Wrap-Up: Opioid Substitutes and Suicide; EDS Study; Minnesota Cannabis

Wrap-Up: Opioid Substitutes and Suicide; EDS Study; Minnesota Cannabis

Suicide attempts are increasing by people who are using two drugs that are often prescribed as a substitute for opioid therapy for chronic pain.

Researchers found that patients who use gabapentin, an anti-epileptic drug used to treat nerve pain, and baclofen, a muscle relaxant, were increasingly pondering suicide.

The study was published in Clinical Toxicology. A longer story on this topic was published in Newsweek.

Suicide rates have jumped in the U.S. Between 1999 and 2016, suicide rates are up by nearly one-third.

And of course, even though there are no data yet reported, suicide rates with people with chronic pain are known to have been increasing given the restrictions on opioid prescribing that has occurred since the CDC Guideline was published in 2016.

EDS Study

The Marfan Foundation has awarded a team of New York Institute of Technology researchers, led by Joanne Donoghue, Ph.D., associate professor and director of clinical research at NYITCOM, funding to investigate the impact of Hypermobile EDS on the gastrointestinal system

One out of 5,000 individuals worldwide is affected by EDS. It is a rare group of hypermobility spectrum disorders (conditions where joints easily move beyond the normal range of motion) that affect the connective tissues supporting the skin, bones, blood vessels, and other organs. While healthy patients have connective tissue made of sturdy collagen, which allows the tissue to be stretched to its limit and then safely returned to its normal position, patients with EDS have fragile connective tissue with insufficient or faulty collagen. EDS can be life threating if blood vessels or heart tissue are affected.

Minnesota Marijuana Adds Chronic Pain Designation

Chronic pain patients in Minnesota will be able use medical cannabis legally next year. The Minnesota Department of Health announce it is adding chronic pain and age-related macular degeneration to qualify under the state’s medical cannabis programs.

The program’s two medical cannabis manufacturers will double the number of patient cannabis treatment centers in accordance with legislation passed during the 2019 Minnesota Legislative Session. These new sites will mean greater access to cannabis treatment centers.

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Gail Honadle

Since when did NON LAW GUIDELINES, OVER RIDE 50 STATE LAWS? IT NEVER HAS. The last batch was ignored and this one will be too. Not 1 item will fix this crap. INTRACTABLE PAIN DISEASE (IP) COMPLEX PATIENT STAGE 3 KIDNEY DISEASE
Fibrocystic breast onset at 12 years.
Fibromyalgia 40 years affects ALL MUSCLES
Hypothyroid 40 years, borderline 20 years prior
Hypertension PAIN CAUSED normal on average
Gastroparesis-Slow Bowel Transit
Osteoarthritis hands, joints,
Osteoporosis -3.5 L3, R. -4 hips
Peripheral Neuropathy Legs, Arms/hands PINCHED NERVES
C-3-7 V shaped with protrusions, 12/13- T disc bra band area bulge, annular tear, bone spurs. L2 annular tear, L4 herniated, annular tear, L5/S1 collapsed with annular tear. Shoulder tare is now larger and frayed.

Now we can add Type 2 Diabetes won’t know till Feb what the ENDO will do, BS is crazy. The diet for Diabetes is total opposite of Gastropresis, Diverticulosis and Hypothyroid.


I have contacted the CDC and FDA and both say that doctors are not required to follow what is recommended. Perhaps the ones that are not medical people such as the insurance companies are mandating the suggestions be followed. I don’t know for sure as there is more finger pointing than answers to solving this major problem. Also if we can’t get pain medications and other more expensive ways are the only option those that are holding up the pain medications should be the ones that are paying for those more expensive options.


Opiates are the best we have for pain, and giving things that are marginal at best for nerve pain is no different than saying to people we do not believe that you are hurting and that you are making it all up. Also even if you are in pain your life is not worth enough to give medications that will actually help you to be able to handle the pain. It is because of this that I left Kaiser years ago, as I could no longer handle the pain. I found a doctor that referred me to a pain specialist that was able to help me. There are MANY pain medications and all have different amounts of time they are effective and how much pain they treat, and so forth. The worst part about Kaiser is when I told them that I wanted anything that is effective and does not make me feel stoned they wrote time and time again that I was insisting on Norco. The only pain medication that they have in the pharmacy other than Tramadol. Part of the reason that people live longer is because we have had access to pain medications that allow us to go on living. When the pain is there all the time and gets worse, along with the fact that you are prescribed 3 pills a day that each is effective for at most 3 hours, it leaves you in pain most of the time where sleeping is even a challenge. Thankfully I’m not currently going through this myself but I was some years back, and my recommendation is fire your doctor. As they do not consider your life worth saving if you are being treated the way mentioned that only makes life suffering that only increases each and every day, and even those that support life say that it is a reason to end your life when there is no possibility of enjoyment of life again.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

The wicked evil insanity continues and desth by suicide will increase. Population control is the aim behind this. I am so tired of hearing about THC CBD oil and all the other money makers. I have zero confidence in the medical field and will never trust them again. I am beginning to welcome the death of this old painful body. Lord Jesus Come Soon.

