Supporting the Continuing Coverage of Chronic Pain in the News

Supporting the Continuing Coverage of Chronic Pain in the News

By Staff.

Last week, Fox News (yes, mainstream media…) published a 3 part series on “the nation’s struggle to address its crippling opioid crisis, and the unintended victims left in its wake.” If you missed any of them, you can find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

We at National Pain Report think it’s important to inform you of these stories and support such authors/reporters, as the wait for mainstream media to tell “the other side” of the opioid crisis, has been long in coming.

As one National Pain Report reader, identified as “Steven” commented, “ANY national exposure we get is better than all of the negative lies that have been put out since we all started to suffer IMHO. Healthy people are the new and waiting CPPs [chronic pain patients] and as bad as that sounds those of us that have suffered since the beginning are no different than those who have recently joined us. [Chronic pain] has started to bypass the government and [mainstream media] to get the truth out to those who usually only hear one side of this story and as far as truth be told it’s never too late for an education.” He continues, “There’s still plenty to do, but who would have thought several years ago that an article like this would appear? The struggle to gain sanity in healthcare is not over by any means, but holes are beginning to show. Now is no time for pessimism.”

You can find a fourth story by the same author, Elizabeth Llorente, that was also published last week – Tough new opioid policies leave some cancer and post-surgery patients without painkillers , that is worth reading and sharing.

And finally, for those of you who missed it – National Pain Report ran a story about a group of healthcare professionals who have taken up the fight, on behalf of chronic pain patients, to help protect them against proposals which would restrict opioid therapy to Oregon Medicaid patients, you can read that story here.

Please continue to spread the word – it is finally starting to find it’s way to the larger masses.

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Authored by: Staff

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As a chronic pain patient after 3 intensive back surgeries, it is becoming not only getting medication prescribed, but also, finding a pharmacy that will fill your legitimate prescription is becoming nearly impossible. The net result of this is continuing debilitating pain but now mixing in anxiety about what the future will bring. It is a scary situation.

Brian D.

I sent a Thank-You Email to Fox News about these articles, regardless of what some may think about them they deserve Kudos for these segments, I say Keep It Coming ! This is Exactly what we need, The other News Stations must follow suit, (If they have I have not seen it)


Unfortunately, I believe that we just got screwed by the segment on 60 minutes with Mike Moore. There is no way on this earth that these lawyers are no privy on the hundreds of thousands of us that depend on these medications just to make it through a 24 hour day. Yes they want to tear down the Opioid distributors and say that they are doing this in order to build more treatment facilities to help addicts. How many of these same addicts have been in numerous treatment rehabs but still continue drug abusing. I also believe that its personal with Mr. Moore, as a NY TImes report contends that his nephew whom is like a son to him almost overdose in the past off opioids. There is also no way that he would win billions and not have a personal stake in his winnings. When are we in this community ever going to have someone fighting for us? What will it take for the media to do an investigative report on the many people that are commiting suicide due to the CDC policies. This is ridiculous to say the least. I am so sick of living in this pain daily with no quality of life left and depression and isolation. This is not living.


We need a Utube channel!!
Telling the public about illness and physical limitations that come along with them. It effects all ages. The trauma a car accidents or injury can bring out conditions that they would normally deal with later in life.
What treatments have and have not helped people.
How political bias has left pain patients with no access to doctors and alternative treatments.
The TRUTH about the overdosing!!
What do we have to lose at this point!


I’m thoroughly disgusted that I was left to writhe in pain for days post-surgery because of the hospital’s misguided attempt at restricting opioids to prevent addiction. It didn’t matter that I came close to ending my life – it’s all politics as usual. These evil individuals don’t care. They just don’t care.

I lived through it but it left a scar on me. Then, in spite of having the most painful disease known to man, a kook nurse practitioner told me only cancer patients get pain medication, that I would be tapered off. I got up and left after giving them a piece of my mind. I found another doctor who saw my medical records and prescribed pain medication. But what I went through showed me how doctors follow orders as in Milgram’s experiment, as in Nazi Germany when the soldiers followed orders and gassed the Jews. We have a militarized police force that are brutalizing the public and no one does a thing. We are being conditioned to accept police/ government brutality. Just like in Nazi Germany.

What’s so sick is that the opioid epidemic started AFTER NAFTA and Bill Clinton KNEW IT, YET SWORE THE DEA TO SILENCE. How that simple-faced buffoon and his evil witch wife can stand and smile at the cameras knowing the human suffering that ensued shows a seared conscience.

Only 3% of the trucks rolling manufactured goods in Mexico were searched: the cartels found a perfect cover for exporting their illegal drugs into America. And the bought press spreads the lie that the epidemic is caused by doctors. It’s not. It’s caused by our own government not securing the border!

Anyone who doesn’t see this for what it is, is sticking their head in the sand. It’s a depopulation agenda right in line with the New World Order. They’re killing off Americans’ kids, and importing pliable migrants who will do what they’re told. Stop buying what the press is pumping into your brain and search for the TRUTH with your own eyes.

