Baby care tips for new moms and dads

Baby care tips for new moms and dads.

If you are fresh out of the maternity ward with your newborn baby then you must know that there is a lot of work coming your way and you have to be well-prepared to deal with it all. Taking care of a baby is no easy task and must be done constantly.

The comfort of the baby should be a high priority and this means that you should be regularly feeding it and changing its diapers. (That’s nappies or nappy if you use the British word.) You need a baby changing table to rest baby on its back while you wipe it clean and change its diaper. And a plastic baby bath makes it easier to wash your baby once a day.

Feeding, washing and changing your baby is a job both parents should share. It is not just the mother’s job, because the baby has to be looked after almost 24/7 for month after month. Fathers have to take some of the load off mom - or something’s going to stretch to breaking-point and snap.

Regularly feeding the baby and making sure that they always have clean diaper will take away a big chunk of a parent’s sleep and this explains why many of them become depressed or over-anxious. There are a few tips here that you can use to avoid the same pitfalls while giving your baby the best care possible.

Feeding is the number one task that you will have to be carrying out on a regular once you get the baby home. With this task, you have the choice of whether you will be breastfeeding the baby or you will be letting the baby get its milk through a bottle.

To get the baby used to some kind of routine, make sure that you do the breastfeeding each time three hours have elapsed. Ask your doctor or nurse how to hold your baby when feeding it. And remember to support its head because baby won’t have the neck muscles yet to handle that task.

Knowing how to hold the baby properly will be needed when feeding from a bottle too. Support the baby’s body with your forearm and its head with one hand. Your other hand holds the bottle. This way you create that bond between you and the baby… And that’s why dad should be cleaning, changing and feeding his baby as well. You both need to bond to your baby, and have baby bond to you!

Nobody can claim to be taking good care of their baby if they are not bathing it. The first thing to do when bathing your baby is to make sure there is no cold draft coming in from your windows.

And make sure you never leave your baby all alone. Not ever. This means that you will need to have everything you need in the bathroom close to you before you bring in the baby in from its cot.

Make sure the baby’s bath water is neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature has to be lukewarm so that you do not scald your child or give baby a cold. Use your elbow to check the water temperature, since the elbow is more sensitive than dipping your hand in the water. Or you can use a bath thermometer for the task.

Make sure you handle the baby’s umbilical cord with great care until it is healed. Do not keep getting it wet, and try not to cover it up with the baby’s diaper. It needs fresh air to dry it out and heal it up.

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