McKesson Responds to 60 Minutes Segment Regarding Opioid Epidemic

McKesson Responds to 60 Minutes Segment Regarding Opioid Epidemic

By staff.

You may or may not be aware that 60 Minutes aired a story on December 16,
Opioid Crisis: The lawsuits that could bankrupt manufacturers and distributors featuring lawyer Mike Moore, former Mississippi attorney general who, as CBS puts it, “engineered the historic 1998 settlement under which Big Tobacco paid billions to address smoking-related health issues.” and who in 2015, “convinced BP to settle multibillion-dollar lawsuits over its huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico” The segment outlines his belief that pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors should be held accountable for their role in the opioid crisis - for not identifying and questioning excessive opioid prescriptions they were fulfilling in certain regions, specifically emphasizing Ohio.

According to the story, “Ohio’s Republican attorney general Mike DeWine, who will be sworn in next month as governor, hired Mike Moore as soon as he decided to file suit against opioid manufacturers and distributors.”

Read more about, and view the segment here.

In response, pharmaceutical distributor, McKesson, has now posted a response to the segment on their website, stating, “We were disappointed that 60 Minutes chose to present a one-sided story, which uncritically repeated the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ charges without any challenge.”

You can read McKesson’s response to the segment here, as well as their statement regarding how they are taking action in addressing the “opioid epidemic”  and their policy recommendations, on their website.

View and read both sides - then tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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Authored by: Staff

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Everyone read the Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force Draft Report that just came out.

Moore and Ohio Governor need to read that report. Illicit, illegal drugs are the huge majority of overdoses, and NOT legally prescribed and necessary opioids and other controlled substances for law abiding chronic pain patients.

The Task Force did a pretty good job of showing the great number of pain patients and the sparcity of Pain Specialists. My heart breaks for all of you CPP that have been Force tapered and dropped by their doctors. I have not experienced that, but Medicare’s new policy for this year, did increase my anxiety. I don’t think it will apply to me, but look what States have done to so many fellow CPP. God help us all if this political witch hunt is allowed to continue.

Walmart & Sam’s Pharmacies won’t prescribe more than 7 days of Opiod prescriptions, but decided to sell alcohol, even though Sam Walton never would. Something is really crazy with that decision. The pharmacist even accused my Pain Specialist of being under investigation. NOT!!!!!!! HEB didn’t have a problem filling it.

Please read this article that’s found on the web it is titled pharmaceutical industry’s role in education Physicians. It basically States that pharmaceutical companies start grooming medical students before they can even start writing prescriptions. With giving them gifts. Jobs being speakers. Once the student becomes a physician that can legally write prescriptions they are either feel indebted or titled to the gifts that Pharmaceuticals give. And the pharmaceutical companies give them free lunches 70% of the time. I know I spoke to a nurse once that was saying how they get such good lunches there at the doctor’s office that it’s hard not to put on weight. McKesson how much education was given to Physicians? that McKesson said just filling scripts that Physicians write. And is that why McKesson donating 1 million for patient / physician education? Yet Physicians point the finger back at McKesson and say that they didn’t tell us it was addictive. Chronic pain people know it’s only addictive if you have an addictive personality and if you’re not a responsible person as we are taking any medication right down to aspirin. Even though neurologist know that continual use of steroids can cause psychosis, dementia, depression and even suicide. Yet that’s being pushed on chronic pain people for repeated injections. It is a great medication but shouldn’t be overused.



Judy Dunn

Why us? People are being makes & killed by guns every day, no one seems to
do anything about that except, “Sending “Prayers & Memorials. Nothing about
removing guns from the market. Or good old Alcohol, still selling in bars,restaurants, people still being makes & killed, on the water & on the road,
No stopping them either.

But chronic pain patients who took their medication without any problems
Are being punished for other people and their actions.

I was just reading an article about the Vietnam War. The soldiers were doing marijuana, and heroin and LSD provided by their commanders because they fought better and could withstand longer Journeys. When The War ended the president wanted a operation called a golden flow (urine drug screen) to check to see before any Soldier boarded the plane to come home that they were clean of any drugs. They called it an opiate crisis then to. The Soldier’s known it as the lemonade party (random drug screening). Obviously this is what is happening to all people in chronic pain that are in pain management. They can round us up but they can’t round up the people who are doing meth, heroin or whatever else they use. We are a soft target. The government back then blamed all the atrocities that happened to the Vietnamese done by the soldiers on drug use but in fact reporter said it had nothing to do with it. The propaganda continues. Also a new law was passed the wine can now be sold on Sundays at grocery stores. Now the alcoholics / drinkers don’t have to get it all on Saturday. Wasn’t that nice that that law was passed for them.


Hey pain paitient I agree but these people don’t have any sensitivity or we would not have too explain anything on this site about the insensitive clock or our disabled and pain statues they think it’s all in our head and it’s a choice too not be medicated I don’t think they get it or care too but thank you made me laugh I truley relate and thank you too the people at the National Pain Report who get it too!


