An Open Letter to the Governor of California About Trini Yeager

An Open Letter to the Governor of California About Trini Yeager

(and to All Governors about Thousands of Others Like Her)

Dear Governor Newsom,

This letter is to announce that you and your staff are about to become complicit in the wrongful death of a California resident, Ms. Trini Yeager. Her death hasn’t happened yet, but it almost certainly will. Cause of death might be mislabeled as medical collapse or heart failure. But it will actually be a death by willful negligence and government malfeasance. It is one of hundreds to which I and other patient advocates bear witness. And you will be personally at fault, if you dither and equivocate and do nothing in the face of this self-made public health crisis.

Trini is one of thousands who are being denied safe and effective treatment for physical agony. Because I write extensively about the government’s war against pain patients, I was one of those to whom Trini reached out for help, in social media. She also talked with KOGO San Diego News Radio anchor Marilyn Hyder. I contributed to an interview which Marilyn broadcast on her behalf, on Saturday December 14th. [Link:] I also personally called the Office of the Governor to ask for help to get Trini referred to a doctor for pain treatment. I was told someone would follow up to get her care. It appears that nobody did.

I’ll let Trini describe your failure in her own words:

“…I can no longer fight. I give in. The pain forces me to. I’ve been turned away by everyone and expected to handle severe spinal cord nerve pain with no medication and no doctor. This is my final message to my son, Christopher:

“Son,  I can’t believe it has come to this but I can no longer withstand this torment and pain and lack of help!. Hospice/palliative came to interview me yesterday and today 12/18/19 (for the 5th time) and it was the same as before. I don’t qualify for help… Thank you for trying to desperately get me out to Barcelona where they can at least get me some pain medication, but unfortunately it came too late.

“… I ran out of medication on Wednesday 12/18/19. I am in so much pain I cannot get out of bed. No one… can get the medication I need in time to be able to even withstand one 24 hr day… A month ago I could’ve come [to visit] … but neither you nor I had the money for me to get there. Now you have the money for me to get there but I don’t have the medication I need to even be able to get out of bed and pack a backpack.”

“I can’t handle the pain anymore and I’m so sorry.  You know I love you with all my heart and this breaks my heart that no one would help me in time. I can’t live in this pain so I’m going to kill the pain.

“… Unfortunately we live in a world that doesn’t care about human “suffering”  regardless of how justified. — even though it was caused by a doctor. No one would come to my aid or rescue in time. I was abandoned by ALL doctors, FDA, CDC, DEA, and Government… and expected to live with my spinal cord injury with no pain medication. I was completely abandoned with no help…

“… I even went on television and radio and went to State Senator Patricia Bates’ office, pleading for my life. “ [the author participated in this conference call].

The interview on KOGO Radio includes a response from a member of State Senator Bate’s senior staff. Ms Bates is former Senate Minority Leader of the State Senate. Her staffer’s response was — at best — an artful dodging of responsibility. He acknowledged that government officials are hearing reports of damage done to patients by restrictions on pain therapy. But he made no commitment to help, vaguely citing “national dimensions” of the problem.

Not good enough!

There is a horrid footnote to this narrative. Somebody among the many to whom Trini and Marilyln and I talked, contacted local police who made a “wellness visit” to her home. She was handcuffed and loaded into the back of a police cruiser without even a pillow to sit on for her injured spine. Only after she pled to be transported lying down was an ambulance called. She was held overnight at a local hospital and given minimal doses of Hydrocodone and Demerol. She has no ongoing prescription or relationship with a physician.

Thus my plea to you, Governor Newsom: convene a special session of the California legislature before Christmas, to write and pass legislation for people like Trini. Her life and many others are being destroyed by the desertion of pain management doctors under a reign of terror and persecution mounted by your Attorney General, State drug enforcement and the State Medical Board. “A Bill to Deter Departure of Providers From Pain Management” offers model legislation that can be tailored for all 50 States and Federal Agencies [link:]


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Richard A Lawhern, Ph.D., is a frequent contributor to National Pain Report. He has over 22 years experience as a technically trained non-physician patient advocate, with 70+ published papers and articles in the field. He is a co-founder and former Director of Research for the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain.

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Janice Stark

This is happening to chronic pain patients all across this country. I am one of them. Some day I envision having to end my life due to the possibility that I will no longer be allowed to get opioid medications for my fibro and neuropathy. There has to be someone who can speak for us.


