Chronic Pain Survey Results Show Women Are Hurting

Chronic Pain Survey Results Show Women Are Hurting

Editor’s Note: Terri Lewis, Ph.D. is a chronic pain advocate who, with the help of you, the readers of the National Pain Report, conducted one of the largest online surveys of chronic pain patients.

She sent us this report recently that speaks to the taper issue. It is a long read but we are going to publish much of it because she shared so many of the comments that survey respondents left.

Here was what she shared:

In a national survey of patient 4619 self-reports regarding interactions with pain management, 77.38% of respondents are female, and 21.35% are male. The bulk of respondents range in age from 40 – 70+ and the majority have at least some college or trade school education to report. Many hold post graduate professional degrees. The vast majority meet the definition of multiple chronic comorbidity or MCC – that is they have more than one progressive condition that requires treatment and that affects multiple body systems.

Responses from female respondents regarding their current experience with opioid prescribing as follows:

  • Abandonment – loss of a physician to provide appropriate medication management
  • Step therapy- replacement of existing routine with alternatives that may or may not provide an appropriate or satisfactory alternative to existing care routine
  • Involuntary taper-Rapid reduction or removal of opioids without patient choice making involved and as a contingency for continued care.

In many of these reports, patients provide ample evidence that opioids have been replaced by other drugs of concern, including anti-epileptics and anti-psychotics, or they have been forced to agree to invasive interventional procedures or unnecessary surgeries in order to continue under some kind of a care umbrella. Many report their physicians cite CDC regulations as law or DEA scrutiny as their reason for insisting on taper. Protesting the appropriateness of these alternatives seems to fall on deaf ears or result in discharge in many cases. Many feel strongly that physicians are dismissive of their concerns because of their gender. Thirty percent (30%) are enrolled in Advantage Plans. Respondents submitted reports from every state in the nation and two territories.

Within these responses are reports of suicide and plans for suicide when alternatives for care and relief are exhausted.

I have printed off some of the unedited commentary from female respondents, which align with the findings in Fenton JJ, Agnoli AL, Xing G, et al. Trends and Rapidity of Dose Tapering Among Patients Prescribed Long-term Opioid Therapy, 2008-2017. JAMA Netw Open. 2019;2(11):e1916271. doi:

I am still deep into analytics. So this is not the final analysis, but it’s a credible snapshot.


Here are some of the comments left by those who took the survey.

I am currently as of February 2018 being FORCE TAPERED due to this hysteria My PM dr. Is force tapering me due to CDC Guidelines even though she said I was doing well on my high dose meds. She is afraid to lose her license.

Morphine forced tapered from 90mg to 15mg & dilaudid forced tapered from 4mg to 2mg.

Kaiser Permanente of Colorado says the 2016 CDC prescribing guidelines are actually law (even though I know the are not) so I was forced to taper from 135mme to 120mme last summer. Now that it is 2019 I must accelerate my taper to comply with the 90mme “law” from the CDC.

Terri A Lewis, PHD

I have a spinal stimulator that was placed to facilitate the original, willing, taper, and I have had to significantly increase the level of stimulation due to the loss of effective pain management. My doctor has replaced my gabapentin with Lyrica in an attempt to find better pain control as she refuses to return my pain medication to the level it was prior to the forcible taper by my previous doctor. She has referred me to a neurosurgeon to evaluate my back and to a physical therapist, at my request. The previous doctor claimed the reduction of my pain medication was due to FDA guidelines, despite the fact that I was already at a level of 90 mg morphine equivalent per the CDC’s recommended guideline of Oxycodone.

When I lost my pain doctor for that brief period, I was forced to take the following medications even though I had already tried them in the past (tried them one at a time): Lyrica - caused severe dizziness. Cymbalta - cause my liver enzymes to elevate, just like in the past. Flexeril instead of Soma - did nothing for my muscle spasms. Can’t remember the other medications but there was another one. My pain meds were cut by approx. 65% and my muscle relaxer was taken away. I was told that I had a choice of either getting a pain pump or a spinal cord stimulator or they would no longer prescribe my pain meds (had 2 SCS’s in the past). I was also required to redo all imaging, PT, drug screen every 2 weeks - otherwise, no pain meds and “if you don’t like it - go somewhere else”. I was supposed to go to biofeedback and other alternative treatments, and start ESI injections in order to continue getting my pain meds but I found my old pain doctor before I had to do any of the other treatments. I have had sympathetic blocks in the past with relief for only 24-48 hrs, and ESI won’t help my RSDS! I did have a spinal cord stimulator implanted (it was my 3rd one), by my old doctor, but that was just done recently and it was because he had to taper my meds, so I needed something because I was already having a lot of breakthrough pain even before he tapered me, but I was trying to tolerate it and work part-time. So I really had no choice. I’m in a w/c due to a complication with my first SCS and another “alternative treatment” 19 yrs ago. The doctor who put my most recent SCS in (my doctor’s partner), put the battery in the wrong place (instead of in a fat pocket in my hip or abdomen, he put it right over my largest back muscle next to my spine - low back, NOT hip where the fat is). So now I need another surgery to move it! It’s causing much more frequent and severe muscle spasms. My current doctor who I have been with for approx. 18 years with the exception of about 3 months, also required that I try various other medications but I expected that. Opioids was certainly not my first choice but it is what works!

