We Are Not A “One Size Fits All” Society

We Are Not A “One Size Fits All” Society

By Suzanne Stewart.

I’ve had a few interviews recently, with people who want to know about “my story” mostly. But I’m finding out more and more that so many in mainstreamed society do not understand chronic illnesses or pain whatsoever.  There are 100 million people living in the USA, who live with daily chronic pain. We truly need to “talk about” this.  I’ve even been speaking with legislators to try and get some of these House Bills to NOT be permanent law. The people who are sitting on these committees do not understand anything about chronic pain, yet these are the persons making the medical decisions for us instead of our physicians. Most or many chronic pain patients visit their pain management physicians, now monthly. The pain doctors are the ones who went to school for many many years to learn about how to treat people who live with real pain on a daily basis. Why are these Bills being turned into laws without the consent of a pain Dr.? Why were there no pain management physicians sitting in on the meetings when the CDC guidelines were being discussed?  

Suzanne Stewart

The CDC guidelines that were put into place in 2016, were done behind “closed doors” and in “secret”; without any pain management physicians there to guide them at all. No, there was only PROP (physicians for responsible opioid prescribing), including their guy, Andrew Kolodny; who is a Psychiatrist.  He is an addiction specialist, not a Physician trained in the treatment of chronic pain. Why would the CDC set guidelines like these and allow them to be done like this in secret, by a person who is not even trained in the management of pain? Next, these guidelines are supposed to be just that, “guidelines”.  Somehow they have become the “law” without actually going through the right chain of events to become a “law”.  Physicians, pharmacies and others are now adhering to these “guidelines” that were meant for general physicians, not even for Pain physicians.  But some pain management Dr.’s have seen their colleagues have their livelihoods taken away by the DEA now, and they are fearful.  They fear losing their practice and everything that they went to school all of those years  to do. 

These CDC guidelines are not the law but Dr.’s are being “bullied” into making them the law in their own practices.  They have families and a life outside of pain management.  They don’t want to lose everything and I understand that.  But someone has to stand up for what is good, lawful and right!  We need to remind our physicians that these are just guidelines and not anything that legally must be done right now.  The guidelines, after all, were also supposed to be about stopping the overprescribing of opioids right after an injury or a surgery.  They weren’t meant to take the very lives away from the chronic pain patients; yet that is what’s happening.  People are dying and suicides are rising even though in the last several years, the prescribing for opioids has actually gone down.  Did you know that legacy chronic pain patients, those who were already on an opioid pain medication plan that was working for them, before the  2016 guidelines came into effect; are supposed to be exempt from them?  But that’s not what is happening in many cities and states. 

Today, in 2017, in our United States of America; people are being tortured. Yes, it is true.  Our service men, the Vets who came back from combat, after fighting for their country, return home to live with terrible and painful wounds.  They were the first to be denied pain medications and now everyone else is following.  How can a country let those who lost a limb or more, fighting for them; just live with pain and not try to ease that pain?  If you read the CDC guidelines in the link that I’ve provided above (in the second paragraph), you will be able to read that the guidelines spell out these words “reduce opioids UNLESS THERE IS HARM BY DOING SO”.  So many in our country are now being harmed by these guidelines that are being abused and played out as “law”.  Do you know that the elderly in nursing homes are now being denied opioids and left to live out their days in agony and chronic pain at various advanced ages? This is called “torture” and “abuse” and it’s just wrong!  Just as it is wrong to make everyone be at the same dosage of opioid pain medication.  We are not  “one size fits all” human beings. Just as 90MME or less, will not work the same for everyone. We all metabolizes differently.  Some physicians & legislators are listening again, to the non-pain management Dr.’s, who think that 90 MME is the highest amount that every single person should be allowed to take, no matter the circumstances.  This is truly torture for patients who are in need of more than that amount.  There are patients who must take more than that in order to have some semblance of a life outside of their bed. They are not groggy or high.  They are just trying to get by and live their lives the best way that they possible. To the surprise of the journalists and legislators that I’ve spoken with, the chronic pain community that I know and love, doesn’t want more opioids for pain relief.  They want only what is needed to get by;  to live some kind of life with lessened pain.  I was asked “If I could have more opioid pain medication, would I want more?”  I responded vehemently, “Absolutely not!”  If I did not need to take the medications that give me some pain relief, then I would not take them.  I don’t want more and more pain medications.  I only want the amount that is necessary for me to have some kind of life outside of my bed.  Lastly, I was also asked “if I am Pro-opioid”?  I replied, “No, I am Pro-patient”!

