TENS Plus LLLT Plus LED = Pain Relief?

TENS Plus LLLT Plus LED = Pain Relief?

Neurolumen2Neurolumen is a non-invasive product designed to improve circulation and help relieve pain and swelling associated with many of the conditions related to chronic pain.

The company itself was founded in 2008 by Shelly Henry, in an effort to help her daughter deal with persistent, debilitating pain as a result of shattered vertebrae from a car crash. In an effort to find an answer, Shelly searched for alternative solutions, and well as traditional pain medications and therapies.

According to the Neurolumen website, “Shelly’s tireless pursuit led first to low-level lasers, then to the revolutionary discovery of multi-modal technologies.”

The realization that the therapy that helped her daughter may also offer promise for other pain suffers, led to the development of Neurolumen LLC, and the Neurolumen product.

Approved by the FDA in 2009, Neurolumen employs three non-invasive therapies simultaneously; transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), low-level laser therapy (LLLT) and light-emitting diode (LED) therapy.


The device uses a system of 6 wraps applied to the body, which are then connected to a control unit that provides up to 30 minutes of therapy utilizing “a sophisticated system to deliver multiple modes of healing energy to affected tissues.”

While TENS has been shown to be effective in the treating a variety of painful conditions, LED and LLT have been somewhat more arguable. However, there is information to support the claims of each technology’s value in fighting pain.

In Neurolumen’s instance, the difference is the simultaneous application of these therapies that makes the difference.

They claim, “This pioneering approach combines the restorative properties of light therapy with the therapeutic benefits of electrical stimulation. The resulting synergy of technologies provides the most effective pain treatment available today. Even just one 30-minute treatment can provide dramatic results.”

Per their website, “The Neurolumen device is designed to improve circulation and help relieve pain and swelling associated with neuropathy, diabetes, vascular disease, atherosclerosis, arthritis, chemotherapy and injury.”

Have you, or someone you know, tried the Neurolumen device?

It is prescription only, and an online search for reviews, shows positive reviews as well as many inquiries into trying the device. It also appears that patients have to apply directly with their insurance to determine if it will be covered, so it may be covered in certain instances.

The good news is, it’s non-invasive and in searching for reviews, it looks like free trials were available in certain instances.

Neurolumen segment on “The Doctors,” May 2012


Neurolumen – Reader’s Digest Video


Images and video courtesy of Neurolumen website.

Authored by: Geoff Sims

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Pat Goold

It worked for my stenosis and bulging disc. It took the pain down more than anything else I have tried.

I see this has many functions. The function I’m most interested in alternating pulsation between two different pads. For example. If I had one pad on my left arm and one pad on my right arm, can I make them pulsate back and forth, right arm, left arm, right arm left arm?

Also, how short can the pulsations be? I’m interested in quick, short alternating pulsations.


I have bought 7 lllt units from the leading company in the business. It is the most fda aproved devise in history, thirteen approvals and counting with lots more coming. I may be the most lasered person in history. I can say they are remarkable. The only suggestion I have is that suggested treatment times may be inadequate.

I hear you about the burns from the TENS pads ! but it was worth the pain relief from nerve pain…..and the nerve pain masked the burn pain from the TENS pads ..learned very quickly to make sure the pads were very moist, and to move them more frequently… I hope there is a devise developed soon that will negate the use or need for narcotic pain relief. Thousands of women have pudendal nerve pain from mesh erosions and extrusions. We are hoping for noninvasive treatments that speed healing!


I have severe pain constantly 24/7 can I get relief all day long while Im tying to enjoy things like walking my dog in the nearby forest or go to the beach the movies out to eat summer time festivals yard work dishes fishing hunting playing guitar talking on the phone with family holding the phone for more than 3min hurts unbearably and can’t hold a conversation or enjoy any of the activities I mentioned amongst others without opiate pain meds that were a last resort all other options were exhausted this is what works best for ME and im ok with it my treatment has been working for 15yrs in that time I have tried other things also nothing brings all day relief so I can enjoy what I have left of my life after a life changing experience that resulted in several injuries including a traumatic brain injury that required life saving surgeries and attempted repair surgery I have bone pain neuropathy pain mussel pain so I hope this works for others and I would try it to see if it could add extra relief but I wouldn’t give up my other treatment that works for me if it ain’t broke I ain’t fixin it

As I have stated in previous articles about the new forms
of combined modalities to treat chronic pain, it’s one of those
” try it and see what happens ” gadgets.

As the use of opiates continues to be restricted we
will see a big push for the use of equipment like the devise
in this article. I’m not against the use of this updated equipment
because I’ve tried just about everything on the market - not this one.

When I first used the TENS I had high hopes but within a few weeks
my doctor was treating the BURNS on my back caused by the adhesive
pads. My TENS was turned up to full power within a few days and the constant electrical stimulation was burning my skin. I had acute pain at the time so the TENS Unit probably wasn’t the ideal modality for my condition.

Chronic Pain patients are willing to try anything, we just want
to be sure it’s safe and has been thoroughly tested. What about long term
use and the effects of the LED and Lazer ? I’m sure they are low doses
but do we know for sure that long term exposure is safe.

As time goes on we will see more and more similar devises offered in place of medication and the money to be made will have an influence on who prescribes it. I hope this thing works great and they are working on a smaller version that can be easily used or worn while working or just living a normal life.

The first person to develop a devise that will work for most Chronic Pain Patients will be a very rich person - move over Mr Facebook & Google.


John S