Chronic Pain Patient Expo Set for the Midwest in August

Chronic Pain Patient Expo Set for the Midwest in August

By Ed Coghlan

Chronic pain patients and providers may want to circle Saturday August 13 on their calendars (that is if anyone actually circles a calendar anymore). The 3rd Annual Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo will be held in Northbrook, Illinois.

It’s the brainchild of Gracie Bagosy-Young, a chronic pain patient advocate who is no stranger to National Pain Report readers. She has been writing on issues for over two years and her columns are among the most widely distributed.

Gracie Bagosy-Young

Gracie Bagosy-Young

“I conceived the Expo so that patients can see and experience a multitude of treatment options,” she told the National Pain Report. “They will hear about more options at the Expo than they might in their own doctor’s offices. In addition, the Expo is an excellent opportunity for pain patients to meet in person and share their experiences.”

As always the event is free and open to the public. It will also be live streamed on the internet. (You must register to attend in person or on the web and you can do that here.)

The event, which is co-sponsored by the US Pain Foundation, has attracted a number of interesting medical providers who will share their expertise:

  • Adam Young of the RUSH University Pain Center will speak on spinal cord stimulation and other techniques he and his partners use to battle chronic pain.
  • Melissa Geraghty Psy.D. is a health therapist at Rago and Associates who is well known in the chronic pain community who will discuss how to communicate with pain patients at the Expo.
  • Jay Joshi- of National Pain Centers is a nationally known pain physician. He is a key opinion leader nationally and has been critical of the national news coverage of the opioid controversy. He believes that the way pain is treated needs to be vastly improved.
  • Marco De La Cruz of Whole Health Wellness will speak about the important of nutrition, how to identify food allergies and the importance of hormone restoration in the treatment of pain.
  • Liz Elliott & Michael Richards of PharmaCannis will discuss medical marijuana which has now been approved in half the states and is on the ballot in Florida this November.

“The objectives of this Expo are clear. We strive to provide patients the latest medical information to help them as they battle their chronic pain, “ Bagosy-Young said. “There are many approaches to dealing with chronic pain and the more the patient knows the better.”

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I will be attending this event. I will be leaving from the Columbus Ohio area. If anyone wants to share the cost of travel, please find me on the patients not addicts facebook group.

While this is a patient education event, it has always been open to the public. Each year we attract more and more physicians and nurses. To date, the President has not yet registered and I do not see any members of Congress on the list either. They are all more than welcome to attend, but I would have to respectfully ask them to bring their own security as that is not in my budget. We are advertising this as much as possible. We are all volunteers. We are seeking more volunteers if you are willing to help send out brochures and flyers! You may contact me directly at

Regarding your comment about being too far away, you may join us online via our live stream. Please register online.


Kerri Ebright

I’ll be forwarding the streaming info to my GP. Here’s hoping he’ll tune in!!

Zoann Murphy

Are you inviting physicians? Hospital personnel? CMS representatives? The national media? Politicians? President Obama? Yes, I’m serious…the news needs to get out there beyond our community and its supporters. I would love to attend, but live too far away. Hopefully more of these events can happen all over the US!
Great job and best wishes to you all. I look forward to hearing how it goes!

Many people are riding together! Post in one of the groups that you are seeking a ride. Otherwise, we do have a free online live stream. You can join us virtually!


Can any of these wonderful events happen in WI, at any time?! If I was able to drive that far, I would be there in a heartbeat! Maybe, I can convince someone to bring me to this one?!!
Thamk you, for doing..what you all do! You are all amazing!