Chronic Pain Patient Rally Set for Washington D.C.

Chronic Pain Patient Rally Set for Washington D.C.

by Ed Coghlan

Hundreds of chronic pain patients, very frustrated by the federal government, will travel to Washington D.C.,on October 22nd to hold a rally.

The idea was spawned by Lana Kirby, an Indiana chronic pain patient, and others who have been impacted by how states have reacted to the CDC Opioid Prescribing Guideline.

“There are people who desperately need pain medication who either are being denied access or have had their prescriptions reduced,” she said.

The rally is attracting a number of patient and patient advocates including Dr. Jeffrey Fudin, Terri Lewis, PhD and pain advocate Lindsay Baran. (Lewis and Baran have written for the National Pain Report.)

“It is our hope that having people come in from as far away as California and Florida will prove to the government that the need exists to put a balance back into this issue,” she said. “People are being harmed.”

It’s not just a rally. Organizers are trying to get meetings with CDC and health officials prior to the march. In particular, they’d like to meet with CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden who has not responded.

Two other CDC officials have been invited to the rally and have yet to accept the invitation to come and discuss the issues with the patients.

We asked Ms. Kirby about the timing of the meeting, in late October when Congress will be in recess and not in Washington D.C.

“We felt it was important to make this statement before the election about the importance of restoring a balance in how pain patients are being treated,” she said.

The anger—and it’s fair to call it that among chronic pain patients and family members-revolves around the reduction in opioid prescriptions AND the fact that no alternative treatments have been promoted in the wake of the CDC guideline.

The Rally will be held at The Ellipse in President’s Park beginning at 10 a.m. and will last all day.

“It’s not a walk since many of our people can’t walk,” Kirby pointed out. “It’s time to make a statement, and the beginning of a real difference in how pain patients are treated.”

Click here to register or found out more information.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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gerard l becker

I am aweddddddddddddddddd by those who can travel afar and bear up under the consequences of such stressful endeavors! Does activism somehow prevent flares???????????????????????????