I know I’m in Ohio and this Governor will be worse then the last he started what he did before even taking office Went too pain managment today and am being forced tapered with in 2 weeks out of the blue today Thank You Mike And John for pretending too be Drs and signing my death warrant hope you have the opportunity too know what it is like too be someone like me and someone like you gets too practice on you like a lab rat and genie pig then call you names while you dwindle and watch yourself die slowly all by unqualified non trained idiots who failed as legislators or the opiate problem would not be as bad hear in Ohio as it is now you want too play Dr I will never respect you as you kill more people who have done nothing wrong but be injured or are disabled or both as more drug addicts die in Ohio You have now condemning the disabled and pain managed for around 4 years now I’m no Dr or Attorney but I’m smart enough too know when something not working why sacrifice the inicent too save the selfish street user who chooses too do this too themselves shame on you since you are both so good at what you do I pray for you till your legislative measures kill me because I know God is not ok with you both or anyone else who has signed the disabled and pain paitients death warrant doing too the disabled and pain paitients what has been done is wrong and you or any other legislators who know everything and have not held the street addicts themselves responsible are cruel in fact you are killing more people with these policies not only will the death rate from overdose go up because we’re playing a blaime game aginst the disabled and pain managed the needless killing of us won’t solve the problem it will just add two more problems for you too solve when we are all dead who too Blaime next and the Killing of us for no reason at all this is why I pray for you soles if God wanted me or any of the other people in my position dead He would have taken us himself God save your sole

On the Tucker Carlson show he was speaking to a Jonathan Hardi who wrote a book called Chasing The Scream. Mr. Hardi says that he has done a study and that the states that were more lenient it had less drug addicts. He says when you meet people’s needs there are less deaths from overdoses. Tucker Carlson said that there has been a three-year drop life expectancy. Saying that suicides has risen 3 times in the last 3 years and said what is causing Americans to choose death. Hopefully you can find the episode on the web. Mr. Hardi said that if the United States keeps going like it is ,against its War on Drugs that they will continue to get the horrendous results that they have been getting. He talks about the study done with rats if they’re just giving the opiate water then the rat would go for just that only but if they were giving a rat Society with regular water and opiate laced water the rat would rarely hit the opiate laced water. Meaning the rat Society where the rats needs were met with love and care and socialization with other rats and things to do.

if you notice McKesson is talking in circles saying they’re only feeling the doctor’s prescriptions. Yet, they are willing to pay a million dollars for the opiate crisis education for patient / Physicians. And that naxolone to be used. I bet you will be manufacturing naxolone to in getting there 1 million back. If they have nothing to hide then why pay the 1 million because of feeling sorry for who? And if you notice it all trickles down back down to the patient having to pay for naxolone which is extremely expensive medication that the insurance does not cover. Just keep piling it on the chronic pain people. Also look in an article is called ACA paying doctors to denied care by Forbes. Medicare also States not to provide care to seniors, disabled in order to save money but pay the doctors a bonus at the end of the year. So you see why they can easily point the fingers at each other but make the chronic pain person more of a victim of circumstances done by manufacturers, insurance companies and some dishonest doctors.


I live in Ohio. Mike DeWine needs dementia testing, 100%. He did not do his research, is simply riding what he thinks is the popularity wave. He does not care about chronic pain sufferers. He is against medical marijuana use also. He must have dementia else he would have realized like the other MD, PHD, NEWS SHOWS the problem is illegal basement drug makers, illegally brought in company drugs specifically fentanyl and heroin that is killing people.
Any idiot knows a drug addict will say anything to take them off the hook for their choices and put the blame on others for their life choices. But NO we turn our back on true chronic pain people and listen instead to the whining crying stuff from not good people. Politicians and 60 Minutes showing true favoritism for druggies not respectable responsible chronic pain people


Yo, Kevin. Mike Dewine is the upcoming governor of Ohio and he has hired Mike Moore to file a lawsuit against opiate manufacturer McKesson. He did this because Moore was the lawyer who took on the tobacco companies and won tons of money. I read Kelley’s response and she was basically right on!

Pain patient

Stop the Cartels. They are the ones bringing in the drugs. This is absolutely ridiculous.

By the way the computer generated code below is a pain for people like myself who struggle with typing. That’s insensitive to require this.


Yo, Kelley. The Ohio AG is named Mike DeWine, not Mike Moore. Getting that wrong repeatedly made it hard to follow/believe the rest of your rant.

