Can an Existing Vaccine Help Treat Fibromyalgia?

Can an Existing Vaccine Help Treat Fibromyalgia?

By Ed Coghlan.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given approval for the Massachusetts General Hospital to conduct a human clinical trial of an inexpensive generic vaccine to treat fibromyalgia.

The announcement was made by EpicGenetics, a privately held biomedical company in Los Angeles because its CEO, Bruce Gillis, M.D. is funding the study through a philanthropic grant.

Dr. Gillis is described in the press release as an advocate for fibromyalgia patients since he and his research team at the University of Illinois, College of Medicine at Chicago discovered unique immune system, cellular and protein abnormalities which are associated with the disease of fibromyalgia.

The generic vaccine is BCG, a generic drug, which is used globally to prevent tuberculosis.

Global research concerning the BCG vaccine, such as the research work of Dr. Hazel Dockrell at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has demonstrated that vaccinations with BCG can activate immune markers which are known to be the same reciprocal defects within the immune systems of people with fibromyalgia.

“This trial has the potential to impact the biology of fibromyalgia and now with clinical testing it will be determined over the next four years whether this vaccine has clinical validity as well. Since the generic BCG vaccine is affordable and safe, the clinical trial introduction of this vaccine will perhaps transform the lives of the patients who currently have no other direct treatments available to combat this very debilitating disease,” said Dr. Gillis. “The FDA will be looking at indicators to determine if BCG is having a clinical effect with a decrease in pain for fibromyalgia patients and an increase in overall function in the standardized testing for this disease. If the results are promising, we anticipate being able to rapidly expand the BCG treatment to many more patients due to its long-standing safety.”

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating disease that causes substantial pain, chronic fatigue and depression among other symptoms. Patients also incur significant expenses and lost wages. It is a leading cause of disability. There are literally millions of individuals, ranging from pediatric to geriatric ages, who will be candidates to have their fibromyalgia confirmed and then become eligible for this treatment trial.

EpicGenetics, Inc. develops and manufactures an approved fibromyalgia test that tracks the immune defects of this disease, the FM/a Test. EpicGenetics is dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia and by investing in and developing further comprehensive clinical studies at leading medical research centers through unrestricted donations.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I have tried the FM\a test twice and did not qualify for fibromyalgia. I certainly have most symptoms. Would it make sense to try the FM/a for vaccine.


The thought of having to wait four more years, 95% of my time in agony and in bed after six years have already passed is frustrating but like most with FM, I will try anything that might lessen my widespread pain so I will continue to follow this trial with great interest.

I do consider myself very fortunate, that I have compassionate doctors that are knowledgeable about FM and do not dismiss it as neurosis.

Donanova Maria Timoncini-Albertini

Please contact me I need to take back my life. I’ve been in pain way to long. I want to try this test. My daughter,mother and I all have this condition . We all want to be cure if this can happen.

Michelle Brock

I am extremely interested in being part of your vaccine trial. I have read all of your literature and I will do whatever you need me to do including traveling and staying there for the days required or anything else necessary. I would be so grateful to have even a little of my quality of life back. I have had FM for 20+ years and this is a ray of hope that I never thought I would see. I do understand there are no guarantees. I took your FM test many months ago and it was of course positive. I am trying to be patient waiting for the letter that tells me what I need to do next, I am not getting my flu shot, until I hear from you and I will quit whatever medications I have to although I think I already have quit any that would have been an issue quite some time ago. I have been part of some research with the Mayo Clinic many years ago, having been an RN, I wanted to help others and of course helping myself at the same time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Barbara Nelson

I just wanted to show a small bit of our problems with fibromyalgia. I and others are in constant pain. I recently had a cavity filled and this does not happen to normal people. My face was swollen to three times the size of the other side. My eye filled with blood. I had a black eye and severe bruising just as if I had been beaten. I am now 2 weeks out and in severe pain in my teeth and jaw and ear on the side the minor work was done. It’s not my Dentist fault, it is this damn disease! Just a simple cavity fill now has me in trigyminal neuralgia. Oh Please help us!


I maybe interested after researching more. Thank you.

Marlena Edmonson

Me and my husband would like to be in this trial

I would love to be on the trial list if possible


Contact EpicGenetics if you want to be in the research. You need their test which many insurance companies are now paying for.


Pain is the body’s response to telling you that there is something wrong so the nervous system sends “pain signals to the brain”. (Example you touch a hot pan from the oven and get burned, the result is “pain”. The nerves in your hand sent the message to your brain, brain sends back message to hand “ouch” you’ve been hurt. )

If Dr Gillis is correct that there is truly something unique with FM patient’s immune system, then he needs to discover what it is that is attacking our immune system to cause our body to have the FM symptoms, which would be something that has triggered an Autoimmune response. (Think of what happens in your body if you have Lupus or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis = autoimmune diseases.)

