Sea turtles and tourists flock to Cancun Mexico for summer

Sea turtles and tourists flock to Cancun Mexico for summer

Sea turtles and tourists flock to Cancun Mexico for summer Image via Wikipedia

The stunning white beaches at The Royal in Cancun & Gran Caribe Real Cancun in Mexico are favorite places to be this summer, both for vacationers and for sea turtles. And in June, dozens of the sea turtles, a protected species, swam from the sea and onto the two resort beaches where they laid their eggs by the hundreds.

The eggs are buried in the sand to incubate and to hatch, all unprotected, and the exhausted mother sea turtle crawls back into the ocean and swims away.

With both tourists and the turtles active in the area and there in large numbers, this activity might have been a danger to the hatching baby sea turtles. However, the eggs and hatchling were made safe and comfortable the resort staff from both beaches, right in the middle of a very busy summer season with record high occupancies.

Weeks ago, after 45 days of incubation, the first of the baby turtles broke their eggs. And that same evening, the staff of The Royal in Cancun and Gran Caribe Real Cancun resorts took part in an operation to guide more than 200 of the baby sea turtles on their pilgrimage to the Caribbean. They were also helped by many of the resort guests.

The turtle rescue was organised by the Mexican Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). Specially-trained resort staff explained the life cycle of the turtles to hotel guests and showed how to handle the tiny creatures without hurting them.

Then the resort staff and vacationers went out to gather the baby turtles carefully and skillfully off the beaches and carried the eggs to protected nests in safe areas away from the beach and far any danger.

The turtle hatching will continue throughout the summer and the staff and guests will be able to continue to enjoy this wonderful spectacle of nature, without any harm to the turtles.

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