Cheryl Beane

I saw the one sided story on 60 minutes with Mike Moore and my blood began to boil ! Does he really think , in a court of law , that he can prove all opioid overdoses were caused by excessive prescription opioid medications ? I’m afraid to say , there’s no way !
It has been proven that 90 percent of all opioid overdoses were from illegal drugs ! Heroin,
illicit fentanyl , methamphetamines , and also cocaine .
People like myself and others cannot function day to day without our opioid pain medication , because we suffer from chronic pain that is caused by many different reasons , such as cancer , MS , injuries that happened at work , car accidents , burn victims and much , much more ! There are over 42 million people in the US who are suffering from chronic pain ! Why are we being punished for something we didn’t do !
All pain management Doctors offices require each patient to sign a contract saying they will take only the medications prescribed to them , not to share ,
not sell , not take someone else’s
pain medication or do any illegal drugs ! Also no alcohol .
You are to bring all prescribed medications to all appointments so they can be counted . You Doctor may also randomly require you to take a urine test .
You see , we must all follow these rules or we are out , out !!!
So, I hope Mike Moore sees this and hey why not go after the alcohol manufacturing companies ! Alcohol can cause sclerosis of the liver , pancreatic cancer , alcoholism , deaths from drunk drivers and heart attacks because alcohol raises your blood pressure !
For that manner , why not sue the potato farmers because manufacturers can make French fries and potato chips which can cause you to gain weight and develope heart disease ! Way many more people in the US die from that than they do opioid overdoses !!!

Michael swift

60 minutes…a garbage scow of lies, lies, lies!
…truly the quintessential example of..FAKE not rocket science..P.H.D..( piled high and deep )- and I’m not referring to intellect.


D.P. You are right. Unfortunately there is something truly nefarious going on….
- Worse than the Gov not holding the Gov ( FDA, DEA) responsible. Oxycontin/Purdue was a LONG time ago, but the FDA agreed oxy was “NOT ADDICTIVE” & ” Does NOT CAUSE DEPENDENCE “. The FDA does the tests to pass oxy…..and the labeling, or ” MISLABELING”.
-The DEA has been cutting back on the amount of pain meds produced per year since 2010.
-The DEA gets paid MORE MONEY to bust a Dr. (Or pharmacy) for writing “too many/too much” opioids….an amount which remains undefined (to scare the bejezzus out of possible prescribers of loss of license, etc).
How is the Gov not responsible in these high profile ways?
-They roped the CDC in which was sued for lying.
Nefarious part, aside from Prince? High profile any case?
The Gov is killing “undesirables” such as Veteran’s receiving benefits, disabled (disability), the chronically ill, some 150-200 MILLION people. And addicts.
Who did Hitler kill first? The disabled and/or those who could not do physical labor.
This is not a theory. It’s plainly stated ….DEPOPULATION…FOR A SUSTAINABLE AMERICA…in a PUBLIC document created in 1994 with the UN & G8 Countries.
I can make the link between the Rio conference …SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH DEPOPULATION…..but unless you’re a CPP you won’t think of it AT ALL. 2 or more suicides a day ( Dr. Forrest Tennant says he’s afraid for the pain population due to suicide rates among patients….look him up YT).
The CDC doesn’t list OD’s in top 10 causes of deaths, but suicides are.
5 over-65 “ODed” in 7 days in a sparsely populated county. Have you seen this headline? SENIOR CITIZENS LARGEST GROUP OF ADDICTS ?

Once again it’s all about the addicts. They are called addicts because they abuse just about anything that will get them a high. Chronic pain patients are not addicts. Opioids are not responsible for the addicts. My personal opinion is that pain pills are for the most part for a pain patient easy to stop without contraindications. However chronic pain patients need them and they DO work. I had been stripped of my pain medications and my 73 yr old mother without tapering down. It’s a horrible experience because the full force of your pain comes back. But there is no craving for a high and many I know do not get high from them. We just get a feeling of relief from horrible pain. Addicts mix the pills with other substances to create that high they seek which in return they unknowingly OD themselves and die. They have no idea or do that mixing drugs is Russian roulette. Pharmacies are not responsible and I don’t think they made them addictive. If they are taken properly they are very effective for true pain. I believe most reports on opioids is false or made up. I’m also an RN with 35 years in practice. I do know about opioids and many other medications. So sadly the only persons being affected by all this is the chronic pain patient and it’s been horrific life altering affects and some death from suicides. Also we have been forced to pain management after years of seeing only our PCPs We are treated like addicts every visit. Even if you have never abused your medication. We have had our rights violated in countless ways. Hippa is nonexistent for us and no one cares. But the addicts they will continue on the street getting their drugs and we are left to suffer. I demand real proof that opioids don’t work and that chronic pain patients are abusing medication. Why are they not discussing what’s really happening? RXs are way down yet ODs are still rising. Can we be realistic and honest for a change.


