Vacation spots for young singles

Vacation spots for young singles

Cabo San Lucas is well known for its pristine ...
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Young people have the world at their fingertips so when it comes to travel, they are spoilt for choice.

One of the main considerations for young people traveling is where are the best places to meet other singles, either for buddying up or romance.

But of course, young singles, like people of all ages and backgrounds, taking in different cultures and sights is  also high on the agenda.

Here are some samples of great places for interesting sights as well as great day and night life.

1. South Beach Miami is a popular vacation spot for singles of both genders with a plethora of gorgeous men and woman enjoying the sun and surf as well as the beach-side bars.

South Beach is known for its night clubs, where singles party the night away until dawn, and often attracts a celebrity-packed crowd.

2. Las Vegas has so many attractions that people come from as far away as Australia just to go to this ultimate in single spots without seeing any more of the US. Las Vegas is not only for gambling, but as a place to see and be seen in the wide range of bars open all night.

3. One of the best vacation spots for single men is Margarita Island in Venezuela. This gorgeous island is a hot spot for men on the hunt for beaches, bars and ladies. Singles head out to Caribe Beach to explore the sights of Venezuela and meet new people, then hit the town for all-night parties.

4. Cabo San Lucas is also one of the best vacation spots for singles, especially during the summer and spring break. This tends to be the time when the city is packed with singles, parties and entertainment. Cabo San Lucas is popular among college-age men and women, and is known for its wild, tequila-packed parties and excursions on the city’s sandy shores.

5. For the ultimate trip, it is hard to go past Ibiza, Spain. This exotic island off the coast of Spain is well-known as one of the best vacation spots for singles in the world. From wild foam parties to sandy, white beaches where singles gather to tan, swim and surf, Ibiza is an entertaining destination. Ibiza is famed for its nightlife and is known to have the biggest nightclub in the world, Privilege.

Authored by: Richard Lee

Richard has been traveling since he took a year off from college, where he was doing a BA in Journalism. He traveled half the world, backpacking with his girlfriend (now his wife). They spent time in South America, Asia, Greece and much of Europe. After writing about his experiences for several airline and travel magazines, he never went back to college.