10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy CBD Oil

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy CBD Oil

By Andrew Havens.

Many people are now discovering the benefits of CBD oil. CBD is a cannabinoid which is basically chemicals found in the cannabis plant. Some of these cannabinoids contain traces of oil.

One of the most well-known compounds of the cannabis plant is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Once the THC is broken down by heat and ingested, it can create a high. Although THC and CBD both come from the cannabis plant, it is only THC which is mind altering and gives you a high.

Although more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of CBD oil, many still associate it with marijuana and getting high.

Some of the many known health benefits of CBD oil include pain relief, reducing inflammation, anti-acne, and an antidepressant.

CBD is typically extracted from the cannabis plant as an oil or a powder. The oil or powder can then be mixed with a gel or cream that can be rubbed onto the skin or ingested orally.

For first time buyers of CBD oil, it can be a bit of a challenge, as there are many things to consider as CBD oil can come in many different forms. There is also a vast number of different products and brands on the market.

In order to get the CBD oil that best suits your needs, the two most important things to consider are the strength and concentration. Other factors to consider include purity and the volume of CBD oil within the product itself.

This infographic designed by Nganic provides the top 10 Things to look for when buying CBD oil and is a terrific resource for rookies and those experienced with CBD oil.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has become increasingly popular as a natural way to help people try to manage pain, reduce inflammation, and cope with anxiety.* Though the number of prescriptions has risen sharply in the United States over the past 20 years, many Americans are trying to limit the number of prescribed drugs they take – instead, searching for all-natural solutions to the aches, pains, and discomfort they begin to face as they age. For many of them, CBD oil is the solution they’ve been looking for. But not all CBD oil is created equal, meaning finding the right CBD oil could just be the most important part of their journey.

cbd hemp growing in a field1.  Where Was the Hemp Grown and What Might Be In It?

Hemp is a bioaccumulator, meaning it is capable of absorbing both the good and the bad from the air, water, and soil in which it’s grown. This makes it all the more important to know that your CBD oil comes from organically grown hemp that can be tracked to its US-grown source. The last thing buyers want is for their CBD oil to have accumulated toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. For decades, farmers have used pesticides to protect crops against insects, disease, and fungi – and have used herbicides to control weeds – but we’ve known for quite some time that chemicals used to harm other species can also be harmful to our own species. That’s one big reason behind the global push to go organic. People are starting to prioritize organic crops, whether you’re talking about fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, livestock feed – even textiles like cotton, wool, and flax.

Types of Cancer Linked to Pesticides/Herbicides1

  • Leukemia
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Soft tissue sarcoma
  • Cancers of the skin, lip, stomach, brain, prostate

Because of the potential dangers of these chemicals, the list of organic products people should seek out absolutely includes hemp – and the only way you can be sure that the CBD oil you buy is pure and free of foreign substances is by purchasing CBD oil from an organic source that can be traced all the way back to the field.

Key Factors in Sourcing

  • Organically grown
  • Grown in the United States
  • Transparent seller

Download Our “10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy CBD Oil” Infographic

top 10 things to look for when buying cbd oil infographic screenshot

2.  How Much THC Is in the CBD Oil?

For some, having more than trace amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) might not be a big deal, but if you’re being drug tested at work, operating heavy machinery, or fall into a number of other categories, you may want to keep the THC to a bare minimum. In order to qualify as a legal hemp product, CBD oil must contain less than 0.03% THC. Look for CBD oil certified to have low levels of, or zero, THC in them. Many reputable sellers do offer products that have absolutely no THC in them at all, so if you are concerned about keeping even trace amounts of TCH out of your body, it is best to look for those products and sellers.

Benefits of CBD with Less Than 0.03% THC

  • No failed drug tests (if zero THC)
  • No fear of mind-altering affects
  • Complies with the guidelines of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

  choosing the right cbd oil concentration3.  What’s the Concentration of CBD in the Product?

CBD oil is similar to other products in that it is capable of being “watered down.” Some companies will try to eke out a higher profit margin by fooling their customers into thinking they’re getting more for less. It is important to pay attention to the concentration level of the CBD oil you’re buying in order to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Although concentrations of CBD can vary quite a bit across the broad range of CBD products, a quality product will start off having somewhere between 250mg to 1,000mg per fluid ounce. This matters because if you were to purchase a 4 ounce bottle that contained 250mg of CBD, your concentration would be a mere 62.5 mg of CBD per ounce – hardly enough to reap the full benefits of CBD. It’s always important to look at the concentration level of the CBD you’re buying.

