Virtual interactive story for teens

Virtual interactive story for teens

Random House
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Random House Children’s Books is partnering with Stardoll to give teenagers a virtual, innovative story called Mortal Kiss.

This will be the very first interactive story to be published on a social networking media site platform from Random House. The story will be in a make-belief town called Winter Mill, New England. The characters in the story are are: Lucas, Finn, Faye, and Liz.

Being the largest and biggest social gaming and virtual entertainment website for teenagers in the world, Stardoll, provides celebrity, entertainment, and fashion to today’s teens from around the globe.

At RHCB or Random House Children’s Books, the editors and writers got together and created a paranormal mystery called Mortal Kiss. Then, the programmers and artists at Stardoll put their minds together and created the entire story, from the plot lines to the characters and the clothes they wear, to all the environments to create a virtual world and illustrations.

This combines interactive features while the teens or kids are reading the story. It will draw them into the world and have them join in and take part.

Running until Halloween, Stardoll will be introducing the story, Mortal Kiss all over the world. Every day, three to five minutes of reading will be given to the audience which will build to a major cliffhanger every week.

Members of the Stardoll community will make the story come alive. They will shop for items from the story, create images, and give their voice about the story and can help decide its fate or outcome.

With school starting everywhere now, Stardoll will provide creative writing which will help students improve their school work.

There will be writing contests based on themes from the storybook and members of the community will be able to vote on different plot points in the story.

This should help get the teenagers involved with some creative writing while helping them with their reading skills.

Authored by: Cheri Youmans

Cheri Youmans writes for us. We wish her well.