Chronic Illness and Insurance to Be Discussed Wednesday at

Chronic Illness and Insurance to Be Discussed Wednesday at

By Ed Coghlan.

When you talk with chronic pain warriors about their biggest frustrations, often the issue of health insurance comes up.  Insurance companies often do not cover some or all of the alternative pain therapies that they are prescribed.

Our friends at are going to have a guest on Wednesday night October 25th, at 9pm EDT.

Melissa Harrelson will discuss the insurance industry and how people with chronic health issues can deal with getting the product/services that they are entitled to under their policy.

To attend there is no cost to members and becoming a member is easy.  Please go to the website, click on the join tab, fill in your email, your first name, last initial, and state. Confirm your membership in your email.  Then a time to register for the meeting will come to your email.  When you get your email to attend the event, fill in the information and a personalized link with information will come to your email asap.  One hour before the group you will get a reminder and a duplicate link for your convenience.

“At, we strive to schedule speakers who are informative and timely.  With Insurance time right around the corner, we are proud for the 2nd year, to have Melissa Harrelson,” said Robin Viola-Pfeffer of  “Last year Melissa covered our questions and the changes we faced and was very well received.”

If you’ve not attended it is worth trying it out.  They are always yield a productive discussions about the issues facing the chronic pain community.

Sharing your experiences with your insurance company or your state insurance regulators and hearing how others are doing it can help you as you manage your chronic pain.

Retired pharmacist Steve Ariens, who is part of the family, shared some of this thoughts with us at the National Pain Report two years ago and those thoughts are still relevant today.

Take a look here.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I have vulvodyia

here is my comment its as nice as i could be,real chronic patient patients have been throw under the bus,and we better come together,because there not only backing over us again,but there going to keep this up till were all dead,they already remade rx pain opioid medicines to the point no drug addict would want them,but at the same time for real chronic pain patient they have very little effect for our great pain,its like putting an bandaid on broken leg and telling the patient now ain’t that better,while there screaming,had one doctor tell me if i don’t give you opioids,you won’t have to worry about getting addict,while i looked like i was about to die the pain was so great,lets call them what they are pain nazi’s,because not only are they not treating very great pain,but causing it to becaome so bad after not treating it patients are killing themself’s,but that not news worthy god forbid we save chronic pain patient by given them opioids in the right mg’s,amounts that have been proven to work for 1000’s of yrs,because an drug addict who not only don’t take them right ,i mean by the handful’s,drink’s on top of it,does street drug also at the same time might die,car wrecks are killing millions of people to,so lets out law them too,i tell you what should be outlawed being an pain nazi.

In pain c.r.

Well after 10 years of pain meds from primary doctor, and 5 .5 years with pain management doctor that primary doctor sent me to, I am now S.O.L., I have been noticing that pain clinic wants you to do all of the sudden do all this alt pain relief that does nothing but make it worse, and slowly taking away the meds I need to have a productive and meaningful life, so now after the insurance refused to pay for a mri that the nero surgeon said he needs to confirm that I need another neck surgery the insurance company says no it’s not medical nessary, but we can send you to therapy for 3 times a week for 6 or more weeks, at 35 dollars each visit 105 week, that I don’t have, oh and we also would recommend yogi classes, what the hell is that gonna do??, so gotta think the DEA,insurance company and doctors that are scared to provide the meds they have been prescribing for the last 15 years so I could have a productive life and be able to provide a living for me and my child that I have custody of, and ya no help from her mother, way to go, now I take 50 or more Tylenol each week, pay 10 dollars a pill off the street, and ya easier to get their then from the ones that have been prescribing for the last 15 years, thinks for forcing me to be a criminal so I can work .oh and by the way I used to work 40 pls hours a week, now I do good if I make it 30, because of the pain and withdraws you forced on me, but your plan I’m sure is going to really work, lol only thing I see it doing is causing the ones that have always done right and never over dosed or abused their meds to find other ways to not have to suffer, and when that fails, you can add that to your numbers that you seem to think that you are going to lower by making people suffer. I am sick of all the bull, government and people that think they know what’s best for me, just a little info, 15 years i am still here and never one thought I needed to overdose on the meds that helped me, but i guess that’s not really what anyone wants to hear, so I say heck with it all, you want me to suffer and my meds, oh and my money, well u throwed me to the wolf’s, so my turn to throw the ins,doctors to the poor house without me funding any of you people anymore,sorry if i sound like A hateful person, but that’s what you left me to do, is fend for myself,so ya have a little bit of a crappy attitude, and have never been that type of person, but never say never, cause it will bite you,… Read more »

Paulette Wright

If you need help let me know. I am on the National Advisory Board for Pain Patients, as well as a chronic pain patient, and a retired Pain management Nurse practitioner that managed my own office medical billing.

Maureen Mollico

Thanks Ed. I love Live to Live! I go on now and then on Sat. afternoons. It’s a true, one of a kind ‘family’ of folks who know what you are going through, for sure! Everyone is so kind and caring. And all are allowed time to talk, vent, cry, laugh and share what they are currently going through.
God bless Pharmcist Steve and ALL who run this awesome group.

Kathy C

I have been one of the ones stupid enough to bother to contact my Insurance Company for at least 17 years. It is exercise in futility. They have really smart people dedicated to keeping us baffled and confused. This has only gotten worse. I had though the ACa would have improved things, but the Insurance Companies anticipated the ACA and found more ways to deny coverage. The current Opiate Debacle shows the ways our Medical, Insurance and Phara Industries compromised Congress and the regulatory agencies. Insurance Companies don’t answer to us or the Law. They are above it.
We should be concerned about these “Alternative Treatments’ once again the Patient community is being manipulated by an Industry with profitability as the only goal. Since we do not have access to even minimal Pain Control, the alternative looks better,least better than nothing. The various Alternative Probationers have been working on our State Legislatures, peddling their wares by providing free services. They have a long wish list of dangerous, unproven and expensive “Cures.”
The Laws have been undermined making these false Statements not illegal. Not one of these Alternative Treatments has been compared to something standard like Massage, that can be beneficial. There is no Scientific Evidence these treatments do much of anything other than temporarily relieve some symptoms or distract us. That has not stopped these Quacks from pretending they can Cure Pain or other Conditions. In a Country that cannot recognize the difference between truth and lies or advertising and fact, we need to be careful they are not using us again. The placement of some of the “Studies” on this page make it pretty clear there is an Agenda. They foisted Mindfulness on us all, there is not Scientific evidence it does anything, but people believe it does, the same with Acupuncture and Chiropractors. If we had a functional Medical System, we would know the facts, instead we have all been played for fools.