I’m on both of the medications and I continue to tell my Pain Management Dr. that I don’t feel right and I blame the medication. Of course my Dr. just blows it off and even said “ you’re the only patient to say that”.

Has the establishment traded one good type of drug for a mix of mind altering drugs that keep getting worse & worse as time goes by ?

Recently I was told by my Surgeon that I needed surgery # 11. Insurance requires my Dr. to try other modalities before any operation can be done – the first modality was to double my daily dose of Gabapentin. There was no way for Gabapentin to repair the nerve damage at the L3 level – I have lost nearly all feeling in my feet and I’m forced to take a drug that has never been proven to reverse nerve damage.

While we point fingers at the “ Bad Guys “ lets not forget all those big insurance companies that have literally changed the way medicine is now practiced.

Linda Olds

Of course more chronic pain patients are committing suicide. Opiates, the only medications that work for moderate to severe pain, are being decreased or taken away.
Medications that are not primarily used for pain are being substituted, and if the patients still complain of pain, they are called addicts.
This is the result of politicians and lawyers butting in on what should be decided between the doctors and patients.


I believe that Gabapentin has recently been linked to early onset dementia. While the risks of opioids still remain usually to be addiction and tolerance. When will this insanity stop? And Pain Management Centers are usually a joke and profit seekers. Should be a criminal.

IN 2005 I was put on Neurontin post op for post surgical nerve pain. It made me very depressed and I stopped it. Lyrica had just come out so my surgeon then put me on that. I guess not much thought went into my side effect of Neirontin since they are basically the same! I then became full of despair from Lyrica, with personality changes such as screaming at others with anger because I was in so much pain…something I would never ever have normally done. The office manager told me to go see a psychiatrist! when I called about my side effects. Hence, I stopped that med immediately and the poor effects vanished.
In 2007 I was now seeing a Pain Management doc for chronic pain meds (my 4 spine surgeries disabled me and I live with severe chronic pain). I was still suffering with awful sciatic and other nerve pain. He put me on Gabapentin. it took a year of on/off with it due to it made me weepy, bloated, blurred vision and in a funk most of the time.
I could only tolerate the 300 mg long acting dose (called Gralise) though. Anything stronger and I was a mess!
But, it helped the nerve pain so I stuck with it and eventually just got somewhat used to the poor side effects. I went on to take it for 12 years.

Last year I was also diagnosed Systemic Lupus. In Jan 2019 I felt soooo ‘toxic’ sick one day and just stopped my Gabapentin. Within 24 hrs those side effects were GONE…no more weepiness, blurred vision nor bloating and I’m back to my real and happy personality. It was amazing! Plus, I have no nerve pain but on rare occasion if I overdo activity. But it goes away with rest/ice.
I’ve researched this drug galore and have told all I know on it to consider stopping it. I even got one of my family members to stop it…she was sooo depressed and crying all the time while on it for 6mths.
And, her doctor wanted to increase her dose despite that! She stopped it (thanks to my influence), had some PT on her neck and her nerve pain is gone! She’s doing great now!

Stacie Wagner

Lisa no I haven’t heard anything but look at this to help and good luck. https://www.governing.com/gov-data/safety-justice/state-marijuana-laws-map-medical-recreational.html

Stacie Wagner

Of course we are killing ourselves. Duh! Untreated or undertreated pain makes life not worth living. I struggle with that reality every day. Self-exiting is far better than waking up inside of this living hell. Doctors have abandoned us and the CDC, the HHS and the FDA are to blame for almost all of the suicide that has occured in the last few years since the prescribing guidelines were published. ‘The CDC killed me!’ should be written on all our headstones and they should have to answer for all of the death they had a hand in creating. The CDC created this epidemic of suicide in the chronic pain community. Stop trying to defend the indefensible by blaming multiple medications instead of telling the truth. They took away opioid medication that allowed us to live some kind of life. The CDC knew it was wrong then HHS made a weak recommendation to allow some moderations 2 years, too late and no one has done anything to fix it. Our deaths are at your hands.

