Aesthetic breast reconstruction for mastectomy patients

Aesthetic breast reconstruction for mastectomy patients.

In Los Angeles, surgeons at the Brand Surgical Institute provide breast cancer survivors with aesthetic breast reconstruction procedures that remove physical scars left by mastectomies. They give women new breasts so they can regain their confidence and heal their emotional scars as well.

Breast cancer is one of the most devastating and widespread forms of cancer in the world, with hundreds of thousands of women falling victim to it every year. While many females are able to win their battle with breast cancer, it often comes at the price of a mastectomy, in which the breast and the cancerous tissue within it are removed.

For women who have lost a breast or both breasts due to cancer, breast reconstruction surgery is the most thorough way to restore a normal appearance to the chest. At the Brand Surgical Institute, Dr. Farbod Esmailian provides patients with breast reconstruction in Los Angeles that restore the breast, as well as the patient’s confidence and self-esteem.

Due to the unfortunate causes affiliated with the procedure, breast reconstruction is often a very emotional undertaking for the women who choose to get it. One of the reasons Dr. Esmailian is such a reputed surgeon for these procedures is the sincere care and attention he gives each of his patients.

By empathizing with his patients, Dr. Esmailian is able to provide procedures that remove the emotional scars left by the mastectomy and restore the self confidence of his patients once again, an aspect that he finds especially fulfilling. Breast reconstruction is a complicated procedure that requires a keen understanding of aesthetics and surgical adeptness, and Dr. Esmailian’s extensive experience performing a range of breast enhancement procedures ensures consistently optimal results.

At the Brand Surgical Institute, a team of experienced and board certified surgeons provides patients with a range of weight loss and cosmetic surgeries, including the Lap Band in Los Angeles, breast augmentation, tubal reversal and much more. A long list of consistently satisfied patients is a true testament to the highly skilled and safe surgical procedures provided at the Brand Surgical Institute.

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