Today’s golf simulators are nothing like the early ones

Since the 1970s, golf simulators have given avid golfers the benefit of practicing and perfecting their game regardless of the weather. Added kudos goes to the game developers, software engineers and golfers who've refined the golf simulator during more than a quarter-century into what is now: a sophisticated piece of technological hardware.

Improve your golfing performance with Virtual Golf

When the cold months of winter arrive and freeze the fairways, you lie in bed yearning for next year. You dream of future golf glory. The ideal swing. The ideal put. You think if it could just be next summer already. And if only you could get out on the course immediately.
Book now for the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

Book now for the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

As we approach the holiday season once more, many hotels and resorts are offering discounts to entice new clientele. The Ojai Valley Inn looks like a great destination for some relaxation, a round of golf for the men nd some pampering for the ladies. So be sure to book quickly if you want their special offer.