Amy LifeStar

It is not truly nor fundamentally about pain; Pain per se is simply a Medium or Vehicle that the person (Injured, Wounded, or Diseased Subject) is being Tormented Day in and Day out: BY the Nature of the Condition, Dysfunction, Inflammation, Disintegration, Disorientation, Disequilibrium, Disharmony, etc. etc. that Invaded—into a person’s body, body parts, and body systems that—mostly AROSE from Bodily Injuries; which majority of the time these Merciless, Harmful, Destructive, Malevolent, and Vicious Injuries are the PRIME CAUSATION from the Direct Hands/Bodies/Actions of Others that Inflicted upon an Innocent, Lively, and Vibrant Person! Okay, now, I can go ahead to focus on the subject matter of the “Critical and Necessary: ‘Do No Harm’ concept and Practice—that NOT ONLY PERSISTENTLY, DESTRUCTIVELY, and MALEVOLENTLY—NOT BEING: ETHICALLY, KINDLY, MERCIFULLY, VITALLY, and FUNDAMENTALLY CARRIED OUT—BY MORE THAN 99.999999999% of the World Wide 7 something Billion People on Planet Earth; but also by the “So-called” Government and Healthcare agencies: on a City, County, State, and Country, etc. etc. Levels! The truth is “a Healthy, Harmonized, and Equilibratory: Body, Body Functions, Body Compartments, Body Systems, Body Vitality, and Body Well-Being—DO NOT and SHALL NOT AUTOMATICALLY became ‘DISINTEGRATED, DYSFUNCTIONAL, WOUNDED/INJURED, etc. on IT’S OWN WITHOUT: EXTERNAL HARMFUL FACTORS or HARMFUL ACTIONS’ that Done or being Carried out ‘BY THE VERY NATURE of the HARMFUL, DESTRUCTIVE, and EVIL’ HANDS/BODIES/ACTIONS (DESIRES) OF OTHERS!” With that being said, we as Human Beings (or Incarnated as Human Beings) in this Planet Earth Dimension or the 3D Matrix World and Space; “it is Our Fundamental, Merciful, and Sacred Duty to Do No Harms to Others, especially to human beings that we never met nor related to!” Another crucial point that needed to be addressed: is that “Accidents Do Not Happen and Shall Not NEEDED TO HAPPEN; at least it happened on an EXTREMELY RARE OCCASION! The True and Accurate application of accident is between Nature and Man; as opposed to from Man to Man! Yet, the Insurance Industry, the Government and County Agencies, etc. etc.; and “the Ignorant, Uneducated, Unwise, Unknowledgeable, Un-Pure, Corrupted, Twisted, Dark, Discord, Distorted, and Malevolent society as a whole—KEEP TWISTING the FACTS, TRUTHS, and EVIDENCE of Harmful, Merciless, and Destructive Bodily Injuries/Wounds—and then blindly, deafly, unwisely, Un-purely, and Malevolently FOCUSING on this accident NONSENSE! Whether you wanted/desired to CAUSE a Person TO HAVE Physical/Bodily Injuries/Wounds/Torments (aka: Do Harms to a Person) or simply and essentially: You Do Not Desired to Cause a Person TO HAVE Physical/Bodily Injuries/Wounds/Torments (aka: Do No Harms to a Person)! Therefore, every single harmful, destructive, senseless, merciless, and malevolent incident(s) happened to a person as a result of others’ Harmful, Destructive, Merciless, Vicious, and Malevolent: Hands/Bodies/Actions (Desires) is the SUBJECT MATTER of “Ethics, Mercy, Kindness, Order, Honor, Harmony, and Justice” as opposed to this “so-called” accident NONSENSE! With a Heart, Mind, and Soul of Ethics, Kindness, Mercy, etc. etc.., no one shall have to and needed to have to SUFFER, and being TORMENTED DAY IN and DAY OUT from their bodily Injuries/Wounds or… Read more »

Terri Lewis PhD

What do I do now? Advocate! Welcome to the first gathering of individuals and families who are challenged by chronic pain. Whatever the experience that brought you here, we are joined by a common experience – injury or illness, changed status, the need for competent and sustainable health care appropriate to your injury or illness, and the need fo r reliable community resources. I want to use my time to address the issue of ‘advocacy.’ What is it? How do we use it? The first question after the onset of illness or injury is generally “What do I do now?” Along with this is the dawning recognition over time that you don’t know what you need to know to effectively navigate the system issues that you’ve been thrown into. Rarely do you have an understanding of the injury or disease that requires ‘instant expertise.’ So, I want to address this in two ways – the focus on the beloved individual who has been injured or experienced the onset of illness, and the family, care partners friends and community systems that have to be mobilized to advocate on behalf of the individual as they adjust to their altered status. The experience of an injury that leads to a psychological or physical disability is similar to enduring a mourning process and that some equate with the loss of a loved one through death; The mourning process can involve adjustment to the disability the person experiences and may progress through a series of recognizable stages or tasks - shock, denial, anger/depression, and adjustment/acceptance. The types of advocacy skills that we cultivate and employ are specific to different needs. As importantly, the models through which medical services are delivered and the goals we set for recovery are wholly different depending on the stage of adjustment. These stages are expected, but they are not orderly or neat. People with disabilities, especially those with new disabilities, go through these stages at their own paces and some might skip whole stages entirely. A difficulty exists when the person has trouble with resolving one of the stages or becomes, ‘stuck.’ When this happens, further progress towards adjustment and acceptance is hindered. Often, becoming stuck is a matter of system failure or processing the person through the wrong health care model of recovery coupled with inadequate advocacy approaches. We use our advocacy skills to unstick what’s not working. The one thing we rarely talk about or recognize is that individuals do not operate in isolation. They are surrounded by family, friends, and community who are affected by the changed roles imposed by illness or injury of a family member or friend. This change requires adaptation of roles and responsibilities and imposes whole new roles for advocacy. But we rarely acknowledge or address the importance of this as important for recovery of the entire family. During the time it takes to move from the states of shock and denial to adjustment and acceptance, we are also adapting and incorporating the… Read more »