I’ve read the comments. I’m glad most chronic pain pts are realizing a bit.
1) the addicts aren’t passing laws, the government is
2) since when does the gov care about addicts? (Uhmmm never)
3) why would ANY drug dealer kill their customers? ( they wouldn’t !!!! They’re in it for money!)
4) The FDA approved oxycontin AND for the “mislabeling” Purdue was charged with …..saying oxy was not addictive & did not cause dependency, or withdrawal symptoms.
Why is the FDA not being charged? Why is the DEA not being charged? Why are CPP’s committing suicide at unprecedented rates, due to severe, uncontrolled pain?
Why are they saying benzo’s are dangerous? You can take HUNDREDS of them & not die. It’s only when mixed with alcohol, or another CNS depressant, that they become dangerous. LARGE amounts.
Why doesn’t the media report on suicide rates among Veterans, the over-65 population, & anyone with a chronic illness?
Why did the pharmacist just tell me ” Neurontin/gabapatin is NOT a scheduled drug…..WE’RE JUST TREATING IT LIKE IT IS” ….WHAT? It’s a anti-convulsant, NOT a CNS depressant, & not addictive or used recreationally, BUT they’re not going to transfer it because ….
OK, then my Dr. is telling me some insanity about how it’s dangerous to take benzo (valium) WITH neurontin, I tell her this makes no sense, it isn’t a CNS depressant!
The Dr. was super nice but got irritated by this common sense. As I was leaving, I noticed SHE WAS READING OFF SOME GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA PIECE OF PAPER!!!!! She was annoyed because she was being forced to lie!!!!

Karen kremer

this is not what it is about >. Illegal manufacturing is what cause overdoses and deaths. now that you have lumped all chronic pain users in that and have pulled our treatment you will se more deaths


Yeah I get what they’re saying, but what I never see are statistics regarding “how many legitimate prescriptions for opioids end up being an overdose? ” I think if they looked into that they would find that only 1.8% of legal, legitimate opioid prescriptions ended in an overdose. I don’t know who started this frenzy but they should be ashamed to ever even have opened their mouths without researching it thoroughly. Most chronic pain patients know that 98% of opioid overdoses come from heroin, fentanyl and other illicit, illegally obtained drugs. So what does that all mean to a chronic pain patient living in agony every day because their pain medications have been so drastically reduced or even totally cut off by a paranoid doctor? It means that your life as a useful citizen, a fun parent or grandparent, someone who participated in their own life and whose life was fullfilling and meaningful, is over and now you have to depend on the good will of friends and family to help you get through each day. They may help you to function but do they really understand? Do they know you’re not just being a lazy, whining, slug but that you’re in bad pain, demoralized, feeling useless, being a burden? Probably not. People who feel good don’t understand why you don’t just try!? Chronic pain patients have been clumped together with heroin addicts and alike, doctors are having their licenses taken away by DEA agents for prescribing pain meds for people who depend on them for their very survival. Paranoia and ignorance has taken over America. Hey, you hang tough chronic pain brothers and sisters. Keep writing your government reps, stand up and be heard!!! Fight for your RIGHTS to adequate medical treatment!!! NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!! We have rights as American citizens!!! We don’t live in a third world country, we live in a democracy.

It just s bunch totally [crap] to try to justify the hate tourture,and persucation of CPP with disabling intrackable horrifficly painful incurable medical conditions and dening us adiquit pain care and pain medicine.totally misinformation and lies just like the CDC and all that gang of zelots period.y


No amount of money can make it ok for how these meds destroyed my health. I hope those seeking justice feel that it’s worth it once it’s done and over with. I don’t have it in me to fight anymore.

BJ Thomas

My god (MONEY) that is what fuels everything . Your statistics are INACCURATE! Street drugs, illegal drugs is the epidemic , that’s what’s killing people ADDICTS , HOMELESS HEROIN ADDICTED ADDICTS. The NUMBERS OF PEOPLE comitting SUICIDE from PAIN and LACK NOW OF A Y MEDICATION FOR. The US Is in crisis. LACK of healthcare , Doctors to afraid to treat and help peopLe, for fear of losing their license . Canicer patients dying a inhumane horrible death wretching in ungodly pain. Mothers, fathers, ,Grandparents HUMAN BEINGS blowing their heads off . Why can’t you see it , we’ll you do ! No one could be so stupid . Your choosing money, over human’s huh what a shock. Sure shut down a few illegal pill Mills , you have and there gone. Government is in chaos DEA, CDC, FDA NONE OF THEM SHOULD HAVE EVER GOT INVOLVED BETWEEN DOCTOR & PATPENT . Hippa LAWS gone there’s so much violation of people’s medical history go after the government for THE PEOPLE for invasion of privacy . Veterans who FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY, DIED FOR IT , AND LEFT WITH LIMBS BLOWN OFF , HORRIFIC INJURIES and NOW THERE PAIN MEDICATION TAKEN AWAY . Get your facts straight , you are part of the movement killing people . You should all be tried and convicted . Streets are full if illicit drugs every corner, yet you people have gone after after good people , destroying families and lives for nothing but more money. President Trump if you do not reel back DEA, CDC, FDA all of the noses stuck where they never belonged, I fear already the trouble the US is in , if you continue to let these people interfere with medicine . God help us all. World War 3.