Hawaii has no opioid limits but my pain management doctor is force tapering me saying “it’s coming ” and “your insurance will stop paying for it so you better get used to it “. He didn’t force taper me the month I agreed to bilateral epidural injections.

Methadone was initially prescribed as pain reliever, not as a bridge from one drug to another. I have decided to try and taper off methadone and try to use a less potent medication to fit in CDC recommendations of 90MME Max for my pain control. When I made this change or decision I was denied any help in the taper . Currently my regular doctor is trying to help but this may not last.

8/8/2019 7:20 AM Add tags –View respondent’s answers

BotoxInvoluntary taper Reduced dose Dr #2 added botox injections which one time was HIGHLY effective but he has been unable to duplicate the exact injection site ever since. Also, he reduced my narcotics on day 1, no tapering ! He reduced oxycodone as follows old dosage 6 30mg/day=180mme and new dosage 4 10mg/day=40mme. Morphine old dosage 2 40mg/day=80mme new dosage 2 30mg/day=60mme. Bottom line? My old dosages totaled 260mg/day. My new dosages totaled 100mg/day. On less than half of my former dose, where I was stable and functioning, I am now reduced to living in pain that’s grown exponentially and reduced my functioning status to living on my heating pad in bed. Every. Single. Day.

Epidural injections (ESI)Involuntary taperSpinal cord stimulator When I was seeing a previous pain mngt dr, I was told I HAD to get the steroid spinal injections (which I later found that with my disease, the steroid injections only eat away at the collagen that my body is already low in since EDS is a collagen disorder). I was so desperate for help that I requested the spinal cord stimulator to help with low back pain but once I got it, it helped the CRPS in my feet some, the extreme pain in my knees some, but helped my lower back not at all. Very disappointing. Once he found that I was not getting relief from the spinal cord stimulator for my lower back he decided it was “time to taper back” on the oxycodone he was giving me, like my illness was suddenly improving, while I was only getting worse. It was horrible.

Involuntary taperOpioidsPain medications I have been forcibly tapered by SIGNIFICANT AMOUNTS from my successful dose of opioid pain medication against my will, leaving me in excruciating pain and virtually bedridden and homebound.

Anti-depressantsInvoluntary taperNeuroleptics (Gaba, etc)Opioids Yoga or Tai Chi When I was first told they’d be force tapering me they offered me antidepressants even though I am not depressed and recommended Tai Chi. These were the only alternatives offered as we had already tried Gabapentin, Savella, Amytriptaline, Lyrics, Abilify, Topomax, and a few others I’ve forgotten. I had severe reactions to several of them and no pain relief. I was encouraged to seek other physicians, though can’t find any willing to take a patient on opioids and some just won’t take Fibromyalgia patients.

ChiropracticInvoluntary taperPhysical therapy Step therapy New Physician is requiring me to taper opiates and eventually stop them as she doesn’t believe in using them. Wants me to see a chiropractor Am already getting Physical therapy, and using relaxation techniques.

BotoxInvoluntary taperMedical CannabisOpioidsPain medicationsSurgeryTENS Unit Before I was tapered I went to PT, warm water exercise, used tens, medical marijuana. I still use all of that. I failed methadone, neurontin, Botox, Marcane injections. Too painful and developed antibodies to Botox. My low platelets prevent spinal injections as well as surgery. Neurontin caused suicidal thoughts, psychotropics caused exacerbation of dystonia and tardive dyskinesia caused by misover prescribing of Reglan. Damage permanent. Only drugs that don’t exacerbate movement disorder and bleeding disorder are opioids

Involuntary taperOpioids I have been forced to taper by other physicians in the office even though they know my diagnoses because they don’t like opioids.