Jean Price

Misti…I’m so sorry you live such a reduced life because of pain. And I also live with a spouse who has seen so many areas of our life together reduced because of my pain. In fact, I realized this year on our 48th anniversary, he had lived with a wife in pain more years than with a wife without pain…me being that same wife!! That was a blow to recognize for some reason, even though we have come through major upheavals of health issues and still stayed together. Long ago, a dear friend once helped me see that I am so much more than my pain, I am all these wonderful characteristics first and foremost! And I would say the same to you…you are a bright, creative, talented, beautiful soul and yes…you happen to function less than some and you live (heroically!) with pain that you don’t deserve. Yet you are so WORTH being with, and I’m betting your husband agrees, even in his frustrated moments!. My spouse and I AND our daughters were greatly helped by grief and loss classes, since pain is definitely a family disease and impacts everyone in different ways at different times. It helped them all AFFIRM their own pain at seeing me hurting and unable to share parts of life with them. My youngest daughter was getting the brunt of house chores (read: MY chores!) heaped on her, and one day I just told her…”If you feel put upon and unfairly burdened by all this, it’s true! You are!” She burst into tears and that started a tearful yet healing conversation that helped us cope with the summer together… while her dad and sister worked and could escape some of my reality! I offer you this information because I have been in some low spots and I’m hoping it will help keep you afloat and able to live more joyfully. It’s so hard for others….they want so badly for us to feel better…so they will then feel better. Yet the fact is, they are burdened too! And the frustration and being out of control is extremely difficult for them also. I realized how poor most people are at supporting others when I first was unable to care for myself! Few realized they don’t have to fix it, they just need to stand beside us and allow us the right to not be of the sunniest disposition all the time, the right to hurt no matter how good our decisions were or our doctors were…and also to affirm how they can’t possibly know how tough it is for us…so we can then help ourselves see more goodness and more hope. My prayer is for the rally to start rekindling a climate for pain medications to return to a more normal care routine…and then we all can focus on enrichment instead of just pure survival!! That’s what the pursuit of happiness is about…no matter your level of functioning! That’s what can give us back our lives!


the more this can be spread on social media the better twitter ,instagram, youtube
FaceBook is not being seen by the younger generation this effects their future too
I had a failed neck surgery and many other issues going on
Pain effects every aspect of many of our lives
My husband had a very out going partner at 1 time and now i hardly ever leave the house my home will be featured on Hoarders next season if I continue on the path that the Government has paved for me.
following a yellow brick road to Oz unfortunately it is all smoke and mirrors
Yes I am angry but I pray for peace I have to remain still or pain gets unbearable
Husband is so frustrated that he said I should go into a nursing home outta anger
Yes Ouch it hurts but there is nothing I can about it
WI doesn’t allow Kramton even if it were to be legal for others
what is funny is I get very low dose pain meds and last time I went in to get drug tested 2 years ago it was a surprise pee test when I had my child in doc office and doc after he told me he checked my pulse and i was like whatever but if i was nervous i had taken a few extra of my pills just to get there the day & night before and he siad to me there is nothing to worry about cause I see you are not nervous heart rate is good and then he told he will only look at meds he perscribed could he be trying to trap me to seek illegal help I have no clue but the pain is real and I will not mess what I have been given

