China plans new ‘Eco City’ for 350,000 people

China plans new 'Eco City' for 350,000 people. Image via ##

The Chinese government may need to invest up to 3.6 trillion dollars in urban infrastructure by 2020, China’s state media said last month, citing a report by the country’s brains trust, the China Development Research Foundation.
China is undergoing an unprecedented urbanisation process as hundreds of millions of people have headed to fast-growing metropolitan areas since the nation’s economy embarked on a fast-paced growth track during the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedung, more than 30 years ago.
To handle the massive influx of people, China has been seeking help from far afield to assist with the plan. They have partnered with experts from Japan and Holland to make the dream of Eco Cities possible, and have combined financially with Singapore in the massive venture.
The future city will have a population of 350,000 and an infrastructure that includes schools, hospitals and business precincts. Green technology for the project will come from the giant Dutch electronics company, Phillips, and from Japanese manufacturer, Hitachi.
More than 60 percent of household waste will be recycled and 20 percent of the new city’s power will come from renewable energy sources such as solar power and windmills. The rest will be obtained from other sources such as coal, which is still highly-polluting to the environment.
Treated sewage from the city will be pumped into a fresh-water lake which will supplement water supplies for nearby communities.
Greenpeace supports the development of ”eco-cities” as a way to handle urban overcrowding, which it says could prevent China from curbing its world-leading carbon emissions and meeting its ambitious energy targets.

Authored by: Sean McInnes

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