Again, with my move a year ago to a new state, it has been extremely difficult getting established with new doctors. And in most instances, near impossible. No one here wants to take on complicated cases, especially when it involves chronic pain. Several of my medications are being forceably tapered , and I am experiencing drastic loss of quality of life. No other alternatives for opiates exist for me. Yet I am being asked over and over again, to retry drugs such as Gabapentin, Lyrica, Topomax, etc that in the past have resulted in intolerable side effects, even hospitalization! Why would I want to retry a drug that I was not able to tolerate previously? Why are injections still being brought up to me, when I should NEVER have them again?

Before guidelines I was forced to taper and it cause major health issues so then doctor increased. Also after level 3neck fusion surgery Surgeon refused to treat severe pain that had kept me awake for 7 days I slept a total of 2 hours in 7 days family doctor seen I was in dire straights and gave me a fentanyl patch so I could recover he was gone on vacation after my surgery.everyday I begged Surgeons MA and RNs to give me stronger pain meds I was told to meditate,Pray listen to music I was ready to check out of life . ER refused to even see me .because the surgeon . so then went to family doctor office my doctor was on vacation and not in and then seen an RN and she would not even let me see a doctor that was my an associate of my family doctor as he was on vacation. Because of the severe pain RN’s were acting as doctors when my family doctor got back from vacation I had to lie to get into see my doctor .

Was told they would put me on suboxone for pain I was tapered for 9 months due to state laws, but I went to capital and fought for exemption trigger point injections were pushed on me even though I am allergic to steroids and I told him I did not want any more invasive treatments Living Life Well class was mandatory. He still makes me go to alumni meetings on Monday nights. I’d rather have a root canal

60 my of morphine sulfate per day and 2, 10 mg oxycodone per day. Every month they are tapering me down!!

I don’t understand above questions. Yes my Norco was tapered from 70 mg to 50 mg a day due to DEA recommendations. I use stimulation, epidurals, OTC Advil, lidocaine patch and compounded AIF cream for pain. Since lowering my norco mybpain is now unmanageable and nerve pain is miserable. All I want is relief to a level that is tolerable. I will never be pain free but a level of 5-6 is what I need and 60-70 mg a day of opiate worked fine for me. Now I’m couch ridden.

I had been using Fentanyl Transdermal patches, last month dosage was reduced—pain increased, oxycodone-same, Flexeril-stopped totally, Xanax—stopped totally-NO TAPER OFF, Duloxetine-same. Last month Dr. required me to fill prescription for NARCAN!!!! He said it was required— in case I overdosed!!!!! I am 69 years old!! He has known me to be a very compliant patient for 20 years!!!!! Now I had to spend $24.10 for something that I will have in my safe??? I don’t plan to O.D.—- but, if I did, who would deliver it to me??? We are pain patients, not Illicit drug addicts!!!

I have had a forced taper of the Morphine which has caused me to be put on Topamax (my version of Gabapentin/lyrica) to help with nerve pain, recieve various steroid injections, radio frequency ablation and I am now in the process of getting the spinal simulator implant to hopefully provide more relief. I currently can do very minimal activity & have little to no quality of life due to my pain levels.

No change in prescriber or physician, but i am now on a forced taper to comply with state rules.I take other medications in conjunction with opioid therapy but they only compliment it. Without opioids, they fail to reduce pain in any noticeable measure.

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Authored by: Terri A Lewis, PhD.

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davidkenberg kenberg

Well I think we should all who suffer emmencly because of what there doing to us getting lawyers to sue the Fda and cdc for the harm there causing and the many suicides there are because we can’t get help. They tell Drs not to cause harm but there aloud to harm us and make us so sick and die. Also if thats the way its going to be then pain patients should have a law where if we die from our diseases or suicide they should have to pay our families for damages there causing.They do cause more harm to women because we try to take care of ourselves and most men don’t or they have a man to man chummy relationships with them. Screw us women. RIGHT!! THERE KILLING US!!!!

Amanda P.

I wonder, if all of us pain patients could and would unite together and go on strike from our “doctors” would someone start to listen. Since noone is getting the help they need anyway, if we all just stopped going to the appointments and call the insurance companies to stop payment to these doctors because they are getting paid to harm us even further, could we make a big change? Hit them where it hurts and where they really seem to care, their beloved wallet??? Just a thought.