Jean Price

This is the first really PUBLIC effort by those in pain to press forth the issues involving our care needs in such a public forum..and to let others know we won’t be silenced by our pain…just challenged to be creative and not be AS hindered by it!! And for those of you who can’t attend or don’t have a surrogate to send in your stead, you can STILL be a very big part of this effort…through your prayers, your donations no matter how small the amount, your efforts to spread the word, by generating any publicity you can, and by your letters to tell your story. Wouldn’t it be great if Lana had a huge bundle of letters to show at the rally from all those who cannot attend because they are in MORE pain than they need to be in due to the current guidelines and opioid witch-hunt!?! Let us all commit to follow up this events efforts where needed, with our ideas, our letters, our contacts, any outreach needed, and our support in every way! This can be the beginning of something active….to help us all, and help those in the future who have to deal with daily, persistent pain. All those who have said they want to help, NOW here’s your chance! As with anything worthwhile, it will take all of us lending a hand, each of us doing what we do best, and working TOGETHER despite our differences or politics or egos or organization…or whatever might hinder the greater good. We CAN do this! We must do it…no one else is going to come to our aid! And no one else knows what’s involved if we don’t succeed! WE ARE NOT OUR PAIN…WE ARE PEOPLE WITH A PUPOSE AND A LIFE TO LIVE AS PRODUCTIVELY AS POSSIBLE WITHIN THE REALITY OF OUR HEALTH CONDIDTIONS!! And we deserve the best care possible!


Statement by David Becker Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. so said. Margaret Mead We committed citizens from rallyagainstpain must create a new world a far better world of eternal dignity, as President Truman wrote, and bring new hope and restore humanity and sanity for all people in pain. We must create this new world of pain care for there has been not only a continuous escalation of market and regulatory failure in pain care but increasing cruelty and a great diminishment of natural rights and sanity in pain care, as well. Pain care in America has degenerated into theatre of the absurd and theatre of cruelty. It is an evil that only belongs In books like Brave New World or like Kafka’s The Trial or An Artaud play. Pain care In America today has no place in the civilized world. It is one thing for an administration to be frozen in the ice of indifferentism and to not live in the spirit of charity, as FDR wrote, but no other President in American history has done more to destroy the hopes, lives, and natural rights of people in pain then President Obama and his administration. No other President has acted in bad faith when creating a National Pain Strategy which his own staff- Wanda Jones called just a beginning, by refusing to fund such. Americans deserve much more than just a beginning for the 170 million Americans who suffer pain every year and the ruinous consequences it can have on their marriages, their careers, their children, their quality of life and their mental health. And in response to letters from Senator Hatch, members of Congress and dozens of interest groups Obama’s staff Dr Novotny showed his jaunty disdain to people in pain by laughing about the prospects for the national pain strategy. Hey did you hear about the Surgeon General’s new warning that seeking pain care is dangerous to your health and makes the country addicted. Like many key decision makers in DHHS the Surgeon General lacks knowledge, sincerity, and empathy for people in pain. He is too far removed from their lives and if he or anyone in the Obama administration believes that debate on pain care should be uninhibited robust and wide open- name the time and the place for such debate-and ill be there. But I know that none of them believe in deliberative democtracy or agonistic democracy. Its there way or the highway. We are free to think what we wont- theyre only interested in us obeying them. When NIH Director Collins first came to office I asked policy staff at DHHS about him and pain and was told they had to have several talks with Dr Collins to convince him that pain is important. But we know he has failed the folks at meaction and continues to treat pain as unimportant as evidenced by the stingy budget for… Read more »

This is a horrific situation that no one should ever be in . Quality of life is number one , what happen to freedom of the people ? Do no harm ? Instead millions of people are fighting for their right to live i can’t wrap my brain around this !!! The Dea backed off of kratom cause over 140 signatures were collected ! If millions of people take pain meds were are the signatures ? It would be great if we can plan a rally in every state . Whats even more depressing , why are doctors not fighting for their patients ? People are losing their jobs , dignity and hope .

I read on a article somewhere fron the national pain report i think. that the cdc were taking comments on the new cdc guidlines on their website. But i go there and its closed to comments. This shoulda been posted publically so everyone had a chance to tell how their lives were destroyed over these guidlines. They must not have neen accepting comments very long to close the comments. When are they ever gonna hear everyones story.