Suzanne has lived with a Systemic CRPS & several other chronic pain illnesses since a MVA in 2002. Prior to being disabled from chronic pain, she was an Interpreter for the Deaf at a hospital & worked with Deaf children. Since 2005, Suzanne’s been a patient Health advocate, support group leader & Mentor.  She continues doing these things today, but also does public speaking, awareness events and she’s a Writer/blogger & an Ambassador for the U.S. Pain Foundation.  For entertainment she creates advocacy videos & uplifting ASL cover song videos on You tube and she writes in her own blog Tears Of Truth. You can follow her here: TearsofTruth.com

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Authored by: Suzanne Stewart

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I am discusted to read about Phoenix house being granted 2 billion to fight the opioid crisis, if anyone had a lingering doubt about this “epidemic” being manufactered for financial gain by a bunch of moral entreprenuers and moral policy makers this should clear things up

Well done, Suzanne.

The CDC has made such a mess of opioid prescription guidelines that the only ethical way out of that mess requires immediate recall of the 2016 guideline, for a top to bottom rewrite. As you point out, this time, the effort should be led by a board certified pain management physician who has been in community practice, managing clients over the long term. And the revised guidelines must make crystal clear that NO patient should be coerced into reducing medications if they are stable and their function has been improved by opioid pain relievers.

Also needed is retraction of the artificial and scientifically unsupported 90 MMED threshold at which doctor analysis of risk versus benefits is mandated. There are many thousands of US patients who function quite well at 400 Morphine Milligram Equivalent Daily Dose. Some do well on 2500 MMED with low risk of opioid abuse disorder.

The revised guidelines must make provision for people who are poor metabolizers or hyper metabolizers of opioids. And Congress must immediately repeal the portions of Federal law that make these guidelines mandatory for the Department of Veterans Health Affairs. The guidelines have killed possibly hundreds of Vets in the past 18 months, by forcing them into desperation and disability, then suicide after their VA doctors refuse to treat them with opioids.

Perhaps above all else, our government must acknowledge the combination of errors and financial self-interest that has led to the outright lie that America’s addiction problems stem from “over-prescription” of pain relief to people in agony. Addiction experts have known better than such outright fraud for years: the typical new addict and the typical chronic pain patient are different people. Young addicts are most often adolescent white males with a family history of trauma, prolonged unemployment, or mental-health issues. Average chronic pain patients are women in their 40s or older by a ratio of 60/40 to men. But women in this age range who have no previous history of drug involvement have very low risk of addiction even after receiving opioid pain treatment.

It is time for the government to stop the war against pain patients.


Pharma and government agencies are NOT to be trusted period. Personally, I’ve gotten off long term opiod use for a severe back injury by using homeopathy and slowly tapering down the drug over a period of five months and using homeopathy instead. The homeopathic remedies have made me pain free after taking them daily for about 45 days. I’m very grateful to the person who told me about homeopathy and will never again use conventional drugs. Homeopathy is so safe infants and pregnant females can take it. I strongly recommend it to anyone with any health problem, injury or disease.

