A Review of ActiPatch, Advanced 24-Hour Pain Relief

A Review of ActiPatch, Advanced 24-Hour Pain Relief

By Donna Gregory Burch.

I was given a 7-day trial device and a 720-hour device to use for this ActiPatch review. Although I was given these products for free, all opinions are my own and were not in any way influenced by ActiPatch USA. I did not receive any compensation from ActiPatch for this review and do not benefit financially from ActiPatch sales.

Like most of you, I’ve been living with chronic bodywide pain for years. I thought I’d felt most every kind of pain there is until I developed a herniated disc last summer. Let me just say severe back pain is a whole different level of misery!

When the herniated disc first made its presence known, I was couch- and bed-bound for a few days. At one point, I was literally having to crawl up the stairs or to the bathroom because I couldn’t stand upright.

Thanks to stretches, inversion therapy and couple of steroid injections, the pain has settled down somewhat but it’s still a daily struggle. On days when it’s really flaring (like today), I’m grateful I discovered ActiPatch.

ActiPatch is “a new and clinically proven drug-free technology in the fight against chronic muscle and joint pain,” reads the ActiPatch website. “[It] provides long-lasting and drug-free pain relief with no side effects. ActiPatch relieves pain due to muscle and joint soreness, strains and sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.”

I know a lot of my fellow fibro/Lyme warriors use TENS units for localized pain. ActiPatch is NOT a TENS! While using ActiPatch, I’m able to be completely mobile, and there’s no sensation coming from the unit - no heat, no tingling, no nothing. I tend to forget I’m even wearing it.

ActiPatch works by sending electromagnetic signal pulses 1,000 times a second “to stimulate neuromodulation of the afferent nerves to dampen the brain’s perception of pain,” reads ActiPatch’s website.

(Watch: Is the ActiPatch similar to TENS technology?)

(Read more: What is ActiPatch? and How does it work?)

When I first received ActiPatch, I was surprised by how small and unassuming it was. It’s just a simple roundish transmitter attached to a circular wire. I was given a 7-day trial device and the 720-hour device for longer-term use.

The 7-day trial package came with the device and a few bandages to be used for attaching the ActiPatch to the pain site. Once I activated the trial device, it was powered on with no way to turn it off, so I tried to use it as much as possible during those first few days. My 7-day trial actually lasted a few days longer than it was supposed to. Score!

I used the bandages to attach the ActiPatch over the site of my herniated disc and basically just left it there except for when using my sauna or taking a shower.

After the battery ran out on the trial unit, I graduated to the 720-hour device, which came with bandages plus an elastic band that can be wrapped in various ways to hold the ActiPatch in place. I liked the band much better because it was painful to remove the bandages from my skin.

I wear the elastic band around my waist and then tuck the ActiPatch between my skin and the band to hold it in place. I’ve also used the band to hold ActiPatch in place while treating knee pain and leg/shin pain.

The 720-hour unit has an on/off button, so I can power it as needed and conserve the battery life when I’m not wearing it.

ActiPatch is a disposable device. Once the battery is dead, the unit needs to be replaced. When my Actipatch stops working, I will be buying the refill device.

So, does the ActiPatch reduce pain? Well, for me it depended on the type of pain I was treating. I did not notice a difference in bodywide fibromyalgia/Lyme pain levels while using ActiPatch, but for localized pain, such as the pain in my lower back and knees, it makes a noticeable difference.

Like most other pain-relieving devices I’ve tried, it doesn’t eliminate pain entirely, but it definitely reduces the intensity. As I’ve said, the pain from a herniated disc is very debilitating. With ActiPatch, I’m able to remain upright and functional whereas without it, I would likely be couch- or bed-bound.

But what I think is most impressive about ActiPatch is how well it works given its low cost. I’ve written about several other pain-relieving devices on NationalPainReport.com and FedUpwithFatigue.com over the years, and I consistently hear from readers who say, “I would love to try XYZ product but I can’t afford it.”

I’m pretty sure I won’t receive these kinds of comments about ActiPatch. Here’s why: The 7-day trial device costs less than $5 on sale! The longer term, 720-hour unit is less than $30 on sale! That rivals the price of some of the cheapest TENS units, and frankly, ActiPatch works much better than any TENS I’ve ever used.

So, if you have localized pain, I would definitely recommend trying ActiPatch. The 7-day trial is on sale right now for $4.95, but the first 200 people who enter the code AWW at checkout will receive their trial device for FREE!


I’m excited we have a new, affordable pain-relieving gadget that actually works! Good work, ActiPatch!

If you try ActiPatch (or have already tried it), let me know how it works in the comments section below.

Donna Gregory Burch was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014 after several years of unexplained pain, fatigue and other symptoms. She was later diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. Donna covers news, treatments, research and practical tips for living better with fibromyalgia and Lyme on her blog, FedUpwithFatigue.com. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Donna is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines throughout Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. She lives in Delaware with her husband and their many fur babies.