Danny, I’m praying you will be physically able to attend this rally on the behalf of so many of us. I understand also not being able to make plans, especially too far in advance because of our PAIN. I had a hemorrhagic stroke when I was 53 years old, and back pain before the stroke, having injections and.procedures until 2 years ago when diagnosed with Scoliosis. I suffer from a condition called “Thalamic Pain Syndrome.” Like the rest of you, my neurologist said he will not be able to write any prescriptions for my pain medication. My primary care physician wants me off several of my medications that I have been taking for years. My pain is real, I can’t do anything because of this terrible pain 24/7. I wish I didn’t need medication, but there is no cure for this condition except some medications that give me some reliief. As I lay here in bed at midnight, I cannot sleep and my pain is so unbearable, I could scream. Why is our government telling our doctors we can’t have our medications because of Junkies who just want to get high. And those Hollywood people who mix meds with other things and die is not our fault. What they are doing to us is like taking insulin from a diabetic. Are they going to take their medication away from them? No, they are just going to take it away from those of us in such pain we have no life. My husband prays for me, my grandchildren want me to not hurt. I really hope and pray this rally with those wonderful people who put this together will be able to bring attention to those who do not care about us. I am 69 years old, I am not going to be an addict at this age, I just want some relief from this horrific pain. To All of you who have the talent and have written so graciously, thank you and let’s pray someone will understand we are not here writing and hurting so bad for no good reason. Someone please hear us and try to understand.

Milinda Williams

I have been on pain medication due to several reasons for 12 years! Same medication same dosage! My tolerance gave out! My primary care doctor in Oklahoma! One day after I discussed that they no longer worked claimed he gave me enough! I have no health iinsurance! So I’ve stayed on what I could afford! Because I wanted to discuss changing my treatment he said he no longer was going to dispence pain medication! I had to seek pain mgmt! Very expensive! Due to my quality of life I’ve gave up everything to pay for this! To just uo and take a person off or refuse treatment doesn’t do anyone any good! I bout lost my life due to the abrupt halt! The pain mngt also cut me down due to the laws! I was on the lowest just about u cud be! I can’t afford the long term acting pain meds and currently applying for my dusabilty! By which ive come to find out they don’t cover oxycotin as to exsoensive! We are made to feel like addicts because years ago when I started on these not one doctor worried about the addiction part! I had only one doctor bless his heart explain it was my quality of life not addiction! I cried that day just to be treated as a human! He retired and has been a nightmare since! They highly publicize the dangers that more deaths due to overdoses! I don’t think one single medication does that! But combined with 2 or 3 and anxiety meds and achahol seems to me causing the deaths! We are forced if we are dropped by a doctor to find ways to get our medication! Taking and dropping people at a whim because these laws is not the answer! I have bulging discs L 2,3,4! Spinal stenosis! Permant nerve damage right leg! Rhuemtoid arthritis! my knees are needing replaced! And I’m not a canidate for any releif! I do currently have a pain doctor but due to all the scares he’s reluctant to up my dosage! Im 60 and just want live pain free! I have never done any illegal street drugs but have seen many GI to that because they were dropped for whatever reason! You cannot just up and take sumone off these medications after years if use! Why why arnt these doctors aware of that! Now some people I know are being given the drug that reverses heroin addiction! This is so wrong when the heroin addict can’t get it! This is all being done so wrong! No one wants to try go cold off these meds as the horrific sides effects! I had started on these over s herniated discs never being told what I’d be going thru now! I pray for any one that as I can’t have a quality of life or is dehumanized because we need this medication! And the doctors are the worst! The day my doctor dropped me was done by his… Read more »

Dear Lana, I am a pain patient with well documented issues that make it very difficult to find a qualified physician to take over my care. I live in Indiana and would like very much to at least tell my story. I was one of those “pain refuges “who traveled to CA for 10 years. During which time my pain was well managed and I was able to have quality of life, care for myself and others. My world was turned upside down when I no longer had the support to continue those expensive and trips every three months. Since last year November my health has deteriorated to the point I would be thankful if God chose to let me escape from this constant excruciating pain I am forced to live with. As a result I now have multiple diagnosis such as a thyroid disorder, anemia, flares of HBP, sleep deprivation, severe anxiety, and fatigue. I miss my life and with every day I feel my body is failing me. I may not be able to go but hope that in some way to help. I need HOPE. Please contact me. Lana H.