Trini had an injection into her spinal cord, not the epidural space. She’s been accepted into Hospice, is now being medicated. Thank God, thank Mr Lawhern and Marilyn. I’m so glad to hear she’s gotten help.


Completely insane how our govt is letting this happen. The govt is supposed to be for the people, by the people. Until they get into office. Then its just an ego trip to see how muc of & what they can control.
This opioid epidemic or crisis is because of Illegal Street Drugs. NOT safe & effective controlled prescription pain medicine. Yet people in pain are the one’s they’re coming down on & made to bare the brunt of all of this craziness.
Absolutely INSANE how they can punish people in pain because of illegal street drugs. This has gone WAY WAY WAY to far. This must be stopped & turned back around.
The DEA/Govt needs to get out & stay out of our doctor offices. Pain medicines have been around since the beginning of time. It was given to us to help us with our pain. It wasn’t until illegal street drugs came into the picture that problems started.
More & more people are being forced down & off of their long time, safe & effective rx pain meds. Which is just going to push them to street drugs(making the numbers increase even more), or they’ll commit suicide(which they already are, many) &/or they’re having all kinds of other health issues because the pain is so much worse now(heart attacks, strokes, other organ issues & other medical issues).
Get the govt/dea out of the medical community & stay out!!! & let our doctors treat us

Angela OBrien

May i ask….what is her exact diagnosis???….im really glad to hear she finally got help!!!!!…Its ridiculous what she had to go thru!!!!…too get help….

Adam halstead

Something smells afoul here I suspect very much.

@Yvonne, I am sorry to have to say but Thank you for that update. I’ve been on the CP community for many, many years and this story just did not sit right with me. I had my suspicions and questions.


Yvonne…thank you for the update…


Ms. Yeager supposedly took her last pill on Dec 13 claiming if she didn’t get opioids she would go into shock and die. Now once again one more last pill? I first met her almost two years ago and began following her. She has been ‘out’ of opioids and getting ready to die so many times. She is a drug seeker, plain and simple. Admitted to having opioids in her system when she recently saw a physician who obviously did not accept her.

There is more to her story I won’t go into here, what has recently happened will tell the whole story. How she has betrayed respected advocates and harmed all pain patients in California.

Cindy too

There are no words…

Elizabeth Rogers

I hope that at least an interim solution can be found for this patient, pending remediation. Please let us know what happens in this situation, if possible. Many of us have considered a similar solution, and some have acted to end their suffering. The medical status quo for patients living with long-term intractable pain is not acceptable. We need MANY voices speaking out as one.

It would help the cause immeasurably if those voices could include a few celebrities, politicians, athletes, media personalities and other high-profile individuals who live with serious chronic pain personally (or have been impacted by it as family members or friends). Surely some of these individuals use prescription pain medication and use it responsibly. We need them to speak out.

Famous people who have overdosed make for sensationalized reporting. But, where are the stories of high-profile individuals who suffer serious pain daily but have been able to carry on in demanding careers and remain highly functional because of adequate TREATMENT for their pain-including pain medication, used responsibly? Of course, the rich and famous will always be able to get the medication they need, so those coming forward to advocate for ordinary pain patients would be fighting for a much larger cause: medical justice. That said, I won’t hold my breath waiting for the first one to step forward!

Rosalind Rivera

Trini, you are not alone and one of thousands. I too cannot bear my agony much longer due to my doctor’s reduction of my pain medications. Dr Joe Park who is located in VICTORVILLE California has turned a deaf ear to my growing pain and depression telling me that it’s the law forcing him to make this decision. Pain Management in Victorville has seen my decline and heard my pleas to no avail. Dark thoughts now haunt me daily as a way to stop the pain. My life as it was is over . I now merely exist. No one will help. Money has also become an issue. No money? No pain meds at all! What has our society come to? Our state and others are now outright committing murder or better yet slow executions. Pain patients it seems have no place in society!

