Thank You Mike Moon

Thank You Mike Moon

Editor’s note: We received the following email and video from Missouri chronic pain advocate, Mary Cremer. We wanted to share it in it’s entirety, as we believe her message and method are both positive, and we support that. 

Hi Ed,

I started this campaign to get videos or photos saying 4 simple words “Thank You Mike Moon”. Missouri State Representative Mike Moon has worked hard to fight for chronic pain patients. He gave us a voice on the House floor in Missouri. He used real statistics and tried hard to educate others about the PDMP and pain patients. Mike is the real deal. I can’t thank him enough.

How the idea about doing a “Thank You Mike Moon” video was from the heart. I was messaging with another pain patient. They asked where I was from and I said Missouri. The next thing they messaged is “Mike Moon”. I told Mike that people from all over the world know him. My friend from Australia made a video too.

So, while people from all over the world may know him, it’s possible that constituents from his area might not know how hard Mike has fought for us and how genuine he is. We need more elected officials like him that uphold the constitution and fight for pain patients. Mike Moon will be running for Missouri District #29 Missouri State Senate race. So, a video thanking him seemed like an appropriate gesture.

This video will also be made public so that people can share with their elected officials to show that we can unite. I am hoping to receive more videos. They can be sent on Facebook messenger or emailed to

The video I have compiled, so far, is me explaining the campaign for video collection, a video clip of Mike Moon on the House floor, and some of the videos I have received so far.

I don’t think Representative Moon has seen the video yet. I hope he realizes how much hope he has given to pain patients. Many politicians need to consider that pain patients are estimated at 50-100 million. Now add on their families and friends. That’s a lot of votes. And, our community plans to make a large presence in future elections. The videos are so touching. All are special.


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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Thank you Mike Moon!

Best practices of pain management and Human and Health Services are discriminating against women by saying women overuse and abused opiates. It is not our fault that men are too stubborn to go to doctors. It is not our fault that most Physicians are men. It just happens to be that women have to take care of their families / children and also work. We are willing to go to the Physicians to improve our lives so we could take care of the ones that we love. We don’t go to Physicians to be degraded just because of what sex we happened to be. If men weren’t so stubborn then would be just about as many men as there are women seeking treatment for pain. There are usually more women born then there are men. And Men usually die before women because they wait to late to take care of whatever issue they have.

Elizabeth Rogers

Absolutely! Thank you Mike Moon; also Ed Coghlan, Red Lawhern and others who speak out and fight for patients living with pain. I don’t have the skills to make a video, but it’s a great idea for those who do.


Thank you….


Thank You Mike Moon!

Sandra Auriene Sullivan

Thanks Mike Moon!

Can we get an investigation into Dr Andrew Kolondy?

He’s the one who has benefited the most from OUR pain!

He wrote the guidelines with the CDC.

How many can a doctor kill before removing license?

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Glad to hear this. Thanks for sharing. Yesterday I was at my two month pain clinic appointment and was was ask how I was doing but when I tried to tell the nurse practitioner I was told in no uncertain terms that she really didn’t care if I was taken off the small amount of Methadone and I should die. I also have Narcolepsy and my nervous system has been messed since. Here in Kentucky our situation hasn’t improved any. My wife has just received her Medicare but cannot use it as she is in daily chronic pain and has been for more than 20 years. I am about to give up and just wait to die. Death is preferable to what awaits me and my wife if I am taken off this life giving opioid medication. The nurse practitioner quickly diagnosed me with excessive thoughts of the pain medication. I am not happy with what I, a 24 year perfect record patient is being treated as. Our government does not care about us. I voted for Trump in 2016 and the torture began then. I will not be voting anymore. I cannot participate in this madness anymore. Thanks again for sharing your article and video. Thomas Kidd,, child of God suffering at the hands of Anti-christ.

Jeanette French

Thank you Mike Moon !!!!

Rebecca J L

Thank you so much Mike Moon!
Bless you.

Gail Honadle

Courtesy of Richard “Red” Lawhern for those of us who are limited in what we can do.
Prescriptions Aren’t the Problem

Doctors over-prescribing opioids did not cause our drug crisis. According to CDC’s data, nearly half of all overdoses don’t involve prescribed opioids at all. Among the remaining drug-related deaths in 2017, half involved illicit fentanyl and heroin. Only about 18,000 deaths involved a prescription opioid, and most of those also involved multiple illegal drugs and alcohol.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says most addicts begin to abuse drugs in their teens or early 20s. Contrast that with pain patients on opioid therapy, the majority of which are over age 55. Seniors are prescribed opioids three times more often than youth under age 18, yet somehow seniors have the lowest overdose rates of any age group, and youth overdose six times more often. Prescriptions aren’t the problem.

