. I need to take 20mg at a time to which they only last if lucky for 3-4 hours. Comments from staff were getting very bitter and being told that I am impossible. Remember that 9yrs ago same doctor stated get use to for it’s only going to worsen. I have severe spasmodic torticolus and all my spinal discs are rapidly degenerating. Over 2 dozen surgeries and more to come. Well they stopped returning calls and but with my continuing calls they finally called me. I REQUESTED a increase of or reconsidering other meds the doctor said he would NO LONGER SEE ME!! Gave me 1 refill and said nothing else. So your article on STRESS AND ANXIETY IN TRYING TO FIND A NEW PAIN MANAGEMENT TEAM IS EXACTLY CORRECT. Many have already said NO, 2 other clinics stated they have to talk with conference officials to discuss my case. Days are counting down and ill be out of meds, but besides all that, I HAVE LOST MY ONLY SUPPORT FROM THOSE WHOM I TRUSTED WITH MY LIFE !! I have no idea what to do?? Next surgery is a multiple procedures on the 11th of July.


Watching 60 minutes and these greedy lawyers trying to bankrupt opioid manufacturers. So, even if we have a doctor or surgeon who is willing to prescribe pain medication, it may no longer be available!!
I’ve barely survived three major surgeries with no adequate pan relief. I lost so much weight and was so weak it took me over 3 years to recover from all the damage that sheer, unrelenting pain did to my body.


Thank you. My son is caught between the government garbage. Herniated discs from an accident at age 16, s/p laminectomy, now age 33, no doctor will help him, they have lumped him into a drug seeker. He has had many steroid injections without relief. He can barely walk. He has FBSS. He buys drugs off the street, I have begged him not to do heroin and so far he hasn’t, but his spirit is broken after being rejected for help. The doctors take advantage of the working poor and the crummy insurance. He has no extra money for physical therapy, shots that do not work, fiorinal does not help. He takes handfuls of ibuprofen , which is going to lead to liver failure, GI ulcers or even renal stenosis. I am scared i am goingbto get a call he has committed suicide R/T chronic untreated pain. He lives in Kentucky and I live in Florida. Please use this story the next time you goes before CONGRESS. They have created so many problems.

Kat Koe

What happens to people who continually overdose on heroin and illegal fentanyl? What are their consequences, are they sent to rehab, access to illegal drugs taken away? I know those are ridiculous questions. They aren’t punished, they are allowed to continue doing illegal drugs & overdose on them. Our first responders are tasked over and over responding to their calls for help. Then there’s the medical side with patients who require opioids and are being cutoff by their doctors, pharmacist & insurance companies, sometimes for no reason. The system is broken and trying to implement changes is like trying to land on the sun.


i just recently had surgury on my l456 disc and a wedge put in the middle the doctor that did it said do as my papers say i have no problem with that she gave me oxycodone and my regular doctor would continue with the rest witch was a scripy for methadone she he agreed to that and since i left the hospital he said he would not fill themso im in more pain then when i left what can i do help please i will say one thing i have been with him for a long time and every test that he gave me for ten years or more have come back clean i allways do what they tell me can you give me any advise i dont know what to do??


I would like to know what can be done about pharmacists refusing to fill legitimate prescriptions written by doctors or questioning patients why they need to take that high of a dose. The pharmacist is NOT my doctor or who treats me and knows my history yet you have pharmacists who act as though they are providing care to me. Specifically CVS. I’ve had one pharmacist who refused to fill my script until I showed her my scars from my back surgeries, another CVS pharmacists who refused to fill because it was at 10pm (was a 24 hour store) and yet one more who refused because my doctors office had the word clinic in it. NATIONAL SPINE AND PAIN CLINIC.
I’ve also had my doctor specifically write a note on the prescription to fill on a specific date which was 5 days early from day 30 because we had increased my dose for a week due to an injury and the pharmacist refused. So in the end who is treating me the doctor or diagnoses me and writes my prescriptions or the pharmacist who knows nothing about me or why im.taking prescribed medications???