I believe that we who have FM, need for Medical Science to figure out how to “reset” the Pain Signal Clock in our brain that has short circuited and keeps looping back on itself, that is keeping our body’s system creating too much “Substance P enzyme” which causes the nervous system to send signals to the brain that the body is in pain. Chase that to find the “Cure”.


I have all sorts of red flags going off in my brain about this, and lots of questions: Red flag, if FDA approves this and demands that every FM patient have this “miracle shot”, then doctors will be required to say that their FM patient is “cured” and therefore no longer requires disability. Saving the Government money and requiring sick people to find jobs…. If you’ve won your disability and on Social Security, will you lose it? If you get this shot, and interview for working in Healthcare-Daycare-School, will you be forever cursed with having a Turberculosis TB marker in your system and be disqualified from working because you won’t be able to pass the health screening?
Please read everything you can about TB before agreeing to sign up for this.
The company claims that the vaccine is “safe”, but then supposedly the MMR shots were safe for children yet found to contain Mercury in them and people are debating did that cause Autism, seizures etc.

Is there a link to read Dr Gillis medical research of how he discovered, “discovered unique immune system, cellular and protein abnormalities which are associated with the disease of Fibromyalgia.” ???
I want to read that research.

TB is a bacteria, so if this study finds that this vaccine works will they say that we who have FM have been infected with a bacteria and that is why we have FM? (What kills bacteria? Antibiotics, bleach, etc.)

How many FM patients have tried the “Guaifenesin protocol” by Dr Amand as a treatment for FM? (Hand raised.) Guaifenesin is normally prescribed as a drug is used to treat colds and coughs as a expectorant. Turberculosis causes coughing… Is Dr Gillis trying to tag on to Dr. Amand’s research with his vaccine study?
Guaifenesin protocol didn’t work for me. It escalated more pain and exhaustion until I found myself in the Dr office begging to be put in a coma so that I could sleep. Not good…

Believe me, I am all for finding a “cure” for relieving all the symptoms of FM! Yes, please now!
But my caution would be this: go back to the basics of “What is pain?” Continual unceasing pain causes the exhaustive fatigue, of which we get caught in the loop of no restorative sleep because of the pain, which causes more exhaustion turning into cronic fatigue that we who have FM suffer from.

Molly Jewett

Please, tell me how to apply to be part of this. I am 32 and have fibromyalgia since I was 26. My life revolves around when I can take my medication. I have an 8 year old daughter I can’t play with, a wonderful husband I can’t do anything with. This could give me my life back.

72 yrs old suffered fibromyalgia over 35 years.
Interesting - my mom had TB spent 3 yrs st Royal Ottawa Sanitirium in Ottawa, Ontario Canada then was cured & gave birth to me 4 years after.
I plead with you to let me be part of this clinical trial. Thank you.
Could you respond one way or the other. I only truly have but 1 choice left. My organs have been recently tested so in relatively (if you din’t call living in endless pain ) but I would at this point gladly take any risks associated with this trial. Imagine how many hundreds of thousands whose lives cld be impacted.
Interestingly also is although my mom suffered from many issues physically, she too was in constant dire excruciating pain.
I will await fir an answer.

Linda Bynum

I believe in this vaccine. I read a Doctor’s response on here and was appalled. Did he miss the class in college “do no harm”. Obviously, many doctors who see this as a possible cure, must also see their patient amount decline. And their wallets shrink. WE have a right for a cure!. Because we do not die from this disease, we do in fact die mentally. We suffer so badly, seeing ourselves as unrecognizable, because it robs us of sleep, participation in normal daily activities, family gatherings, loss of friendships, financial burden, husband/wives who stick it out for their partner suffer as well. People who really do not know us, because we fail to attend functions believe we are stuck up or to good to be participate in a party or function we are invited too. So many people do not understand or believe it is real.We are tired, no energy. I had a long career and should still be there, which once after my diagnosis, I started opiate pain relief. It has kept me going. I do not doctor jump. I keep my appointments and drive 8 hours one way every three months to be treated by a very understanding Orthopedic doctor whose practice is LARGE and is the team doctor for a National Football league. I wonder how many people gave up, and quietly ended their suffering. I guarantee the number is large. How can anyone, who does suffer from this or if they do not, and do not believe, not wish us luck with this vaccine, a possible real cure. Why would anyone wish us to continue to suffer. If they could walk in my shoes for one day, they definitely would have a different outlook. Pain, constant pain and the fatigue is a horrible existence. It’s not a life to live. Not a real one. I have not gave up. But something had to give. Thank you Epicgentics. Dr. Gillis, Jeff in the Laboratory and UCLA, Boston Mass, University of Illinois, all of the researchers, the people who answer the phone, thank all of you for this chance. You deserve to be recognized especially when you are accredited for curing us. What a celebration for ALL of you on that wonderful day when you show people you cured the first group of volunteers!😊😊😊