Restricting pain medication to pain patients won’t stem the tide of illicit fentanyl and heroin overdose deaths. Forcing pain patients off the only medications that work, providing no alternatives, and driving those same patients to street drugs and, increasingly, to suicide won’t help either.

Lawmakers must direct their attention to the real problem–the rising tide of illicit street drugs–and stop persecuting pain patients, the most vulnerable among us

Gail Honadle

New Survey Data Confirm That Opioid Deaths Do Not Correlate With Pain Pill Abuse or Addiction Rates SUICIDES associated with forced tapering of opiate pain treatments Chris Christie signs book deal that will ‘set the record straight’ about Trump, Kushner, Bridgegate – Roger Chriss: Mortality After Discontinuation of Primary Care-Base

Gail Honadle

We in Tennessee need to be calling our own State Legislators, find out where they are campaigning and confront them. Have a package of 4 or 5 pages no longer for them to read, use different writers, advocates who put links in their articles. Red Lawhern, Jeff Edney, Josh Bloom, use the Cato/Reason articles. Especially the where the FDA HAD TO BACK THE CDC DOWN into admitting they MISLEAD..LIED ABOUT PAIN PATIENTS. Congress Needs an Opioid Intervention The authors of the CDC’s opioid guidelines say they’ve been misapplied Today’s Drug Abusers Did Not Derive From Yesterday’s Patients More Research Shows It’s Not The Prescriptions, It’s The Prohibition


I’ll do as possible to thank Mike Moon. I worked cattle and ranches in Butler Mo. when young. I didn’t know any representatives cared.
For this I’m grateful.
I did all now being put out as new, prior to my first surgery.
I’d ask for distinguishing medicine use from drug abuse. I desire to be as useful as possible given my parameters. I’m going to be in pain. There’s no need to remove all desire for life. That’s foolish in the extreme.
Thanks for caring Mike Moon.
Dave Burdette


Awesome job Mary you rock BABY. And thank you… Mike Moon!!!


Thank You, Mike Moon for being an honorable, intelligent, compassionate human being and one of the very few in the United States government. Thank you for your courage and conviction to serve others over yourself on this unpopular issue that to many across this nation is genocide of Social Security and Disability patients. The government is well aware pain patients are being forced to streets drugs or taking their own lives while this government has dragged this out for years leaving American citizens in unrelenting pain every minute of every day.
No “one” deserves to serve on the U.S. Senate more than you!

Stacie Wagner

Thank you @Margie. I agree wholeheartedly with you about how being a woman inhibits the ability to receive decent pain treatment. Doctors immediately dismiss tears as hysteria and complaints as hypochondria. Now I dismiss them as sexists, misognyists with no core values who have abandoned their Hippocratic Oath. They do not deserve the benefit of the doubt because they should all be up in arms, screaming from the roof tops, that chronic pain patients deserve better treatment but instead it is mostly crickets. Women just happened to be the ‘first’ victims of the CDC prescribing guidelines. If more men came forward as activists this would probably already be reversed in every state and the discussion would be about how honorable and amazing they were.
I would also like to say thank you to Ed Coghlan because he continues to be a wonderful abnolmity that continues fighting for us all.
Thank you to every activist or outspoken ‘advocate’ out there. God bless you all and I pray that you receive that rare gift of great care and a wonderful physician from Santa Claus this year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ⛄🦌⛪🎄🎅🤶🕯️🕎🕊️🥂🐲🌍

Deborah Boyd

Thank you Mike Moon for being the voice 4 the community of chronic pain patients cross the United States. My name is Deborah Boyd I am from south Mississippi. Senator Wicker and Senator Cindy hyde-smith please pay attention did this man he’s helping the community of chronic pain patients the ones of us that have to have our pain medication just to function we do not abuse it we are not selling it please be a voice in south Mississippi.
Once again thank you Mike Moon

Donna Hill

Mike Moon hung the moon! God bless him and Mary. Just 4 words, please, not your entire health bio!