Rosalind Rivera
Lucerne Valley, California

Trini is indeed blessed to have you advocating on her behalf, yet how she was treated by the police speaks volumes about law enforcement’s incompetence in these matters. We have sent many letters to our state representatives pleading for proper police training to help them distinguish chronic pain sufferers (most with physical disabilities requiring special handling) from illicit street drug users. Although they too deserve to be treated with full respect, (which sadly is often not the case) police still lack the patience and training in this regard lumping them all together as illicit drug users. Sadly Trini’s plight is duplicated throughout our nation on a daily basis. Wellness checks by police are often exploited to arrest suspected opioid users without due process. Therefore it is important that we advocates stress the necessity for some type of national identification system to help law enforcement agents identify legitimate chronic pain patients from thrill seeking drug users.

Mary Clark

Mary Clark
Oh Lord, I’m praying for Trini. Thank you Red Lawhern, your compassion is loved by thousands, most likely millions of people. You give us suffering people some hope that our country will hear us crying for help. There is so many suffering in pain and agony, we just want to give up. I think of my family if I am pushed to suicide, leaving them with an empty spot in their heart. To afraid to say anything to my Dr. Because of the comments they say in my patient portal, they make it sound like I am a drug seeker. So I suffer in silence because people don’t understand unless I am talking to someone like me, in pain and agony.
PLEASE, SOMEBODY HAS TO HELP POOR TRINI !!! What has happened to our country !! A Dr. Needs to step up and help this poor woman NOW !!!

Donna Hancock

I forgot to thank you, Mr. Red Lawhern. Your hard work and dedication to this cause is so inspiring and necessary. There ARE TRUE HEROES. I know this because YOU ARE ONE of them! Praying for a miracle for Trini, and her family and friends. That could be ANY ONE! WAKE UP, AMERICA! Go after the REAL BAD GUYS! The lowlife drug dealers, cartels, and people who are making ILLEGAL FENTANYL and CARFENTANIL and deceptively selling it as heroin, xanax, and other “homemade ” medications. Yet they don’t stop there, either!!! They add it to cocaine, methamphetamine, and even marijuana! It’s not just going to go away because the government officials are trying to act as Dr’s, telling them what they can and can NOT do / prescribe. All that’s going to do is increase the suicide rate in chronic pain patients, and cause an increase in cases like Trini’s. #dontpunishpain #painpatients #painpatientsdeservetreatment #stoptheINSANITY #

Donna Hancock

This is HORRIFIC! UNACCEPTABLE. BARBARIC. CRUEL AND UNUSUAL. UNFAIR. IMMORAL. UNETHICAL. I could go on and on, but I know you get the picture and agree! (Unless you’re in agreement with the lies and propaganda surrounding the opioid crisis in America). My son WAS a victim of the REAL OPIOID CRISIS! He died of a heroin overdose. He was REFUSED treatment and medication for an injury (documented) that happened at work. Because he had been in a drug rehabilitation hospital as a teenager, he was REFUSED treatment REPEATEDLY! This is INSANITY! And it MUST END NOW!


Please give her Tizanidine for spasms, Mexiletine (similar to Lidocaine IV, but in a home setting), Red Kratom (as close to opiate pain meds as it gets).

If no Mexiletine, then 1:1 THC:CBD MMJ

(Mexiletine and MMJ can’t be taken together).


Pray it is not too late.

Thank you for all your honorable and compassionate work, Red!

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Thank you so very much Mr. Lawhern. I appreciate your work..

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I weep that this country and it’s elected officials are so heartless and evil to allow this to happen. I am praying for this suffering lady. Lord God send help to these suffering and dying people!

Shannon A Williams

Oh my dear, Trini! My heart is breaking for you! I am so sorry that you are suffering so much and so alone! I’ve been so frustrated by all of the famous tv doc always telling us to be our own best advocates when it doesn’t make any difference to the prescribing docs! These tv medical ‘authorities ‘ should get involved & help us too. I used to be unable to fathom how a person could just give up & give in to death but since I’ve had so many bad docs who blamed & shamed me for my pain & didn’t help me at all & didn’t seem to care, Now I totally get it. I, too, am basically bedridden. I am terrified to try another doc. The pain wins every day & the pain cost to endure a trip to another bad doc is almost too high. So, I lay in my bed day in & day out, in disabling pain, weak, depressed, stressed out & terrified of an uncertain Earthly future, However, certain of a Heavenly future. Wishing I could be the vibrant, alive person I once was but continually beaten down by the broken lump of blubber I’ve become, with no hope for anything better. I long for the wholeness I will have in Heaven. I don’t believe I have the power or ability to get better & I’m starting to believe that I’ll never find decent medical care to help so I’m left wondering death daily. I’ve become a frustrating, depressing, heavy, stressor to my family so that makes me feel even worse. I cry out to Jesus every day & I will include you too. We live in a fallen, toxic world & our bodies are proof of that truth. I pray that the great I AM will move on your behalf & you will receive a mighty miracle soon.
Sincerely, in Christ, Shannon Williams