Alan Edwards

Beautiful Terri, beautiful job at delivering the truth. Men are in the mix. I am being battered to the point of death by those in government and healthcare who are absolutely brainwashed. They believe it is not moral, legal, or they may not be safe from masked men from the DEA and their guns and sticky fingers FOR TREATING MCC INTRACTABLE CHRONIC PAIN. We who have this incredibly damaging, paralyzing condition, are and have been the most abused group of US citizens since the Harrison act of 1914 and the unfortunate birth of an FDA precursor(s) around 1903, 1906 and the present. Like the patients presented, I am forced to endure dexamethasone injectuons every 3 weeks. Water would be more effective -without the insomnia and headache. The expensive injections and other alternatives are now forcibly replacing effective treatments. We all know opioids would let us live like the majority of citizens in our country. But not in the USA. Patients with pain are living in the worst time in US medical history. How many pain patients with multiple comorbidities have to die because politics, the police, and the pharmacy have taken control of medical treatment and more! Ten or more guns may be aimed at my torso at 3 am for legally obtaining pain medication. I am defenseless and confined to a wheelchair.

What happened to Godly compassion in th USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Ausrailia? Andrew Kolodny lobbied all these countries and is now a millionaire selling suboxone. Pain Patient Advocates have to appear on television, podcasts and obtain celebrity spokesmen. Print is not enough. Online Facebook and YouTube is not enough. Scientific surveys and data is a beginning. But pain patients, even those with fatal disease, are suffering pain and medical abuse now. Now. If it were the 19th and very early 20th century, intractable pain would be treated.

Jeanette French

It is a nightmare out here right now for patients in pain, and nothing is being done now. It is a very slow process and they have destroyed many lives with the CDC guidelines, it is genocide for pain patients. We are being punished because some people choose to be un-responsible with illegal drugs.


Thank you so much Terri for all that you do! I’m at the end of my rope…..

Ur article sounds just what is happening to me. I’m 65 yrs old & was diagnosed wth chronic lyme disease about 33 yrs ago & I’ve been on oxycontin since I was about 32 yrs. I was also on deliauds. Lyme gets in all the organs & destroys them. I’ve already lost my 21 yr old son and he was in severe screaming pain & my lifetime husband & my 43 yr old daughter has had a heart attack from it & kidney failure etc. My family got in same lyme infested ticks & doctors in TX are illiterate of lyme disease therefore we was all misdiagnosed causing us to get death sentences. Do u know what it does to a mom that has to watch ur child die in so much pain. One wld think that AMERICA IS COMMUNISM or worse. WHY kind of mental illness does the DEA & CDC have. It seems as if they get a thrill out of watching ppl hurt. Psychiatrist must have a diagnosis for them. I also suffer from 3 inoperable ruptured disk wth degenerative disk disease n stenosis wth osteoporosis, kidney mass, chrome’s, spleenology, cirrhosis, had a bacterial heart attack & was careflighted to Dallas Baylor where they diagnosed me wth a year to live, rheumatoid, etc. I hate to wish this BUT I WISH ALL DEA & CDC & ALL POLITICIANS THAT ARE WANTING PAIN MEDS TO BE STOPPED I WISH FOR THEM TO HAVE THE WORST PAIN THATS EVER BEEN KNOWN. GOD HELP AMERICA. The DEA & CDC wants us ALL to die wth pain. Brenda Pitts Bennett

Steven are u speaking of the good Dr Tennant that was raided around the x of the CDC GL came out? Dr Margaret Aranda has taken over his practice & ppl from all over the country have flown in to see her as she is an excellent diagnostician! By the way the good Dr Tennant was never formally charged but he retired on advice from his attorney! He now does research called practical pain mgmt! Keep trying to find a Dr!


Thankyou for this informative factual read! All info I’ve read comes down to one bottom line action that must be addressed… a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT filed by all innocently affected legitimate CPP’s (Chronic Pain Patients) to fight this discrimination against us at no fault of our own! Wish there was an amazing Lawyer out there who would represent us! This must stop!

Gail Honadle

My 4 Specialist + PCP do NOT COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER. Nor read the copies of reports they requested, just shove them in my file folder. Heck none of them read the infernal forms they make you fill out. I do due diligence and provide test copies per their request the don’t even look at.


Our Doctor’s dogs get better treatment than female patients. My female Doctor treats me with contempt, disrespect and without regard for my neurological condition (RSD). My doctor has not asked me a question regarding my symptoms since 2016. She forced a taper with no substitute which kept me in bed, no activity for 3 years. She told me to find another doctor because she does not want to “deal” with my illnesses.
This is an unreasonable situation which will continue to bring women to the very end stage of Suicide, if we don’t find a reasonable and safe method of treatment.
I know that I would not allow my dog to suffer the way I do. I would put her out of her pain. Doctor’s should give us a choice- Taper off and live without effective medication, or die suddenly and peacefully in sleep.

