Study of d-Methadone for Neuropathic Pain Completed

Study of d-Methadone for Neuropathic Pain Completed

A clinical study of a multiple ascending dose (MAD) of d-Methadone and N-methyl-D-aspartate (“NMDA”) receptor antagonist for neuropathic pain was completed by Relmada Therapeutics (OTCQB: RLMD).  The study’s conclusion marks what is anticipated to be the start of a Phase II clinical study for neuropathic pain beginning in 2016.

“The results from the MAD study further build on the positive results seen in the previous clinical trial of d-Methadone, as they confirm and extend the safety and tolerability observed in our previously completed SAD study,” said Sergio Traversa, CEO of Relmada Therapeutics in a news release.

“Given the high level of need for more effective and better-tolerated therapies for chronic neuropathic pain, we remain committed to advancing d-Methadone with the goal of providing a novel treatment option with virtually no opioid-related adverse effects for patients suffering from a wide range of pain syndromes,” Traversa added.

The study’s goal was to assess the safety, tolerability, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of oral multiple ascending doses of d-Methadone in healthy subjects.  Study participants received daily doses of d-Methadone over ten days.  The results showed a target therapeutic dosing regimen that keeps side effects in check while being tolerable, the company said.

d-Methadone (REL-1017) possesses NMDA antagonist properties with virtually no opioid activity at the therapeutic doses.  The activation of NMDA receptors is associated with neuropathic pain.  The company expects that REL-1017 will have a role in pain management by blocking this activity.

The company notes that REL-1017 contrasts with racemic methadone, which is a long-acting narcotic producing typical opioid side effects when used to treat pain, or as a substitution therapy in opioid addiction.

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Is this the same Methadone as it was prescribed for neurophatic pain control prior to January 2007? On 1/1/07, US switched to racemic Methadone to comply with “war on drugs” international policy. Suddenly, I needed to increase my dose from 25mg to 160 mg a day to be able to continue working. Within month this new Methadone form stopped working for me. I can’t get any pain relief since. I stay in bed 24/7 like a vegetable. I miss my work, social life, and living instead of surviving day after day, waiting for science to reach doctor’s offices. Please keep us informed about this new d-Methadone.

Jean Jankovich

I’m always open to better treatments for my pain. I suffer from both neuropathy and fibromyalgia and take both OxyContin and Lyrica and have tried to get off And reduce both meds with horrific pain returning. Without these two meds I would not be able to function at all and I still experience a great deal of breakthrough pain.

But, important for the CDC to understand is that I would give anything not to have to take these meds but for now no other medications provide the pain relief. I’d love to be normal again but have experienced too much traumatic nerve damage. I loved my job and hate not being able to work because of my illness… Please walk in our shoes for a day and see how we suffer before making any policy changes. And note that my wearing shoes and or any spandex type clothes for any period of time is too painful thus why you need to get out of the office and live with some of us to see and get a first hand view of our daily struggles.

Thank you and God Bless!


I am on methadone for addiction to prescription pain killers never done heroin in my life. I also smoke marijuana. And have been doing both for quite some time now. I also suffer from nerve damage, sciatica and some weird numbness on left side. While going on vacation I was unable to medicate with methadone for 2 days. My pain increase tripled to almost unbearable. Although I was able to medicate herbally which helped ease my mind of the increase in pain and increased stress levels due to pain I was still miserable. I didnt think going 2 days without 50 mg of methadone a day would practically cripple me.


D-Methadone is a different variant of Methadone which does not have the same side effects as opioid meds. For those of us who suffer terrible pain on a daily basis (mine being sciatica in both legs) any new contribution ot the pain killing armoury which doesn’t mong you out like the normal opiates/opioids is good news as far as i am concerned. .

Bonita Shockley

I tried Methadone first and I could not urinate when on Methadone. All I wanted to do was sleep and sit. They had to take me off over the urinate thing. They put me on OxyContin and Oxycodone.

Dorian W

I do not understand why they would even do this test. methadone has terrible side effects. the only case to use this drug is for people that have a VERY difficult time quitting heroin. From studying this medication and hearing views from pain mgt doctors the drug causes bone degeneration and more. It is no less addictive for a person with addiction issues hydrocodone and oxycodone has been successful for the same ailments.

This looks like a promising treatment, much needed by the neuropathic pain communities. Will be interesting to see if the phase 2 trial starts and, of course, the outcomes.