Clearly these fatal outcomes need to be publicized and delivered to the FDA’s drug safety division as soon as possible. Physicians are at a crossroads as their drug arsenal to treat pain has had a massive setback in recent years. So they and their patients are getting desperate. The off-label use of these two drugs, especially when combined have shown limited efficacy while demonstrating severe adverse side effects, including suicidal ideation.

I am aware of two current studies that will show how doctors are exposing their patients to unnecessary risks especially with drug interactions. This whole horrible opioid nightmare has led to needless experimentation resulting in severe adverse events that need to be reported before they become accepted as a go-to standard.

So please act, get involved if you are aware of any adverse outcomes suffered by you, a friend or a loved one. Please step to the plate and speak up before its too late! Please file a Voluntary Adverse Medical Event Report with the FDA’s MedWatch program. They need to know!

Links: https://www.fda.gov/media/76299/download or https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/medwatch/index.cfm?action=reporting.home

Thank You

Mildred Bradway

And if your allergic to the entried plant. You get nothing for cronic pain?? Allergic to sulfur, can’t have Nsaids cause bleeding in Roux En Y patients. Cdc needs to get rid of the guidelines.

Gail Honadle

For all those who want to try MMJ DO NOT VAPE it. 500,000 people have been affected. If you start Vomiting STOP using. 3 MILLION have been affected by Cannabinoid Vomiting..


Gabapentin as stated is an anti-epileptic drug. I’m not a Doctor, but unless you suffer from Epilepsy, maybe it’s not the correct pharmacological approach.

Why not prescribe Sulphuric Acid or sodium hydroxide for acid reflux? This is far past the point of surreal folks.

Here’s a novel idea 💡, how about using a derivative of the Poppy plant that has a 4,000 year proven success rate to treat pain.

Max Beichert

Pain and suicide have a bell curve relationship with each other, beginning at the point where increasing pain can bring increased thoughts and talk of suicide but repression of action, both because of the physical and psychological effects of pain, and yet another point where subsequent control of pain can, for a period, actually facilitate negative action, because of an increased ability and the confidence to act. That is why it is critical for chronic pain patients to engage practiced pain management specialists early in the treatment process, rather than rely on most primary care providers (or worse, none).

To heck with our life-saving opioids we’ve depended on for so very many years in the past. Let’s just all get stoned, go grab a bottle of wine and try to forget the debilitating chronic pain that is slowly killing us all. So what if we sit around all day stoned and buzzed from our bottle of wine or what your preference may be, no one in an authoritative position here on earth cares about us anyway. The good point is it’s a l l l e g a l and Congress will gain more money through the continued sale of alcohol and now add to it marijuana.
They can open up clinics in years to come after we’re dead and gone for those that have a problem with marijuana (especially after they decide it’s a deadly drug and everyone must be tapered off drastically if not taken off of immediately) that is if they don’t ignore it like they do alcohol.
On a serious side yes I know THC works wonders for some and I’m most 4very thankful for this. On a personal note I know it does not work to relieve my pain and I know what does, as many of you. The consumption of alcohol has all but killed my brother, I know my prayers and my faith are the only thing that has brought him thus far. I suppose we just continue to fight the good fight for now, say our prayers and have faith. Oh yes I know, easier said than done but so worth it in the long run.


Why does everyone think that CBD oil will help all people with chronic pain I tried it and it did nothing for me CBD is not a cure all if it works for you great but please quit trying to tell people it will help with their pain instead say it may help

Kim mcmullen

There’s is no doubt people have taken their lives over this god forsaken mess. People have lost loved due solely to the fact that DOCTORS have been FORCED to stop treating chronic pain patients .
However as accurat as i believe your study is , i believe you will find the numbers significantly higher of loss to suicide by including the specific years from 2016 to current as this is the highth in time and ITS STILL HAPPENING of chronic pain patients opioid pain meds are being reduced or flat out stopped. If were going to tell the world what the actions of these people have caused lets be clear on time and numbers.

Alice La Plume

Three years ago when i was detoxed by a NP they wanted to give me Gabapentine . yes i had difficulties with it. At that time Channel 7 local new had a report on how doctors went from Opioids to that. ok This news person walks with a man who loves gabapentine to a point that if he wanted to get high he’d take more yes thats what he said another drug for druggies and from doctors . Now we have this from one perscription to another. wow . What the heck is going on. Let the truth be kinow no one cares, not even Cannel 7 in Boston get you acts together. Stop playing games with our lives.


Does anyone know when medical cannabis will be legalized in Utah and Texas?