Jeff Edney, thank you. These are exactly the issues that need to be addressed. So tired of having to jump through hoops and ride in car for long distance and feel like I must continually explain my pain when my medical file is quite adequate and should be no need to put me through this torturous routine and never knowing when the powers that be will decide to tell us the most cruel statement that I have read…learn to live with the pain…we do, everyday. The difference is being able to control the level of pain so that laying in bed waiting to die is not our last hope. Thank you again.


Pain patient is at the mercy of the use of meds to function along with other things. The people getting high will always be looking for a high. No matter what! It’s a difference between the dependency and addiction. The real drug dealers will now be who is slanging the fake pills forcing real law abiding, tax paying, home owners, providing for their families into criminals so they just don’t end the suffering. Worse die from something that is just not real or properly manufactured. After 5+ years a physical dependency is known. Cutting this isn’t solving anything. Isn’t that something a government should be considered important? The previous market crash was nothing compared to the wave of unnecessary suffering and dysfunctional approach. Until someone has lived with real suffering then they cannot decide. A doctor See’s the patient, discuss the real life issues, this is sacred and not sure how it’s becoming a political decision. Would we keep insulin from a diabetic? It can go on and on. Exactly what has anything solved? People with real pain aren’t the addict’s. Addict’s just blame everyone but themselves. It’s way easier to blame other’s. Not the real Doctor or the real patient!

Lisa A Snider

Thank you so much. I have not really had the words to say to a government agency but omg what have you done• it really seems like they don’t care one way or other. I was in a near fatal car accident in 2004. It has left me crippled an in tourmol world of pain. It’s been 17 yes of being on heavy pain meds and 34 yrs on Xanax. My Dr tapered me down 1 week in Jan. I’m at a lost of what to do an have never thought of suicide. It’s been crossing my mind to much an I’m needing help but to afraid to ask a Dr for it. No trust in them anymore

Pamela J Upchurch

I tried to discover if NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) is in this fight with us, but haven’t seen evidence of it so far. (I may be wrong, or haven’t looked in the right places). They could be such a powerful ally. They were involved in the Right to Try and Ophan Drug Acts. I have a ridiculously rare endocrine syndrome called MEN2B. It took 26 years to diagnosis me! Included in my diagnosis was Medullary Thyroid Cancer (no cure), Pheos on both adrenal glands (deadly), hypermobile joints (similar to Ehlers-Danlos), etc. I had my thyroid and both adrenal glands removed over 22 years ago and am on lifelong replacement meds. Two years later at age 28 I was diagnosed with the overall average bone density of an 80 year old woman, with the hips between 100-110 years old. The steroids that literally keep me alive destroy my bones but they replace my adrenal glands, so I must take them the rest of my life. Pain is a way of life with this syndrome. I have had so many surgeries. My primary doctor is actually familiar with MEN2B. (Most endocrinologists don’t even see 1 of us in their entire career). There is only 1 pain medicine I even tolerate. It’s an older med that hardly anyone uses now. I have to make special arrangements at the hospital before surgery to make sure they will have it. My primary doctor handled my pain mgt. for the past 10 years. At my last appt 3 months ago I was informed she wasn’t allowed to write any kind of controlled substances anymore, even though most of those weren’t even pain meds. She had been flagged by that incredibly flawed computer algorithm that doesn’t take into account chronic, rare, or complicated patients like me. She can’t even write Lomotil scripts! It’s a diarrhea medicine! But it’s a “controlled substance”. Don’t they see how ridiculous this is?? I rarely even leave the house anymore. But I feel a little bit less helpless now that I discovered the Don’t Punish Pain FB page a couple weeks ago. We need hope.

Alison Trowbridge

Thank you for putting together a list that so many could use! It is concise and polite which takes away the anger, resentment and time element one might feel in posing such questions. I will certainly share these and use them myself as I move forward to fight for all chronic pain patients. Wishing you better days, Jeff.