If the concentration of CBD is not listed, use the following formula to help guide your purchase:

  • Total amount of CBD (in mg)/volume of container (in ounces) = concentration level
  • Example: 1,500mg CBD/4 ounce bottle = 375mg/oz.

cbd lab report4.  How Do We Know the CBD is Potent and Pure?

Death and taxes are the only guarantees we have in life, so it’s important not to just take a company’s word for it that their CBD oil is free of contaminants. Having the CBD tested in a third-party accredited laboratory, free of the watchful eye of the company president, is the only way to ensure the safety, quality, and potency of the product.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratories Should Test to Ensure the CBD is Free Of:

  • Pesticides
  • Residual solvents (from the extraction process)
  • Bacteria and fungus
  • Foreign matter
  • Heavy metals

5.  How Much Total CBD is in the Product?

This may seem like a repeat of an earlier question, but while that question related to concentration of CBD in the product, this is simply a question of how much you’re getting in total. Most bottles are labeled in a similar way – “1,000mg CBD Oil” or “1,000mg Hemp Extract” – which generally means the entire bottle contains a total of 1,000mg of CBD.

6.  How is the CBD Being Extracted?

To get almonds from an almond tree, you can just shake the tree. To get juice from an orange, you can simply squeeze the fruit. But getting CBD oil from hemp is a much more complicated process. The cheapest and easiest ways to extract CBD oil from hemp commonly involve harsh solvents that can leave chemical residue in the CBD oil. The best, and most reliable extraction method, uses carbon dioxide (CO2) under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to pull out as much CBD as possible without introducing contaminants. Once the CO2 is no longer under intense pressure, it simply evaporates, leaving virtually no trace of extraction on the CBD oil.

Benefits of CO2 Extraction:

  • Ensures high quality
  • Uses no harsh solvents/chemicals
  • Free of butane & propane, and ethanol
  • It’s a standard solvent, widely used for foods and dietary supplements

cbd company customer service answering phone7.  Is There Any Accountability?

Some companies will hide under a cloak of darkness that the Internet can provide, but it’s a pretty good sign if the company lists an honest-to-goodness phone number you can use to reach real people. The companies with inferior products will often be very difficult to reach. Before ordering, try to reach out to the company. If someone picks up the phone or gets back to you in a timely manner, you’ve probably found a company that not only takes accountability seriously, but cares about their customers and the quality of their products.

8.  Is the Company Hiding Something?

It’s important to search for CBD products that are sold legally, with full transparency and accountability. There are myriad shady businesses, false claims, and products of inferior quality in the supplement industry. Finding a transparent CBD company is the first step to finding an ethical CBD company.

9.  What Are They Claiming?

It is a strict violation of the Food and Drug Administration DSHEA guidelines to make medical claims about the efficacy of CBD products in the treatment of any medical condition or symptom. Although preliminary research has shown tremendous promise of CBD oil helping people in pretty remarkable ways, legitimate CBD companies will refrain from making any direct medical claims. Be very wary of companies that defy this guideline, because if they disregard this particular rule, what other rules are they willing to ignore?

is cheaper cbd oil ok to buy10.  Is Cheaper Always Better?

When it comes to CBD oil, cheaper is most certainly not always better because the production of quality CBD oil just isn’t cheap. CO2 extraction utilizes complex equipment and a high level of expertise as opposed to the cheaper and easier chemical extraction processes that can leave residue from toxic solvents like butane, propane, and ethanol in the CBD oil. While the CO2 extraction will generally lead to a higher price tag, it does insure quality, purity, and potency – especially when used to extract CBD oil from hemp that has been organically grown in the United States.

Reasons Higher-Quality CBD Oil May Cost More

  • Organically grown
  • Extracted using CO2 method
  • Higher concentrations of CBD
  • Grown in the United States
  • Tested in third-party labs
  • Company is following rules/laws
  • Made from high-quality, full-spectrum extract, so other beneficial compounds are present

1 https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/ahs-fact-sheet

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Authored by: Andrew Havens

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Is CBD supposed to separate in the bottle?