sandy auriene sullivan

We do need to sue, but not our doctors. We need to go after the Federal Government for discrimination against Americans With Disabilities. We are a target, we are dying due to *their* negligence which is grounds for civil action. We do not want money, we want to bring back sane policy and to stop hurting those of us who have proven disabilities; as well as proving disability in others.
If you’re new to chronic pain as my friend said, you can’t even get in the LINE for help right now.
Doctors are being bullied into taking on the CDC guidelines as LAW but they are not law. Doctors are terrified.
This study as with many studies is a joke. Just wait until some rich guy gets denied treatment. A doctor, lawyer or politician. It takes *real* wealth to avoid the guidelines. Like 100 million dollars in assets to avoid this [edit]. As those doctors have the funds too to take on the government.
It is time.
For example, I met 90mme in September on my own. Cutting on my own. Now he wants to put me on Suboxone because he was bullied in October by local/state/feds. Now riddle me this… how is 160mme with naloxone *safer* than 90 or less mme? Hint: it isn’t. naloxone doesn’t know if you are abusing or not, it only prevents euphoria from the buprenorphine. WHICH CPPS do not get from their pain meds!
My family, [mom, dad, s/o, friends ] all are against me being put on suboxone. They’ve never seen me abuse. It will put me at respiratory depression risk going from a 90mme to 160mme overnight – euphoria or not!
We are doing this all wrong and there’s case law to stop it already out there 20+ years old. There’s also protection against this sort of discriminatory practice to hurt ONLY chronic pain patients and force-tappers and/or forced/coerced suboxone only options labeling people like me as an addict as it IS off label use for chronic pain…. that puts me at an enormous risk if I need any other assistance from the ER or any other doctor who doesn’t grasp ‘off label’ [afraid colleagues] high risk scripts.

It reeks of racketeering.

Ralph Maddox aka: Old Hippy

I really do not understand why so many doctors are so Cowardly. As long as they have there Ducks In A Row they can’t get in trouble. Long as they have all necessary documents, drug screens, pill counts, x-rays, MRI’s, CT’s. They can PROVE that the patient needs the treatment he is giving them. I wish we could find some Lawyers that had the NADS to sue the doctors for Malpractice and TORTURE. If I were a pain doctor, I would sue the damn DEA for Harassment. There are doctors that are telling the govt. to screw off. A couple of which I have come to know here in The National Pain Report, as well as many of the other pages dealing with this issue. #1 Hippocratic Oath is: “First Do No Harm”. In my humble opinion, allowing your patient to suffer from severe pain IS DOING HARM! And Malpractice. Our side of this issue should bring these cowardly doctors before the Medical Boards, charging them with just that. So if a doctor doesn’t believe in Chemo or Radiation and just lets you die from Cancer, is that NOT MALPRACTICE! Hell, the courts have had parents arrested and jailed for not Vaccinating their children. How is that any different from not treating your patients’ PAIN???!!! While suing the docs., sue the CDC and DEA for accessory- Before, During and After The Fact! I am going to contact “ClassAction.org and net. Maybe we can talk them into possible suit against any doctor that refuses to treat their patients’ Intractable, Severe, Chronic Pain. Just a thought. Keep up the fight. PEACE!!

Ralph Maddox aka: Old Hippy

Suzanne, you can contact me at; lilmike11@bellsouth.net. Thanks for all you do to help so many. Ralph M. Maddox. PAECE!

Ralph Maddox Please Give the Ntl pain Report your email and I will contact you. Everyone, I want to say that I’m trying very hard and I’m writing, contacting legislators. I sat down with a state Rep a week ago or so. It’s amazing the ideas that the people who have no pain or medication in their lives have. I have opened the eyes of a few people but that doesn’t mean that anything will change? I’m just gonna keep pushing on and trying until I cannot anymore. Our laws in Midwest are changing this Summer & if that happens, I won’t be able to write anymore, I don’t think? I am going to keep educating as long as I’m able. Thank you! To all of you who said such kind words to me! It feels good to know that I’m helping someone! Thank you!

sandy Auriene Sullivan

The drama bangs on….. In September I cut myself back to 90mme – going off my 12hr and titration w/a week of no meds, then given only IRs. With my poor absorption; the 12hr wasn’t as effective as they should have been and the IRs worked, barely but something. MMJ only w/kratom wasn’t working. At or below 90mme.