Norma Gonzales

Always finding ways to pay the addicts. The blank for severe chronic pain patients that have been forced to take a lower amount of necessary pain medication they desperately need to live a better life but most of all control their excuriating and debilitating pain that leaves us bedridden or in danger of a stroke, heart attack and blood pressure going higher. Our muscles start to deteriorate and we will be unable to get up from bed. We will slowly be dying in bed. In a nation where the DEA
has to pick on its’ weakest and sick it’s clearly inhumane. We are law abiding with our pain management. It has clearly been said of us. We are not the ones breaking the law when we need our pain medication to live. Keep taking our mediations or decreasing them and.they need to sued for what will happen.Human genocide of the one that need pain medication to exist. Enough is enough seriously. Just someone trying to get rich. First, help the system change for the patients that need their pain.
medication. Then take care of the addicts that do not need to take them. I tried anything else first than an opiate to take care of my severe chronic but nothing worked. Even with my excruciating pain I carefully tried Tylenol #3. I spend months getting used to it. After still having a lot of pain with help of my doctors I tried morphine. I finally found an opiate that worked. But before all that I had to go see a clinic psychiatrists and no anti depressants worked. It was a forensic psychiatrist that determine quickly my pain was physical and not depression due to my traumatic head and neck injury that occurred in the scope of duty at work while being called to an emergency at a hospital I worked. Please help chronic pain patients quickly as we cannot wait any longer.

Some of McKesson’s statements on its website are misleading even while they are factual. They are correct that prescription medications are not the primary cause or contributing factor in opioid overdose mortality - not only in Ohio but just about all other States. But it is what they do NOT say that compromises their integrity.,

The volume of prescription opioids shipped to an individual doctor or pharmacy does not by itself provide a strong indicator that a pill mill is operating. But when compared with population statistics and an estimation of the patient population load and nature of medical practice at the nearest medical facilities, this gross volume can be an indicator of something very out of whack going on. What McKesson doesn’t tell us is that they could have done this comparison quite easily using published data of the US Census. And it appears that they either didn’t do the math or decided not to act on what they found. The same criticism can be leveled at the Drug Enforcement Administration. And in part, this is exactly what the CBS 60 Minutes program did.

This is not rocket science. When prosecutors do the math, they’ll see the evidence that McKesson has been a passive accessory to the supply of pill mills, particularly in rural and deep South zip codes.

Cin Har

I am a grandmother suffering laying in bed or on my couch from a intractable bladder disease that I have had 30 years that causes non stop burning pain that is indescribable the only way I made it through all these years was my taking my prescription pain medications and taking them responsibly I was cut off in April of this year abruptly and the horrific side effects of going through morphine withdrawal especially a senior citizen is a horrific thing to go through vomiting… feeling like you’re dying because you’re wrapped in blankets sweating and chilling and the worst part of it is I have worked since I was a fifteen-year-old girl I paid into the taxes and Social Security I tried to live a good honest life and now all pain patients senior citizens especially are being denied pain management we are left to rot like a dog or a deer hit by a car pulled off the road and laid on the side of the road left to die slowly I do not understand why chronic pain patients that have legitimate documented incurable diseases are being left 2 suffer animals are being treated better then chronic pain patients now no one ever talk about them all they care about is making big bucks in there lawsuits what about the people that are left to suffer What About Us what are we supposed to do just wait to die it is inhumane I believe in a higher spirit I believe in the Lord he sees everything and I believe in heaven and hell and the people that have intentionally left chronic pain patients especially the elderly to suffer needlessly will get there’s when they stand before the Lord on Judgment Day there is absolutely no reason why people are being cut off medications that have helped them live a somewhat normal life just because the younger generation is abusing and snorting and injecting pain meds does not mean that 60 70 80 90 year old people are doing the same thing we have been all put into one category… Shame!


I agree with Johnaton totally. My son has 2 uncurable kidney diseases which the only treatment is pain medication. He suffers 24/7 Trust me if there was something else we could do we would but he has tried all the alternative Procedures nothing works. Do you have any idea what it’s like to see your child suffer daily and there is not a DAM THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. well I do and it is not fun. The GOVERNMENT HAS TO STAY OUT OF DOCTORS Business DID THE GOVERNMENT GO TO MEDICAL SCHOOL. AND THEY SHOULD BE DOING THEIR JOB BY STOPPING STREET DRUGS. OH BUT NO THAT TO HARD HHATS TO MUCH WORK SO LETS BLAME IT ON DOCTORS THAT A LOT EASIER

If only they understood what the medicine was made for people like myself. I need it to function, I don’t sit in a Smokey room trading my meds for other pills. I’m a person in pain who gets through another day because of the medication they sell. They treat me like a addict when I go to pick meds. They offer me the herione overdose medicine. I have used same store for 20 years now if I was abusing my drugs I would be dead by now. I changed pharmacies and with in two month I have been disrespected. What if it was their mother screaming in pain. I was born defected, body only not my mind.


Reading all these posts is so discouraging. Of course doctors knew opioids could be addictive. They’re not stupid. That’s why as we all experienced it was given only after other treatments failed. I really fail to see how Big Pharma is responsible for illegal drug overdose deaths( altho they are at fault for their greed with other issues). Southern areas of Ohio were ripe for marijuana fields and pill mill Drs. because of the large Appalachian population who are unemployed, uneducated and chronically bored. And DeWine pushed his lawsuit as a campaign gimmick ,jumping on the media bandwagon. He will spend millions of taxpayer money and will not win. Because if he does it will cut off meds for the sick to an even higher degree and it’ll come back to bite him. Comparing the illegal drug situation to tobacco is beyond ridiculous. Many still smoke, and addicts will continue overdosing. Its a personal choice.


