Air China Singapore invests in high-end travelers

Air China Singapore invests in high-end travelers.

From the beginning of March this year, Air China Singapore has been boosting its flight capacity for the Singapore to Beijing route and working to encourage high-end travelers — those who can afford to fly First Class or Business Class. The airline has increased the capacity of their first class and business class seats by 30 percent, and are confident they can win more high-end, higher-paying passengers.

The development of Singapore’s finance industry over the years has been rapid and very advanced, and the usage of credit card services by the local population is enormous. The Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is one of the many banks who have already benefited from such growth and have many business clients who.can afford life’s little luxuries while they travel. Recognising this, Air China Singapore proposed a joint marketing alliance with the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) to tap into its vast number of potential credit card members.

The mechanics of the joint marketing alliance would be to promote Air China Singapore’s first & business class seats to ICBC’s valuable credit card members by offering exclusive first & business airfares on Air China for ICBC’s credit card members, providing prior and after ticket sales support & VIP check in services. On the other hand, ICBC will provide Air China Singapore’s passengers with specialized banking products achieving the objectives of common resources sharing and in being mutually beneficial.

“Through the channels of ICBC, we at Air China Singapore believe that we can develop and expand rapidly the high end travelers market with a timely & effective marketing campaign showcasing Air China’s latest products targeting ICBC’s valuable credit card members, therefore laying a solid foundation in increasing the revenue quality of Air China Singapore routes,” said Wu Tong, Air China Singapore Branch.

The airline will gain new passengers from the bank’s existing customers, while the bank stands to gain new business from the airline’s existing passengers — a win-win situation for both organizations.

For more information, contact Tian Miaomiao, Marketing Dept. of Air China Limited, +86-10-6146-2394, or email to

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