Danny Elliott

Teresa, I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with your pain without the medication that is necessary and required to give you some relief. And I know that there are many others who have had their meds reduced or stopped completely. It’s outrageous that, for many doctors, “Do No Harm” has been superceded by “protect my medical license” due to the threats and scare tactics coming from the DEA and CDC.

The main motivation for my attending the “Rally Against Pain” is because so many people simply cannot get there, due to their pain and all of the fallout that is a direct result of that pain. (Fortunately, for me, I live fairly close to Washington, DC, while so many others don’t. So that is a major factor, as well.) I’m sure that most chronic pain sufferers are like me, in that my finances have been decimated by 25 years of doctors, tests, treatments and, most importantly for me, having to live on a Social Security Disability income. I’m grateful for it, but it’s not much money.

My biggest fear is that, while I’ve talked so much about going to the Rally to represent all of you, there’s no guarantee that my pain won’t flare up and prevent me from being able to go. But, I can say this:
I haven’t been more motivated to do something like this since I realized my pain was going to be a big part of the rest of my life. That was about 23 years ago. But, I honestly believe that this is THE most important thing I can do to fight back against the discrimination we are experiencing. And I truly believe that my Heavenly Father has presented me with this opportunity. He has given me a purpose and I haven’t had a purpose in a long time. And He will help carry me to Washington and back.


I so wish I could go. And I do not have any friends or family to go on my behalf. They would never do it. I have been telling my own support group members as well as many in other groups that NOTHING is ever going to change unless we band together as one and head to D.C. So glad that it is finally going to happen. I would make sure to let the powers that be (ha!), realize that if a person has been declared disabled, whether that be from a doctor, Social Security/Court, it is considered discrimination to withhold someone’s medications from them and they can be sued for doing it. Pharmacies can also be sued for discrimination for refusing to fill the meds for those of us who are disabled. It is against the law according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. And remind them, those “guidelines” they use as an excuse, are just that. Guidelines=Suggestions. They aren’t law. The decision of what to prescribe and how much is still the doctor’s decision. In many states they actually have basically the same laws regarding prescribing pain medications as we do here in Oklahoma. ANY physician can prescribe pain medications. Per the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision: The appropriate application of up-to-date knowledge and treatment modalities can serve to improve the quality of life for those patients who suffer from pain as well as to reduce the morbidity and costs associated with untreated or inappropriately treated pain. For the purposes of this policy, the INAPPROPRIATE treatment of pain includes: NONTREATMENT, UNDERTREATMENT, OVERTREATMENT AND THE CONTINUED USE OF INEFFECTIVE TREATMENTS. The Board encourages physicians to view pain management as a part of quality medical practice for all patients with pain, acute or chronic, and it is especially urgent for patients who experience pain as a result of terminal illness. ALL PHYSICIANS SHOULD BECOME KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT ASSESSING PATIENTS PAIN AND EFFECTIVE METHODS OF PAIN TREATMENT, AS WELL AS STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS FOR PRESCRIBING CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. Accordingly, this policy has been developed to clarify the Board’s position on pain control, particularly as related to the use of controlled substances, to alleviate physician uncertainty and to encourage better pain management. Inappropriate pain treatment may result from physicians’ lack of knowledge about pain management. Fears of investigation or sanction by federal, state and local agencies may also result inappropriate treatment of pain. Appropriate pain management IS THE TREATING PHYSICIAN’S RESPONSIBILITY. NOWHERE DOES IT STATE ANY OF US BE FARMED OUT TO THESE SO-CALLED “PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTORS - IT STATES: APPROPRIATE PAIN MANAGEMENT IS THE TREATING PHYSICIAN’S RESPONSIBILITY. As such, the Board will consider the inappropriate treatment of pain to be a DEPARTURE FROM STANDARDS OF PRACTICE AND WILL INVESTIGATE SUCH ALLEGATIONS, recognizing that some types of pain cannot be completely relieved, and taking into account whether the treatment is appropriate for the diagnosis. The Board recognizes controlled substances, INCLUDING OPIOID ANALGESICS, MAY BE ESSENTIAL IN THE TREATMENT OF ACUTE PAIN DUE… Read more »