Saw doc yesterday, get letter that he [a pain specialist] will only be prescribing suboxone. EOD. I asked him if he knew what happened to pain patients who are put on suboxone and need the ER for any other reason, that women especially were vulnerable and to *not* put me on a medication ‘off label’ for pain that we all know is for *addiction* and will get us labeled.

Now riddle me this… the paperwork given to me with the CDC information on it stated a glaring irony… that suboxone would be 160mme *starting* dose!?! But my 90mme [oxycodone] dose? Nope. Needed to be cut in half OR stopped and suboxone started in a week.

What the hell?! I know why my doctor is doing this…. they raided him! Did not suspend his license tho, as he’s done nothing wrong and always used the database here in Florida. So he told me, ‘that you cut your meds in half all on your own is commendable but Sandy, I am terrified….don’t know what else to do”

Ive told him for *years* now about the coming tide. Told him to be prepared for battle. Told him that good, clean, law-abiding doctors are being raided too, not just ‘bad’ doctors so tow the line sure but until you are ready to *FIGHT* this…. you’re going to be a target. Fight back, speak up, write letters…. all too late!

Sandi Puckett

My Dr. informed me he would be cutting back on my pain meds beginning next month. I was devastated!
I have been on same med for now 22yrs. Never gave him any reason to think I was misusing my pain meds. So when he also prescribed Narcan to me I was feeling insulted & hurt.
I could’ve used Narcan a few months back when a relative of mine blacked out. She is an addict from hell! She eventually came to, thank God. But I asked her to move elsewhere.
I feel as if I’m being punished for having chronic pain. This is so wrong. I was totally honest with my Dr. & told him he’d be taking what quality of life I have will be destroyed.
I am going to send your message to him. Though, our government has threatened all physicians that they could lose their practices. It’s not ALL Dr’s. fault if someone overdoses. It’s the stupid ones who aren’t seeking pain relief but a high.

MA Stewart

Do you really think Trump and the CDC gives a [edit] about people in cp. If they did we wouldn’t be going through this Bs now.. they don’t give a rat’s [edit] about us..u can bet if one of their people is in CP they’ll get what they need.

Jennifer Cloward

Thank you, thank you for fighting and articulating how we feel. It’s a helpless feeling.


Thanks Suzanne! I am a U.S. Pain Ambassador as well and constantly writing to all local and federal agencies too even the White House and President. I finally got a response back from one of our local congressman here in Florida and our governor wanting me to call them to discuss the issues in regards to chronic pain and the impacts and what I feel should or needs to be done so they can bring it up to Congress. I will definitely be following up and letting you all know how it goes. As a chronic pain PATIENT and a nurse for many many years in long term care, but unable to work now due to my AS- Ankylosing Spondylitis, osteoarthritis in my entire facets of my spine, both shoulders and clavicle, right hip, left knee, and hands, along with immunodeficiency disorder hypogammagobulemia, multiple bulging disc in cervical and lumbar region with DDD in entire spine, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, severe Fibromyalgia, IBS,Gerd, Esophogitis leading to swallowing problems, Insomnia , Anxiety, and the list goes on. It is so pertinent that everyone now especially takes a STAND!! STAND TALL, SPEAK UP, LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD, WRITE TO ALL LOCAL AND FEDERAL AGENCIES, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATES!!!! We are REAL, NOT ADDICTS AND I refuse to be treated as one and would and never ever questioned a patient when asked for pain meds other than routine questions such as pain scale and where pain was located. What other don’t understand is just even small amounts of opioid after all other therapies have been exhausted over and over help alleviate pain some at least enough to get out of bed and function a little to have some kind of quality of life. By taking them away or decreasing them from over 100 million Americans who suffer is inhuman, and by the way I am one of them as my pain Dr is in fear of the government walking in so he is weaning all patients off of ER medications. So the Low dose of Morphine ER I’ve been on for years with no issues, no drowsiness, no changes, now will soon be gone and I’m at half dose now and barely functioning most days. It’s pure HELL, torture, and NO Dr should be in fear of their license because of someone who has no clue about real pain and want listen to the real patients or pain Drs. It is sickening and you are right. It is not a one size fits all. What 1 treatment or med work for one patient may or may not work for the next. Also just because most of the time we hide behind a fake smile doesn’t mean we are not in PAIN. After years of dealing with pain people learn different coping skills and they are broad and across the board. Herion with Fentanyl is the main epidemic here not the REAL PAIN PATIENTS . IT all needs to be classified… Read more »

