photoEd Coghlan is a founding partner of the National Pain Report. Ed formerly was news director of the Montana Television Network, where he and his news operation won dozens of awards for reporting and programming. He later served as news director at KCOP-TV in Los Angeles, where he led the station to its highest ratings ever. Ed also serves as chairman of the board of the Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, which uses theatre to reach at-risk youth in Los Angeles County.


Gracie Bagosy-YoungGracie Gean Bagosy lives in Illinois and is a chronic pain/CRPS sufferer who is a patient advocate and consultant who helps deliver education and empowerment to chronic patients and providers. She writes on her personal experiences as well as her extensive and effective work in using social media to congregate and benefit chronic pain patients. Her website is

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Kurt W.G. Matthies

Kurt W.G. Matthies lives in Colorado and is a writer who lives with the pain of severe chronic spine disease. He offers in-depth analysis and commentary on pain medicine and chronic pain perspectives for the National Pain Report.

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Joanna MechlinskiJoanna Mechlinski is a lifelong Connecticut resident battling several chronic illnesses since her early twenties. A former newspaper reporter, she is an avid reader, passionate about animal rescue and paying it forward.  She shares her personal perspective and observations for the National Pain Report.

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radnovichRichard Radnovich D.O. is an Idaho pain physician who treats chronic pain conditions, sports medicine and injuries. He is a respected clinical researcher who participates in national pharmaceutical and medical device clinical trials. He writes for the National Pain Report on a number of topics.

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DrKentKent Smalley M.D. is a neurologist and clinical researcher in Oklahoma. He and his colleagues are working on validating new Neurology, psychiatric and pain therapies. He writes for the National Pain Report on integrative healthcare approaches as well as new research opportunities.

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Mark-MaginnMark Maginn is a poet, writer and social justice activist.

Mark suffers from chronic pain and was a longtime volunteer with the American Pain Foundation.

His blog “Left Eye Blind” can be found here.



Carol LevyCarol Jay Levy has lived with trigeminal neuralgia, a chronic facial pain disorder, for over 30 years.

She is the author of “A Pained Life, A Chronic Pain Journey.”

Carol is the founder of the Facebook support group “Women in Pain Awareness”. Her blog “The Pained Life” can be found here.



Arlene Grau

Arlene Grau is a young mother who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, migraine, vasculitis, and Sjogren’s disease.

In her “Miss Understood” column, Arlene writes about the many ways chronic pain sufferers are misunderstood by families, friends and physicians.



Crystal_Lindell2013cropped1Crystal Lindell is journalist who lives in Byron, Illinois. She loves Taco Bell, Burn Notice reruns on Netflix and Snicker’s Bites.

She has had chronic daily pain in her right ribs since February, 2013. It is currently undiagnosed.

Crystal writes about it on her blog, The Only Certainty is Bad Grammar.


Steve AriensSteve Ariens is a retired pharmacist and patient advocate who has a blog called Pharmacist Steve. Steve’s wife is a chronic pain patient.

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