Julia Heath

It breaks my heart when those with addictions are seen only as victims (never mind the conscious choices that were made) and chronic pain patients on opioids to improve their quality of life for the injuries & illnesses that happened to them (not by their choice) are being seen as criminals. That is ZERO helpful to either group. Thank you most sincerely to groups such as National Pain Report for giving us a voice and for supporting us as we do our best to wait out the insanity that has come about from the lies and misconceptions about prescription opioids that have been believed. The truth is coming out, but so slowly that we’re losing pain warriors every day. We need each other, so from the bottom of my heart, please please hold on. There are many who care about what is happening to every one of us. There are thousands who are fighting for us – many of whom are chronic pain patients too. So even if you’re not seeing support from your Healthcare providers or state legislators, don’t focus on them! Focus on the ones who care and who are fighting with everything they have to get our situation to change. If you can’t hold on for your own sake, then do it for the ones who are fighting for you.

When I moved to Missouri 3 years ago I was told by Pain Management that I had to choose from my Percocet or Xanax as well. A combination that I had been on for over 2 years that worked well for me. They have since put me on Zoloft for my anxiety and it just doesn’t work!!! I’m so sorry this happened to you as I KNOW how you feel!! May I suggest essential oils as this actually works better for me.
Good luck & God Bless

We as intrackable horrifficly painful disabling pain patients with incureable medicial conditions are so so tired of fighting a evil forces of people and being hated,tourtured,persucited on every side for something we had nothing to due with but are suffering the blunt of this whole insanity! It so sad when the ones who should be at your side and rescue will be glad when we are dead! We have to have our adiquit amount of (pain medicine) to survive much less this onslaught of persucation don’t really know how much more we can endure?? It’s just so so sad!!


There is also this article by Daniel Horowitz in Conservative Review.

Kris Aaron

A good friend suffers from chronic pain and depends on Ambien to get even four hours of sleep. His physician was told by his employers that he wasn’t “allowed” to prescribe both a low dose of opiates and Ambien. When my friend said he was going to be forced to buy Ambien from an overseas pharmacy, his physician replied “As long as I’m not prescribing them to you, then I don’t care where you get them!”
This is what “one size fits all” drug restrictions have done to us. I have no clue why pain patients have become the target de jour for our government and those who own the industries our physicians work for, but their cruel “doing it for your own good” approach is driving us to break laws and doing far more harm than good.

Jackie Wells

Thank God that some Drs.are realizing that there are those of us with Chronic Pain are suffering and we are not drug addicts!!We have a right to choose how we want treatment. Opiates helped me live a somewhat normal life.My access to them has been cut off and my quality of life sucks.I have fibromyalgia,chronic back pain and anxiety disorder. I am 54 yrs old and since I have been off opiates I can’t play with my grandkids like I did,don’t drive much &can’t get up out of bed most days.Pain is real and those of us that have it need help!!Please help us…


Liz Llorente is going straight to heaven for bringing chronic pain management issues to the forefront of topical news.It’s far past time to illustrate the toll the ADDICT community has taken on the pain population.Many have given their lives due to unmanaged/undermanaged pain. The advent of planned suicide as a means of dealing with pain is abhorrent, especially in the case of battle torn veterans.
There is a vast difference between ADDICTS and intractable pain patients. Pain management meds increase the function and quality of life of intractable pain patients while decreasing both for ADDICTS. Simply because both groups use pain management meds does NOT make us, by any stretch of the imagination, one group. Intractable pain patients are dependent upon pain meds which is entirely different than being ADDICTED.
When pain meds become available to patients again, the problems that have been allowed to fester after patients have been neglected and or abandoned will take months if not years to ameliorate. People are now homebound, don’t bathe, don’t cook/shop for food in addition to a million other obstacles that will take time to resolve; if even possible.
Additionally, patients will continue to carry the #MedicalPTSD forever complicating their original diagnoses. There are not enough psychs to adequately address the fear, pain, distrust of Drs that are currently felt by chronic pain patients. The pain management Drs that exist are mainly interventional (cut ‘n’ poke) not med management. There are also relatively few if any med school grads willing to venture into the pain mgt specialty so when pain meds inevitably become available there exists no Drs to prescribe.
Decades will pass before patients can feel trustful toward physicians that have largely been, not only, unhelpful but belittling,flat out lying,maligning,dismissive, neglectful and finally abandoning. It’s not only the chronic pain patient who is distrustful of Drs but their supporters too.


Although I’m generally no fan of Fox News, I was very appreciative that they exposed the truth about what is happening to many chronic pain patients. Pain patients who use medication responsibly (and are often already on monitoring programs) did not cause the “opioid epidemic”. We are NOT the problem, and I hope that more of the mainstream media will recognize that fact and help to educate the general public–as well as members of the medical community that ascribe to “one size fits all” treatment plans. A great deal of needless suffering resulted and continues to occur. N/P Report has been a big part of raising awareness, and I’m so glad I found them!

I’m in my 80s and highly unlikely to be cruising street corners in search of illicit drugs. I have several painful medical conditions. I resent being forced to sign a ‘”pain contract”, provide urine samples and generally be treated with suspicion. However, if that’s what it takes to remain more or less functional and maintain some quality of life, I will do it. It is what it is, and at least for now I still have access to medication.