Ann Sable

Yes…just see my 2 comments on the article of taking asprin…

Mary Cremer

Thank You Ed Coghlan! ❤️

Maureen M.

Ed, Thank you for sharing this.
Mary, Thank you for doing this awesome work! We need more advocates such as you. This video makes it real. I felt their pain, since I too live with Chronic Intractable pain, and Systemic Lupus. We know that our meds, of all treatments, work for us. Best of all in your endeavors.
Merry Christmas and many blessings for your work.
Thank you MIKE MOON!! Maureen M.

Gail Honadle

We have a Part Time Legislature, they serve so many months a year in a 2 year cycle. They have made it so difficult to contact them on purpose, the Feds too. Many have gone to answering machines so they DON’T have to hear from us, making themselves not just insulated from those who Hire them, but won’t listen to us even when we call enmass. You can only contact your own legislator and it’s still hard to do, as the higher up that legislative ladder they are the less they want to hear from those who Hire-Elect them.

Many of us can’t travel, to their touring sites. I have a Chamber of Commerce Photo OP US Rep. Oh, he will take a photo op of him talking to a Hospital head, or Med school. But Not to Doctors and Patients. I’ve yet to see 1 of him talking to our Veterans who are at the VA, you might get 1 of him talking to the local head of the VA. Where all is Rosy according to them, but we know better our wounded and elderly Veterans are being Forced Tapered as we are in fact they start with them 3 months before they hit us.

I’m the patient doctors consider a Nightmare to treat, I react to most modern drugs from mild Hives to A Fib. Gastro, Neurology, and Endo + a Primary. Not 1 of them talk to the other to put a treatment plan in place. I’m not in a Pain Clinic, the Gastro outlawed pain meds except for very short Post OP, I live in level 10 pain. The closest thing I get to pain relief is Lomotil. 2 mg which is a class 5. It’s supposed to be an anti diarrhea med, but it only works on GI pain. Regular Pain meds shut down the Colon I am already having issues to keep working Gastropresis is Slow digestion, when you eliminate all Fiber out of your diet you must take meds to Force the Colon to work. Then it pushes you to Type 2 Diabetes. You can’t walk far because of back and feet pain from damaged Spine and Neuropathy. Ins doesn’t cover those expensive items a Neuropathy patient needs unless they are a Diabetic. The Federal Government totally controls your healthcare.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mike Moon! The government has ruined my life and my marriage of over 40 years is now hanging by a thread. We need more advocates like you!


Well said Margie, thank you.
And God Bless you Mike Moon, I wish we had more politicians who had your backbone!

To all the women out there, please look these up
Patient – centered care is key to best practices in pain management May 10th 2019

It stigmatizes women and all of these facts sheets saying that women in pain and have comorbidities (sud) or more likely to over use and abuse opiates. Also State’s women will feel stigmatized using naxolone and will likely not use it.
I am quite [edit] sick and the mistreatment and the blame that women are getting when women are five times more likely to have autoimmune diseases. No wonder doctors don’t listen to female patients when the government and best practices for pain management is blaming women as a Target for their so-called opiate crisis. It states they want us to do PT, acupuncture, Tai Chi, swimming, Etc except for the medication opiates that works. They want to talk about stigma where they sure are laying it thick on the women. We have already done all this crap that they have listed as like they are now inventing the wheel for the first time. Stupid stupid stupid best practices in pain management and human health services. They talked like nothing is ever going to happen to them that they’re above ever being in chronic pain. All it takes is some day a wreck or cancer or when their autoimmune disease starts to kick in that they didn’t know they had. So if I was a White male that was a physician then I would be believed that I was in chronic pain ?

Rebecca mcleroy

Thank you mike moon!!!! For standing up for chronic pain patients ,may God Bless you!!!!

I’m sending this to all Texas Senators, Congress, news media, putting this on my FB page, etc. God bless Missouri State Representative Mike Moon & I hope we ALL PRAY FOR MORE LIKE HIM & that we all keep Mike Moon in our prayers. Thank u, brenda pitts bennett

The only way to get the truth about us told, is to tell it ourselves. Rewarding those who listen to the truth. will amplify our voices.

No amount of hatred can cause love to generate itself.

But repaying kindness with kindness becomes a habit. We can make the haters irrelevant by doing what’s right.

Jon Mankowski

Thank you Mike Moon and those physicians who have not succumbed to anti opiate zealotry.