Are Researchers A Step Closer to Relieving Chronic Pain?

Are Researchers A Step Closer to Relieving Chronic Pain?

Researchers from Denmark have identified a protein called sortilin as a possible target for medicinal drugs.  And, as we see with a lot of research, the mice have it good.  According to new research, blocking sortilin in mice prevents pain.  Will this translate to humans?  A study published in the journal Science Advances,concludes that “in all likelihood” it will.

The results are based on a decade of basic research, and even though studies on mice have only been done so far, the study provides hope for the development of a medicine that can help people with pain induced by nerve injury - called neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic pain may be triggered by an acute injury or a chronic disease, like diabetes, and is characterized by different sensations including burning, pricking, stinging, tingling, freezing or stabbing in a chronic and disabling way.

People with severe neuropathic pain often say that they could fill a shopping cart with pain killers ranging from local anesthetic ointments to morphine “without ever really getting any good results” as the primary author of the article, Assistant Professor Mette Richner, of the Department of Biomedicine and the DANDRITE research centre, Aarhus University, Denmark, puts it.

As Richner explains, chronic pain is triggered by overactive nerve cells, i.e. nerve cells where the regulation of their activity is not working properly. For this reason, it is necessary to gain knowledge of the changes happening at the molecular level to be able to ‘nudge things into place again’.

“And it’s here, at the molecular level, that we’ve now added a crucial piece to a larger puzzle,” says Richner, who explains that sortilin appears to ‘put the brakes on the brake’ which, at the molecular level, stops the body’s pain development.

“Once nerve damage has occurred, and the nerve cells go into overdrive, molecules are released which start a domino effect that ultimately triggers pain. The domino effect can be inhibited by a particular molecule in the spinal cord called neurotensin, and our studies show that the neurotensin is ‘captured’ by sortilin, so that the brake is itself inhibited,” explains Richner.

The research group’s hope is that the pharmaceutical industry will continue to investigate whether it is possible to block sortilin locally in the spinal cord, so that the neurotensin can move freely and get the brake to function, thereby inhibiting the pain. In connection with this, Christian Vaegteremphasises that there is obviously a way to go from mouse to human being.

“Our research is carried out on mice, but as some of the fundamental mechanisms are quite similar in humans and mice, it still gives an indication of what is happening in people suffering from chronic pain,” says Christian Vaegter.

The idea of studying the complicated pain-related puzzle in relation to the spinal cord arises from a decade’s worth of research into both pain and sortilin. The initial studies revolved around mice that lack the ability to form sortilin and were apparently pain-free despite nerve damage - and of course the studies were done in accordance with methods approved by the Danish Animal Experiments Inspectorate.

The research group could subsequently ascertain that neither did normal mice develop pain after nerve damage when the researchers blocked sortilin - and from here the hunt for the correlation began, before it was ultimately explained by the regulation of the pain inhibiting molecule neurotensin.

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Tho I continue to maintain that people are not (for the most part) rats or mice, why are people so eager to assume rat/mouse studies translate to humans when it comes to pain meds, but have refused for decades to admit that a very simple & brilliant rat study proved that addiction is not (A) just contained in a substance, or (B) just contained in one’s genes? Everyone should read about Rat Park (

Tho I believe it’s not as simple as being a purely sociological issue (genetics do have a role), that & the 1970s Vietnam heroin study prove that “addiction” is not what the hysterics claim (the Vietnam study looked at GIs who used heroin in Vietnam -about 20% used it regularly. Then they followed the heroin users after they got out of the war & back to the States. A year later, WITHOUT any treatment, only 1% had continued to use heroin. If heroin were as “addictive” as the loons claim, this would not be possible.

Sheenan West

Say this does work - how will people who have been taking opiates for many years deal with very bad with drawls from being cut off opiates. will they use drugs for with drawls while taking this new med. What will happen if this new med keeps you from feeling pain and you do something that hurts your body and need surgery but want know because this new med keeps you from feeling pain as this could be very dangerous and end up pearlized with people with spine fusions, mess some part of your body up and not even know you did or have a sepsis gall bladder with stones blocking in duct to live then gall bladder bust open with all the infectious puss or any internal organ plus many other things that should tell you something is wrong because pain will tell you. How safe is it. The FDA approves to many drugs that are so dangerous to your body. Opiates and marijuana should be used together if a patient wishes to use marijuana - I had one doctor let me use marijuana while marijuana is illegal where I live and it worked much better for pain with both and did not have to take as much opiates. Now I go to a pain management doctor, get drug tested every month and if you fail drugs test your out of luck. He is the best pain management doctor I ever had and feels marijuana works great but since it is illegal it’s a no go. I live in the buckle of the bible belt and my state will be last state to make marijuana legal if they ever do. Before I became a pain patient I use to use marijuana and it helped my PTSD, stress, anxiety, made me able to relax and slept so good every night. Alochol is legal and it’s way more dangerous plus people who are drunk are dangerous to themselves and others but it’s legal. Drunk people can’t think or reason and cause problems in very many ways, I hate alochol - 90% drinkers get drunk and dangerous and marijuana never impaired me from doing anything. I worked out 5 days a week, had a 3.2 GPA in college, never missed a day of work. Propaganda on MJ - BS.