Mark Zobrosky

Once again you have touched the “Heart and Soul” of the Issues we face. We need to continually communicate to our Representatives the TRUTH of the face of these Chronic Pain Patients and what they deal with on a daily basis. Our Representatives must see that they serve their Constituents, not a band of Bureaucrats who are unelected, uninformed unaccountable to anyone. Keep telling our Story, Suzanne! It motivates many of us to tell our Representatives again…why they were Elected!

Dr. Mark W. Helfand


Thank you for telling the facts as they actually are. Not how the uneducated think they are. I have had CRPS for 18 years and it is still progressing. I am a dentist that had to stop practicing because of this condition. Your statements about different patients need different doses, I know to be 100% accurate from both sides. While practicing, giving every patient the same dosage of pain medication, would have been malpractice. Now, as a patient, my dosage of pain medication has changed over the years. It changes every day. There are days that I need 3 doses and days that I need 6. The amount of opiates I use have decreased significantly over the past years. Everybody is different and you have stated that eloquently. It is unfortunate that people without chronic pain do not, maybe can not, understand what our lives are like. You did, however, leave out the actual reason for the current increase in overdoses. It is NOT from pain patients taking their legally prescribed dosage of opiates. It is from analogues of opiates (mostly Fentanyl) that are imported from China. They can be a 1000 times stronger than the street drugs people are used to buying. These analogues have found their way into many street drugs because they are cheap. The street drug buyers unknowingly use drugs that are too strong for them and die from an overdose. The politicians are fighting the wrong war. They should be concentrating on the illegal drug trade, not the legal practice of medicine.
I am fortunate that I found a Physician and Pharmacist that haven’t been frightened by current situation. My life is bad enough with the opiates. What these uninformed politicians don’t realize is our lives would be unbearable without them.


With two decades of continued self reliance, after two spine surgeries with pain therapy and medication, no one outside of whom I wished to know,…..knew that I was a pain management patient. I have continued to own and operate my business that I started at age 25 and had operated until 02, 2017. I had to stop working as a direct result of 90 mme…..period. The president has stated that self reliance in any capacity possible, is an mportant part of life. I agree. So to set “policy” and treat every patient with lifetime pain the same, treated with any one method of pain management and especially 90 mme if that is the last effcective means of pain management is more than setting “ignorant” policy. It IS abuse. Patient abuse. Patient abandonement to an extent. It is understood by all patients with pain that pain generating health conditions will affect each patient differently so each patient must be treated differently. Reduced in medication for no peronal, apparent, helpful, beneficial reason other than an awkward attempt to lower the overdose rate is beyond sensible reasoning. How is…..by reducing my personal medication and countless others’ medications who have had successful, beneficial, responsible success with the use of medication, going to reduce the overdose rate of drugs in this nation? It is accusatory, that all patients that use opioid medication for pain management are somehow personally…….guilty, of contributing to the overall “overdose” rate in this nation. Patients have ALL been reduced in medication, pain management physicians refusing to prescribe, how can this be beneficial for the responsible opioid medication users? Apparently, it don’t matter. Regardless of our personal documented history of success with medication as the last effective means to remain self reliant and more importantly live with manageable intractable pain. It simply is rediculous to “limit” the physicians authority and rely on prohibition to make the “numbers”…..better. I don’t know anyone that feels as if they, or their life is simply a number, or statistic. It is furthermore irresponsible for the policy makers to interfere with “healthcare” that do not know, or care how negatively said policy is affecting ……..the other side of the issue without representation. An effective policy for the perceived opioid crsis has NOT been found and it is a joke why we even have to argue the point. I am reading that literally millions of patients have not contributed to the opioid deaths in any manner and have the documentation, records, if you will to prove it. I personally choose, to not drink alcohol, but n the same train of thought I do expect those who do, to do it responsibly. Alcohol use don’t seem to have ANY use other than recreational use to relax, de-stress, unlkoad the realities of life. I use medication as the last effective means to manage lifetime pain. To remain self reliant. To pay my recurring debt. I have different physiological properties than the next patient so I expect to be treated, prescribed… Read more »