Kelly Hudson

May God bless you for fighting for those of us trapped in this wicked nightmare of pain with little to no help. I pray Trini and thousands of others in her horrid situation will find peace, comfort and the help needed to live an acceptable life! Help for thousands is needed immediately, not when the government gets around to it!! I would never wish this monster living in me on anyone but wish those that have the power to help could live just one day in our shoes so they would understand the urgency needed to find help for those of us suffering!
Thank you for advocating for us and may God bless you and your work!! ❤️🙏

Nancy Heiser

Thank you, Red for your tireless work for those of us caught up in this CDC scam is appreciated each and every day. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Yes, I will NEVER stop calling this what it is….GENOCIDE! It is “the people”, the citizens of this country that need to care as well but all they have heard is addiction and too many doctors are only in medicine for money or this would not have happened. Patients need to make it known on the sites many normal people see, Vitals and Health Grades, etc. and comment on individual doctors who discriminate.
Do you think it was a coincidence that they announced they might fix “something” in 2021, another YEAR away, just before Christmas when it is well known that this is the time of year many suicides take place for a wide range of reasons and they know pain patients are weakening, their health deteriorating and giving up hope.
Thank you Red for having the conviction and backbone to fight a good and honorable fight.




Rebecca Payne

Thank you Red for being a well versed advocate for myself and so many others that simply want to die when we are not treated for our out of control pain. The solution is easy. Give us the medication we need. I don’t want to die but I also do not want to live in this pain racked body. I have decided that I am a DNR, my DNR is on my refrigerator as well as on my door. I am prepared to meet my maker. Thank you for being my voice as I have no strength left.

Angela OBrien

I was where Trini is.. Back in 2017 (oregon)…i was very lucky to find a caring Dr in AZ…who prescribes me buprenorphine…which works great…
Why dont drs in CA give you bupe?..or suboxone?….


Normally we try to keep as upbeat as possible while we the severely disabled and pained die one by one.. Let us face it this genocide is killing most all while we are hardly missed.. come to peace with Jesus and claim his blood for your salvation. For most it is ten years earily. Do everything can think of and forgivin and be forgivin. Use your resources for family and special needs kifs . See every sunrise you can .And. ask him how you coild make a difference by passing. Donbt just OD but show that the govrment has killed us. Sgins actions then Helow Jesus

As a family physician who did years of pain management only to be falsely accused of being a drug addict by a sleazy, unethical social worker with the state medical board (HOW they’ve never been able to realize what she’s been falsely accusing hundreds of Drs over the past 20+ years I just can’t fathom because I know these are good people) working in tandem with addiction center evaluators who wrote false reports about me by twisting what I stated and forwarded them to the medical board under her direction, I became unable to assist those in pain years before this PSEUDO-OPIOID NONCRISIS developed and caused THOUSANDS of innocent physicians to cease practicing pain management out of fear of false prosecution and persecution. MILLIONS of people in SEVERE PAIN have been left without any recourse other than ILLEGAL SOURCES which are DANGEROUS and the REAL CAUSE if deaths from OPIOIDS due to being tainted by truly dangerous substances but those in severe pain have been willing to take that risk when they can’t even move out of bed to get to the bathroom on their own because the IDIOT LEGISLATORS WITH NO LICENSE TO PRACTICE MEDICINE DECIDED TO PLAY DOCTOR & DICTATE TO LICENSED DOCTORS HOW THEY SHOULD PRACTICE MEDICINE, NOT AS THEY’D BEEN TRAINED, BUT AS THE PRETEND DOCTORS SAID THEY SHOULD! Perhaps we should go back to the Midevil days when barbers were surgeons, too! Why not? It’s just as ludicrous as what the legislators have done to those in pain now.
I’m one of them! My pain isn’t as horrendous as it used to be AND I have a physician who treats me or my blood pressure would be malignantly high because tje two are interrelated as proven by a multitude of tests. Another physician refused to believe this and FIRED ME FROM HER PRACTICE BECAUSE OF MY GREATER KNOWLEDGE, stating I was “difficult” rather than acknowledge I was right. Pain is a real condition that must be properly treated or it can kill like many other conditions & LEGISLATORS ARE THE EXECUTIONERS!


