Vitamin code raises the bar for kids’ multivitamins

Vitamin code raises the bar for kids’ multivitamins

Vitamin code raises the bar for kids multivitamins

Vitamin Code Kids raises the bar for children's multivitamins

Vitamin Code Kids is a whole food multivitamin that is chewable and is created from food-created nutrients. It’s from Garden of Life, a leader in the natural products industry, who recently launched this new multivitamin for children.

Garden of Life is designed to meet the nutritional needs of children specifically by providing 22 organically-grown vegetables and fruits to provide digestive health, immune support, physical and mental energy, support for growing bones, and eye health.

The new multi-vitamin is gluten free, has no soy allergens, is dairy free and is vegetarian. It also has ProBiora3 for Kids. This is a probiotic for oral health to support healthy teeth and mouths. It is designed for children four years of age and older.

A bottle of the multivitamins will contain 30 vitamin pills and will sell for around $16. They will be found at independent health food stores and national retail chains.

Garden of Life has also partnered with Vitamin Angels. This will offer vitamins free of charge to expectant mothers, children and families throughout the world. This helps communities and individuals in developing countries.

Garden of Life is a brand of Atrium Innovations Inc. They are a developer, marketer, and manufacturer of science-based products for the nutrition and health industry.

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Authored by: Cheri Youmans

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