I do not think any of us will be alive to see any treatment with the sortilin research on the mice. Research is too slow to put anything out that would be of benefit especially if it is connected with pain research. These research groups like the grant money they rake in from doing the research. What good is it if nothing is ever done with knowledge gleaned from these research projects. Pain patients are reduced to lab rats in our society today. We are all in a big experiment and we have nothing to ease our pain. I do not believe these researchers when they say they are working on ways to treat pain. We do not matter to them, the money matters to them.

Gail Honadle’s post about the carcinogenic effects of Sortilin may point to an important question in cancer: Sometimes a bruise or wound happens to people, but then it does not heal and some months later is found to be cancerous. Mainstream medicine has denied that these anecdotal occurrences are related in any way…mainly to avoid terrorizing the 99+% of people who get injured and heal normally.

But is it conceivable that a contusion or fracture that causes sortilin release, causes cancer to happen? And if so, how do we block that from happening?

There’s meanwhile a moral lesson to be learned from all this: Ignorance destroys lives. What we choose not to learn, keeps coming back to harm us.

CPPs experience that ignorance daily. People choose to accuse us of getting high on our meds and faking being ill. We need to take a stand for truth, against ignorance.

P.S what’s amazing to me is that alcohol is legalized but there is no CDC coming to the rescue putting guidelines on how much can be bought at a store at one time. BC the number deaths of this from alcoholism or for death caused by DUI not only to the driver but to innocent people. Or the injuries they may cause to innocent people. What about the death cause from that? Meth is rampant in every state but CDC doesn’t talk about that because they can’t catch them. Food stamps you can buy all the potato chips you want no guidelines or restrictions on that. You can enter show the 600-pound lives & most of these people are close to a thousand pounds. So you can eat yourself to death. But NY puts a restriction on what size soda you can drink, is there a restriction on the popcorn to? Surgeon General puts a warning on cigarettes but you can buy cases all you want + cause heart attacks but CDC don’t put out guidelines for the state to follow.. there are risk & benefits to all medication so why is the FDA, CDC ,DEA not looking into all medication. You can’t just stop antidepressants or anticoagulants. Anticoagulants can actually cause you to bleed to death . Talking about a high-risk medication . Hormone replacement therapy can cause blood clots but it still on the market .Aimovig has the potential to cause a heart attack. Can overdose over the counter medication. The absurdity of causing 50 million people to suffer it’s just egregious tragedy. But to the most vulnerable children and cancer patients and people with body deformities that cause pain. The list goes on but it’s all ignored. What is the real reason we must suffer?

Robert Poe

This sounds all good and wonderful? Same BS different study.
What are “they” doing for us right now? Not 7-10years from today. NOW!!!!
Sorry for sounding so negative! But most of us are becoming DESPERATE if not already. I pray for help everyday.
How long did the mice have to wait…….

This opiate crisis started not when Trump was in office but when Obama was in office. Both presidents receive information from the FDA, CDC, DEA and those departments are the ones that run any medication and suggestions to the president who’s in the office at that time. Each state has the right to govern the guidelines on opiates / marijuana. So there are so many more government agencies besides the president that are involved. blaming the whole system appropriate. But the cdc started it all bc of over dose deaths by illegal opiates but all opiates were applied. Then their misapplied guide lines decimated intractable pain people lives. Then they called in the Stormtroopers the DEA to back up their agenda. But now CDC came in and played the blame game of blaming doctors for misapplying their guidelines bc of intractable pain people killing themselves but never admitting that’s the reason. Ironically what they did to save lives actually cost lives. if the FDA is in charge then that means they passed it to the CDC who then pass it to the DEA they who passes this along to the president. then each state then applies what they want to which makes them look better in public eye but not intractable pain people who are suffering from these guidelines. then they throw in the media to brainwash that propaganda to cover their agenda. So the correct people to really go after would be the DEA, CDC and definitely the FDA because they’re the ones who approved opiates in the first place for the manufacturers. But yet manufacturers are being prosecuted. Again the blame game. All medication are approved through the FDA before it hits the market. The protest should be in front of the FDA . FDA has allowed opiates to be on the market for decades so why now Clump all overdoses indicating its prescription meds. Suicide has been at its highest since 2015 and it’s still climbing. CDC can’t blame it on over dose death now.