Christine Gonzales

Please tell me what is good to use for my legs I wake up with chronic pain no carticlih in my knees. Very painful and my. And my right knee is almost the same so the Er. Dr. Told me to try CBD. Oil. But I can’t find it at any store. And I’ve tried everything in the book.

Great article and very educational. Thanks for sharing!

This has helped many including myself ide love to help you also

Thanks for sharing nice information, i was searching for the health benefits of CBD oil and looking for the CBD oil, by reading this article i found really helpful information. Also you have mentioned some of the best topic that How much THC in CBD Oil, How is the CBD Being Extracted and so on.

Great article ..I am with a company that does all you have wrote about so glad I found them.

Anna Simon

What’s your recommendation?


Good morning! I’ve been researching CBD oil for a couple of years and I’ve tried a few CBD oils. I am very satisfied with the one I am presently taking which meets all of the requirements stated, organically grown in the US, laboratory tested for quality etc . If anyone would like more information I’d be happy to help. Just shoot me an email at bahfriel@comcast.net. I’m a firm believer in the benefits of CBD oil and finally found one that works for me!

Thanks for sharing great information over here. I was looking for the benefits fits of CBD and i found it really helpful that how CBD can help in many way’s. CBD has multiple use and it can use for mental illness, heart disease, back pain and so many.


CBDs are the best kept secret for folks that suffer from pain, like me. Safer than opioids and beneficial for many health issues, including cancer!


Really good article and information as I am just starting my research. Thank you


Anyone have a legit online source for a CA resident

This article is right on. I have friends who have bought the cheaper CBD oil that really need the benefits and they didn’t get results. I looked at their labels and explained to them why. Quality CBD oil should NOT have olive oil in them… watered down. I use CBD oil for plantar fasciitis, bulging discs, arthritis and headaches. I’m a new person and wish everyone could experience this. Friend me on Facebook for more info or to purchase a quality product that will help you. I can help you get the answers you need and get a top CBD oil that does everything explained in this article. Plus, I can add you to a group that will support you through your CBD journey. Tap on my name at the top to go to my website to purchase a bottle. We have a 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee! This really is a top CBD oil with 3rd party testing, organic and non-GMO. THC free available, pet treats and relief creams too!


I have cronic back pain, anxiety and can’t sleep. Want to get off oxycodone and fental patches. Don’t know anything about CBD oils. I’ve been on pain meds for 13 yrs.


Good info but looking forward to a company name that fits these criteria.


I am looking to reduce my chronic pain. I suffer from neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and back pain. I cannot smoke anything because I can’t inhale.


@Jennie, Been there done that. The only place where I was able to purchase cbd legally was this verified place here https://bit.ly/2AqEi2r Fast shipping, great quality.


What is your recommendation on a cbd oil product?


I was looking for a right marijuana strain that could help me with my chronic back pain. I’m suffering from it for almost 2 months now I just don’t know if it’s connected to my work since I’m sitting more or less 9 hours. I came a cross with this marijuana strain https://eu.gyo.green/barneys-farm-cbd-blue-shark-bar-cbs-f.html . This is the first time that I would be taking medical marijuana I’m not sure if this would be effective with my back pain. Also is there any other way using it medically?

Really well written about CBD oil.

I recently bought CBD oil from a Scam company which sold Hemp seed oil instead of CBD oil.

It’s really difficult to judge which reviews are true and which are not.

So do a lot of research before buying CBD oil.

And thanks again for this article 🙂


I’m wanting to have some CBD oil tested to ensure the product is what it says it is prior to starting on a regiment. Wondering if you folks might know of a good reputable lab to contact?

@Amanda, I’ve put together a series of videos answering your question about how to buy CBD Oil. Here, have a look, https://youtu.be/STE62JqNDKw Hope that helps. 🙂


How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.


CBD oil is exploding with new products every week. Who should I trust and what should I buy?


I am in a pain management program and I was told that they test for cannabiniols across the board so even though there is no THC I could still test positive and be kicked out of the program. This is so unfair because CBC has been the best thing for PTSD anxiety and depression instead they would rather me be on multiple drugs with multiple bad side effects. Even though it’s legal in KY we re still in the dack ages. Any thoughts or help on this I would greatly appreciate how to get around it.


“Some of these cannabinoids contain traces of oil.” Ummmm… no. The author appears to be confused and thinks oil is contaminating the cannabinoids. They ARE oils (except for those that are waxes at room temp). And that was just the third sentence. I’d be a little leery about taking advice from someone who knows so little about chemistry.