Dear Christopher Yeager,

Seems like any doctor could prescribe opioids for this patient and save her life. I’m wondering what the rest of the story is considering that no prescriber will step up to help. Am I missing something?
I’m not naive to the situation, as I’m a cpp myself, but this is out side of any norm.
If death results from this malpractice, it must be so avenged. Who will help?

If this scenario portends the fate of similar patients, well, those folks better get out into the streets with their impliments of choice and make a “do or die” statement. LITERALLY!
The words are plentiful, but the action is little. This could be the catalyst.

Christopher, friends, we want to keep your mother here. See if you can whip up some camera time and publicity for mom. People will listen to a son’s plea for his mom. You’ve got “Red Lawhern on your side, the best, make it count!

Judy Birchfield

Think about it: State resident suffering endless pain is denied pain management and fears death from relentless, horrid pain.
Come on , State Officials… you are not the judge and jury of life and death in California. Get out of the way of required pain treatment . … and allow doctors to properly treat those with intractable pain .


This is an outrage..our government simply doesn’t care anymore about people in pain and have complex illnesses that cause unstoppable real pain!! They can be treated with inexpensive opioid medication. There are thousands of Trini’s out there ..facing the same situations across America.
I am so sad. Trini is such a lovely human being. She was gravely injured by a medical procedure…epidural through to the spinal cord itself…and then they took down the only doctor brave enough to treat her, and many others who have been harmed by these procedures..this is a disgrace!
CALIFORNIA>>>>>you are blatantly ignoring the Intractable Pain Act…. !!! It’s a law.
Are human lives worth nothing to you????

Sandra Hill

Red you are my Hero… I so appreciate having fighting in my corner. Thank you so very much. Peace and Blessings to you and your family. ☮️💟✝️


PLEASE try kratom


This is how they view our lives with chronic illness/pain. My heart breaks for her and her family.
Shame on the government for allowing this to happen to us.


Wow. There is no way around this. The CDC MUST retract those low guidelines in 2020!Every single chronic pain person is agony. This story is EXACTLY wha we’ve ALL Had serious thoughts about doing. The ONLY thing that has stopped me from committing suicide is JESUS!
I don’t know how much I longer I can hang on.


I AM HER and WORSE with absolutely NO Support System of any kind in Florida! I will post more when I can as i am a homeless destitute female elder orphan living in a mold infested broken down car AND No one cares! Blessings to all chronic pain beings Always Aloha🌋BON

President Trump today did say opiates and then he corrected himself and said I should say drugs talking about Mental Health. There is a problem with mental health but there is also a problem affordability to medication and doctor visits and the willingness of the patient to take the medication because of side effects. I have migraines that’s not due to mental illness just inherited but I do not want to be forced to take a amovig because not a lot is known about it. Therefore my neurologist threatened to put I have PTSD over being punched in the eye in high school fight. He said that was a trauma. I said I didn’t like it but it wasn’t a trauma. Only told him about being hit in the eye w/rock bc I still have eye pain. And that’s where my migraines get started. I don’t think Physicians should threaten patients because they do not want to take a medication that the FDA Fast Track that unknown side effects to the organs have not been documented. I told the neurologist I already have blood clots from HRT so why would I want to jump into a drug that not documented how effects the organs. It seems crazy that we’re threatened over medication that we don’t want to take, the medication that we do want to take is taken away from us. When I was on opiates & being at a higher dose my migraines were 2 a week sometimes 1 a week & now they are daily again. Healthcare screwed up & the government being in it is makes it even more screwed up. Physician turning my migraines into a mental health problem over a fight. Physicians changed it from cervical / neuralgia to PTSD. I think it’s a get back from me putting in patient portal that I have Physicians trauma syndrome disorder caused by surgery.


This is why pain patients have such animosity towards addicts & addiction. If she were an addict begging for help, you can bet she’d get it. But those suffering unyielding pain are not worth the government’s time. This is beyond appalling.


