Space flights brought to you by Boeing

Space flights brought to you by Boeing

Soyuz is the longest serving manned spacecraft...
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Boeing announced today that an agreement has been reached with Space Adventures to sell fares on a space trip to the International Space Station.

This trip won’t be taking place for a while as the Boeing CST-100 that will carry passengers on the space trip is still in the design phase.

Boeing says that it expects to have the new model produced and operating by 2015.

The company is designing the Boeing Crew Space Transportation-100 to carry the crew to the space station but NASA has already said that they can carry tourists to the station, as well.

Space Adventures already sells civilians seats on the Soyuz, a Russian space vehicle, and has sold eight flights so far.

The new partnership combines Boeing engineering with Space Adventures marketing skills. While plans are to sell seats to “private individuals, companies, non-government organizations, and U.S. Federal agencies other than NASA”, no hint of pricing has been given.

Space Adventures has already teamed up with Armadillo Aerospace, based in Mesquite, Texas to develop suborbital spaceships for space flights for private citizens. Prices in that venture will begin at $102,000.

The flights on the Soyuz spaceship (pictured) have been selling for $35 million but these rates are expected to go up to about $50 million next year, once the space shuttles are retired.

Extravagant travelers can book a flight to to the moon for $100 million. The dedicated trip would have one astronaut and two paid passengers, going to orbit the moon.

Authored by: Richard Lee

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