2020–What Does It Hold for Pain Patients–And What Is Your Resolution?

2020-What Does It Hold for Pain Patients-And What Is Your Resolution?

By any—and I mean by any-measurement, 2020 is going to be an important year for the chronic pain community.
If the National Pain Report commentary section is any indication—and humbly I would argue it is-then progress toward how the chronic pain community is effectively and appropriately treated is an IMPERATIVE.
Since the mid 2010s-and I guess since we are in the 2020s the 2010s are officially the last decade-the chronic pain community has been hit hard by the government’s interference in the doctor-patient community.
It argues a broader point, of course, which is that too many of the chronic pain community have been adversely impacted
I follow Twitter (and so should you) and there is a growing consensus among “thought leaders” that how chronic pain is being treated is not patient-centric-in fact it may be anti-patient centric.
What does 2020 demand?
The answer to these questions are a start:
How do we know that chronic pain patient are being treated correctly?
Will the anti-opioid prescription trend continue?
Is there a chance that an integrated chronic pain treatment will be promoted-and as importantly-accepted for people who suffer from pain?
Will the governments (federal and state) start to consider the patient point of view or will the government point of view that “we know best” continue to dominate how states and the federal government view chronic pain?
Those are our questions:
What is your resolution?
What are you going to do in 2020 to make sure that chronic pain patients are treated appropriately?
Let us know.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I’m so depressed and full of guilt because I’m not the person I was since 2016. My life was literally destroyed as so so many of us. I’ve learned we have been studied without our knowledge just so the government can save money. It is so sad what has been done to us. I still cannot believe they did this and did not care what happened to us.

I am hoping things will change this year. A lot of info is coming out that they hid from us….

Katie Olmstead

AND that integrative treatments would be COVERED BY INSURANCE. It doesn’t help that something like acupuncture might help but it’s all self pay.

On a personal note, not a resolution in terms of the big picture, but just my own. I have had it with the level of pain I live with daily and how it impacts everything I want and need to do. Especially exercising (I like to walk an hour a day and dance many nights a week!). I am going forth to find new treatments, new docs, even surgeries, whatever the hell it takes. I need my life to be better. Not that I haven’t been trying all kinds of treatments for 21 years but I am at the end of my rope. Just saying. The only treatment that I am now, since I am 65 and get Medicare, being denied, and this is nuts, is Lidocaine patches. I could get them before I was 65. Now, it is strictly on-label and since I am “just” using it for debilitating pain, that doesn’t qualify.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I plan to present the case with Behavioural medicine on February 4th and I plan to take notes and calmly speak of not just me but all others suffering because of uncaring policies. I will do this if it’s God’s will. Thank you Ed.

What it means and what I thought it meant 2016 would be anyone that has chronic pain will be soon diagnosed with a mental issue. Because there’s funding there for that. And now I find myself in that very same situation even though I receive no pain medication not to my fault but for standing up for myself. And for standing up for myself again because I refuse to take amovig for my chronic migraines. So the neuro / GP decided since my stomach can no longer tolerate sumatriptan that I had some traumatic event. Which I don’t even know about, I guess they’re going to create that. I have no idea what that means for me but I am no longer going to go to any doctor. May God punish them for they’re Dirty Deeds and ruining lives. It is not enough to make me suffer in agony now they are going to label me PTSD. And there’s no grounds for it so I don’t get it how can they do that and who has the right to do so they’re not a psychiatrist. You get pigeonholed into labels because medication you refuse to take, just like people at PM refusing spinal injections they show you the door and then Blacklist you. The Physicians want the money that aimovig manufacturers kickbacks. I guess those are pretty good lunches. Their lunch is more important than my life.


What am I going to do? Well last year I decided I am not going to spend another fall/winter/spring without pain meds. My body feels like it’s on a revolving torture device and no matter the steps I try to do to escape; it changes nothing.

My goal this year is try to be more involved with family and friends, if that’s even possible due to the fact I haven’t been able to leave my bed since 2016 when Drs decided I didn’t need pain meds.. But I understand what will be involved with such goals and I will do my best.

Bright side, I was able to somehow push through Xmas when everyone came here. It was great fun! Had been years since I was able to do such a event. Still paying dearly for it..

In the mean time, I will keep watching the birds and weeping through the never ending wicked centralized pain that Drs refuse to help me manage.

Once Sept comes, all bets are off. I see VSED in my sights.

Take care!