Kathy C

Is anyone Paying attention? The “My Story” has been utterly useless. We saw in the Healthcare debacle that even children with Horrible Illnesses can be ignored. We see virtually no one in the Pain Community looking at the counter narratives. At the same time we see few Scientists, Researchers or Doctors speaking up. When they do speak up, their questions, are deliberately avoided by popular Media. The only voices that make it to Mainstream Media are the ones that follow the current false narrative. The heartbreaking stories of parents who have lost loved ones due to “Prescription Drugs” appear to be compassionate coverage of the issue. Anyone who has an idea of how Addicts behave would know, that they tend to lie.
Of course people were introduced to Opiates, because of Big Pharma Marketing, and a corrupt Medical System. The refusal to count or put these deaths in perspective, shows they are still obfuscating this problem. Our Story does not counter years of Marketing Misinformation, and avoidance of Science and facts. Event the numbers of dead bodies, are not swaying people to look at the Facts. They believe they have them already.

Cheri Furr

Excellent article, Suzanne. I think you touched on every group of persons suffering from chronic pain. You rsise very valid and excellent points. The fact that prescribing has been down but overdoses up proves that those truly addicted and getting “high” off opioids are the ones obtaining them illegally and doing such things as buying powdered fentanyl off the street (that’s cut with God knows, or even the strength!), melting it and injecting it. Officials who have seized powdered fentanyl that has illegally entered the country is much more potent than the fentanyl prescribed in the US. Chronic pain patients wear time-released 24/7 pain patches that they must obtain a physical prescription for, and that cannot be more than 30 days’ worth! I have been to the same neurologist for CRPS for 17 years now. I fill all prescriptions at the same pharmacy. She had me try everything possible before resorting to prescribing fentanyl. Even when on these patches, the pain is just reduced to a dull ache and never completely goes away. And a chronic pain patient NEVER gets high from oipiods! How can anyone from the CDC, FDA, the AG‘s office, or any other government official know more about my chronic pain than my personal physician who has treated me for 17 years??? I predict that more chronic pain patients will commit suicide because they can’t get the medications they need to survive the day. The suicide rate for veterans, who have never been able to receive oipiod prescriptions from the VA, is already at a very alarming rate.

Scott michaels

Ivebeen saying the exact same thing for well over a year.
Kaiser is the worst!
7 years not a problem. Now im at half the dose i was used to and im bedridden 20 hrs a day. I tell them butthey literally just dont care. Nobody does. Its like they want us to use illegal drugs so they can terminate our relationship or hoope we just roll over and die.

Neldine Ludwigson

Couldn’t say it any better Rachel.