Liberty and Freedom for All, even women in pain. It’s a woman’s right to choose.

Jennifer Turner

I FINALLY found a dr. that will give me a little bit of opiates after being with drs. that put me through hell, and constantly looking for a dr. that would give me something for my sever spondylitis with disk bulges in my neck and my neck bones are curved the wrong way. Plus my lower back also with Spondylitis and disc bulges. It’s so bad that I can’t even hold my head up without a neck brace. My head feels as heavy as a bowling ball that I’m trying to hold up. And I walk funny when my lower back is hurting. When they both hit at the same time I’m bed ridden. Drs. look at my MRI’s and say “what happened to you? You’re too young to have this!” I only know that my mom had some back problems, but nothing like this. I don’t know what happened. After the dr. cringes at my MRI’s he or she says well we can give you epidurals but that’s about it. The thing is, I can’t take any steroids. I have seizures and that will trigger them. I’ve been told that I’m beyond surgery. It has been hopeless.I do take kratom which helps, but the FDA and big pharma are spreading lies about it and trying to make it a schedule one like heroin. It’s totally natural and really good for you. But that’s beside the point. The drs. I’ve seen have just been brushing me off. I finally found a dr. that will give me some medication. He’s going to try a nerve ablation on my neck and back and if that doesn’t work he is affiliated with the best surgeon in town. He said that he was so sorry those other drs. didn’t help but I’m certainly not beyond surgery. I could use a higher dose of medication but for now at least he’s trying a little. And I absolutely think I was brushed off because I’m female. I’m furious that we all have to go through this!

AMA - American Medical Association makes money off the electronic medical records by CPT codes. Please read the article AMA doesn’t represent us, rant by zdog on CPT codes are diagnostic codes for payment every time you see a doctor. Electronic medical records it’s also causing burnout Physicians and your medical electronic records can be transposed onto some other patients medical conditions causing you death, amputations and unnecessary treatment that does not pertain to you. And I have known this when I would go over what they had for my medication list it would have medications that I no longer taking or have never taken. Medical records that did not belong to me was transposed with my name but had medical conditions that did not belong to me. Or even a conversation that I had with the doctor. My name someone else’s health information. It’s an interesting read by a physician. Written December 12th 2019.

Chris Ward

I understand that something had to be done about all these young people wiring but when it comes to people that’s been on opiates for years and they live stable lives then all the sudden the CDC changes everything hurting all kinds of people. That’s crazy to change everything in 2016 and they even said they were wrong and wasn’t mean a actually as said but Doctors when all out and DEA which has hurt chronic pain patient bad.We Are US citizens which deserve pain relief because we can’t help that botch surgery takes place and surgery don’t work sometimes and crippling things happen in life.We need compassion in doctors that listen to every case instead of fearing govt.Govt needs to stay off real doctors doing their best to treat patients there best ability to help with chronic pain patients.Hang in there ever one going through he’ll because I know what your going through and I pray LORD willing we will get past this and we get the medicine we need to live a life the can manage to live the most normal live we can live until the LORD takes us home.

A. "Gary" Bryer

Can’t the National Pain Report ‘s resources to help unite a whole lot more CPP voices. 1% of the approx 50mm CPPs, plus sympathizers & advocates, medical professionals is a huge number. 1/2mm 1mm? Uniting CPPs is a big job, but we’ll finally have a voice loud enough to be heard, and loud enough to get results. As it is now, we’re pissing in the wind, and getting stomped on, ridiculed, defamed, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WE’RE NOT GETTING WHAT WE NEED. RESPONSIVE HEALTHCARE. NOT DEA ADMINISTERED H/C. NOT POLITICISED CDC GUIDELINES H/C WHICH ISN’T RESPONDING TO H/C NEEDS. ITS RESPONDING TO POLITICS. WE NEED FAIRNESS & FUNCTIONALITY.

There are so many more people don’t even know about National pain report that can contribute and be in the very same circumstances that everyone has written here, me included. It’s now became a war between patients and Physicians. But of course patients have lost. Not only have patients lost their ability to function but they suffer in chronic pain 24/7. It’s basically a death sentence. When you mention the word pain you’re already a criminal / drug seeker do any persons in the medical community and are treated with such disrespect. It no longer matters about what the MRI says, and are encouraged to do unnecessary surgeries just to replace opiates. That the surgery can leave you with additional chronic pain just like it has done me and be ignored by the surgeon that there’s even a problem. Surgeon was right no one’s willing to give me a second opinion. Not even 200 miles away. How Medical Community has become so corrupt along with our government.


