California July 10 Pain Awareness Event Seeking Legislators

California July 10 Pain Awareness Event Seeking Legislators

While much attention of the nation’s pain community is deservedly focused on Washington D.C., each state essentially has its own pain policy.

That’s why the U.S. Pain Foundation representatives will be in the California State Capitol in Sacramento on Wednesday July 10th—to help create awareness around the issue of chronic pain—especially migraine.

They call it The Invisible Project—which is the name of their print magazine and traveling display that highlights the stories of real people with pain.

A similar event was held in Rhode Island.

“By highlighting the stories of people with pain in state capitols, we’re hoping to help educate policymakers on the challenges patients face and create positive change,” said Nicole Hemmenway, Interim CEO of the US Pain Foundation.

Pain patients and their families are urged to connect with legislators and fellow pain warriors. The event will feature an educational briefing and networking opportunity from 10 until 11 am. State legislators, who have been invited by constituents in pain, are expected to attend.

Hemmenway said that the organization has been stressing direct service programs and ensuring that the voices of people in pain are heard and what they say matter.

“We need every source of advocacy at the state and federal level,” she said.

Migraines impact an estimated 38-million Americans.

The Mayo Clinic points out several factors make you more prone to having migraines, including:

  • Family history. If you have a family member with migraines, then you have a good chance of developing them too.
  • Migraines can begin at any age, though the first often occurs during adolescence. Migraines tend to peak during your 30s, and gradually become less severe and less frequent in the following decades.
  • Women are three times more likely to have migraines.
  • Hormonal changes. For women who have migraines, headaches might begin just before or shortly after onset of menstruation. They might also change during pregnancy or menopause. Migraines generally improve after menopause.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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If we were Congressman we would all have thousands of complaints about opiates. Our staff would file them as “drug seekers”. No letter would stand out even if it was taken from the splattered body of a “jumper” who had written a hundred times to his Congressman. It took “Rock Hudson’s death” to get attention to HIV. It will take HUGE media coverage to FIX what was caused by Media in the first place.


It has gone too far to turn it around. State opiate restrictions are here to stay. Surely people posting here must know that. We need attention to the freedom that the Constitution of the United States promises. That this is a Republic. If majority ruled all Presidents would be elected by the biggest States. Pain Patients are a minority but still need representation. Senators and Congressmen should support citizens rights even if they don’t agree. You have as much right to oxycodone as you do beer, as long as you do not hurt anyone else.


As a Disabled Veteran since the 1990’s I have experienced differences in VA Hospitals due to State laws but in the long run there is one Man who needs to change his mind; The President. I just read that. Veteran Affairs Secretary Willie announced that the VA is the “Leads the Country” in drug reform and brags of a 50% reduction in Prescriptions. And Trump talks about “Fake News”. No, he is a leader in convincing Veterans to kill themselves. Hmmmm, I guess that does cut down on prescriptions.

glenda toth

Thank you so much for acknowledging that each state has its Own Policies! The changes made to better the policies should all include the recognition & conformity of each state. This is so very important because if the states do not conform, the changes are useless to the people of these states, and especially the people that would greatly benefit. They made pain policies, & even changed laws or made laws according to the CDC’s policies & requirements that they put out when this all started, has hurt so many people! Many human beings are suffering because of them. This post is so very important to this cause, & thank you again for acknowledging this! I am so glad to know that you are leaving no stone unturned. I am thankful & proud to have you handling this cause! I prayed for you for many years, because this affects me greatly, & know that what they did, from the start, has hurt me greatly, many times! To be suffering from relentless pain, and unable to get Any help, Any relief, or have it taken from you, makes you feel deserted, by the whole country! It’s unbelievable what has happened to so many people! To live in the great United States, & be treated like this is very frightening, to say the least!


Help, needed in Florida. I have yet to find any group or ones that will help.

In the National pain report there was an article by Ed Coghlan interviewing Beth Darnell who received a grant 8.8 million dollars for research on pain treatment back in October 2017. The research was called something like the patient-centered for pain management. Whatever became of that research? I believe the article was titled there are no definite in pain management that it backfires. That’s a lot of money to be granted & yet pain people are still suffering. I spoke to a doctor yesterday & directly asked him will doctors continue to prescribed the 90 mme? BC I read news articles that it said that the CDC was telling doctors not to be tapering. Even though I no longer get pain medication I couldn’t resist asking. His reply was doctors will never go over the 90 mme bc they’re too afraid. That he actually had a lawyer come in & speak to him & give him advice so that’s why he chose not to prescribe pain medication to anyone anymore. Don’t want to lose his medical license was his reasons. I remember one time he told me to no longer bring up that I was in pain that it was a subject he did not want to talk about. So I guess if I have a rash we can talk about that or a cold but not what is making me suffer. Ridiculous! Another problem is is medical records are incorrect. Had hip surgery & all the information in it did not apply to me. it was someone else’s medical record with my name on it. I’m having a lot of hip pain & yet it says I can do Elite activities Wrong! No wonder no one ever gets well. The wrong information is in your medical records. Doctors don’t want to fix it or proof read & there’s too much paperwork as it is, not enough time so they just rather get rid of you bc you’re replaceable always going to be sick people so pain people don’t matter we’re replaceable.😧

Victoria Fuentes

I agree with Gail why don’t they bring up the topic of Auto Immune Disorders? I myself have Lupus and have been suffering with this disease for many years even before I knew I even had it. I’m constantly in fear of when my next flare up will hit me and how severe and how long they will last, I have cushions syndrome and can’t take steroids because of it. Not to mention I also have Fibromyalgia as well. On top of chronic neck and back pain. I can’t even attempt to travel to the Capital to see if infact we have any support from anyone in office. I know that our Governor of California has stated that he wants to use the state of California to set an example of being the first state that will become the first one that will be opiate free. Which is so wrong in many ways. Why punish the people that have medical conditions that they never asked to have in the first place. I think it’s wrong to punish any of us that deal with chronic pain daily period. I hope that more people will respond to this topic as well. We can’t let the Government come between Doctors and Patients it just wrong to allow this to happen to any of us.

Jan Fulton

I had migraines for most of my life and yes, they were related to my periods.
Over the years, if the migraine went on for more than 2 days I could usually go to the ER and get an injection that would help me rest and some pain relief.
The last 8 years I’ve learned the ER is the last place I will go for help.
Instead of compassion I would get smirks from the nurses and doctors. I was OBVIOUSLY labeled a drug seeker.
They all seemed to have judged me before even doing any kind of assessment. They knew they possessed the power to withhold medication for my pain and sadly, they seemed to enjoy it.
I will never go to another ER again because I refuse to be treated like that.
I won’t have the knee surgery that I need because I know they don’t treat the post operative pain ( many others have told me their experiences— it’s grim)
The last time I was in ER ..the nurses don’t even try to hide the smirks and whispers. They hand you Tylenol and Zofran (which is what I was taking at home that didn’t help) I don’t know what creates a nurse to get joy out of denying pain treatment, but ER nurses and docs are the worst .
I’m sad. I’m scared. We are now a third world country when it comes to pain control.

Gail Honadle

Lets add in Genetic diseases, 100 Autoimmunes, and why in heaven’s name is a Pain Summit being held in the Illicit Drug capitol of the USA? My useless US Congress critter is to busy doing chamber of commerce Photo Ops to meet with Pain Patients in the counties of his district or even the VA hospital we are not capable of a DC trip we might get to the county seat. US Rep David Kustoff, TN. Phone: (202) 225-4714