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Authored by: Donna Gregory Burch

Donna Gregory Burch was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014 after several years of unexplained pain, fatigue and other symptoms. She was later diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. Donna covers news, treatments, research and practical tips for living better with fibromyalgia and Lyme on her blog, FedUpwithFatigue.com. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Donna is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines throughout Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. She lives in Delaware with her husband and their many fur babies.

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I’ve been using Actipatch for about a month now for chronic knee pain (42-years-old, need bilateral total knee replacements, trying to put it off to avoid revisions) and my experience has been very positive. I don’t like tapes that come with it but I keep them as backups if I run out of my preferred tape, which is 3M Nexcare Waterproof tape. The ace-type bandage wrap that came with the Actipatches doesn’t stay put well enough to hold the devices on my knees and I’ve lost a device that way, so I can’t recommend them for use on the knees. I would say I’ve experienced anywhere from a 50-90% reduction in knee pain using these almost 24 hours a day (depending on my daily activity level). For now I will keep using and recommending them. I wish Actipatch would make the green LED less bright since it shines through my clothing and freaks people out - LOL!


I just ordered mine, and the code still worked, and it said shipping was free…..so will let you know how it works for me….wish me luck!!

Jees, that’s the first “free” thing I’ve ever seen over the ‘net! I’m looking forward to it and will report. (The code actually works!!)


I ordered the 7 day trial, and it said that it was supposed to be free. But, when it arrived I was told by my mailman that I owed $3.88 on postage. Postage? It’s not much heavier than than a birthday card. It’s still a good deal, now the trial begins.


@R. Michael Maddox…that has been my experience is that these type of devices (not sure if i may write out the different device names or not) but there are at least 5 companies that i’ve reached out to either from suggestions from doctors, advertisements or receipt of information from professional journals (I am an RN so receive many publications and contacts within some specific areas of medical community) but, to answer your question..i’ve been told that 1) where the device will be located in proximity to your implanted device does have an impact on whether or not it’s something you can use 2) the type of stimulation - electromagnetic or cranial electrotherapy and others, 3) the product itself and it’s ‘specs’ regarding wavelength frequency amplitude etc impact the availability of the use of the products for people having implantable devices. Also, plates/screws, joint replacements and other hardware ‘implants’ should be ok as they themselves are not transmitting any information - they are simply ‘stagnant’…implantable devices that can be affected by Actipatch are things such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, internal cardioverter/defibrillators, ventricular assistive device basically devices that are sending out signals that could be interrupted by magnets…hope this helps. As always consult with your physician regarding possible alternative therapies/external or wearable devices and feel free to reach out to any representative of specific devices as they’ll gladly answer any questions you may have: they can access their medical directors and developers for additional information; can communicate with your physician (with a medical release) or just forward professional level information to him/her for them to determine if the device is a good fit or not; even let you know about other products that may be coming down the pipeline that would be a better fit or more appropriate if the one you’re inquiring about is not compatible with your implants or disease processes/diagnosis(es). Good luck to you!


I think it is only not recommended to wear it near an electronic implant like a pacemaker. I know at lest one person who uses it on their hip even though they do have a pacemaker. Go to the website Actipatch.com to get more details. You can also call the comppany (Bioelectronics Corp. in Maryland). They are pretty responsive.

R. Michael Maddox

So am I understanding correctly that if I have implanted hardware, this devise is not an option??? Have plate an screws in Cervical 2 thru 6. Please advise. Thanks

Ron Price

No prescription necessary now that FDA has approved it for over the counter sales.

Louise Silvern

Is a prescription necessary for this device? My physician has not heard of it. Thanks

Rhea Bullock

Thank you for this review. I’ve ordered the 7 day trial and was also able to get it for free. Hoping this will give me some relief for some of my painful “spots.”

Georgia horton

I have perant nerve damge in sipine.will this help?

Katie Olmstead

Okay, ordered the trial and we’ll see. I do have RSD and my worst spot is in my shoulder/scapula area. I don’t really want adhesive on all the time, besides it is hard to get back there (I live alone; the cats are no help in this kind of thing). I was watching videos and it showed a slightly different version, where you could order one for your back with a wide band. So I ordered the band. I didn’t see the second code people were writing about but I used the first code. Grand total of 6 bucks. I can deal with that risk!

Jamie rogers

Am curious to get more info on this apparatus can u email me more ? How can I explain this to my dr to see if he can help me get one ?

Ron Price

With Actipatch there is nothing to feel except relief. As Donna (the author) said, unlike tens, there is no sensation with SWT (short-wave-therapy). I use the Actipatch on my back, ankles and/or knees whenever necessary. Generally, I keep it on as long as possible, including overnight. There is always a reduction of pain. If you try it, make sure you wear it long enough to get results. My experience is 6-12 hours gives good relief with long=more relief. Thanks for the article Donna. I hope more folks who are in pain will learn about his product. It might even be a good alternative to opiods!

