CBD Oil for Sleep: How CBD Oil Can Help Improve Your Sleep

CBD Oil for Sleep: How CBD Oil Can Help Improve Your Sleep

It is estimated that about 50 million people suffer from sleep apnea and insomnia. Often, lack of sleep or insomnia is caused by stress, anxiety, pain or depression. Insomnia symptoms include difficulties falling asleep at night, waking up too early, tiredness, increased errors etc.

Sleep problems will make it hard for you to function during the day. You don’t have to put up with sleepless nights. CBD oil for sleep helps a person fall asleep by calming the nervous system.

How can CBD oil help with Insomnia or Sleep Problems

CBD oil has antipsychotic effects that inhibit the activity of a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain that causes restless hence allowing someone to sleep. It also acts as an aid for conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety and depression which causes sleep problems.

There are natural ways to treat anxiety and sleep problems like CBD oil. It comes in the form of pure CBD oil, vape oil, capsules and CBD gummies. If you find it difficult to tolerate the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, CBD may be a good alternative.

Best Pure CBD oil for Sleep

Pure CBD oil for sleep induces feelings of sleepiness and tranquility. Additionally, it is used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety disorders. It comes as full spectrum oil and is 100% natural because it is extracted from Hemp plant.

The oil has;

  • High potency
  • is sold in various doses
  • is suitable for vegans and is gluten and allergen free.
  • Most of CBD oil comes from trusted companies that have outstanding sourcing and manufacturing process.

Sleep problems can be caused by conditions such as anxiety and Stress. Stress about finances, school or family can keep your mind awake at night leading to insomnia. CBD oil has a calming effect which is beneficial to people who have stress and sleep problems.

If you are planning to buy CBD oil for sleep, it might be useful to buy from manufacturers that are transparent with their products. Some trusted brands like NuLeaf Naturals produce some of the best CBD oils for sleep.

The oil can be used as a dietary supplement and come in varying concentrations; from 240mg to 4,850mg. The company is committed to produce high quality CBD oil products that will solve your health problems.

It has positive reviews online meaning many people have bought and liked their products. It is one of the oldest companies in the CBD oil industry hence it has established itself to be a trustworthy manufacturer.

Their products are not made with any chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. They have been licensed and tested by third party labs.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil is good for sleepers with light to moderate sleep problems, have anxiety disorders and chronic pain. It is also perfect for people who want pure oil with no added ingredients.

CBD oil capsules for sleep

CBD oil capsules for sleep are easy to consume and travel with. The oil in the capsules is from Hemp plant hence it is 100% natural. It is extracted through superheated CO2, a method that is much safer and cheaper.

By taking CBD capsules, you avoid the awful taste of the oil. The capsules are water soluble with outstanding bioavailability. No measurements required with CBD oil capsules for sleep. What you order is what you get. They come in different CBD concentrations like 15 mg, 25 mg and 50mg with a number of pills in them.

Buy oil capsules from trusted manufacturers that are effective natural remedy for insomnia sufferers. The best CBD oil capsules will bring a feeling of calmness which makes it easier to fall asleep at night.

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Authored by: Areyo Dadar

Areyo Dadar of CBDcentra writes on medical cannabis issues for the National Pain Report.

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CBD Oil is good for good sleep. There are some other sleeping factors such as using a good bed/mattress, maintain sleep routine daily, using the air conditioner to make the room comfortable, turning off all digital electronic devices, etc.

Are you promoters for NuLeaf Naturals? There are other excellent companies out there that have very high-quality product. It’s a shame that you focused on only one.

Recent research from The Netherlands reveals that people have a Biological Clock that runs on a nutrient called Tyrosine. Enzymes in the brain convert Tyrosine into Dopamine, a substance that causes alertness and curiosity. More enzymes in the brain then turn the Dopamine into Morphine. This is exactly the same substance that’s in poppy plants, which doctors administer for pain. The Morphine causes sleep. While we sleep, we excrete the Morphine in urine, and we make more Dopamine, waking us back up.

Toxins that interfere with this biochemical cycle can cause insomnia. Cocaine is a natural toxin that interferes with sleep. Synthetic stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin were invented to duplicate the effects of cocaine, but are made without growing coca plants.

Many people who suffer the ADHD disease were put on Adderall or Ritalin, because DEA officials were led to believe that cannabis is dangerous. (The same DEA officials knew that cocaine can be dangerous but never realized that Adderall and Ritalin were invented as substitutes for cocaine and have similar effects). However, many adult ADHD patients prefer cannabis, because it has fewer side effects than
Adderall and Ritalin. One of those adverse side effects of Adderall and Ritalin, is difficulty sleeping. (Another is psychosis when the drug wears off…also seen in cocaine addiction). This makes complete sense now, in light of the Dutch discovery of how our biological clocks actually work.


Sorry but I think this article , while may be helpful to some newbies, I feel that it is more of a sales pitch for NuLeaf

Billy Malone

Some miss information and some good info. Chronic pain, chronic pain issues and CBD are all things that take up most of my time and life. I got heavily into the CBD industry because of dealing with chronic pain and I only work with one of the first labs of its kind in the country because they have extensive background and work with a research team.
There is some good info here but there are 2 things I have issue with in this article, first sleep apnea is mentioned and classified as a sleep disorder in a way that makes it sound like CBD will help. However, sleep apnea does not work that way, sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder, correct, However, Apnea is when a sufferer falls into a deep sleep the patient’s throat muscles become so relaxed that they block the breathing passage. This can stop breathing altogether. Our body then gives a shot of adrenaline to wake up. From a sleep study I was waking up more than 30 times an hour. When you have a disorder that is based on the body getting TOO relaxed during sleep I do not think that recommending a substance that makes you more relaxed for sleep is the responsible thing to do. Combine this with the naming of only one individual brand makes this article lose its credibility which is a shame because it does have some useful information. Also most people do not understand how tricky dosing can be because it comes down to the amount of receptors a person has, making correct dosing and methods per individual a little bit of a science, especially when dealing with chronic patients. I am a strong believer in CBD and it is an extremely good tool, but we need to be careful on how we deliver our information. CBD is now a huge trend and when I have gone to conventions every single company out there will tell you its pure, its organic, high bioavailability, etc, etc. And according to Dr. OZ only 1 in 13 name brands had the correct amount of CBD when his lab tested.

Sandra Powers

How much strength is needed to help with sleep issues? How do you know the correct dosage? Is it up to my pain management Dr to prescribe the CBD oil? What if they are not knowledgeable about the needed Amt or strength? Who is to help me then?

I’m glad the headline says “can” help improve your sleep. I tried it, in various combos, strengths, & formulations, for over a year (& spent much money I couldn’t afford). It did nothing for sleep, pain, or anxiety. Since I’ve been forced off, then way down my pain meds, (I actually managed to find a doc who’d prescribe a few) I am again spending money I don’t have to try it again…it *may* be helping to slightly reduce my intractable migraines of 4+ decades (I still get almost no sleep most of the time). But the folks who dance around yelling that it’s a miracle cure for everything are as truthful as everyone who sells miracle cures for everything. Just words of caution & restraint.


I have to say attempting to cure sleep apnea with cbd is dangerous.Go to a reputable doctor and get a prescription to help- usually a c-pap or bi-pap machine. It is your throat closing and can cause lethal problems.

Rosalind Rivera

It’s absolutely wonderful that CBD oil works or may work for others however I must add that I definitely does not help everyone that tries this method. I speak from personal experience as I did try this method for an extended amount of time and it did not help my insomnia in the least
What works for some does not necessarily work for others.