Thanks to you who mentioned that you will represent those of us who cannot attend. I hope there is a lot of publicity and contacts have been made with strategic planning so the national news will pick up the story.

Danny Elliott

Lana Kirby, can you please contact me?

Thank you everyone for your support! I agree 100% with the previous comments that one should never underestimate what a group of determined individuals can do. Just like voting, some people may think that one person or two people doesn’t make a difference. That’s just not true. Every person makes a difference. Every person deserves the right to be heard. Every person deserves the right to participate in the decision making process of their own medical care. The government is intruding on your physician-patient relationship. This is your chance to be heard. I look forward to seeing everyone there!!! Join Us!!!


Janis- Amen. I hope and pray that our creator will hear our pleas and that better Angels will prevail in pain care.
I will oppose the soulish and selfish designs of so called experts in the health care industry that are inured and disrespectful fot eh vices and lives of people in pain.
We have a long march through our institutions to restore sanity and humanity to pain care aand we hope all who have a hear to care will join us in praying and working toward a better future for all who suffer with pain.

Jill Jensen

I sure hope there is a LOT of media and talk-show attention highlighting the horrific plight the chronic pain community is enduring as a result of the illegal acquisition and use of the pain medication that keeps patients sane. Our pets are treated better than we’re being treated!


For those who are to I’ll, bed ridden or financially unable to attend, what can you take, to show the millions of people who are suffering needlessly from these CDC’S guidelines. A mile long signature scroll, pictures of us, emails, letters, what can you physically show our presence there.
There is still time,,,,

cindy deim

Lisa, try I’m sure you can find some information there.

I will be among the speakers at this event, on the subject “CDC Opioid Guidelines - Neat, Plausible, and Generally Wrong!” . For those wishing to sign on and join us for the day, there is an RSVP gateway at Come and meet others who share your concerns. If you can’t come yourself, then ask a friend or family member to represent you. Make yourselves heard.

Regards all,
Red Lawhern

cindy deim

You may not be able to travel to Washington. But you can you your vote and write everyone from the CDC to the President to tell them your story. The more people that write the better those in power will realize what is happening. Please use the power you do have to write to our elected officials and let them know we are fighting back!!

Danny Elliott

Lisa Hess, Google “Rally Against Pain” and you can get all the information you want. It’s understandable that many can’t make it. I think they tried to get the word out but I don’t know when the planning started. I’m lucky that it’s a few hours drive for me. One reason I’m going (hopefully) is to represent those who can’t make it, for whatever reason.

Jesika Edith

The rally is been organize by Lana Kirby and her group Veterans and Americans United for Equality In Medical Care. One of our big contributors and supporter is Dr Red Lawhern . Together with Lana had created a numerous articles , all the documentation for the rally , letters that will be deliver that day .
We also have Dr Terri Lewis who recently launched a survey that will be use to address those who had lost their meds and medical care due to CDC regulations.
There will be help on DC to transport people from the airport to the rally site and their hotels . Anyone interested please contact Lana Kitby , Dr Red Lawhen or Rally Against Pain site


Im thankful to all who went to DC to advocate for pain patients! The cruelest part of this war on pain patients is the vast majority of us are too ill to protest too ill to speak out. We patients have no lobby no voice and are incredibly grateful to those that speak out on our behalf like those represented in this article as well as for bringing awareness

Tracie Carlson

I think this is wonderful and I wish I was able to join you. I’m tired of being treated like a drug addict and the stress affects my entire family.