Fred Jones

There must be some agency or person that charges can be brought against directly for the under prescribing a medication they can be tied to Medicaid or Medicare using a doctor’s information that would strongly indicate that this person either is in irreparable pain or died because they did not get the proper dosage type of medication and number of tablets on a continuing basis. It has to be a body literally, where to buy this person or people can be held legally responsible for the nine medication for a native-born American citizen who is a law or was a law-citizenabiding American citizen. They’re innocent American citizens who are suffering for no good reason and someone must be held responsible for their situation and must be brought to Justice.

gordon heinrichs

What is your resolution? I will publish my ebook, Rise of the Natural Therapies: First Do No Harm, in Feb. 2020. It’s designed to motivate patients to seek collaborative care (conventional medicine and natural therapists) for pain and other ailments. My YouTube video, Solutions to the opioid crisis, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bLw3J-MKHE, focuses on the opioid crisis and the collaboration which is required to stall the epidemic. Gordon Heinrichs DC

It seems to me that Medicare trying to find a way to get rid of people being on Medicare. My insurance is going up $70 a month on my secondary. It will seem that the cost of insurance no matter where it comes from is going to be too high that no one can afford it . medical community needing payments from insurance will implode on itself. The frustrations / mistreatment of chronic pain people by Interventional pain clinics decide 2 never go back to the clinics just either deal with it at home or take themselves out. I did see a show American Pickers this artist was designing artwork that people can look into to be 3D for pain management. Anyway the artist said that people were being studied using 3D glasses instead of grabbing a bottle of Vicodin. I feel like we’re being studied here on NPR. I feel like we’ve gone back to the 1800s where whatever happened to you happened and you just had to deal with it best you could. FDA is a joke. I’ve been taking medicine that can cause cancer or 3 years now.


My new year’s resolution is as follows: Besides going to the gym I resolve to email my state officials, governor, congressmen and senators and explain the facts and only the facts, short and sweet, 98.8% of ALL opioid overdoses are from heroin and/or fentanyl and 1.2% is from patients with legitimate prescriptions. Then I’ll ask why therefore, chronic pain patients are having their lives literally ruined for no good reason. That’s all they need to know but we have to send two emails a week to the same government officials so we get noticed. You can write one letter one time, then just copy and paste it to every official. That’s my resolution, how about everyone else?


I live in WV the back end of everywhere. Our politicians have a one size fits all mentality. If you were taking opoids you were an addict and should be treated like a junkie. Deny opoids as treatment and force our seniors into early graves. Until you can’t do anything without being in acute stabbing pain. You will never understand. My new years resolution is to continue to suffer as long as I can. Crying or shouting out to any who will listen. I’m not a junkie I was NEVER addicted and over the counter Tylenol is cruel and unusual treatment for my chronic pain. Deny till they die is not a motto our politicians should strive for.


I’ll keep on doing what I’ve always done and that’s all I can do. AND, please stop telling pain patients no whining and any and all remarks like that, this problem is real! You haven’t faced it yet! Until you and others ‘in charge’ have the compassion, the humaness and every other good trait you should have with regard to pain, the absolute worst (ailment) anyone, anywhere could have and have to live with in addition to being mocked and laughed at by society, then we ‘pain patients’ will suffer at your hands! This is REAL, we HURT, not emotionally, we hurt physically and we need help. How many times do we have to say it before any person or animal even hears us? My dog pays more, much more attention to my pain than (all of you) do. And through it all, we haven’t completely given up yet!

James McCay

I’m DONE! My resolution for 2020 is to DO NOTHING! I’ve become far too sick to be FIGHTING ANYTHING ANYMORE for anyone; including myself!

If my opioid pain medication is lowered ONE MORE PILL, I’ll do WHATEVER I HAVE TO DO to keep my already excruciating widespread pain from getting any higher. Otherwise I’m not letting this UNNECESSARY “War On Opioids” (for Chronic Intractable Pain patients) affect me, period.


I wish everyone who can fight the best…

Good question Ed.

I am going to continue work as an advocate for pain education, the biopsychosocial model of pain, interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation, and more self-responsibility.


I see nothing changing until Andrew Kolodney dies or is removed from CDC.