I wear 2 Actipatches oin my back every night wrapped with an ACE bandage and it works. I have put it through every test imaginable and it passes every time. Don’t wear at night, pain in morning when waking. If there ever is pain in morning it is slight and OUTSIDE the loop of the patch. Prior to wearing patch, if I had physically active (shoveling/raking) during the day, I would awake with severe back pain and spasms and would need to grab and hold the bed post for support in making my way to bathroom. Not so anymore when wearing at night.YES, it works for me!

Sheila Toomey

I decided that for $4.95, it was worth a shot. It was still on sale but I decided to enter the AWW discount code anyway. It knocked the price down to $0 with free shipping. So now I get to try for free.
Thanks very much, Donna

Nancy Wilson

Thank you for the information, I am ordering my free Actipatch. I am eager to find anything that does not need a prescription, and that is inexpensive to relieve some of the pain.

R Anders

Thanks for the detailed review. I have been using the ActiPatch for several years to relieve back pain with great success. Road trips used to be a painful ordeal for anything over two hours in the car. I recently did seventeen hours of driving in one day with nothing more than the general fatigue that long behind the wheel brings.

If you decide to try one, please FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE and read below!

For the BEST RESULTS from ActiPatch the most important thing is to the have LOOP (not the bit with the light) over the pain area and to wear it continuously on one pain area - only take it off to shower or bathe. The MORE CONTINUOUSLY you wear it the better it works. ActiPatch does not have to be in direct contact with your skin. Here are two good videos to watch so you can get the best use from ActiPatch:
Keeping ActiPatch in place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1azI665tqmM
How Long until you feel Pain Relief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEbIlGqtv_U

Caryn Abrams

Correction: Coupon code is Tryandtell and it works. It deducted the $4.95 Shipping fee.
No down side I see.

Caryn Abrams

Just ordered the 7 day trial one for totally free with coupon code
“Trytotell”. Will post a review after I used the product.
I tried the Quell unit and had no relief so I look forward to trying this alt unit.
Thank you


thank you, as always, for sharing products, ideas and even home remedies so that we may all try them out for a test run individually…this product and a few others that use electromagnetic therapy are really cutting edge IMHO and another possibly great non-pharmaceutical option for us chronic pain sufferers/survivors…unfortunately for me and others i presume that have implantanted devices i (we) cannot even give these things a shot. amongst my many diagnoses : cervical dystonia/spasmodic torticollis; lack of normal curvature of c-spine/lordosis; herniated disc at C3-4, 4-5, 5-6 protruding anteriorly; torn right rotator cuff; migraine; nearly 75% impingement of both greater & lesser occipital nerves bilaterally; loss of range of motion to right upper arm/shoulder as well as neck in all directions…plus the accompanying depression, anxiety and severe insomnia which almost always accompanies those of us with chronic pain…i am also profoundly deaf bilaterally and am now ‘hearing’ via an implanted electrical array of a cochlear implant, thus having this device or say a pacer or other implantables the Acti-patch and other like devices are simply not an option 🙁 BUT i am SO glad to hear of the help that it’s brought to so many of you and keep in mind (from my own research and doctor information) that if one type or brand of these devices do not provide u relief or not enough relief, please look into trying another manufacturer or different ‘type’ device in the same class…good luck to all of you! May we continue to find support, ideas, and a sense of community whilst in a society judging us all so harshly 🙂

I have a rear mussels disease that makes my hold body hurts


one review..? one kind of condition..


I too received a trial device but it did nothing for me. I was disappointed but also relieved I didn’t waste money on yet another failed treatment/gizmo; my house is filled with them. All I see is dollar signs. Happy it worked for you. That’s the thing we are all different and respond so differently. We all know that. Wish our doctors and our governments appreciate the same. Great share and congrats on finding some non pharmaceutical relieve which we all want and dream about. Until then pass the bottle please.

Michael G Langley, MD

When the TENS is properly adjusted, one should feel no tingling. But, like all treatments, some will work on some of us some of the time! It might be worth the try, since my neuropathic pain is very atypical. Thanks!

I have CRPS, full body now, with advanced arthritis along with DDD (Disintegrating Disc Disease) affecting my entire spine. Most of my days are spent laying in bed also. I’ve already ordered the 7-day patch due to your review. Any relief will be welcome! Thanks again Donna!

Karen C.

Hi Donna,

I have RSD/CRPS and it makes it impossible to wear lidocaine patches, tens unit, and anything else that must be adhered to the skin. Do you know if the ActiPatch has been tried on RSD patients?

Thanks so much,

Karen C.

Donna M

I have had chronic back pain since 2004. I have two fusions and a laminectory. I unfortunately also have lupus. I tried the actipatch about two years ago and it gave me no relief at all. Thanks always for trying and informing us of new products.

They are offering the 7 day unit for free.
https://www.tryActiPatch.com discount code is: TRYANDTELL


Sounds good,thank you for sharing.

I may have to invest. Or perhaps I could write a review too 😀. Thanks for your review it has been very helpful and informative

Christina Forrester

I applied for the ActiPatch sample but it would did nothing. I believe it may have been damaged. Nothing happened at all.

Kindest regards