Is there any specific contact info, especially something that is public viewed, that you can give us, so that we can contact/comment/fight for specifically Trini?? As in, specific contact info for anybody in the state of California that we can start blowing up their phone, email, and public page- to start breathing down their necks to FORCE SOMEONE of some kind of AUTHORITY to step into this specific situation, and stop the current torture of Trini??

I did see the link you have in this post, and plan to utilize it, as well. But if we all come together, just in this blog community alone- and fight specifically, in place for Trini and her present situation- through all the bad press it would bring whoever that individual is- they would have NO OTHER CHOICE THEN TO STEP IN IMMEDIATELY AND STOP THIS!! If we all come together, right now, in the numbers, we may be able to help Trini right now, at this very current moment!! I 100% believe in fighting for legislation and passing of laws, but the present situation of Trini needs to come to a STOP within this hour!!!!

If all of us come together for this poor girl, I believe we can stop her torture!!! If it was any one of us, we would be praying for such a miracle and the same help!
My email is and if you are able to give me any of the above information- I will continue to call the number, while writing email after email, for the rest of this entire night!!! If it could even give then slightest chance for someone in some kind of authority- to step into this situation. I won’t stand any longer for a “follow up,” they had their time to do so, and as you stated, did not. I demand for someone to walk into that hospital room, at the latest, by first thing in the morning and speak to this woman face to face, as she deserves because she is a human being!! Also, if there any dedicated public page to this woman that we can share via twitter/FB/etc.???

Thank you so much for ALL THAT YOU DO FOR US!!!!!

My heart goes out to you Trini. May God intervene on your behalf to get you the help you need. I don’t understand why you had to be handcuffed that’s a little excessive force for no reason to person who unable be combative. Unless they now see pain patients as mentally unstable I would have no doubt that they are now pigeonholing us into that persona. All people that suffer pain may find our selves in Trini position. I know I will not vote for the Democrats bc they will give away everything that I have worked for & what you have worked for & if you’re on Medicare you can kiss that goodbye bc there’s not enough money to cover everyone that they want to cover. The problem is are senators are not getting our messages BC they have an in-between person takes the calls reads the letters. We are all too sick to do marches or get in large groups I do like a Million Man March. Instead a million chronic pain people. If somehow we could all just get on one of those Greyhound buses & go before Washington DC & have cots or beds for the ones who can’t stand & seats for the rest of us. This lack of pain treatment & abandonment is cruelty to humanity. It should be seen as a crime against humanity.

This is a disgrace to humanity that a human being in extreme pain can’t get the medication she needs to survive because of misplaced government intervention in the drug war. I beg you to do the right thing and hope a real doctor will step forward and help this poor woman. I live with chronic pain and have had my medication reduced by 25% just because they can. It is inhumane to treat those that suffer in pain with such callousness, when there is medication that obviously helps us have somewhat of a life. Please someone step up in our government and medical community and help this woman.

Brenda Rollins

Dear Dr. Lawhern,
I pray that someone will take mercy on this good woman and help her. Please continue to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves!
Bless you,
B. Rollins, Ed.D.

Maureen M.

Oh my Dear God!! Please help Trini! AND ALL OF THE OTHERS JUST LIKE HER OUT THERE! She is not alone. I listened to Trini’s podcast interview and Im in tears and physically shaking. I fear myself being like her one day.
By now… Trini needs much much more help than just medication. Her body and mind have been severely traumatized. She needs hands on therapy, emotional therapy, muscle/tendon therapy, nutritional therapy and extreme CARe and LOVE from the medical community!
God bless her son for having to watch his mom die this way. Shame on all who are responsible!!! Why can’t anyone help her?!!!
What is wrong with this country?! Please someone (Doctors!) understand this and start speaking up for patients and your own practices! Please! This is enough!
I too suffer from Adhesive Arachnoiditis but I at least have a Pain doc who gives me Hydrocodone to help me get out of bed.
Thank you Red for bringing this to light…this needs to be on every TV station across the nation, played repeatedly for weeks and weeks!
Please keep us posted. And Trini…I can’t even say to you…hang in there, don’t give up. Because I understand your situation. May God be with you and heal you now. Maureen M.