To the Drs in the hospital that denied this poor man opiads. May you someday know the pain this man felt. I hope you are also denied. After all you hastened his death and made him suffer. WHAT HAPPENED TO I WILL DO NO HARM.


Has anyone and their family members actually talked to their local and state representatives and their members of congress?
I did and asked my nurse sister to write on our behalf. Her response was she will write to them when I get cutoff. She like the 300 million who are lucky enough not to go through this B.S. do not realize how significant pain relief is to quality of life. Chronic pain will be with us forever. How many of our grandkids are going to suffer because of no adequate pain relief? They will have enough to deal with after what we leave them. Fight for them and write your politicians, please tell them the effect on your life and you refuse to let your grandkids suffer needlessly like us! Please don’t write your whole medical history or they won’t pay attention.

Jenny Wesner

THIS AN ILLEGAL DRUG CRISIS! It’s ILLEGAL HEROIN & FENTANYL not prescription narcotics/pain meds causing this death and destruction. The ill-informed in government who don’t understand are listening to P.R.O.P. (a bunch of crazies) and other anti-opioid zealots who know nothing about pain, pain meds, pain control or addiction. They are just nuts! They are the ones causing patients in pain to SUFFER and SCARING doctors into not prescribing narcotic pain meds for fear the DEA will charge them w/overprescribing narcotics. It’s all BS brought on by PROP and AG Jeff Sessions. He’s out, but govt still doesn’t get it. Docs are still afraid.

All opioids are NOT the same. Call illegal drugs “ILLEGAL DRUGS” instead of opioids. Call prescription meds “PRESCRIPTION NARCOTICS OR PAIN MEDS” instead of opioids. This is much clearer and deciphers between legal and illegal drugs (the ones crossing the boarder and killing its USERS).

Alice Carroll

60 Minutes December 16, 2018, did a piece on lawyer, Mike Moore who is suing opioid manufacturers saying they were at fault for misleading physicians about the addictive properties of opioid drugs and the drug distributors saying they were complacent by delivering drugs to pharmacies well beyond the amounts that would seem reasonable. He and his cohorts say any winnings they obtain would go towards treatment for addicts.

Moore is the lawyer that won the tobacco out of court settlement and the BP settlement. He hopes to do the same with this case by trying it in the court of public opinion. That is what he said and 60 Minutes did him a huge favor with this segment.

I wonder if he is aware of the thousands of patients who are being denied opioid medications and being dumped by their physicians? I wonder if he would care? I wrote a comment to this effect on 60 Minutes website but doubt if it will make the show as it’s off topic.

I doubt he would be willing to help our plight against the CDC and FDA as I’m sure he’d like to have them in his corner as he faces these companies.

I just wanted to bring your attention to this. 60 Minutes needs to do a show on the consequences of the War on Opioids from the viewpoint of the Chronic Pain Patient. We are the ones suffering and dying because of ignorant policies on behalf of our government but yet Mr. Moore wants to help those addicted to opioids as they are the crux of his case against the manufacturers and distributors. By helping the addict is he doing more harm to chronic pain patients whose lives are manageable because of opioid therapy?

Patrick Carosone

I have a great idea let all the drug addicts get all the drugs they want, kill themselves off overdosing and then the problem will be solved. Perhaps then healthcare providers can get back to helping those that need it. All these stupid politicians should get one full day of chronic pain and let’s see how they feel about their policies then.

Deanne Daniell

Unfortunately, 60 Minutes this past Sunday UNDID ANY GOOD THESE BROADCASTS DID! They had a feature on a LAWSUIT AGAINST DISTRIBUTORS OF OPIODS by the same lawyer who got the huge settlements against the tobacco industry! Just what we DO NOT NEED!!!!!


Thank you to all of you who are still able to write, contribute and gather important, necessary information into this platform. I still hope that one day I will feel well enough to contribute & help spread the word about CPPs using their necessary meds., responsibly. Again, thank you for your work on “our” behalf.


Please continue to help get the word out what Andrew Kolodny and the CDC panel have caused us!


Thankful they are starting to realize that people DO LIVE in chronic pain. We are not druggies. Stop the bad stuff from coming across the border and let us chronic pain patients try to have some quality of life.

Susan Domokos

Omg… yesterday I was advised that the state came in and mandated that anyone taking pain meds CANNOT be on Xanax Ativan Valium Klonopin or Ambien at same time due to dangerous outcomes…he said I had to choose…listen..I cant even make it thru the month on this combo…and adding cymbalta has me even crazier …I get more messed up on the cymbalta than the Percocet and Xanax…freaking out in Ohio

Karen C.

I just read the fourth story, it made me cry, literally. Then I became furious over what was done to that poor man, unbelievable.


Why do I inocent people have to die just because the government has no idea how to fight a war with the illict drug overdose problem? What if you were one of those people? What if your doctor was going to kill you and within weeks? What you do? How would you react and feel about? Tens of thousands of human beings are in this very position and at Chirstmas too! The rest of you deny there is any such situation or have been conditioned just to be ambivelent too it. Remember the Paradise DEW attacks. Deny, deny, deny!