Trigeminal Neuralgia – My Dads Discovery

Trigeminal Neuralgia – My Dads Discovery

Editor’s Note: The following content is a customer story submitted to AVACEN Medical (an advertiser on for inclusion on their website; however, Tom Muehlbauer, CEO of AVACEN Medical wanted to share on first.

My Dad has what? The Suicide Disease? In the eyes of a teenager living with a Dad with Trigeminal Neuralgia (“TN”), life can be difficult. “You feel unsure of yourself, never knowing when it will happen again” as stated by my Dad. Executing daily tasks such as driving to work, brushing his teeth, even eating will be interrupted by the stabbing pain that is TN.

Claimed to be the world’s most excruciating neural related pain; TN does affect the lives of many in ways that manipulates their daily actions forever, including my Dad. He remarks, “It’s something you don’t want your family experiencing, you feel it’s a burden to your family knowing their dad/husband goes through this. During an episode you never know when it will stop, when you get a jolt, a much stronger shock will happen later. You have pain for a solid 2-6 hours; after it goes away you have an awful toothache for 2-4 hours.”

Dad would go to his room during an attack and feel facial agony for hours, remaining idle, powerless to the malicious disease taking over his life. My Mom and I would watch YouTube videos of other TN victims of people crying in pain. Is this the future of my Dad and my family?

When Dad was first diagnosed with TN, he would go see a facial pain specialist who would inject some type of novacaine in the roof of his mouth to relieve his misery. He also recommended ingesting cobra venom spray to kill the nerve pain throughout the body. The doctor acknowledged that “it sounds crazy but I have patients that say that the venom works.” We ordered the bottle out of desperation and noticed that it warped his personality, making him more aggressive towards us. My Mother then suggested that he should stop using it because of his changed personality and “who else knows what it could be doing to your internal organs.” The inquisitive doctor asked him why he wasn’t taking nerve pain medication and then scolded him saying that he is the only patient he has that is refusing to do so. My Dad said that he has researched the side-effects and that he wouldn’t be able to operate heavy machinery on the job site due to the fact he is a Commercial Plumber if he took the medication.


Avacen 100

Now for the purpose of this post. I want to let those with TN know that my Dad discovered a non-drug solution for his pain! Dad decided to use the AVACEN 100 muscular relaxation medical device to see what would happen.

He has been using the device in the morning and before bed for 20 minutes each session. He stopped getting the injections that were $500 a shot and were supposed to be taken weekly and as needed for the treatment of his pain. He now uses the AVACEN Medical device and ONLY the AVACEN Medical device and is now experiencing a pain free life with his family.

I am a fourteen year old 9th grade honors student and am interested in Neural Science and anticipating to have a career in that profession in the near future.

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Authored by: Cameron Vasquez

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Hi Michelle, I am the CEO of AVACEN Medical and the inventor of the AVACEN 100. I commend you for taking the time to express your feelings about the recent post I supplied to NPR from an AVACEN user. I also applaud you for not hiding behind a pseudonym which happens all too often, in my opinion. The AVACEN Treatment Method was developed by me for a family member with unbearable migraines and CRPS so I relate to your desire to stand up for the chronic pain community. First of all I don’t understand how you consider a young person sharing his story as an “advertisement-posing-as-an-endorsement”. Especially when NPR included with his post: “The following content is a customer story submitted to AVACEN Medical (an advertiser on for inclusion on their website; however, Tom Muehlbauer, CEO of AVACEN Medical wanted to share on first.” I think the NPR “My Story” venue provides a very valuable resource for people such as Cameron who want to help others by sharing their stories. I personally read almost every one of them. Actually, I am intrigued by your use of the words: “having had TN” and hope you take advantage of the “My Story” venue to share your TN journey and how you conquered this terrible affliction. Now let me address some of the other concerns you address in your post. First of all I have to agree with you that “[you] find it hard to believe it was written by a 14-year-old” (Note: Cameron and his twin brother will turn 15 on Christmas Eve). No doubt everyone who read that post felt exactly like you. I believe, I expressed that exact same sentiment when I first read Cameron’s letter after his mother emailed it to me thinking I might like to post it on the “Written Testimonials” section of our website. I explained to her that we don’t publish testimonials unless we have had at least 3 reported similar benefits for a certain pain affliction AND they fit into our FDA-clearance for either Arthritis or Muscular Relaxation. Therefore, although the Trigeminal Neuralgia results most likely can be attributed to Muscular Relaxation, I would need to have more reports before we can add them to our testimonial page (we have 15 pages of written testimonials that do not appear on our website). Because, as mentioned before, I was an avid reader of “My Story” posts on NPR, I suggested that she have him use that venue. She didn’t want him to be involved with strangers on the Internet because of his age, so I agreed to submit it to NPR, with full knowledge that NPR would ethically need to disclose it came from an sponsor. I’m sure you understand how easy it would have been to submit the post under another email account to avoid this NPR disclosure – we are not that type of company. I also recommended that a paragraph that extoled AVACEN Medical be removed to avoid advertising our… Read more »

Michelle Ziemba

Frankly, I’m surprised to see this “advertisement-posing-as-an-endorsement” here. First, I find it hard to believe it was written by a 14-year-old. More important, having had TN, I find it impossible to believe that this device would be effective at all, let alone work well enough so that one afflicted with the disease wouldn’t require any medication at all. Plus, there is not one word on the company’s web site about how $3000 can ease TN pain, so why this “endorsement” now on The NPR?

If this really works for TN, I’d like the company to provide scientific proof, not just one anecdotal report from a child.

I understand that you want to promote your sponsors, but chronic pain patients are so vulnerable, and many rely on others to do research that they can’t do themselves and I think The NPR is doing a great job of that. But this particular piece is bothersome.


I’m so happy Gabapentin works for you but most people experience adverse reactions that include somnolence (sleepiness), ataxia (decreased coordination), fatigue, and nystagmus (rapid movements of the eye). In addition antiepileptic drugs, including Gabapentin, increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior in patients taking these drugs for any indication. If that’s not enough check out the 17 pages of Gabapentin WARNINGS, PRECAUTIONS and ADVERSE REACTIONS on this FDA webpage:,020882s022,021129s022lbl.pdf

Just to be clear; the AVACEN 100 is FDA cleared for Muscular Relaxation not TN. But in approximately 500,000 treatments not ONE negative side-effect has been reported. That’s because we are a drug-free solution.


I would like to try this product. But they want $300 to try it for 2 months, that’s an expensive experiment, for me at least. I would buy one In a heartbeat, for the full price, if I could try it and know for sure it works for me.


I have taken Gabapentin for this same condition for years and have been pain free from it since I started taking it.

Rosemary Rocha

As a user of the Avacen 100, I can only espouse the many wonders that it offers to me, now a user for over two years. I am free from pain due to arthritis to my whole body and knee joints. It is very simple and easy to use, I use it twice a day for 25 minutes each time. The price is well within reason for what it does and there is simply not a reason on earth, why more people don’t know about this wonderful product.
Everybody should have an Avacen 100!