Walter Strickland

Everyone know tobacco and booze kills more people and ruins more lives than Any other drugs in this country and probably the rest of the world also But in the USA there is a tremendous amount of tax revenue the government makes on tobacco any Alcohol,so obviously they are not going anywhere.But again the powers that be cannot stop the root and cause of the illegal drug overdose true epedemic, so what do they do ,the put the biggest blame on the law abiding Americans because we are easy targets who go thru the proper protocol and sometimes have to put up with being scrutiny or so it feels like itto a lot of us CPP and not to mention the expence ,of going to our PARTIAL pain management Doctor to get a portion of the medications we really need to stop most of the pain so we can have some part of a quality life..I know the clinic I go to noone likes to go there because they expect us to be great full the prescibes to us what they will and not what is needed I understand the doctors fears but you have to do what is right for your patients.You know ,Fist and foremost to do no harm to the patients.Waht ever happened to that OATH our doctors took I believe the DEA has very little if any regard to that.I go back to my partial pain management doctor in the morning and will ask again as I always do for the medications I need and will have to listen to them again half ass explain to me we by not be graciously prescribed to me.I will grobble and of course have to take what I can get before they get mad and say I am a drug seeker and turn me way.I have a good report with my primary care doctor,but with pain management overseen by the government/ what else needs to be said .


what makes me so angry is after all the suffering of pain patients due to weaponization of CDC guidelines FDA are now talking about indirectly going after the legacy patients who had or have been stable for many years! How is this insanity even being discussed!!! my hubby has been on same dose and med for over 10yrs. It took a long time to find what works for him . His high dose long term pain meds have kept him working to support his family . Since his insurance company was given power over his doctor to decide what dose his insurance company thinks is appropriate his function and health has suffered. He now has longer flares and is struggling to keep working. His doctor reduces his fmla days and gives him trouble covering the increase days missed for flares. He is bearly hanging on and we have lost a car and are so far behind on rent . Since the weaponization of CDC guidelines everything with the doctor is a struggle. Going to see your doctor of 18yrs shouldn’t cause anxiety and stress but the guidelines have changed everything for the worst. my husband is not a lab rat! if his meds are working and improve his life then leave us alone! We just want our lives back!! we should have power over what goes on and in our bodies!

Jan DiSanto

Thanks for asking these questions. I have been on opioid pain meds for approx 30 years. I’ve had two failed back surgeries, have multiple spine issues, feet, hand, and hip issues. This past year, the pain meds (fentanyl patches and oxycodone) which kept me somewhat functioning, were reduced to a third of what I was previously prescribed!! I too, follow ALL the rules! I’m not going to get better, I can’t be “fixed”, have additional health issues, and live in CONSTANT PAIN! Why am I being punished??

Jennie L. Dutton

Amen. I would LIVE to hear honest, clear, and concise answers to all of the above questions. To be blunt, I, for one, am almost at the end of my rope, not living everyday, but struggling to just barely get by. I am DONE with this disaster. And I am 41. Have been on pain meds since I was 30. Even had a 76 year old male gynecologist tell me “If I do a hysterectomy all of your pain will subside”. And guess what I did, in an attempt to to live pain free? And did it work? NO. So I will continue to advocate for pain medications…they are the only reason I have a small semblance of life. And when I say “small”, I mean it. I’m fed up.


Excellent questions! Especially about the DEA and their underhanded tactics against physicians! Nothing will change at the patient-physician level until the DEA is stopped on their power trip!!

Loyal P Kuhn

This is a great study and covers a lot of medication, and methods for dealing with Neuropathic pain related to spinal disorders. Has anyone in the FDA even reviewed this information?