John Quintner Physician in Pain Medicine

In 2012, a privately owned company (EpicGenetics) announced the availability of a blood test to diagnose fibromyalgia. It emphasised the inordinate length of time it was then taking for the diagnosis to be made in people with this condition.

The company makes two claims about its blood test: (i) it “recognizes the immune system’s multi-biomarkers that are unique to fibromyalgia”; and (ii) that it has “successfully diagnosed patients with fibromyalgia from around the world”.

The cost of the test is US$794

The test relies upon scores generated by the pattern and amount of cytokines generated by cultured blood cells. The scores are rated in terms of the “confirmability” of the diagnosis:

<50: diagnosis not confirmable
50-80: diagnosis confirmable
81-90: diagnosis strongly confirmable
91-100: diagnosis extremely confirmable

A score over 50% raises the possibility that the condition might be present. As the score increases, so does the likelihood of a diagnosis of fibromyalgia being confirmable. The cut-off in the scoring system for a positive fibromyalgia diagnosis is not made clear,

Those who test positive are to be offered the opportunity to take part in two research projects heralded as “the largest and most ambitious study into fibromyalgia’s genetic origins and potential treatment.”

Under contract with researchers from both UCLA and the University of Illinois College of Medicine Chicago, Campaign 250 will conduct Whole-Exome genetic testing on up to 250,000 patients who have received a positive FM/a® fibromyalgia diagnosis.

The other offer made to those with a positive diagnosis is an invitation to participate in what has been termed “a fibromyalgia-specific vaccine clinical trial to reverse the biology of fibromyalgia”.

They are to receive a series of injections of a vaccine known as BCG (bacillus Calmette-Guérin).

There have been two problems confronting those who wish to develop a blood test for fibromyalgia:

(i) There is no agreement that fibromyalgia is in fact a discrete diagnosable medical condition [Wolfe et al. 2018].

(ii) The official position is that there is no blood test specific for fibromyalgia:

John Quintner

Kelly J Bartlett

hi, I had fibromyalgia since I was 20 never needed to take anything for it until I had spinal surgery fusions to be exact, now I’m in constant pain all the time severe arthritis and I been telling these doctors no more steroids I know it’s breaking my body down the latest dark has been doing it behind my back while I’m laying down and then I find out later he injected me with steroids so now I found a Doctor Who’s compassionate about it but, I did not know that I’d be detoxing off steroids with sleepless nights night sweats anxiety frustration headaches has anyone else experienced detoxing off steroid injections given by pain specialists please help taking vitamins getting acupuncture doing all I can but I’m suffering

Jane Smith

Anyone who accepts thsi vaccine needs to have their head examined. recent law suits against the govt by attorney and environmental activist has proven through govt FOIA docs now: There have been ZERO safety studies done on most vaccines in the 30 years since pharma was given a complete liability waiver in 1986, after the Reagan admin prevented anyone in the future from suing vaccine companies. The govt promised to do safety studies and its now been revealed: We and our children have been guinea pigs with no informed consent. All vaccines have life threatening ingredients that are not safe in ANY AMOUNTS and go directly to our brains lungs and muscle tissues, causing life threateining brain and auto immune injuries. Now that we all know , based on the recent documentary, Bleeding, that the Industry lies about most medical devices used on us, as well as the complete capture of the CDC and FDA by corporations and Pharma, there ARE no safe “new” treatments any of us should be considering for ourselves and our children. We are now nothing but dollar bills to the govt and the industries.


At John; It extraordinary that there remains any healthcare professionals who refuse to accept that FM is a real medical problem and/or that the FM/a® test is not accepted despite it having been developed at a major university medical center, that it won a major award for “Outstanding Research” and that we have related partnerships with renown university medical centers including Harvard/Mass General, Illinois and UCLA- all of whom recognize it. But we are aware that there is and has been a major drug company who has worked against us because the test proves their FM drug has no immune system benefits and the FM/a® test proves that FM is an immune system disease.