There needs to be pressure put on the government to legalize marijuana for the use of chronic pain. Concentrated doses of marijuana have a huge effect on the treatment of severe pain. I’m not talkin about smoking it because smoking it was does not making any sense. Carcinogens and poisons In Smoke inhaled in the lungs can cause severe damage. Ingestion marijuana has been known to increase potency of the substance and also help to treats pain which is the very reason it should be taken in the first place. I’m not talkin about recreational use I’m talkin about big Pharma and the government working together to create concentrated medications to be acceptably prescribed my doctors to help us manage. And some or most cases there should be at least studies on this but I can tell you first-hand that opioids are less need it in high doses let’s do use of marijuana concentrate. The fact that they are made in Candy’s and other attractive Edibles for younger people is a non-issue. We are adults and we know how to avoid that situation. the government needs to not only Legalize It on the federal level but it also needs to provide us with access because it does work. Not just CBD but other cannabinoids as well in combination work on opioid receptors and reducing pain on a serious level. Our federal government needs to wake up and smell the roses before people start dying in droves way more than the statistics are recording from the CDC after the fact. People need to join together and this one particular subject matter. I truly believe that it is the way app of pain torture that has been created by the so-called opioid crisis. Crackdown on illegal drugs and do all of the above and the world will be a better place


We need a federal investigation of how this drug war on patients started and what, exactly, was the impetus.
This police state tactic in our medicine has greatly reduced any trust there was between doctors and patients. It has also enabled doctors of ill intent to harm their patients. The doctor as god idea; never question the doctor or know more than them; never protest even when one knows they are wrong, has got to stop.
Patients also need to get over their learned helplessness when in a doctor’s office. We are, mostly, very learned about our own conditions and many of us have years of experience with our disabilities. To have to be treated by someone with limited experience or, worse, with a parochial attitude of privilege is maddening when they won’t listen and grow with us. If we don’t know about our condition, we’d better learn…fast
Once again, government has attacked our constitutional right to privacy, by fear tactics, and broken HIPPA law to boot. This needs investigation as many businesses have made money off our suffering and our government has decided strange interventions on people in pain.
It is state-sponsored torture, IMO.

Doctors(andpatients)ofCourage is pledged to get rid of the incumbent legislators that are maintaining the propaganda against opioids (and other drugs), and show everyone that drugs are not the cause of addiction. It is imperative that the chronic pain community gets behind this, or it will be generations before we see change and addiction will skyrocket because of what is really causing it in the first place.

Please follow our lead, join us on our Monday night webinar on the Communication Campaign, and you will receive free membership for that week on the membership site, where you can work quickly in your communication.

We also need help with our candidate questionnaire. Every state needs to be covered. So please get on board.

Gail Honadle

There is NO benefits. Piece of [edit] that has NO weight of law to override 50 state laws. Unless your wisdom teeth have to be surgically removed there is no difference than getting 1 tooth pulled. I had 10 at 1 time, then bone spurs, then Jaw Re-sculpted. Take Tylenol. I’m Stage 3 Kidney and severe GI. So NO OTC Junk. Insufficient pain pills 3 and 2 days of low dose Norco. Now tripped over Diabetic A1C1, have to wait till Feb to see the Endo. BS is all over the place. Neurologist is NOT allowed to give me more than 20 mg per day of Valium. Breathing issues by others determines that. I don’t have that issue. If the ENDO would declare me a treated Diabetic I’d receive FULL Neurological benefits for the Neuropathy not the partial I’m allowed by Tricare Life, only diagnosed Diabetics get full coverage. There is NO difference in Neuropathy no matter the cause of it, if it is Spinal or Diabetic. Just different DoD regs.

Dick fort

I’m not gunna do anything probably cause nothing is gunna change, there not all a sudden gunna give us our decency of life back ain’t gunna happen, unless it happens to them which it won’t cause there rich and have the best doctors available that give them whatever they need or want… Everyone here does know it’s only the middle class and poor that arenting getting what they need opiate wise right, if ur a senator or lawyer or rich, you can get whatever u want treatment wise and are treated totally different. even if the guidelines are changed and re wrote like there hopefully going to do and suppose to do , I truely think it’ll be to late people have already made there minds up on opoids from nurses to doctors , and alot of the doctors are new doctors that are coming up in the crisis, that was highly exaggerated, yea something needed to be done to a degree but not the way they went about it instead of making it better the compounded a problem ten fold and made things a million times worse, I just read the other day a legit cronic paitent that had ra serve her doctor cut her off because he didn’t like the dose he had to give her so he just cut her off, so after months in pain a friend showed her someway to get her meds on the dark web now that’s sick when someone has to do that so they don’t commit suicide because the pain there in, God only knows what this women is getting in her pills that she’s getting off the dark web let alone the risk she is taking just to get some relief…. It’s these stories that really drive home many of us that aren’t crippled cippled to the point of not being able to walk or cancer aren’t ever gunna get the care we once we’re at one time which is pretty shity and wrong, but hey malanea Trump knows best she knows everything and spoke to all the od families little did they forget to tell her that there was huge amounts of alcohol and other ellict drugs.and to say it all started from the CPL dentist give u for a pulled tooth is a joke