Red, I am sending this to all my elected politicians and also my contacts in media and govt agencies….if anyone wants to form a prayer circle for Trini, email me at cindy7227 at Red, this is so so powerful. Thank you for putting this inspired statement together, so we can forward it everywhere.❤️🙏🏻

Dick fort

I’ll be right behind her probably , unfortunately my doctor has turned into a real nasty person who once was actually nice, now somehow tells me I’m partying with what I get, which was funny considering I don’t leave my bed or bedroom other then to use the bathroom or try and eat if I can, they don’t care about us expecially this president he wants strong able bodied people who can work and he wants to old and sick to die or people that have problems to die, and that’s facts, there was many other ways that we could of dealt and worked to fix this issue, it’s funny they said they were gunna open all these rehabs and it’d be super easy to get in well that was a lie too, the only way ur getting meds in today’s world is if u know a doctor or are rich and can basically pay a ridiculous amount which is basically bribing a doctor to help you, pretty sad when u have to leave your own country to seek help

Belinda Grigg

I post any doctors mame on social media o contact the cdc and tell them. The drs name or hospital who lets their patients suffer contact your local papers or any media. Outlets they dont want bad press!

My intention in submitting this to Ed Coghlan was to encourage anyone who reads the article to print it out, and get it onto the desk of your State Governor and every State legislator and Medical Board and Attorney General we can reach. California is only one of the 50 States that needs to enact a tailored version of “A Bill to Deter the Departure of Healthcare Providers from Pain Management”. And it needs to happen urgently NOW! That’s why I’ve advocated for convening a special session of the California legislature before Christmas. If the Governor refuses to do that, he marks himself as a politician who cares so little for the death and destruction created by his own State regulations, that he doesn’t belong in office. This is no less true of other Governors.

Belinda Grigg

For the. Love of god! People ! The only thing that will get their attention is to let them know they arent getting your vote

David Kendrick

As a 29 year member of Kaiser, I was radically tapered and then had my pain meds completely stopped for filing a grievance for being bedridden after being physically and psychologically crushed under the CDC guidelines! After 2 decades of being overprescribed 900 pills a month, which I wisely refused to take in excess as I was caring for my elderly mother and a son with severe Crohn’s disease, which the doctors were well aware of, and as I lay bedridden in pain, 3 high ranking doctors at Kaiser laughed at me as I pleaded for them to restore my pain meds! Instead of offering me relief, I was laughed at and offered ASSISTED SUICIDE!
I obtained 1000 pages of my medical records, which I recommend every pain patient do, and was appalled by the disgusting lies and omission of pertinent facts, such as 9 epidurals, multiple facet joint fluoroscope injections, dozens of myofascial and cortisone injections, every OTC and alternate medication offered, and completing a Pain Program, I then had 8 Red Flag items inserted in my file, calling me an addict, saying I’ve refused everything but narcotics, and I have been denied the right to amend my medical records, a right afforded under HIPAA and CA State Law, and felony violations for falsifying records! I’ve even had my Dr/Pt privilege repeatedly violated! Yet no one will help me!
On my first visit to Kaiser! I was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia, and after a decade of unsuccessful treatments, I was told my pain was INTRACTABLE, and prescribed opioids, which restored an otherwise unobtainable quality of life, yet all this past history has been hidden and ignored and now I’m just a drug addict? Every attorney I’ve spoken to has said Kaiser is too powerful, and several have said I’d be better off trying to sue God!
This government supported torture must stop!

Claudia Webber

If this doesn’t “shock the conscience” of the Legislators, DEA, CDC, FDA, each and every State related agencies, l honestly don’t know what will happen next. Thank you Red for your continued guidance and support!!

Brian D.

This Sickens me, I hope that this helps her in some way.
Is there perhaps a list of Links to different ‘Open Letters’ such as this one that can be made available to people like us? It would be great if there was 50 or more that we could all send to legislators and others, most people, I think, don’t have the will or strength to compose something themselves, I have sent Some emails in the past, I’ve seen some form-letter type before that I’ve sent to politicians and If there was Many more available we could all send a shit-load of them from now on? Just saying, if it was easy everyone would be able to contribute.
Also, While I’m at it can all of these Many Many internet groups somehow Join Forces? One Big Loud Group is better than hundreds of small ones that are often only reaching others in their own group? We’re making it too easy to ignore us, we need a Leader ! I have no idea how to make these things happen but someone out there does!