Let’s change the current dialogue and political perception with numbers that more accurately tell the true story. I have been reading stories on this site daily for the past couple of months. Many of the stories break my heart as I feel for the suffering of those who have pain that makes my pain seem tame relatively speaking. I have also been inspired by people’s courage and at other times by all the great ideas. I have suffered from chronic low back pain for close to 30 years. At almost 52 years old I continue to search for the cause and have tried whatever the doctors suggested the last being a lumbar fusion. The list of therapies I have tried without success is over 30 long which also include a spinal cord stimulator, nerve ablations, more injections than I can count, tens units, radio frequency, gadgets etc. One year after my fusion my pain is worse than it was before surgery. Opioids have been my only relief going back over 25 years. Due to the length of time and how I metabolize medications I am on very high doses and for now I am lucky to have a very compassionate understanding doctor. I have still been forced to reduce meds which some days leaves me in severe pain with no way out. With all the political pressure, I am running scared like so many people here and yet I don’t want my great pain management doctor to lose his license. I am not an eloquent writer and this is my first time ever participating on any site other than reading them or buying from them. I decided to finally write today after thinking about our President making his speech and after reading an article about how many people have been killed from opioids. I realized that we need to change the dialogue to how many people opioids have helped rather than how many are killed. The article tonight had statistics that are in the paragraph below. All of us have seen statistics used the justify the war on opioids on some media at some point. Just take a look at the numbers and think about how small they seem compared to the number of people who are helped every year that are responsible, take urine tests, have pill counts and regular pain management doctor visits all while continuing to try to get to the source of their pain. So many of us have never asked for early prescriptions either. While any deaths are unfortunate and cause for all of us to care and take notice, I think when we all think about turning the dialogue to read about the tens of millions that are safely helped with opioids with only a small percentage of unfortunate deaths. That message will give us all a voice and also to our awesome pain management doctors that treat us safely. I don’t need to take time to repeat all of the great ideas for… Read more »


Suzanne, powerful article. I don’t know how accomplish as much as you do, but God bless you for your persistence & devotion.


Suzanne, you always write so eloquently.

I am forwarding this note to everyone I know. My pain doc is being harassed by blue cross. In fact, they dumped him due to over prescribing. It’s a crock, his practice has been super careful with my meds. I have peripheral neuro. Even with meds, many many days are spent in bed. I suspect connected to Lyme disease. Lost my co, my life, it’s ruined my husband’s life too. My kids are grown, and they really don’t get how bad my pain can get.

Keep fighting! And thank you all for what you are doing.

Dale Strohmaier

Jason Kenney will succeed in further seperating the party
Rachel likes to see this as Kenny is just an old party bully
The conservatives would have been able to build the party if Brian Jean
Would have assumed leadership
Him I would have voted for
Yes the Tories are back to thier bully role now with Kenny doing something he’s not capable of handling
Yes Rachel loves this result and she will easily put Kenny into the back row of spectators
Yes the NDP won todayb

Ralph M. Maddox

Suzanne, I have been trying to get media outlets in the State of Georgia to listen to us for a while now. Asking that they report on OUR issues as well as the people who have lost loved ones to OPIOIDS. FINALLY, I got a request from a reporter with WMAZ- 13 in Macon, Ga. He wants to hear My Story, or others that are suffering due to these “Guidelines”. At the moment I am not losing my meds. But my V.A. doctor just retired, so I have NO IDEA what may happen from here forward. I would rather have him interview someone that is suffering from losing their meds. Any suggestions?? Thank you. And Thank you for your continued help with speaking for us. I am not as articulate. Once was, but the pain kinda messes with my train of thought, sometimes.


Thank you for all you do, and have done for us by getting the word out. I’m asking all my friends and family to read and understand where I’m coming from. Share this with as many people as possible. I’m feeling doomed to say the least


The US Govt has a terrible record on torture of all kinds. Shame on the country that claims to be the ‘Land of the free’. In reality it probably has the worst human rights situation of any so called ‘developed’ country. How can it ever see itself as the leader of the free world? Shame on you US!