I am very upset about this whole situation. I have taken opiods for the last 6-7 years with no problem. I keep a count on my pills and have always had them hidden so no one will find them. I hate that my pain treatment has went from my primary care dr. Of at least 10 yrs or more, to a pain management office that knows nothing about me. The nurse practitioner tells me that i have to treat your pain. I had a tkr about 6 months ago and two weeks after she said she wanted to get me back to pre surgery dosage. Well, i told her i am at pre- surgery dosage.i didnt ask her how many pills she prescribed… i trusted her. She cut me 1 pill a day of my opiod. I normally take 4. She lied to me. She has also been having me try a different muscle relaxer for my back every month i go back. She told me she wants me to feel a little pain. I have had enough pain so far in my lifetime for at least 2 people. Know she wants to to try a different time released hydrcodone know that i have trouble with certain drugs….it will affect my breathing. This new change could be two much for my system and cause respiratory failure. I know this, ive read all about this. Why does the cdc want someone who doesnt read my charts and know my physical history to prescribe such a powerful medicine? Its just not right. This woman keeps drawing at straws. Lets try this, this month. My primary care handled my pain fine. You are targeting the wrong people. These pain management places do NOT know their patients like their primary care. And my health has not been the same since this woman took control of it. Its worse. I hate it!

Judith Jermark

When USA government officials, the FDA, the CDC, and the DEA started writing pain medication prescriptions for ill patents, genocide was allowed to occur. In this case, veterans, disabled, elderly, chronic and acute pain patients, cancer and palliative care patients were denied their legitimate pain medications and deaths soon followed A systematic effort to not provide adequate healthcare to citizens of the USA was begun as frightened healthcare providers, pharmacies, and wealthy health insurance companies went on their quests to thin out the population in the USA.. An increase in suicides occurred in the veteran and chronic pain patient populations.

The FDA, CDC, DEA do not have a clue what they have done to legitimate physicians, pharmacists, and pain patients. The pharmaceutical companies are getting an idea of their involvement because of the horrendous litigation they are undergoing.

The CDC says their 2016 “guidelines”??? have been misinterpreted or taken as “gospel” by healthcare providers who want to advance their own agendas with regard to opioids. I think not. The human rights of chronic pain patients have been discarded, as patients have been abandoned by their healthcare providers, pharmacists, and medical insurance companies. Patients rights under the American with Disabilities Act have been violated. Yet, with all of this happening, the federal government, the FDA, the CDC and the DEA has yet to present qualified statistics with regard to opioid abuse or addiction of he above-mentioned patient populations. Why don’t federal and state governments go after drug cartels and dealers on the streets selling drugs that cause deaths? How many actual deaths are caused by them? Aren’t they just as much to blame for drug related deaths as legitimate healthcare providers and patients? It is just easier to track down, go after and eliminate legitimate patients isn’t it?


I am wondering how some of us will recover from the dammage done to this point. Some of us have suffered many inflictions that will carry on the rest of our lives, many of them shortened due to inactivity from untreated or severely under treated pain.from muscle mass loss and atrophy . Others have lost the ability to fight , no longer having The will to go on. Some like myself just on brink of losing the will altogether. The pain worsening daily as I struggle to maintain a household. Take care of pets , elderly family members,and all life has to offer sometimes put on hold due to agrivated pain levels . We try to maintain but face disappointment daily and exrreme frustration hourly as things along with your life go to hell. Hoping but not optimistic the needless suffering will end.


Yes and when are our doctors who took the Hippocratic Oath by the way, going to care that they are a huge part of the problem including the stigma that I had to go to when I had a migraine that I couldn’t get rid of? Won’t go back to the ER as a last resort because the one medicine that works for me is Dilaudid and that’s a four letter word in the ER and has been classified as a ” we don’t give that drug for migraines any more” drugs. Did migraines change too so they will be relieved by a more “Dr Friendly” drug? Mine haven’t and it makes me boiling mad! First I get taken off opiods which means I’ve spent almost 2 years living in my bed now and have nowhere to turn when my prescription migraine med isn’t working. These headaches can last for weeks. Will we ever be treated as individual human beings again???? Everyone is different when it comes to our medical needs and that’s how our meds ought to be prescribed! Some of the E R docs make me want to throat punch them and I’m all of 5’1″ but it’s so infuriating along with the fake opiod crisis the government has tried to pull over the citizens eyes and has accomplished it in many cases. We are the minority. What else have they and will they lie about next? It was proven that the government study about the dangers of prescription opiods was false and they inflated the numbers to make prescription opiods look far worse. Do you trust their government data? I don’t! I also saw my primary care doctor in a different light and am looking for her replacement. Thanks for trying to help us all. I want to stand and scream at the top of my lungs sometimes because of constant non stop pain! This is barbaric!

