Chronic Pain Documentary Set for Release in May

The much-awaited documentary film—Pain Warriors- will be released on May 25th across Video on Demand Platforms, cable tv and other venues.

That’s the word from Tina Petrova of Visionary Films who says that Gravitas Ventures will distribute the film—a key relationship to getting more people to see the film on chronic pain.

As the press release says, those who suffer with intractable pain in North America now outnumber a series of other disease states.

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The film by Petrova and Eugene Weis examines the “forgotten ones”-pain patients who have been denied life-giving medications by government policies and examines how some are being driven to suicide. They also feature some physicians who fight on despite concerns about their license.

“Would we take away someone’s insulin or beta blocker because a small percentage found a way to monetize these drugs and get high off them?”, she asks.

Chronic pain patients build their lives around managing pain and often struggle to perform simple task each. The chronic pain demographic, which includes millions, is often invisible, shunned and disbelieved.

Gravitas is a Red Arrow Studios Company one of the world’s leading creators and distributors of entertainment content.

So, what can you do between now and late May? Promote this on your social media. Many chronic pain patients and providers complain—rightfully—that not enough people know about chronic pain. Here’s an opportunity to help let not only people who are already sympathetic to the plight of the chronic pain patient but also to people in your networks—family friends and co-workers—who you believe may not understand what chronic pain patients go through.

Put a link to this story in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and send it via email. Also tag the social media sites of the film:

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It’s an important educational opportunity.

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