Why can’t scientist come out with a MYOB pill and offer it to people who think my medical issues were their problems and they need to control how my doctor treats? I followed the link provided by Gail and looks like this is not a safe alternative to opioids.

I get great relief from my pain medicine for my broken spine failed syndrome!!??its when in 2016 they decided io cut my base med.totally out+cut my brake through medicine to under case perforations!??and left me hanging by a thread every day as to what will happen next??I was making more progress than I had in,18 years,I was going to finish my degree ,fing some type of job 30hours a week+pursue my musical talents teaching guitar+opens home based recording studio???then they cut my feet out from under me instead of my plans just trying to tolerate this suicidal pain took every thing I could muster??and like all cpp patients thirst into this war on us +our good primary doctor??thruw back in time20years+using what energy+thought on frgjting this horrendis injustice that we had nothing to do with,but were,persucated,tourtured,treated like death row crimminals for having horrible painful incurable medical conditions??I have no answer for this unjust aggression +what we had to do with it??greedy blood money is the root answer as always is???????????

Holly Davidson

Gail Honadle,

Thanks you for the info! Just like the deadly side effects from the meds on TV. YIKES!


I just got back from filling my monthly opioid Rx’s. I HAD to do it today, b/c if I don’t do it on the first day allowed, then of course, I permanently lose pills.
I had to do this, even though I’m sick with a sinus infection.

Because of the infection, I needed some front store items, and doing that front store shopping caused my pain to spike from about a 2-3 level to a 9. I never say it’s a 10 — to me, 10 = giving birth, screaming etc.
Any activity at all does this to some degree; today was as bad as it gets.
It’s SO frustrating.

And I get so upset and crazy when my pain is spiked and idiot customers who were sitting and waiting for Rx’s present a ton of front store items to the pharmacy register. And of course, coupon problems etc that should not be at the Rx counter.

The front store register at my Walg’s almost never has a line. There is NO excuse for making sick people wait at the Rx counter and making Rx professionals deal with shampoo and toothpaste.

And this pharmacy is so super busy. It takes over an hour for me to get my 2 rx’s. They have front store managers working behind the counter and still can’t keep up.

I will complain to Walgreens Corporate again about this. There should be a big sign saying “No more than one front store item can be rung up …” That would take the pressure off the Rx staff.

I am grateful that Walgreens filled my Rx’s and my Part D paid w/o problem. I need to keep telling myself that, but the monthly ordeal really gets to me. Day 29 governs my calendar.

I beg anyone who has a few minutes to contact CVS and Walgreens and complain about them letting this get so out of control. It’s so unfair, especially to sick and injured people coming from the doctor to fill Rx’s — most people picking up an Rx are suffering from something; and so unfair to the overworked Rx staff who are trained pros who shouldn’t have to deal with this stuff.

Thank you.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

A concerted effort by antichrist forces is behind this beginning of POPULATION CONTROL. It’s past time to WAKE UP. Sick and older people are not needed in a world under the control of the elite and rich. Those able to work to provide these evil people’s needs will be tolerated only till their minimum value runs out. I realize that people mostly don’t want to hear warnings of the impending doom and destruction of all things but I am pressed in my very spirit to sound the trumpet as long as I am able. I know in whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep me against that day (words of the Apostle Paul). We have just begun to see some of the terrible things coming our way.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

This sounds good! But those who have suffered 30+ years and taken opioid such as Methadone will not benefit from this. Being on this type of pain meds is going to be a big problem. Over the past 30+ years two attempts have failed in trying to take me off this and I am sure many others are in the same boat as me. But one important thing people refuse to acknowledge is the time we are living in. The end of all things is much, much closer than millions and millions think or even dare believe. Fewer and fewer scientists and doctors believe it the Creator and especially The Bible. We humans have been lowered to the level of animals. And the fact that evil and wickedness is covering the earth causes me to be wary of what is being done in the name of medical science. But most people will be deceived and fall for about whatever comes along. Without a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ all is lost. A consumption is determined upon this earth and it is much closer now than ever. Wake up, and open God’s Book and read and learn these things for yourselves. Time for preparation is quickly running out. We are living in the most dangerous time in all of earth’s history. But when people refuse to believe that all humans were wiped out leaving only 8, it’s very hard to warn of impending doom. The warning of the judgment is something to laugh and mock by most today. Modern man has built themselves a house of cards and will reap what they have sown. LORD “JESUS COME SOON”.