Jeanette French


Susan Smith

Excellent article. I have been a blameless victim of the drug regulations. I was in a moped accident over 6 yrs ago and live with 100% chronic pain every hour and minute since then. The accident was not my fault.The F D A has wrongly blocked my ability to get pain relief by the arbitrary limit on pain meds my M D can offer to help me. Over week ago I went to hospice in the state of N C to end my life. Through God’s wisdom ,my two boys, family and friends I ended up choosing life over self imposed death. I was left in in a twilight zone e no apparent way out. I will be fighting their arbitrary rules until I can get the help I desperately need.

David sievert

What did i do? I followed the rules now i just want death to come.i believe none of the fda cares.


Well said, every word. Biggest for me is these political people lump overdose STREET drugs with prescription drugs. How stupid are they? They just want to preen and pose and act like they are saving lives – saving people from themselves- when they obviously have done no homework at all.

Rebecca Payne

Thank goodness someone is finally asking the right questions that need to be answered if lives are to be saved for the both the addicts of illicit fentynl/heroin as well as victims of the manufactured opioid epidemic. As a senior with chronic pain the answers are of utmost importance to not only my quality of life but whether life is indeed worth living.

Great, great questions Jeff, well spoken too, but you would fair way better to find a career FDA staff member that would lend a supportive ear rather than an upper tier bureaucrat trying to up his or her pay grade. They’re all industry insiders embedded within the agency that regulates them, the old Fox in the Chicken Coup story. After nearly 2 decades of dealing directly with the FDA’s upper echelon, I’ve learned they are not really looking out for us, nor for the public’s safety, but to enrich the various Drug, Medical and Food industries they represent. One senior level FDA/CDER doctor once said to me in a jokingly way; “We are not the Food, Drug and People Administration Dennis, get over it!”

Sure they may go through the motions like they care, holding regulatory & advisory hearings for all to hear and see, all the while deciding the outcome months before in closed door meetings. (I was present for a few of those.) Call me a pessimist, but its the sad truth! The FDA only listens to the industries that pay their bills.

Thank you Ed. Thank you Jeff! Great job! You hit the nails right on the head with each one. And Kudos to Red for helping you narrow it all down to that.
I am sorry for your sufferings and I’m grateful for the work you are doing on behalf of our community. Keep strong Warrior! Maureen M.

Jeanne Paschall

Those questions, statements are perfect from my point of view. My question is will anyone actually get to ask them ?

Billie McCurdy

How can the government keep pain medicine away from me that helps with my cancer pain on top of my other diseases. When suicide happens we will make sure to send the president a letter thanking him for taking away all the opioids for patients who need them. And everyone in Congress in every state down to the governor the same letter . When he visits veterans who have lost their legs and their life has changed forever is he going to deny them medicine for their pain? It’s time people they’re knowledgeable send out a letter to every government official in the United States about what they are doing two patients. If I had full capacity of my brain I would do it

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

I’d like the same answers. Good questions.

Jeff Edney’s questions are well crafted. They are worth posing to Federal and State regulatory officials and legislators throughout American medicine. These officials are presently engaged in a headlong face-saving process, trying to avoid being fired for incompetence and patient harms. You can call your Senators and Congressional Representative’s offices in DC and ask some of these questions yourself.

If you need factual backup for lobbying Congress, feel free to do a google search on “The Lawhern Files”. It will bring up an archive of my published work in this area of government policy. Again, congratulations Jeff. Thanks for joining the ranks of public advocates for people in pain.