I believe this is an informative story. I am not sure that Mr.Moore may not have proven just how persuasive he can be in a courtroom by some of his reasoning and the wonderful knowledge of the English language and how to use it by his answers to some of the questions. I have no doubt in my mind we have a heroin and illicit fentanyl epidemic which other than the fact that they are both opiates the media who is talked about being needed is intentionally getting the story wrong or there truly is something nefarious going on.Our local news ran a pretty good story the other day about how bad the heroin and fentanyl problem was becoming in the area.They did a pretty good job and for good effect they showed a pile of heroin but when they began to explain how lethal the pile of heroin became when mixed with the fentanyl they didn’t show you a pile of the actual illegal fentanyl which is what is being used they showed a picture of a fda approved drug in the package it is dispensed in from the pharmacy not the illegal fentanyl being smuggled into our country from China.So the media is either stupid or they are reporting what and how to report whatever they are told to have a specific story which people believe because that’s what the evening news narrative said. I am also appalled at all the discussion about the addiction problem. I get it.But someone needs to explain to these people that there is a large difference in a drug addict and a patient who can be managed well with opiate medications and there are thousands which are already well documented yet it seems as if by accident or possibly by design these people who have depended and done well,had some quality of life and along with that comes a little dignity,these people are being stygmatized, shamed, and made to feel like criminals while the government is actually trying to have them labeled as drug addicts.It is sad this innocent group of people are being abandoned and left to suffer by our great healthcare system.LOL.


Via ARCOS the DEA knew as much about this as anyone (provided accusations are true) so they should be sued as well or sued first as they’re in charge of oversight, so to speak. Oh but they’re just a highly incompetent government agency with no money so no reason to sue them.

Diane P Succio

Hmm wondering who they’ll sue next for the HERION Epidemic.

William Dorn

This company should make commercials of their own telling the public the true statistics and how the pain patients are being victimized by this phony crisis. It has always been illegal drugs and the CDC knows it. Please McKesson bring the truth into the light of day before more chronic pain patient suffer and die.


This issue is frustrating. Bankrupting the drug companies will definitely effect the chronic pain patients more, what about the patients these drugs helped? Why is the government not taking any responsibility 4 not monitoring opioids years ago? Law firms r taking cases of people who have become addicted/overdosed on prescribed opioids & chose to over take their medicine. Where is the help /lawyers 2 help the patients who take opioids responsibility & r being forced 2 suffer, unnessarly. I’m not a lawyer but I find it hard 2 believe that chronic pain patients couldn’t file a case under disabled or elderl abuse laws. I wish someone would help find justice 4 the disabled/ chronic pain patients.

Johnathan sexton

Why is it in America everyone wants to blame someone else for their own actions!? No one made somebody go take pain medication! People chose to do that by going to a doctor who made that decision! They were explained all of the side effects when they went to their Pharmacy! A lot more people are angry that they are being denied medical treatment and denied pain management and I believe if anyone should be being sued it should be being the state in our government to fail its people to provide such care! The government is who should be suing here for negligence of its people and pain and suffering for forced opioid tapering!


Aw, gee, another down south Mississippi lawyer with a big heart wants to help all us who are addicted to opioids. Doesn’t even want to get paid for his work. Oh, please! Don’t let anyone get between me and the toilet, eh?
Just another one-sided media story for the uninformed. What’s my take on it? Pure unadulterated anger! This whole alleged opioid crisis is just a bunch of [edit]! These people are making a crisis into another crisis we have to deal with.

Maureen M.

Thank you Ed and Staff. Very interesting. Wishing you and all of our CP and Chronic Illness Warriors a Merry Christmas and lots of positive progress in the New Year to come!
God bless you all! Maureen M.

Jody Hoffman

I have had the opinion that the DEA is behind the current opiate epidemic in the country. Ever since the so called war on drugs started in the 1970s & the DEA was created our country has spent over 9 trillion dollars to combat illegal drugs. Marijuana makes up the majority of the arrests and now Mexico and Canada has legalized recreational marijuana we have several states that have legal recreational marijuana and more are going to follow. The DEA & the war on drugs has been a huge failure. It is a lot easier to crack down on doctors & pharmacies and distributors because they have the records. This has been a problem for years now and it is just amazing how the DEA simply ignored it.