Janis Gustafson

My request to my primary care Dr. To make a new asessment of my pain condition, was met with the suggestion that I try “salon pas”! Reiterating the same request to the female urgent care Dr., Was responded with “my hands are tied, Jan! The war on drugs is out of hand leaving Doctors who wish to do no harm, with their hands tied in order to be politically correct!! We can not miss this opportunity to make the public and our GOVERNMENT come to grips with the abuse to people in pain through no fault of their own, contrary to ill drug abuser,s! We need to clean house in government from the top down!!! Who are these people in power who have this kind of control? Women especially,. who have a monopoly on the major disease’s, lupus, fibromylgia, chronic fatigue, and others, are outraged at the lack of support and the failure of “the powers that be,” in allocating enough research money to wipe out illness that affects us and all the members of our family!! We are GOD loving and fearing women who pray often in a day, for HIS grace and love to sustain us through unremitting pain and suffering!! We need to vote into office only those who are willing to take our plight seriously!!! So many groups of people are making their demands made known in our country today. Our needs are just as important!! GOD will smile when our voices are heard!!!

Lisa Hess

I’ve been hoping for the past year that something like this would be organized, but with only a week + before, transportation is an issue. Is there a link somewhere for signup and group travel?


Never doubt what a small group of dedicated individuals can do to change the world. In fact as Margaret Mead wrote its the only thing that ever has.
The future of pain care rests on those who believe in dreams And we need dreams to overcome the nightmare that Frieden and the Obama administration has created for people in pain. Their plans and values have violated the social contract and the natural right to seek pain relief. They represent tyranny and we are the better Angels that must prevail against their total lack of caritas and empathy for the millions suffering pain every day
They have destroyed the lives and hopes of too many in pain and are as callous as they are careless and destructive of democratic and humanitarian concerns. They show no reverence for life nor respect for the voices of people in pain.
Let us put an end to the theater of cruelty they have created and let us restore humanity and dignity to pain care.

Danny Elliott

I’ll say it again: God willing, I WILL BE THERE at the Rally Against Pain! After 25 years, I’ve learned not to set myself up for disappointment by looking forward to an event or planning on doing something on a specific date in the future. But I can’t help myself with this Rally. I honestly believe that this could be the beginning of the rising up of chronic pain sufferers all around the US. If this Rally can create some news, or some drama or controversy, THAT might be what helps those Americans who really don’t understand chronic pain give a damn! (Sorry.) We ALL know that, every single day, someone is diagnosed with, or suddenly suffering from, a severe, painful condition. It may be from a disease or an accident or nobody knows right now. But these people are where we all were whenever our problems started, and we owe it to them and to ourselves to do whatever it takes to make sure that those who truly need the treatments and medications that can help them have a more “normal” life (whatever that is) are able to get them without the cynical, “you’re a drug-seeker” mentality that has become the standard, not only with hospitals and doctors and pharmacists, but in our Federal Government and its agencies that are at war against US! The CDC are DEA need to know that we aren’t going to lie down and take it. Maybe the Rally doesn’t accomplish anything. But, then again, maybe it does. What if something occurs on October 22nd that catches the mainstream media’s attention? Then, that “something” leads to a question being asked at our “illustrious” Presidential candidates’ final debate? Is it probable? Maybe not. Is it POSSIBLE? Absolutely! We pain sufferers just need something to happen that makes Americans consider our plight, but we can’t sit back and wait for it to happen on its own. We have to DO SOMETHING. Personally, I don’t think just writing emails to our representatives is enough. Nor is signing petitions or writing letters to our newspapers. But, when we do ALL of those things, and more, we have a better chance of altering the discussion towards our point-of-view, and that’s a “win”. So, God willing, I am going to Washington, DC on October 22nd, rain or shine, and participate in the “Rally Against Pain”. I hope some of you will consider joining me there.


I wish you luck! It’s too far and much too expensive for me to make the trek from Alaska but will be with you in spirit!