Gail Honadle

Solid report Jeff, between you and Richard Lawhern we learn much more than the Propaganda being peddled by the MSM, Doctors, Legislators, and the CDC which flat out LIED. 1 for Revenge Director Robert Redfield whose own 37 yr old OD’d and survived on Heroin that was Fenatayl laced, 1 for Greed Andrew Kolodny who keeps repeating the same old tired lies he’s been spouting for decades. Owner of Failing Rehab Phoenix House. Who pushes Addictive Suboxone and Methadone. And would love to see Heroin legal to enable those who abuse Illicit Street drugs. VS those of use who Responsibly take the same dosage for decades of a Legal Pain Med so we can Function, and not end up a burden to family, government or others. We were functioning until we were FORCED TAPERED. Then because the Heart Attacks with death and Suicides got out of hand the FDA had to step in an basically force the CDC to admit they LIED. CATO CDC Researchers State Overdose Death Rates From Prescription Opioids Are Inaccurately High 73,000 Pills Fenatayl pills seized Enough Illicit Fenatayl seized to kill 1 Million people

Debunking Kolodny

Rosalind Rivera

The questions posed are valid and appropriate. As a chronic pain victim, I can only dream of one day, living again versus just continuing to exist. Other options of ending my chronic and intractable pain are intruding my thoughts each and every second that I bear this cross.

Gary Raymond

The answers to each of these 10 excellent questions promote illegal activity by the suffering and law-abiding population. Happy Father’s Day.

Jody Hoffman

I have been trying to inform everyone on this site for a long time now and I guess I need to submit an article but I have asked how to submit an article and get no response. The prescription opiate epidemic is all about making money off the drug rehabilitation system. There is millions of dollars earmarked for rehabilitation of addicts & for Narcon being handed out to everyone who has opioid prescriptions & Suboxone assisted treatment. Since when has any government officials cared about heroin addicts or any addict? We were the dregs of society and criminals and if we died of an overdose, well that’s just one less scum running around that is a waste of air. The head of the group of Physician for responsible opiate prescribing is connected to the treatment center business Phoenix House. He is advising Congress on the opiate epidemic. Follow the damn money


Wow! Perfect and concise. Thank you so much. I suggest we should all ‘copy & paste’ and send to all local representatives as well as Senate & Congressional Reps. in our respective states. Thank you very much, and I am so sorry for your pain. I am amazed you could put this together so eloquently. I hope your family is proud of you. I am pretty sure I understand the agony you went through to write that, and I’m in awe!

Alan dean Thurman

The unseen affects of a unfair opioid policy. No one talks about this, but this has the greatest impact on every aspect of society. I have read and read many articles and not one article has discussed what I’m about to say. When you take medication away from so many people who have been getting their meds prescribed and used in a legitimate way, only the people who were getting the medication for addiction or resale know the path, to acquire the pain pills(they know the insurance, policy’s, the doctors the pharmacy. It’s been said that the largest supplying illegal pain killers is done by regular doctor staff working the insurance scam, convinced by the hospital or doctor staff that their insurance didn’t go thru and then getting rid if that patient by any means necessary. Must people would just say, well it’s that dam opioid policy, and move on, (continued to a life of suffering and why? Because the fda mishandled opioids just like alcohol and pot were mishandled. It’s mi d boggling to think that people who are most affected are on Medicaid. The people who are on Medicaid because of medical situation, I have sat in a chair for the last two years and six months after my doctor retired. I have been unable to find a new medical doctor. In that two year period I have gained 85 pounds, spent every penny I had saved over a thirty year period, I eat out of a food bank. My 72 year mom helps me daily. The amount of fraud associated with pain killers is in every pharmacy, pain clinic. Hospital and doctors office. At some level this policy drives the price of a single pill from 3 to 15 dollars, so when the street value becomes that high every person is trying to get their hands on that money. So, the pharmacy staff takes your prescription and the hospital staff makes u wait 8 hours for your pain meds instead of four, the pain clinic staff just convinced people that the pain doctor no longer wants to see you, and they send your prescription to their friends

Alice Carroll

Excellent questions! It would give me hope if the FDA answered them. Having a horrible day in pain. Thank you for advocating for us

Barbara Snow

What’s left to say, who’s left to write, who’s left to call? The answer, nobody. Especially if you live in a Republican state. That’s all I know any longer. Getting worse all the time.