It sounds to me like McKesson is another problem for chronic pain patients and only interest is in the addiction of addicts, to look like they are doing the right thing. I find it VERY hard to believe that any doctor claiming they were fooled by any company claiming ANY drug with an opiate in it could not be addictive to addictive people is ignorance to begin with. I also think that whom ever`s voice could be heard the loudest by, that surgeons should be concerned that people are catching on and that after surgeries they will be left in pain after leaving the hospital. That pain control will fall back on the primary care doctors that are not treating pain patients now. I think pcps know they are causing chronic pain patients more harm by under medicating and those who choose not to medicate at all should be made public so that they can no longer line their pockets from pain patients desperately seeking a doctor who will treat them only to get to these appointments and THEN be told “we do not prescribe opiates” and then bill insurance co. for new patient appointments and patients being possibly red flagged as doctor shoppers even if they only have a one consultation visit. I found a new doctor and cancelled appt. with previous doctor who had cut my pain medication in half. I also left a message for him that he had caused more health issues for me in doing so be increasing blood pressure, leaving me bedridden which in turn made back issues worse from zero exercise from weakened muscles, including lungs.

Joanna Smitherman

The ones that illegally use drugs will always find something to get high on. It doesn’t matter what it is. By changing the laws on opioid prescriptions it only hurts the pain patients who take the opioid as they are suppose to. The only ones that can be held responsible for drug use is the illegal uses. There will always be something that the users will find to use no matter what you do and the illegal stuff bought off the street is not always what they say it is and that’s the biggest problem.

TM Smith

This is not the only “opioid crisis” piece done by 60 Minutes. It is one element in a series, including a whistleblower from the DEA who spoke about the in- fighting at DEA in using ARCOS data wrt bad actors. McKesson makes valid points regarding the number of people overdosing with illicit drugs. And the complexity of the health care “system” disjointed oversight (state Medical and Pharmacy boards) complicates matters. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. Hearing more from all perspectives is important before policy is determined.

The D.E.A. has”regulatory oversight” over manufacturers,Doctors and pharmacists. SUE THE DEA !!!
I’m a legitimate pain- patient,with a legitimate prescription,which has been drastically reduced.
Those of us that suffer aren’t mentioned in this diversionary confrontation. Cigarette smokers are talked about and I’m insulted to be compared to them.NOBODY benefited from smoking. My quality of life decreases daily with pain meds. My Dr. agrees.
And blaming all those tragic deaths on prescription opiates alone is just flat-out b.s.
And finally,addressing this situation through the filter of “60 Minutes” is ludicrous.
Merry Christmas,all.


Lastly, this last statement is actually cringe worthy, it sums up to me, what this “opioid hystera” is all about, greed, corruption, and fame.

Mike Moore: Nobody in the world’s gonna believe that. And- and don’t go try to tell that to 12 jurors in Mississippi or Ohio who’ve lost people from this. You know what- (LAUGH) you know what those jurors are gonna do? They’re gonna go in the back room, they’re gonna spend about 30 minutes thinking about it, gonna come back out and bam.

2. Is it me, or have I been wrong to think that a juror can no biased, personal conflicts ects, that could influence their vote? He also seems just a “little” excited when talking about the “jurors” that by law, should NOT be assigned to thise case, unless of course the prosecutors side “fixes” the case, as it seems they intend too.

Mike Moore: If we try the Ohio case, if we win a verdict against these manufacturers and distributors there, it could bankrupt them. It’d put them outta business.

SO, this man is hoping to bankrupt a corporation that manufactures and delivers several diff products that are needed by millions of citizens (humans) and saves millions of lives, in the form medications, in all sorts of care, because street drug addicts are getting hurt, from buying street drugs, mixing drugs, stealing, partying.
I hope this man someday needs one of those mefd


As a chronic pain patient, legitamately requiring use of OPIOIDS, I think the 60 minute story is very revealing.
Once again proving it is not the medically challenged chronic pain community.
I hope the lawyers have their day in court, it’s a start, for all the Arcos data to be revealed.
Data which the DEA collects………
DEA government funded agency, which had access to all the information regarding “Pill Pushers”.
It makes this manufactured crisis even more appalling!
What I see is the pharmaceutical industry out of control………….
And government oversight no less.
All the players are pointing fingers and none of them taking responsibility.
The scape goat’s in all this are the clinically ill ” Chronic Pain Patients”.
Why are we the ones having to fight for our right to treatment for conditions most people would crumble under?
I still say players like Mr.Kapoor, and anyone else who accepted bribe money to fuel this problem should be prosecuted.
MCKESSON included!
I hope the lawyers prosecute the players with the deepest pockets and then go right down the line with all the rest of the them.
( manufacters, distributors, pharmaceutical chains, unethical physicians)
And, don’t forget the overhaul of the government agency who collected all the data?
So they collect data? And, sit on it?
What’s the point of data collection?
Anyone in charge of processing and interpreting the data collected?
As a Registered Nurse I find it appalling to learn. My whole profession is based on data collection, interpretation and being the “Point Person” to do something about it!
That’s my job!
Perhaps the DEA needs a “Department of Registered Nurse Analysts” . to compliment it’s army of ” Drug Enforcement Officers”, who carry a gun and a badge?
Shoot may be my next career as soon as they discover a cure, for my incurable medical condition?
Hell! That’s the day I’m really waiting for……………………………….

What I know: People died. Alot of people died. Let me explain PEOPLE. Sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, many much loved PEOPLE. I would wish that on this company, but couldn’t wish that agonizing anguish on anyone. It would make me a MONSTER. If this company did know the anguish, and grief their product was causing, then SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT PROFIT CAME BEFORE PEOPLE! But it did.


