Air China activates AHM system on Boeing 737 fleet

Air China activates AHM system on Boeing 737 fleet

Air China activates AHM system on Boeing 737 fleet.

Air China and Boeing jointly announced on Wednesday that the initial release of Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM) system is already active on 40 aircraft in the airline’s next-generation 737 fleet.

The Boeing AHM provides live data on the condition of aeroplanes during flight operations.

“We are excited to begin seeing the benefits of Airplane Health Management,” said Zhong Dechao, deputy chief engineer of Air China. “The AHM will help us improve our maintenance efficiency and will benefit our passengers with an even higher level of on-time performance.”

The Airplane Health Management system transmits data from the airplane to ground controllers at Air China so engineers can assess critical real-time in-flight flying conditions. This lets the airline to plan and do repairs with maximum efficiency, which minimizes the impact on flight schedules.

AHM also aids fleet reliability in the long-term, by helping airlines identify and respond to faults proactively. Fleet-wide history and knowledge from multiple operators boosts efficiency because it is there to help and guide repair decisions on same-model airplanes.

Air China last year contracted with Boeing for AHM on a total of 117 Air China 737s that are in service and on order. Air China is Boeing’s first Chinese customer for AHM.

Airplane Health Management is a key component in Boeing’s larger vision of Lifecycle Solutions — improving airline efficiency with digital productivity tools, product and industry expertise and the power of aviation’s leading integrated supply chain, supporting Boeing airplanes from order placement through retirement.

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