How is any of this “good medicine?” Taking formerly stable patients and making them totally unstable & causing suffering at an excruciating level is helpful in what way? What happened to them swearing the Hippocratic Oath to DO NO HARM.
This is torture, plain & simple. Junkies, illegal drug users are treated with far more compassion. The FDA, CDC, DEA & Doctors need to listen to the formerly stable patients. We are asking to exist at a 5 or 6 level pain…something many people couldn’t handle even for a week - yet they deny us those crumbs of dignity & minuscule relief. Shame on them all.

Rosalind Rivera

I’ve been forced tapered as well. Epidurals don’t work and the last Ablation was a joke. No relief at all. I will no longer endure invasive procedures that don’t work including a failed Spinal Stenosis surgery that left me in worse pain than prior to the surgery as the fusion never took place. I now have screws, nuts and bolts rolling around in my neck as well as huge painful bulges from whatever locations these are in as they move around. I don’t have a life anymore and am barely exactly sting and I too have become bed bound and housebound for 99% of the day and now get. I barely sleep as the chronic pain is ever present. I did not ask to have Spinal Stenosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, CFS, and several other extremely painful conditions. What I do ask for is help but no doctor will help me.


Why no one attempts other efforts is beyond me. We just continue to plead… to deaf ears while the government and”most” doctors string us along with their lies.
How about ALL CPPs writing/calling all major media stations that we are spreading the word for a news "strike" until the truth is aired. How many CPPs in this country…. and with todays technology we cannot band together and fight this with more then pleading words. Has anything in history ever been overcome with words!


EVERYONE should be filing complaints with their state medical boards…4 years ago.
This could be explained to a 10 year old child and that child could grasp it. This government “wants” more CPPs to go to street drugs or take their own lives. This is Americas Genocide, if it were NOT….change to get the DEA, CDC, PROP, etc. out of the doctors offices would have happened and doctors ordered to treat ALL patients without discrimination.

Gail Honadle

My Primary won’t even write scripts for Valium which is a necessary Neuropathy and Seizure medication for me. He won’t even clean the built up earwax from my hearing aids. Says see your ENT. Wonder why medical cost are up. That 2 hr+ round trip drive, wait time, see the PA who takes ONE MINUTE to remove the wax from both ears. Over $400 FOR THAT VISIT. Kroger’s Little Clinic supposed a Minor Medical facility does a great job for about $150 to Medicare/Tricare. Now let’s talk Medications. Auto immunes are notorious for medication reactions. Why not provide Samples first, Instead of writing a $1,000 prescription, I throw in the Trash after 1-5 pills. Not even a safe place to dispose of the not usable mediation. Some of it very dangerous to children or pets. Sample a few bucks vs a Script at $1,000 bucks. This is all a wracked and scam. Medicare/Tricare Life are PRE NEGOTIATED PRICES. Doesn’t matter if I get 3 pills or the full 90 days the COPAY is the same. Built in Price Gouging.

Susan Domokos

Is there legal actions that can be taken? Should i report to the medical board? Does anybody care?

Linda Olds

It’s been known for hundreds of years that opiates are the only remedy for most patients with moderate to severe pain.
Now doctors are causing their patients to be in constant pain because of the CDC, politicians, and others who know nothing about medicine.
Some doctors are even repeating the claims that opiates are not effective for chronic pain, or that non-opiates are just as good or better.
If individual doctors are afraid of the government, or think they can’t be effective against them, they should get together in large groups and demand that they get back the right to treat their patients as they see fit.
Depriving chronic pain patients the use of opiates when they are the only things that work will not decrease deaths. In fact, deaths of legitimate pain patients increase, from suicide or adverse effects of meds and procedures they are forced to use.

Susan Domokos

I knew there were others like me…how did i miss this survey? This is my 7th year of pain mgmt hell on earth….


Maybe your sample size was too small. I assure you that I am male and I have same treatment. First females have superior imunes. Second they live longer. Third they can take more pain for obvious reasons. Maybe the males in pain have passed. That is what the whole narrative is about. The only doctor in west covina was raided and forced to retire or face charges. No this thining the heard goes on without notice in well people. Both are efected. By the way. We faced congress before. Nothing happens in Congress in election years at Christmas . Thank you Ed and with all due respect.