I have had Fibromyalgia since the very early 1990’s. I’ve had to endure the pain and extreme fatigue for a long time. I was on 2000 mg of vicodin and 80 mg of oxycodone for years, then my pain management doctor gave me Suboxone and I only had to use it 2 time a day and it was great. It really helped a lot and I was off vicodin and oxycodone finally.
Then after 2 1/2 years my insurance company said I had to use something else. Well everything else was not acceptable by the insurance company.
I am now back on Oxycodone (15 mg 4/a day). I signed a contract with my doctor, that she would be the only one who I could get my drug from and to have of my other doctors call her if they wanted me on any opioids. I also take a urine test about once a month. I also use only one pharmacy.
I’ve had this a long time and have my ups and downs thru the years. I’ve tried the vitamin route, which is suppose to help, but it did nothing. I’m also trying to use CBD, which I talked to my doctor about first. So far it has not helped, but I’ve only been trying it for a month. Believe me I’ve tried everything that has come out, but nothing has helped but my opioids. I would really like to get off these. I’ve had 6 operations since 2014. Breast cancer, replaced 2 knees, 2 right shoulder surgeries, a paralyze left vocal cord and a left hand carpal release surgery.
I’ve also have rheumatoid arthritis in both my ankles and in my hips. I also get about 3 or 4 hrs of sleep using my C-pap. But I keep on going, because I’m trying not to let all of this pull me down, I rest when I have to. I’m also very lucky to have a great husband who understands and also seems to know when I’m really hurting and tells me to rest or slow down.
I would love to be in this trial if possible. But if not, I do hope it worked. Especially if it really helps all the people who are afflicted with this very debilitating disease.

Christine Sparks

Great news!!

John Quintner Physician in Pain Medicine

This test has neither been endorsed nor recommended by any peak organisation representing the discipline of rheumatology. The official position has been, and still is, that there is no blood test for fibromyalgia.


I feel so badly for you dragonfly and I understand your absolute disbelief that in this country people can no longer get pain management relief based on documented evidence that patients have now become abandoned and are in fact suffering from worsened pain because of those that have evidently chosen to be substance abusers not simply opiate addicts. I know the symptoms of fibromyalgia as my wife was finally diagnosed after 3 years of spending, spending, spending money on doctor visits for one of them to identify WHY my wife almost suddenly became sick and in pain with “something” causing her to act out of character and obviously in severe pain. She too can no longer “walk the pet dog”, have meaningful gatherings family wise and socially, and even manage to get out of bed for more than an hour or so daily BECAUSE she was suddenly and without permission reduced in medication that has enabled her to “do” for 10 years without negative health issues. ONLY documented mobility, ability to do the most BASIC activities in order to live in ur society, and have some happiness in what life she has left. She is 58 years old, a “champion” body builder that has NEVER used steroids, NEVER used tobacco OR alcohol. She has been DAMNED by CDC “guidelines” in 2016 which resulted in a 66 percent reduction in her medication used for 10 years which HAS evidence based beneficial use but, it does NOT matter to the DEA “officials” who are self proclaimed physicians and know what is “best” for pain management patients that is now causing widespread negative health issues along with substantial suicide reported BECAUSE of the inability to manage diagnosed pain issues and NO other pain management therapy available in other words ABANDONED as a patient from beneficially documented treatment with supervised opiate medication therapy as the very LAST available means to manage her pain. She has never been anything short of RESPONSIBLE with her monthly prescription of opiate medication.The “experts” in modern “medicine” are NOT interested in patient quality of life, they are only interested in pushing their narrative of pain management as non pain management patients… for profit?? It IS obvious within the pain management community both patients and doctors KNOW that fibro patients are functioning FAR worse with un managed pain as to just about one and one half years ago with a sufficient dosage of opiate medication as the LAST effective means of pain management.


Love to have my husband be part of this trial. Please keep us informed when, where they plan to get participants. Keep doctors able to prescribe pain meds in the meantime!!

M Virdell

Interested in participating …

Instead of turning off an already compromised immune system even more. people need to understand the cause of fibromyalgia. Watch the video on doctorsofcourage(dot)org/videos/ to learn how fibromyalgia develops. Then by working on the cause, it can be cured, not just covered up.


And what the [edit] do people do who have had their pain managreement taken away. How long this gonna take. Till more people go to the street for help and relief. I have not slept more than 3 hours in a year when I had my pain meds taken over a year ago. I’m suffering and no dr seems give a [edit]. I cant go anywhere. Spend quality time with my family. Walk. Keep my dog. I mean what kind of life is this. 10 years of pain management then boom. Sorry. We cant prescribe this anymore. [edit]

Absolutely want to be part of trials - mom had tb - have fibrin& ituso so bad