Mike Moore and his allies now have what they characterize as devastating evidence proving that distributors knew what they were doing. A huge confidential DEA database called ARCOS tracks all transactions involving controlled substances. This spring, a federal judge in Cleveland who is hearing many of the local lawsuits ordered all that data to be handed over to the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

1. Did I just read, that there was a huge confidentiality DEA database that was tracking shipments? WTheck, and here Mr. Moore seems to have fault towards The DEA? Only the company that the DEA was suppose to be “watching”, and because they clearly didnt, they are the target? Does he NOT PLAN to sue the DEA, who was aware of the “unusual ” deliveries,? How could tgat not he a double standard?, and not seen as a insider job,? typical lawyer and gov behavior

“If they cared enough, maybe we would not have lost 500,000 lives from this problem.”
Awww. The once again, Lets blame every single death that MIGHT of had the 0.000001% chance as being part of the
Pharmaceutical companies “problem” if this was anything else, it wouod be laughed at. (Im not laughing at the loss, or the grief) how how pharmaceutical and distributors responsible for somone dying from drinking a bottle Jack Daniels and doing a [edit] load of coke, and taking a barbiturateso ( illicit) do they sleep?

Claiming 500,000 is ALL because pharmaceutical and distributors Didnt care, is obsured, inaccurate and just plain childish ands reads like child who thinks a gallon of milk cost like $100.


Mike Moore: Pill spill. Huge pill spill. It never should’ve occurred. Everybody’s got some fault. But we have 72,000 people dying every year. Let’s figure out a way to resolve this thing. You guys made billions of dollars off of this. Take some of that money and apply it to the problem that you helped cause.

4th. 72,000. That figure has been proven in itself to he possibly inacurate, per the CDC own admission: and I quote “Categories of deaths are NOT exclusive as deaths might involve more then one drug. Summing of categories will result result in more then the total number of deaths”
It goes like this, in order for the Gov to reach the highest number to gain the highest scare, they change the way they count them and they way they display them.
At time of death, *heart attack* tox panel shows, alcohol, zanaz, benadryl, unknown, hi lvls caffeine, antidepressants, Blood pressure meds, tylenol, a opioid (synthetic) the codes entered will be listed as. Opioid related (1 death) barbiturates (1) so this one death maybe listed as deaths, but ultimately be added to the 72k, and of course OPIOID death.
2nd. If he is such a Good Lawyer, then either himself or his servants (im sure doesn’t do his own filling or resesrch) are not doing a very good, or simply jumped on the “opioid financial ” wagon, because his simple numbers, he is using to sue and BANKRUPT a company that supplies Hundreds of different products that saves millions of lives.

Between 2015 and 2016, heroin and illicit fentanyl contributed to 35,000 opioid related deaths, and prescription drugs accounted for fewer than 15,000.1

Andrew p calhoun-xayadeth

A big problem in this opioid scare is that someone like me who really needs them, they are being taken away. So now I have to suffer for someone else’s mistake.


Attorney General Mike DeWine: If they didn’t know it the first couple years, they clearly would’ve seen it after that. You can’t miss it. When one year we had close to a billion- a billion pain meds prescribed in the state of Ohio, you know, 69 per man, woman, and child in the state. And that lies at the feet of the drug companies. They’re the ones who did that.]
In some cases, yes, in others NO, and in a court of law, one must prove each case, separate, and if one intends to sue, because his neighbor did, they to must provide proof of the same negative intentions or effects.
1st. They should legally be obligated to remove the number of legitimate meds,
(Guessing he thinks all “users” of opioids are addict’s)
[Mike Moore: Success for me would be that we would find funding to provide treatment for all the 2.5 million opioid-dependent people in this country.

That would take many billions of dollars, of course, but remember, Mike Moore has done it before.]

Mike Moore: Look, when I filed this 

2nd. Have we not spent “billions” to provide treatment, again with “opioids” to addicts,? And, as he said, “weve done it before” suing corporations. And just whome profited off that billions,? Hmmm shall we take a guess?

Bill Whitaker: You said this in that 60 Minutes story, “This industry,” talking about this- the tobacco industry, “in my opinion is an industry…

Mike Moore in 1996: …who has perpetrated the biggest fraud on the American public in history. They have lied to the American public for years and years, they’ve killed millions and millions of people and made a profit on it.”

3rd. He claims, his “victory” yet, tobacco is still available, and still just as addictive and dangerous as before, the only “victory” Mike Moore achieved was getting 250 billion dollars into the hands of politicians.

Why do they leave out one of the main reasons this crisis exists; Orthopaedic and Cancer doctors who only treat people with Cadillac Insurance, Professional Athletes, and the Rich? Common people are dying in extreme pain daily because they are turned away? If these people got the treatment they desperately need, many would no longer need strong pain meds. So what about mention a very real contributed to this issue? Greedy doctors and insurance companies? Are common people supposed to just go suffer and die?????