Joseph Wisgirda

Now you need a checklist like the above for prescription drugs

Maureen M.

@Jennifer, great post! Thank you. I saw that confusion in the beginning but because I’ve done lots of CBD research I caught it.
I’m still struggling to find a proper CBD. Are you? The only one I have tried is from Hemp Lucid. I bought both the water soluble oil and the cream in a local shop. Please advise if you have any other info Thank you! Maureen M.

Marguerite Martin

As a representative with 2 companies that have CBD on the market and as a person with intractable pain and multple painful problems wirth my spine I can say that cbd does not work for everyone. It does nothing for me or for my mil who has a cancer like growth impeding her ability to swallow and has undergone radiation to shrink it. Everyone has a chemistry that’s personal to them for some it helps but for many it does not. With that in mind it’s a 50/50 chance of it helping and until you come out your pocket you’ll never know. Buyer beware.

Jennifer Reed

I appreciate the attempt to get this necessary conversation going, but this article fails to do that I’ sorry to say.

There is a tremendous difference between CBD from hemp vs the actual cannabis plant; not addressed the fact that you are discussing CBD from hemp in the beginning of the article is confusing to those who have not been able to do their own research yet. I’ve been trying different CBD products for 2 years now & at first read, I thought you were talking about cannabis.

There is more than one way to extract CBD besides C02 extraction, & nobody should ever buy anything without being able to see the third party certification of each product, & by an industry known center.

CBD isolate will not show up on any drug test because it’s not made from the whole plant; traces of THC are within the legal limit & individual states are now passing laws to protect employees who are medical marijuana patients. It’s changing constantly & many states have patient advocacy groups that help new patients navigate the big learning curve.

CBD alone is beneficial in many ways to overall health as well as chronic pain, but new studies are showing that small amounts of THC, called micro-dosing, are most successful in treating severe intractable pain in addition to a low dose of an opioid pain medication! This surprised me & I need to find that article for reference in my files!

CBD & THC are just 2 of many cannabiniods that will be seen on certificates of analysis; CBN for example is known to treat insomnia due to it’s sedating qualities & the list of terpenes, is long & each one has it’s own specific medicinal value. There’s a tremendous amount of learning involved with finding the right CBD product as well as the individual doseage; it’s advised for all beginners to “start slow & low”.

I appreciate your efforts in writing this article & don’t mean to disparage you, but there’s so much information that goes into this discussion & people need to be prepared ahead of time. One very important note is to make sure that nothing in the CBD will be contraindicated with many prescription medications, especially for diabetes, hypertension, blood thinners & anti-platelets for example. If a company’s website says their formula is a “proprietary blend”, call before you buy, please!

Good article, but it’s important that you understand HOW to read the 3rd party labs that these companies produce. Not all labs are created equal and a reputable company should be providing a full cannabinoid spectrum profile + pesticide, microbe, and heavy metal screening!

Maureen M.

Great post and information. Thank you! But, what is missing is ‘how and where to find’ a reputable CBD supplier.
Many of us have done the research but don’t know where to get good and proper CBD.
I for one, have bought it from a local Vape shop and researched the Co. who seemed reputable.
But now you have provided me more info to make sure I buy a proper CBD.
I tried it (in the winter time which is my better time of year pain wise) and it did seem to help stretch the time between my med doses to an extra hour.
But, in the spring time when I asked my doc if ‘Im allowed to use it’ he said ‘Yes, as long as THC does not show up in your drug testing’.
So I stopped it since I didn’t know enough about that at the time.
Now, I am at my worst pain time of year (summer in Fla) and I am back to researching more and desperately want to give it another shot for a longer period of time.
Can you please advise on ‘how to find’ the good CBD? Or am I missing something in your post?? Meanwhile I will try to find it on the internet…but should I trust that?!
Thank you very much!! Maureen M.


I tried CBD oil and it was just as useful for pain as yoga. This expensive commodity is just another catch phrase replacement theology trying to be substituted for what used to be adequate pain control treatment. Today at least my Dr stands there and says sorry as he lowers the dose by another pill. Thank you for trying. Our last ditch effort on Earth will be no doubt be to smoke MJ..


BTW Andrew Havens is the president of Nganic……..