One word… HOPE.

Mike Ellery

Gee,i hope they dont brand the mice as being addicts and stop the test.Not really funny,but i wouldnt rule it out.

Gail Honadle

This is what the Feds have to say about this

Rosalind Rivera

That all sounds very nice but he w long before it is going to take before humans are all tested. How long before it is rejected or approved for use on humans. How many times will it fail to be accepted by the powers that be before and if ever it is approved. How long before doctors begin to prescribe it to their pain patients. How long, how long, how long…..It really doesn’t matter to me as more than likely I will not be on this Earth to find out. How long????

DB Stewart

Marge and Robert excellent posts thank you very much.

I am happy to be a test pilot for this. I would like to see people like myself get some help sooner than later. Have nerve damage/fibromyalgia etc. Relief would be a game changer and what will it take to get out to the human market?

That sounds more promising than just calling all of us in pain addicts. Big pharma should like it as it means more money in their greedy pockets. That is, as long as pharma can patent it here in America. But I doubt that.
Otherwise it would be a life giver if they found a way to block pain.


I’m not sure why it would take so long to bring this idea to human subjects. Is there harm caused by blocking the sortilin in humans? Is sortilin essential for other body functions? Is the regulation of the molecule neurotensin more complex than just blocking it with sortilin? On the surface this sounds like a godsend but this article does not explain the statement “there is obviously a long way to go between mouse and human being”.
The state of pain management is so dire (at least for a lot of us) that I and I believe the vast majority of Chronic Pain sufferers would be ok with fast tracking this possibility. It’s a matter of life or death for some of us.


I am not a mouse, nor do I want to give another pharmaceutical company hundred, if not thousands of dollars for them to recoup their R&D costs.

The natural way was just fine for me…the derivative of the “Poppy Plant” has worked perfectly for 5,000 years. No need to reinvent the wheel, as the folks who now enjoy the Marijuana plant do today without interference.

All the sympathy for the street addict, but none for those who need opiates to survive. This is another diversion from the prohibition on pain analgesics!

Cancer Patient calls this BS!

The best thing for neuropathic pain is Marijuana! What I was forced to go to when they cold took my opiates when my cancer came back stage 4! Marijuana’s illegal for A REASON!! Also, my BP medication was contaminated with carcongenics “known cancer tumor chemicals in 100% cases studied) 3 of them the FDA said 1! 200x their “allowed” amount! They claim trace amounts! My cancer being genetic, well where the Marijuana began to help after those pills my cancer fueled up! Amazing right! Oh and to the CDC I would of been at the ATL rally but hmm after you make me suffer over a year with cancer, a illegal plant you know needs to be off Sch 1 helps me for FDA BP pills to refuel my cancer! Maybe if our Govt wasn’t killing us like this & leaving us suffering, we would be more physical able! Also, then the Govt would flip a big group of pain patients as “drug addicts” oh how they show up but in so much pain?! I know I’m addict in recovery almost 11yrs clean. I know the judgment!!!! Someone would flip it! Careful for this BS med! The FDA requirement is even less than it was if Trump signed that bill. The side effects - smh! Most corrupt Government ever!.The most effective meds for neuropathic pain ‘my nerves damaged from chemo’ is: Marijuana, opiates, there was 1 nerve type pain on my spine Lyrica helped temp but side effect was leg edema! It also stopped working but never worked on nueropathic pain. From a human not a nice! They always a step closer to BS”n the American people!

Why so late in research? The government found out that whales were beaching themselves or diving to fast in deep depthes to get way flight or fight mode to exscape navy sonar. Why is it taking the medical community and government so long to find replacement for opiates. Chronic pain people are in the fight or flight mode and a lot of them took their own lives just like the whales. But the whales got faster help. Chronic pain people stand in protest at cdc and get ignored by cdc. Maybe if we were another creature like Eagles, whales, dogs or cats. We are not a protected species. Just act like they have our best interest of protecting us. As long as we take ourselves out but not with opiates then not a problem for them.

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

That would be a remarkable advance for a problem that plagues millions. I look forward to following the clinical progress of this.